Longtime GOP Texas Gov. Perry wins an...

Longtime GOP Texas Gov. Perry wins another term

There are 24365 comments on the El Paso Times story from Nov 2, 2010, titled Longtime GOP Texas Gov. Perry wins another term. In it, El Paso Times reports that:

Republican Gov. Rick Perry has defeated Democrat Bill White to win a third four-year term as Texas governor.

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Houston, TX

#19977 Aug 19, 2013
Truth is might wrote:
<quoted text>
You're not a Christian?:0
I follow Pascal's wager.
Bernard Forand

Cape Coral, FL

#19985 Aug 21, 2013
Ha, ha When in doubt punt right. Defiant religion. Wagering his eternity. Don’t tell me you’re a Tea Party Nut…
Well its good to know that Tea is going off the menu. Red Herring delicacies of the republicans will remain.
Bipartisan is in demand. On July 16th 2013 Tea favorite Senator McConnell of Kentucky, senate minority leaders was admonished by the core conservative republican party. McConnell’s offer to Obama of having only 7 of his nominations, will be allowed an up and down vote.
Senator Harry Reid frustrated with these obstreperous hindering tactics, which have only achieved to having the least productive House senate in history. Harry put forth the measure that they would hold the republicans accountable to the abuses to the filibuster rules as set in 2005. Citing the “Extraordinary Circumstances” passage. This will be the bulwark of his accusations to remove all filibuster rights from the republicans.
Senators John McCain, Arizona {R} Senator Lindsey Graham, South Carolina {R} and Senator Ayotte New Hampshire formed an alliance to organize action against such extremist agenda’s of Senators McConnell, their senate minority Tea republican leader.
They delivered a proposal, BYPASSING Senator McConnell’s naive attempts at leadership, to Senator Harry Reid that assured all of the Obama nominees will be confirmed except for two. Senator Harry Reid easily changed those two and all was acceptable by both parties. Passing with a 66 yays to 34 nays.
Senator Harry Reid now declines to pursue the actions that would have held the republicans accountable to corruptive exploitation of the filibuster rule of 2005.
Senator Lindsey Graham was quoted as saying,“ That’s no reason to deny someone their appointment. We were Wrong!” He was referring to the unreasonable holding up of the nomination of Mr. Corday to the Consumer Protective Agency that was constructed by Senator Elizabeth Warren, back in 2010, under the Obama’s administration. An agency that is to hold the executives’ of Wall Street and Bankers accountable for their investments after the 2008 debacle.
Traditionalist Conservative are now distancing themselves from their insidious extremist elements within their party. This is but one example of this ever increasing rift / chasm that is now fracturing through out the nation.
LOL and Texas will be sending the Nation another clown for the presidential race. Tea intoxicated {R} Ted Cruz. Same one that pirated our nation for his personnel interest. Wasting his leadership on policies that have been defeated 40 times at what cost to his constituents? Where are the JOBS bills or economic security bills. NOPE NOT one. What bill did he get passed? NONE… Where have all the clowns gone? Ahh they are starting to return to entertain us and amuse us. With their shiny Tin Hats. Pied Piper’s melodies of A La Propaganda will once again fill the air waves.. Carnival returns…
Bernard Forand

Cape Coral, FL

#19986 Aug 21, 2013
Texan wrote:
Say guys can we lock T i m and Actually in a room together? We could prosecute the winner, or give it a medal. If T i m wins we could lock it in a room with Barney.
Tex illuminates his hatred and love of violence for OTHERS from his Tea closet. Nothing new there, for that is all they are comprised of . Hate, violence, bigotry, racism, dysfunctional, derogatory, etc. etc.
Bernard Forand

