Shawna spires

United States

#1 Jan 24, 2011
What's the scoop on this girl, besides being a jar jumper?????
big red

United States

#2 Jan 25, 2011
you talking about the one who use to live in bentonville? Her and her family are about as dumb as you can get...she never works just mooches off people her whole life. But of cpurse the whole family is like that..

United States

#3 Jan 26, 2011
Yep heard the samething...
mindy greene

United States

#4 Jan 26, 2011
this is her sister let me tell you all one thing i work a full time job have had it for 8 years as for being dumb yeah i am for gettin up and going to work and payin taxes on your lazy ass so when get on big red put ur fuckin name like i did
big red

United States

#5 Jan 27, 2011
mindy greene wrote:
this is her sister let me tell you all one thing i work a full time job have had it for 8 years as for being dumb yeah i am for gettin up and going to work and payin taxes on your lazy ass so when get on big red put ur fuckin name like i did
. Thanks Mindy. What you just proved to everyone that your sister is worthless and you know it... Not once in your post did you ever defend your sister. because you know its true, she uses people for cars. You know who I'm talking about on 41. Dude from maysville.... Never had a job and still don't... She is worthless and that is the borrom line...I will recant my statement about the family at least you work...the only job your sis has had is conning know I'm stating the facts therefore that's why you didn't take up for my job is done hear...

Dayton, OH

#7 Jan 30, 2011
This is her niece. First off, get her f*cking name right. It's ShaUna. okay? get that? got that? idiots.
Don't you have anything better to do than start sh!t on here? Really? If you have a problem with someone, go to their f*cking face and confront them. I guarantee she'll fix it for you. Don't hide behind your little fake ID's on here and say shit. That just shows you're a pussy. You want to really say something? Say it to her! Stop hiding and spreading a bunch of gossiping bullsh!t. As for Big Red, back to my point... put you're f*cking name. Don't hide it. If you really wanna say it, say it to her face Or do you not have the balls? You have to hide like a little pussy a$$ b!tch? I put my f*cking name. It's CHANTAL GREENE. And if you have a problem with me or any of my family members, come to us. Either grow up or grow some f*cking balls, one or the other. And apparently you don't know too much about my family. My grandparents can't work because they are too old and don't exactly get around that well! If you knew anything, you'd know my grandpa has been out of work for YEARS, due to a back injury. Angie works, has had the same job for years! As well as my mother. Oh and to burst your bubble you got going on there Shauna works!!!! She caters! Not full time but she still fucking works and if you're going to call somebody dumb because they don't read that well, that's just being pure childish. She can't help the fact that she has a learning disability. And to say she never had a job?! She's had quite a few! Just remember, Karma's a bitch . And just so you know, SO AM I!!! Stop talking shit if you don't have the correct info to back it up and Furthermore, don't hide behind a damn computer with a fake id. Go to someone's face!
an old friend

Dayton, OH

#8 Jan 30, 2011
shauna after you read these you should have known who started this. kasey rothwell. you aint even talked to her in years, you must have left a big impact on her life if she cant get over you and still feels the need to talk shit . it's probably because you beat her ass. i'd pay to see that again.

Dayton, OH

#9 Jan 30, 2011
Also... Big Red,
To call my family dumb as shit, you're hilarious because it looks like to me you could freshen up on your spelling skills.:)

Cleves, OH

#10 Feb 1, 2011
Chantal wrote:
Also... Big Red,
To call my family dumb as shit, you're hilarious because it looks like to me you could freshen up on your spelling skills.:)

Middletown, OH

#12 Feb 1, 2011
once again, stop hiding behind a fake name and starting shit. it must be true, u really don't have the balls 2 put ur name or go 2 someone's face. must be a sad sad life u live.=] and im gonna stick my nose in when u start talking shit bout my family.
so take ur nasty ass on somewhere else. grow some fucking balls or grow up.


#15 Feb 1, 2011
OMG!!!! I am so glad u take the time out of ur life to post about me.....I can see I left an ever lasting impression on u and ur life. Big Red all I can say is WHAT CANT GET UP CANT GET SUCKED!!! U must not know 2 much about me here lately because if u have seen me u would know I am not JIB! As for working I have and do work thats what u dont know. As for my family I believe I come from a highly appreciated and educated family. All I can say is I am so glad that I left such memories in ur mind that u can recall everything about me but if u rally did know me u would know the REAL ME!!! As I said before I am so PROUD of my family and the person I am sorry that u live such a shitty life that u have to dog mine. Guess I am GOOD since u cant seem to keep my damn name and my family outta ur mouth......must taste good rolling around in ur mouth!!!! This shit will not bring me down because I know the family I come from and the people we are!!!!!
take a guess

Mason, OH

#16 Aug 28, 2012
so what i want to know is why you sleeping with your so called friends husband and your pic of your new man looks like him only and older version.really and i hear you have a kid by this dude i think she needs to know the truth all the way so be a women and tell the tell.
been there

Cincinnati, OH

#17 Aug 29, 2012
I used to date shauna about 8 yrs ago.... i know the dude on 41. he was always chasing her and trying to give her cars.. so if she did take a car it was to make him feel happy and to quit bugging her... as for her family in the brief time i knew them i thought they were all cool as hell...her mom is funny as hell and nice as can be..i do know her sister works her ass off and they would do anything to help you out...this is adams co so people are going to talk shit. her sister and husband were willing to help me when i wrecked my silver car...hint not name names here..shauna just keep your head up fuck all these haters it is what it is........oh by the way if she is with her so called friends husband....say goodbye to him....once she gets a hold of you its over wild i mean wild as hell behind closed doors....mmmm mmmmm ive said my peace so adams co can piss off...was born and raised there glad i got the fuck out.....peace out...
your so called friend

Mason, OH

#18 Aug 29, 2012
i know the man their talking about!and its not the one in the pic its the one im married to and the message you left him on facebook.i thought i was your friend and he does look like an older version of my husband of 16 years.but thats ok KARMAS A BITCH!you was just a piece!

Dayton, OH

#19 Aug 29, 2012
I got a car just sayin
its me again

Fairborn, OH

#21 Oct 18, 2012
who knows about who shauna spires been seeing the last few years??i really need to know!i miss that girl she was really hot i need a number.

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