Review: Plexus Slim by Sue Hollis

Red Oak, TX

#119 Jan 13, 2012
Jan wrote:
<quoted text>
I do not sell this product but I would think if anything made you sick it was the accelerator. I only take half of it at a time. I take the other half mid afternoon.
Yes I think the accelerator was to much for me and probably didnt need it since I was not hungry that day to even eat and I got extremely hot. Im sure it would have worked better for me if I only used a little or just took the drink when needed. I defiantly over-did myself. I know many of my friends that it has done wonders for, but for me even the mix makes me feel weird and jittery. Im not good with acidic foods ext. and that may be it, Im not over-weight just wanted help to not eat so much however I just dont think this particular diet plan is for me. I think I need to just drink more water, watch my food intake, and exercise. I recommended for those who are over-weight and need it, but I dont think it's really unnecessary for everyday life if desired weight is maintained. But I think that is up to whoever is taking it. I may give it another try, but this time only when I know Im not going to be active and just going to eat alot, than it may help, I think my problem was I took it when not needed and made myself sick. I really didnt need it that day, I was not planning on eating til that night and since I took the whole pill and drink only and while working I got to hot and all that just took a toll on me at once.

Hattiesburg, MS

#123 Feb 5, 2012
When i first heard of PS i was very skeptical seeing as how i'd tried so many other diets and nothing had worked for me. I actually started out with 2 of the 3 day samples and it made me a little jittery at first. A few days into it I asked my husband to go to the bank for me and because he decided to do something else first, I completely lost it on him. I sort of blacked out for a moment and became so angry that I couldnt think straight. After calming down about 2 hours later, i realized that it may have been the PS doing it so i quit taking it. Then about 2 weeks later, i decided to give it another try. My sister had been on it for about 2 weeks and had already lost about 15lbs so I had to give it another shot. I am proud to say I've been on it now for a straight 22 days and have lost a total of 21 lbs. I've not noticed a big difference in inches lost..clothes are fitting a little better but nothing dramatic. However, I feel much better. I've almost completely given up on coke and sweet tea...and if u know anything about us southern girls we LOVE our sweet tea! So its actually doing me alot of good..for those of u skeptics out there I'm here to recommend it...the drink and accelerator is what I take just once a day and have no complaints this go around. As to S Horton, sux it didnt work out for you...but for the rest of you calling her a complete idiot thats not very nice!!! Not everyone is the same and some things just work better for other people...maybe she was allergic to something in the never know and talking about someone who clearly had a problem but has now fixed that problem is not making you look a whole lot more intelligent than you said she is...just sayin! Good luck to everyone taking this or thinking about taking it...:)
Patterson Walker

Tupelo, MS

#124 Mar 2, 2012
Hello Plexus. I am from Iowa and was wondering if there are any local distributors in this area? I have used this product and have lost 14 pounds... would like to possibly market to friends and family. Any ideas?

New Iberia, LA

#125 Mar 7, 2012
Pauline F wrote:
I have been trying to find somebody in my area to buy this from but even though the word about plexus slim is everywhere you look on the Internet, I have not been able to find a distributor in the North East. Is this only a product being sold in the Southern Region? Amazing how I stumbled upon this thread actually, just goes to show you guys what happens when you put only your city in the search engine... never knew there was another West Point in the US. Any help or info would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
West Point, NY
Go Army!
I'm not sure of any right now, perhaps you or someone you know can become a distributor. It started off in the south, I think perhaps just hasn't reached there yet, because it's a networking product. I do know someone in VA that sells it though

Lafayette, LA

#126 Apr 1, 2012
Seeing how I can still manage to write, I assume I have followed the directions fir proper administration of the plexus accelerator. Your source of a three month supply should have recognized the adverse reactions you were having and cut you off... NOT! They were laughing at your dumb ass right along with your friends that told you to keep taking it!!! That's funny right there, I don't care who you are... That's funny!
Dallas, Tx
Dear Carl, I love how you called this woman an idiot and then proceeded to spell "for" wrong several times. I mean, not only is it classy to attack her for putting a warning out there about taking too many packets to increase chances of desired results, but the fact that you don't know the product you are supposedly taking well enough to know its possible side effects or its effects on you thus far, proves that maybe you are quite unintelligent as well. Maybe next time consider a spell check and NOT letting your fingers do the talking.

United States

#127 Apr 4, 2012
I have never tried this stuff but after reading some posts, I can only shake my head at the thought of most misled people. Anyone with a brain would know that loosing 11 lbs in 18 day is called WATER! And loosing 16 lbs in 7 weeks, like stated in another, is doable WITHOUT this stuff. Proper diet and exercise a person can loose the same amount for FREE! Don't waste your time and money on this people. Think about how much you are all wasting! Once you quit buying this, most all that weight will creep back on. Proper diet and exercise are key. Not these gimmicks!