Cape Coral, FL

#19987 Aug 21, 2013

Lets take a break and go to the carnival…
A vast arena circles Washington’s politics with an atmosphere of carnival energies and a smorgasbord of various agendas, proposals, desires and opportunities. Clowns to intercept and distract the populace from the serious issues of their days. Producing nonexistent scandals or plot to undermine each other, all for the amusement of the audience. Confronting The Price Of Inequality within their lives is not to be mentioned. Distract, evade and deceive the audiences, that all is just fine, with the world, sit back and enjoy.
President Obama can be heard in the distance slightly above the din of noisy distractions. Crying out to the adults within these audiences to take care. Warning of pending storms a coming, to rain on the Foxy Pied Pipers parades.
Rolling rumbling thundering reality of globalization, arc’s of lightning technological change and in this confusion, the audience’s adult pockets are being picked to satisfy the desires, of a few, of the corrupted villains, lurking in the shadows.
Foreboding words are warning of this Washington carnival. Obama declares; “Washington has taken its eyes of the ball” further addressing the audience “and I am here to say this needs to stop”!
Once upon a time “America The Land Of Opportunity” rang through out the world has been replaced with the “Myth Of America”! Education constantly eroding under the various republican storms leaving in its aftermath stifling heated humid fungus infecting “Inequality” Over a century of constant erosion has delivered US to the edge of desolation row, the worlds darken back alleys, where pickpocketer’s refine their trade. Paying their protective masters a large portion of their illicit gains, with no returns to the victims other than to have lightened their load of wealth from them.
Once again the ring master calls out the Foxy Pied Piper to lead the parade under these gathering stormy clouds. Festival enticingly the audience to forget all about your cares and woes. Who wants to build roads, power grids, schools, health centers, retirement packages, universal education for the children, and so on and so on. These are so boringly of reality. Now listen to the enchanting melodies of the Foxy Pied Pipers tune’s of A La Propaganda. Everything is all right just sit back and relax.
Master of ceremonies proudly shouts we will decrease your sovereignties laws, shackling you from enjoying our carnivals. Why pay them when you can spend here and enjoy? Come one come all. The show is about to begin. Today’s show will be the “Magic of Aristocratic Benefits” across the fairway we have the sacred hall of Kings, Emperors and their puppet show of their dictators waltz.
Price you may ask? Fear not put on credit and we will collect it at a later time with a slight interest charge of 400%. Out of work? Don’t worry we can surely come to some arrangements for your desolation. Come work for us. We have accommodations for your picking down on desolation row. Where the ever increasing populace whistles their tunes of “ Lord don’t call me, for I owe my soul to the companies store”!


Wichita, KS

#19988 Aug 21, 2013
Well Barney WRONG AGAIN! Blah blah blah. It's always the same with you wrong and more of the same old blah blah blah.

Richmond, Canada

#19990 Aug 21, 2013

UN Security Council holds emergency meeting on alleged chemical weapons use in Syria

By Associated Press, Updated: Wednesday, August 21, 12:59 PM
UNITED NATIONS — The U.N. Security Council held emergency consultations Wednesday on the latest alleged use of chemical weapons in Syria, and Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said he is determined to ensure a “thorough investigation” of all reported incidents.


Related to the above report, see the follows:

THEY SAY TO FOCUS ONTO Syria, not Iraq now--BUT WITH MORE VIOLENCES THEY CREATED THERE____Now in comparison to Syria, the ongoing bombings In Iraq are insurgent rebels fighting Iraq government , why then US says about the need to examine SYRIA by not fulfilling rebel insurgents to do so many bombings then in Iraq, but Syria quelling those insurgent terrorists in Syria, by US getting into it?

They try to make chemical weapons issue in Syria, yet they are not sure of what they talk about.

How can terrorist rebels fight Syria without Syria fighting back? They they use the numbers of people who die in the warfare (and how many tens to hundreds of thousands US slaughtered Iraq people as not using chemical weapons by talking Syria without looking what US had done?) to say something, but just who started that--obviously the rebel insurgent terrorists? What difference is that related to Iraq invasion? But just who started that Iraq war by forcing to it--obviously the US? And so those who started that terror would be terrorists then-and therefore US was the terror in Iraq.

Now in comparison to Syria, the ongoing bombings In Iraq are insurgent rebels fighting Iraq government , why then US says about the need to examine SYRIA , by not fulfilling rebel insurgents to do so many bombings then in Iraq, but Syria quelling those insurgent terrorists in Syria, by US getting into it?

What is the real substance of chemical weapons, as they had killed few people than bombs--just as those so many bombs dropped to Iraq (as US had used so many bombs to Iraq, it has killed 100 times of ratio more of people than any chemical weapons usage in Syria), in comparison if they ever used chemical weapons them there because the larger numbers of people dying is the view? Just how many people had been slaughtered by insurgent terror rebels in Syria? Why not look into so many people die then by being killed by US bombs if it is concerning the larger numbers of people perished? The substance of the chemical weapons is by the composition of chemical agents and mixtures, but BY THE SAME DOMAIN OF SUBJECT, that seems to be more a damaging criteria by using AGENT ORANGE IN VIETNAM. As US had used similar alike chemical weapons like Agent Orange, what is so now without asking itself what it had done first?

