Why can't the police arrest ppl for b...

Why can't the police arrest ppl for being high?

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Branson, MO

#1 Oct 6, 2009
This doesn't make sense to me... so if the police can do a breathalizer to someone that is intoxicated while driving, why can't they do a random drug test to someone that appears to be spun out of thier gord while driving? or why cant they drug test someone thats walking down the street thats high? same as being drunk in public huh? Its just as dangerous as drinking any drug is. New law, you cant txt or be on your cell phone under the age 21 but you can be high as hell..lol...dont understand it.

United States

#2 Oct 6, 2009
Good question,I never read in west plains someone was arrested for being flipped out on meth or zoonked on dope,just booze,Now does oour west plains finest have a remark for this?Is it have to do with the patroit act?
grave digger

Ozark, MO

#3 Oct 6, 2009
first of all,,the police do,,its called DUI,,and to test the west plains finest,,just call them,,tell them your beating a women,,or child,,or anyone,,give it three minutes and they come swarming,,like wasp,,this is one thing no one can say bad about our city or county police,,there fast on calls,,they dont take crap,,and most meth heads dont have cars,,they done sold them for the high,,and how can they be driving around trying to steal all your crap if there driving,,they dont have money for gas,,they walk around at night and take there time snooping through your crap,,but if you call the police,,tell them you heard a noise,,they will come,,in swarms,,dont forget,,they have dogs,,stun guns,,real guns,,night sticks,,radios,,muscles,,and there fast,,like race horses,,drunks stager when they walk,,you cant stop people for just walking,you cant tell if there high or not,, ha haa haaa,,
Clean Gene

United States

#4 Oct 6, 2009
Why can't Wal-Mart refuse to let anyone high into their business? Would they have any business left?
mrs martinez

United States

#5 Oct 6, 2009
I was in raymey's and some kids came in higher than hates it scared me a little the way they were acting,I just left,I'm 74 years old and not wanting any trouble,the people who ran the place didn't do nothing,can't go anywhere anymore.They were so wild-eyed and profane and dirty!
grave digger

Ozark, MO

#6 Oct 7, 2009
what about if a person is high on life,,the youth of today are kids from the parents of the clinton times,,you where warned this would happen,,ww11 ara people where tough,,why didnt they kick the crap out of there kids better,,then the youth would of been alot diffrent today,,when i am 74 yrs old,,i am gunna be like clint eastwoods new movie,,one mean old basterd,,with a gun,,get off my yard,,punk,,you gooky looking rap music gang banging earing waring sissy boy,,punks,,then adopt a skate park kid and leave him my car,,ha haa haaa,,after he works like a slave cleaning what ever i tell him to clean,,ha haa haaa,,punks,,

“Hey Neighbor”

Since: Sep 09

Ozark, MO

#7 Oct 7, 2009
The cops can pick them up for public intixication. They just choose not too.

United States

#8 Oct 7, 2009
Most of you seem to have no clue. First off, you talk about drugs like they are all the same. There are many different kinds of "drugs." Prescription drugs, coffee, cigs, alcohol, marijuana, meth, coke, lsd, etc. Each one has a different effect on a person. Alcohol is a very dangerous drug that causes alot of problems with your motor skills. It's one of the most dangerous ones when it comes to driving. That's the reason the cops spend so much effort stopping drunk drivers. How may times have you ever heard of anyone being killed by a stoned driver. It's not like people aren't out there driving while smoking pot. It's just not that dangerous. I wish you all could know how many of your friends and family smoke pot. It's not a difficult thing to hide. That's because it doesn't make you all crazy like so many of you think it does. That kind of ignorance just makes me laugh.

If you want to discuss the dangers of druge use, perhaps you should educate yourself a little bit about which drugs are truely dangerous. Many of them are. You just look like a fool when you act like they are all the same.

Sparta, MO

#10 Oct 7, 2009
Here you go all you pot head who try to justify smoking weed! MENTAL HEALTH, BRAIN FUNCTION, AND MEMORY

It has been suggested that marijuana is at the root of many mental disorders, including acute toxic psychosis, panic attacks (one of the very conditions it is being used experimentally to treat), flashbacks, delusions, depersonalization, hallucinations, paranoia, depression, and uncontrollable aggressiveness. Marijuana has long been known to trigger attacks of mental illness, such as bipolar (manic-depressive) psychosis and schizophrenia. This connection with mental illness should make health care providers for terminally ill patients and the patients themselves, who may already be suffering from some form of clinical depression, weigh very carefully the pros and cons of adopting a therapeutic course of marijuana.

In the short term, marijuana use impairs perception, judgment, thinking, memory, and learning; memory defects may persist six weeks after last use. Mental disorders connected with marijuana use merit their own category in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) IV, published by the American Psychiatric Association. These include Cannabis Intoxication (consisting of impaired motor coordination, anxiety, impaired judgment, sensation of slowed time, social withdrawal, and often includes perceptual disturbances; Cannabis Intoxication Delirium (memory deficit, disorientation); Cannabis Induced Psychotic Disorder, Delusions; Cannabis Induced Psychotic Disorder, Hallucinations; and Cannabis Induced Anxiety Disorder.