Ardmore, OK

#128 Apr 21, 2012
Sandie I hear you cause I have been taking this for about 3 weeks and been having problems with this too. There is something else in this for me to be having heart palpitations and hyperventilating. I know cause I did go off of it for a week and was just fine and now back on it again and having the same problems. Someone needs to come forward and let us know what else is in this stuff.
Plexus LOVER

Hattiesburg, MS

#129 May 10, 2012
Scott K - Tuscaloosa Al wrote:
<quoted text>
Sneaky biz move there my friend! Down right LOW down if you ask me! You almost had me with your praises of this product right up until I realized you worked for them. Then, to top it all off, you put a plug in for your own site... on Sue's page! Way to go Plexus from LA!!!
I just want to say there are people that sell it too that will praise the product. I do not sell it but I have a few friends that are selling because of how great it works. I was skeptical also because I have wasted so much money on diet fads ever since they banned ephedra i never found anything to work like xenadrine rfa-1 with ephedra ( original) I know the ban is lifted but its not the same as it was because people are too stupid to follow directions. Plexus Slim REALLY does work.. I have been on it for 2 weeks and I am already seeing and feeling change in my body. I have a male friend he lost 60lbs on it took him two months to see results but when it happened it seemed like it happened over nigth which everyone knows it takes about 2 months for anything to get into your system good and that includes vitamins. I have three more friends on it they have been on it for a month .. one lost 22lbs , one 18lbs and the other 16lbs. They are not working out which i think you should do to keep the weight off you cant take supplements forever or maybe you can but you dont need to. I am not a seller but I am here to tell you give this stuff a chance for two months and I am promise you .. it WILL be a great investment for you because you will lose weight! It has truly amazed me .. I hate that is is so pricey but in the end it will be the best thing you have done.

Katy, TX

#130 May 10, 2012
My main question to all of you Plexus Slim users is, do you drink all the 20 oz's at one time or do you drink it throughout the day!?
Plexus LOVER

Hattiesburg, MS

#131 May 10, 2012
guest wrote:
My main question to all of you Plexus Slim users is, do you drink all the 20 oz's at one time or do you drink it throughout the day!?
a lady that gave it to me told me the more water you put in it the weaker it is. I drink 7 ounces of water with it and I take the pill while I am drinking the drink.. I drink it when i get up.
Plexus LOVER

Hattiesburg, MS

#132 May 11, 2012
guest wrote:
My main question to all of you Plexus Slim users is, do you drink all the 20 oz's at one time or do you drink it throughout the day!?
oh an dyes drink it all at once
Soon again skinny

United States

#133 May 17, 2012
I want to start by saying that I earn absolutely nothing bu writing this review. I am not an ambassadornot do I earn amy money or benifits from writing this review. I like many other people have tried a dozen different diets and diet pills. I hasn't a friend that has heard if this product from a friend of hers. She has tried and liked it so recommended I try a three day pack . I knew instantly that the accelerator made me feel funny almost in a haze but I liked that out suppressed my appetite. My friend than told me that she has heard you could cut the pills in half. I than bought seven days cutting the pills in halfand drinking my drink in the a.m., I has much beyer results this way. I am on week 3 and a healthy diet ands an down by 13 pounds. I enjoy this product and well continue to take out untill someone can prove to me that out is more dangerous than eating in unsanitary restaurants or eating hormone injected meats from our grocery store. Thanks for your time.
Soon again skinny

United States

#134 May 17, 2012
Sorry the typos my phone is the devil when it comes to autocorrect

Jackson, MS

#135 May 19, 2012
Can I drink coffee while taking both products? I only drink it in the mornings and not throughout the day.

United States

#136 May 20, 2012
I need to read posts from people who have done Plexus Slim and not lost ANY weight. A friend of mine sells it and I did the 7 day challenge. Nothing. She says I probably have "Candida".(read about it on the Plexus Slim website) So, I'm advised to take Probio 5 for a month then start up the PS and Accelerator again. She is a really good person and have been encouraging me, but I wanted to know if there are any out there who aren't having the success that I am also. I've done the drink and accelerator for 3 weeks and NOTHING!!!!!
Jennifer from MS

Jackson, MS

#137 May 22, 2012
I have had a TERRBILE allergic reaction to the Plexus Slim! The person who "recruited" me got angry because I asked to return the product! Then, when I called the Customer Service line, they too got angry and acted like I was crazy. I had to undergo a series of Decadron shots to clear this terrible rash up that was all over my face, chest, arms and neck. I work in the medical field so I am not an "uneducated" consumer!! Be careful of this product and careful of those individuals trying to sell you on it with unfounded claims and lack of FDA approval!