Then the substance of chemical mixtures is not well clear and defined, because virtually anything used in factories and households, from pesticides, flammable liquids, other corrosive fluids, can be labeled as chemical weapons and do kill quite so many people and make them contract serious illness and diseases, which could be dangerous as if they had used in Syria, for that makes no difference upon the criteria of what chemical agents and mixtures are.

That leads to a lot of issues in the standard of how many people had died. And who started it in comparison to ongoing Iraq, as who are the wrongdoers as if those who still think of Syria by chemical weapons subject are as like wrongdoers, when they also started creating the current crisis of Iraq by doing massacre of so many, without asking themselves as wrongdoers who are guilty by still posing as if they still have a case some more else--THE SYRIA--and isn't this a failure again to start with?

Is that also so backward thinking in the contradiction again, simply they are not capable of any matters about matters of Syria and Iraq?

Deer Park, TX

#19992 Aug 21, 2013
Obama's brother linked to Muslim Brotherhood


United States

#19996 Aug 22, 2013

Denver, CO

#19997 Aug 22, 2013
Go perry

Dallas, TX

#19998 Aug 22, 2013

Richmond, Canada

#19999 Aug 22, 2013
9 hrs ago | Posted by: roboblogger
UN rights inquiry aims to raise pressure on NKorea
Full story: Lincoln Daily News
Testimony by North Korean defectors at U.N. hearings this week in Seoul has produced chilling accounts of systematic rape, murder and torture -- but it's also a poignant reminder of past, toothless U.N. efforts to get Pyongyang to better treat its citizens.
Related to the above report, see the following:
Global people ought to know the truth and a lot more of what is going on.
Nobody should make others feel that way when no true and real facts are told and known.
NO MORE gambits of no truth need to get people astray any more, FOR BEING ONE-SIDED IS BAD.
The people of the world need to do the right things with the right direction by just looking into the UN, that UN must not make imbalanced way of viewing the world.
Because UN does not look into every country to say about something, about human rights violation and other matters, this is necessary to assess every country to make sense in order to know what countries have the MOST NUMBERS--big NUMBERS AND bigger NUMBERS IN TERMS OF SIZE OF POPULATION BEING the numbers RAPED AND ABUSED. Besides China, Africa, US would probably rank among the top ones of raping women and gays and the abusing done to more and more, of lots of people more than other countries if they would let those raped and abused to talk without hassling them-- hassling is another form of furthering human rights assault in addition to already done.
If they have a few North Koreans coming out, staged by some orchestrators, to say about human rights violation and rapes in North Korea, they must have the people of every country to say about rapes, assaults, human rights violation of them, including US.
Besides China and Africa, US has more rapes, torture in prisons and human rights abuse every day than most countries. US must not pose harassing women and these people coming out from prisons, harsh workplaces and bad households to speak about how bad their lives are treated by being abused.
Other countries should do the same to let their people come out to speak of their sufferings.
Let the global people view them all, as those who say a lot about North Korea, had better know the true facts that people recognize their ill-minds always speak unreal falsehood and deceits.
So, just pointing to North Korea is not what you think, as others abusing many is not told and by covering up, like US.
That is a fair game for people worldwide to view, evaluate and know them all, AND THEY HAD BETTER FIND OUT MORE. Just what country claim to be better in freedom, human rights, free liberty stands and so on, as US has done lots of abuses, come to always speak what others with no rights? Without people looking into all, including US prisons and beyond, etc., just how bad they are, when rest don't know, BECAUSE simply they cover up and all those abused and not come to tell, then global people are kept in the dark as not worthwhile--THIS IS VERY BAD.
waco 1909

Seymour, TN

#20000 Aug 23, 2013
Department of Homeland Security employee promotes race war and the killing of whites in website.How nice.
waco 1909

Seymour, TN

#20001 Aug 23, 2013
Two black thugs beat white WWII vet to death.Wonder how they're gonna blame this one on guns.
waco 1909

Seymour, TN

#20002 Aug 23, 2013
Bernard you should read"Pravda".They describe Obama as the "evil"coming out of Washington.They are also gleefully reporting that America is descending into"Marxism".
Bernard Forand