In addition, marijuana use has many indirect effects on health. Its effect on coordination, perception, and judgment means that it causes a number of accidents, vehicular and otherwise.

Read the last paragraph closely.
not for me

Ozark, MO

#11 Oct 7, 2009
I used to smoke a lot of pot in my teens. I have bad anxiety and take benzodiazepens for it. If i took one hit of pot it does not calm me down. Makes me paranoid and increases the anxiety. Pot effects everybody different. Most people I know that smoke it are lazy. Maybe it works for some as an anti-anxiety med but not me.
former pothead

Windsor, Canada

#12 Oct 7, 2009
Okay, so you found an article from a bunch of people that never smoked pot. Good for you. I for one smoked for several years and drove quite often while stoned. I never came remotely close to having a car accident. On top of that, it helped me in many ways. I had extreme nightmares caused by post traumatic stress disorder. I also had anxiety attacks caused by the same thing. When I began smoking pot both of them stopped. I don't have permanent memory loss nor any other of the effects listed above. I however didn't quit of my own free will and the nightmares came back when I did. I didn't sleep for 3 months afterward. Note that lack of sleep will make you much more impaired than smoking a joint. I can see where some of these things can be assumed about marijuana use and most of the people that agree probably tried pot once. The first time I tried it I was very much impaired and hated it. But what people don't get is you have to build a tolerance up gradually and it no longeer effects you that way. I didn't smoke for 10 years after the first time I tried it.As a matter of fact I thought that everyone who was a stoner had to be an idiot for enjoying what I had felt.(Probably the same way you feel now.) But, when I suffered a very traumatic experience later on, it was effecting my everyday life. I didn't like the pharmacuticals they were throwing at me left and right and wanted to find a different way. So I started smoking pot very gradually so I never felt impaired ( one hit one day, two the next, so on). When I did that I realized that it was indeed a very enjoyable and beneficial experience for me. So with all that being said...I think this topix is about meth users. I just wish people would look outside the box on marijuana use!

Since: Aug 09

Metropolis, Illinois

#13 Oct 7, 2009
Acouple of facts for some of the questions.
Pot does not affect long term health, i smoked pot most of my life, guess what, i own my own construction company and i'm going to college, guesss that strikes the learning disability on pot.
The reason cops can't arrest anyone for being high is because in order for them to confirm they are high is either a urine test, hair sample or a spinal tap, all of which they need to get a warrant for, otherwise its illegal search and siezure, unless the idiot admits to being stoned there isnt shit the cops can do about it unless they cause an accident or are on probation.
then again if your hatred for non violent pot heads is so great why havent you done your research to find out that if they are on probation you can make a call to the probation or parole officer and then they might get tested.
Or better yet if they aren't harming you then shut the hell up and leave them be.

United States

#14 Oct 7, 2009
yes,meth use in west plains is the problem,and what this is about.Why do the cops know what houses are where the meth heads are at and not do nothing?drive around and see,I can even pick them out.

Branson, MO

#15 Oct 7, 2009
I am a former pothead also,Smoked it for 20 years,now i have lung problems.Had friends got killed because they were stoned.(ran off the road,because dropped the roach,pulled out in front of someone,Forgot to signal,slow refexes,ect..)Yes pot is bad for you i spent 20 years with my head in a cloud,missed alot of my children growing up,cant remember much in that period of time.Yes i think pot should be compared to alcohol related.Depends on how much you use it.You are either a drunk if you drink all the time, or you can be a stonner if you smoke all the time.This topic is about the tweekers,and pill heads,ect..I know the person posted it.You see these people everyday out in public,witch is discusting.I dont want my little grandchildren idolizing these freaks.They need to know its wrong.Those people should not be in the public eye,being free,acting insane.Its discusting,the way they dress,and the way,they chomp at their mouths.Not to mention your always have to look over your shoulder,afraid they are gonna rip you off.There is a difference.But im not saying there is nothing wrong smoking dope,because there are health issues,i do know been there done that,so just keep on fooling yourselves.You will find out in the long run.

Sparta, MO

#16 Oct 7, 2009
Keep smoking weed. You people make me sick! You potheads all come up with reasons as to why smoking weed is ok, just like a meth addict comes up with reason, as well as many other types of addicts. You all need help, and that is why you have no form of logic.

United States

#17 Oct 7, 2009
Why would they want to do that when they won't even give an officer a ticket for running a stop sign and hitting another vehicle?

Branson, MO

#18 Oct 7, 2009
One joint=to one pack of cigs. hows that for your health?
grave digger

Ozark, MO

#19 Oct 7, 2009
hey,,duh,,the grave digger likes to make funny,,so with that said,,after reading your life post,,is that why your post name is,,duh,,ha haa haaa,,sorry about your lung problems,,but weed is for thr dweeb,,it leads to other drugs,,but meth is the problem,,and like former pothead said,,one hit one day,,two the next,,and so on and so on,,a slow smoker,,not the grave digger,,i would smoke the whole bag and run into the police station yelling,,holy shit,,there here,,ha haa haaa,,

Waterloo, Canada

#20 Oct 7, 2009
It is against the law to posess not to use.

Ozark, MO

#21 Oct 7, 2009
its not illegal to be high or to fail a drug test but is to have it on a person

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