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Gretna, LA

#138 Jun 6, 2012
Kempa wrote:
I need to read posts from people who have done Plexus Slim and not lost ANY weight. A friend of mine sells it and I did the 7 day challenge. Nothing. She says I probably have "Candida".(read about it on the Plexus Slim website) So, I'm advised to take Probio 5 for a month then start up the PS and Accelerator again. She is a really good person and have been encouraging me, but I wanted to know if there are any out there who aren't having the success that I am also. I've done the drink and accelerator for 3 weeks and NOTHING!!!!!
I have been on it almost 3 weeks, lost 3 lbs. I've been told this happens, eventually the lbs. will catch up with the inches.Still waiting on all the energy, hope it comes soon.Was told not to "diet", just eat normally, not sure!?!?
Plexus Slim Lover

Hammond, LA

#139 Jun 7, 2012
I really cannot understand all the negative comments on this blog. Do people not follow the instructions on the package? The warning label is clear as day and states a list of possible medical conditions and drug interactions. If you are caffeine sensitive this product is not for you. I tell people that. I also let people know about the label and tell them to read it before taking. I ask people if they have high blood pressure or if they have had any heart conditions. I explain the product is not for them and suggest to just drink the Plexus Slim Pink Drink.

The Pink Drink is all you really need to lose weight. The Accelerator just speeds the process up. I sell 3 Slim Pink Drink bags to every 2 Accelerator bottles. The company started with the Pink Drink and then added the Accelerator at a later date.

The original 1st product works just fine. "The Pink Drink" .

If you are in Louisiana or Mississippi there is a directory of Plexus Slim reps to purchase from. They all keep the product in stock and most of us will deliver it to you. I live north of the Lake from New Orleans and there are about 10 reps listed to chose from. I never had a problem getting it the same day I order it where I live. I have now joined Plexus Slim and I'm listed in this directory. This stuff works! I have lost over 40 lbs and went from a size 16 to almost a 10. I have stopped losing weight but the inches keep coming off. I lost 2 inches this past month on just the Pink Drink. I don't take the Accelerator because I'm on blood pressure meds. I hope to get off them soon. I'm almost there!

Plexus Slim works on about 80% of the people that take it according to what I see. Also about 20% of the people have a reaction to the Accelerator if they drink coffee with it. Don't drink coffee or coke the first week you take the Accelerator. Also READ the WARNING label.

You have a 60 day money back guarantee if not pleased with the product. It says that on the package label. I hope this helps some of you. I'm not here to argue or sell you on it. I'm just responding to some concerns I see.

Good luck with your weight loss.

Here is the directory-
Plexus Slim Lover

Hammond, LA

#140 Jun 10, 2012
A lot of you sound like you should not be taking the Plexus Accelerator pills because you don't like how they make you feel. Label instructions state to get doctors permission before taking. It sounds like a lot of you are sensitive to caffeine and the Accelerator does have caffeine in it. Don't drink coffee and coke and then take an Accelerator in the morning. It may be too much caffeine for you if you mix the two. I always tell people this so they know before they take it.

The Pink Drink is all most people need to take to lose weight. The 1st product Plexus had was the Plexus Slim Pink Drink and many lost weight with it. My wife drinks one Pink Drink a day and she has lost well over 30 lbs on it and went from a size 16 down to under a 12.

I sell almost twice as much Plexus Pink Drink as I sell the Accelerator pills. That should tell you something. I don't know anybody felling funny from the Pink Drink. Many people take the Accelerator for just the 1st month and then they just drink the drink from then on. I know other people that just take the Accelerator because they like the energy it gives them. I'll take it if I'm driving at night and want to stay awake. It is better then coffee and the energy drinks plus it cost a lot less. At about $1.35 each it's half the price of anything else on the market that will keep you awake. It works to keep you awake or not hungry for 8 to 12 hours. Looks like all the other Plexus Slim people out there are not really speaking up about this. I don't know why???

There is a new Plexus Slim rep in Hattiesburg Mississippi that is stocking and delivering Plexus Slim within 50 to 100 miles of their house where they do small engine repair.

You can visit their website at:

They deliver to Meridian, Laurel, Hattiesburg and many other cities that they service with their small engine repair service.

I hope this helps some of you. I will check back later to see if anybody has any questions. I will try to answer your questions and concerns.

The "Plexus Slim Lover"
Covering Covington to Hammond, La
Plexus Rep

United States

#141 Jun 22, 2012
Plexus Slim has some good products. Most people will lose weight if they follow the directions. Most people will just need to use the Pink Drink. Some may use the Accelerator for a month or two but it is not for long term use. The drink gives you the will power to not eat. If you eat just to be eating then this may not be for you but if you listen to the full signal your body gives you then you will lose weight. The Pink Drink gives you a full feeling about half way through a normal meal.
Visit to see reps in Louisiana.

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