Cape Coral, FL

#20003 Aug 23, 2013

Obama not discouraged by a dysfunctional congress continues to seek greater ambitions for our USA. One of the most basic fundamentals that is required for a developing industrious nation is their education.
Nations of the western developed industrious nations look back at our president Obama’s efforts, as the first steps to a Universal Educational system. Recollecting their first steps to their Universal Educational systems. Now they bask, in an educational system that has surpassed the USA’s once proud leadership in education.
President Obama can observe how inequality has fractured to educate our students. Middle class students are being economically deprived of higher education. Imposing huge debts to those that seek to run the gauntlet.
President Obama said; “Colleges are not going to just be able to keep on increasing tuition year after year and passing it on to students,” further stating; “We can’t price the middle class and everybody working to get into the middle class out of college.”
Returning the USA as a leader of the “best educated” nation in the world will require to level the field of unbalanced inequality.
Laborer’s productivity distributions presently is absorbed by a small minority. Hording of wealth, by this small minority, has proven to be the Achilles heel of our USA. Deregulated capitalism is tantamount to the oligarchy’s of communism. Communism’s failure to compete on the Liberal International Free Trade Markets claimed their demise.
To be noted, is the limited education, that communism allowed their constituents. Suppression and limiting our students education will provide us with the same rewards that the communist received for that discrepancy.
A Universal Educational System is required if we are to compete effectively with our foreign competitors.

Since: Jul 10

Location hidden

#20004 Aug 23, 2013
waco 1909 wrote:
Bernard you should read"Pravda".They describe Obama as the "evil"coming out of Washington.They are also gleefully reporting that America is descending into"Marxism".
A: why do YOU read pravada?
B: If they are "happy" about Obama being marxist why do they call him evil?

Bernard Forand

Cape Coral, FL

#20005 Aug 23, 2013
waco 1909 wrote:
Bernard you should read"Pravda".They describe Obama as the "evil"coming out of Washington.They are also gleefully reporting that America is descending into"Marxism".
I have looked in on Pravda. Just as I have looked into Fox. Gotta get that propaganda tabloid in. Amusing is all they add up to be.
Do keep in mind, that Marx is not a governmental form. He was a political theorist. Fascism is an ideological form of government. Most nations including Russia, China, USA, UK, France and so on, employ various forms of fascism. Oh by the way some of Marx’s theories have been proven to be in error. there are many other political theorist. Many of which, we and most other nations employ various forms of their theories, as well. Knowing full well, not all their theories were correct.
Pravda is their Fox.
Extremist Islamic’s is to Islam as the KKK is to Christianity.
Polarizing, at times, can be interesting to observe. Derogatory to Praise are as perfumes, some obnoxious, some are delightful, fragrance’s, but do not drink them.
Bernard Forand

Cape Coral, FL

#20006 Aug 23, 2013
waco 1909 wrote:
Two black thugs beat white WWII vet to death.Wonder how they're gonna blame this one on guns.
White mobs hanged, Civil War Vet, WW I Vet, WW II Vet, North Korean Vet, etc., etc. AND torched their bodies. What has guns have to do with this? Simple they all carried guns during their military service for our USA.
Did I get it right? Huh, huh, LOL!
Bernard Forand

Cape Coral, FL

#20007 Aug 23, 2013
waco 1909 wrote:
Department of Homeland Security employee promotes race war and the killing of whites in website.How nice.
“SOME PEOPLE SAY” an employee of homeland security promotes the termination of illegal immigrants, African Americans, Latinos, Mexicans, Indians, Iranians, Muslims, Christians, Jews and so on and so on. So what is your point? Imagine what your employees were saying behind your back. LOL!
Bernard Forand

Cape Coral, FL

#20008 Aug 23, 2013
wow wrote:
Yes I see a pattern; Conspiracy??? Hmmmm....
Capture of Osama without archaic torture tactics.{Mathematical algorithms} No invasion of Pakistan with hundreds of $Billions for the military industrialist.
Liby's war without one American solider dying in its entire operation and objective completed within months.
Obtains a water downed Health Care system for our nation in spite of the most dysfunctional congress in our nations history.
Returned economic stability in record time, from the brink of the abysses of a Great Depression. Faster than Clinton, Reagan and F.D.R.
Seeking to expand our ruined higher education of which we are no longer the “best in the world”.
I have a dream that some day our nation will discover the benefits of Universal Education. Some Western Industrious Nations have, for years, proven its necessity and its benefits that return to their industrious nation to progress.

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