pentecostal churches....are they cons...

Ozark, MO

#23 Dec 12, 2009
Forgiven?YOU ARE SOOO RIGHT;God bless you for that!!Igrew up made to go to a PENTECOSTAL church & let me tell you Junction Hill pentecostal church are a bunch of back stabing ppl..My mother goes there.she is the biggest holy roller!!
custodialdadowes 20000

Fenton, MO

#24 Jul 23, 2010
My dad was ordained. He was a deacon in two churches. My moms granddad and great granddad were ministers.

It's a cult.
custodialdadowes 20000

Fenton, MO

#25 Jul 26, 2010
I just wanted to add that all charismatics are part of the same cult. They could be Pentecostal, Assemblies of God, Latter Rain. They really like to use the term non-denominational. If you see or hear that, most likely they are pente and won't admit it cause they want converts. Any one that tells you to read Acts to find out about their religious beliefs, is a charismatic.

Sarah Palin is one. She goes to an Assemblies of God. She speaks in tongues.
mtn view man

Albany, GA

#26 Jul 30, 2010
seems to me that all churches used to act like the pentecostals but as time has went by they all have changed and slowly let that way of life fall to the wayside.[giving in for attendance and money] i remember growing up when women wore dresses and didnt cut their hair, and men kept their hair cut and wore long sleeved shirts no matter what church you went to and now pentecostols are being singled out because they wont change?????? besides i always thought that living for GOD was an experience and a relationship not a religion!!!! a religion is what the scribes and pharises had.and if anyone must know iam an APOSTOLIC believer[1 GOD & SAVIOUR] his name is 'JESUS'

Kosciusko, MS

#27 Apr 24, 2013
want to leav pentecostal church how can u know i mean jesus name only baptism acts 2 38

West Plains, MO

#28 Apr 24, 2013
Yes... Clearly... You have these dim-witted followers who get all riled up by whatever charismatic idiot in stage with a combination of screaming, threats, and a fear of God. It's comical to think a grown-up can get taken in by this type of carnival sideshow. These poor souls actually think they are speaking in tongues when its nothing but inane babble. I feel for these folks handing over thier hard earned money to these charlatan's. One of the lowest turds would be Greg in town here who was cheating on his wife then left her while he was "preaching" the word of God.

Ozark, MO

#29 Apr 26, 2013
This is the deal is all about a personal relationship with Jesus. Don't miss out on an opportunity to have that relationship just because you see someone you know that goes to church not being the "perfect christian" because one of these days we will ALL be judged and you will either spend eternity in hell or heaven, just focus on Him and he will direct your path.
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Austin, TX

#30 Apr 29, 2013
Cult? No, that would be the Roman Church. the RC likes to call all others 'cult' & 'heretic'.

Christians who use only the Bible are not cults whether we agree with them or not.

Courtenay, Canada

#31 Jul 13, 2013
Of course the Pentecostal Church is a cult. It functions on the same emotional hype that is present in any ecstatic state cult. If you look closely at voodoo ceremonies the same psychology is at work. (That's also true at an Amway convention, for that matter.) In these groups people allow themselves to be swept away by strong emotions rather than any exercise of mind. They are reduced to a vulnerable state and then manipulated. These groups are often controlled by right wing groups who have political agendas.

Hollister, MO

#32 Jul 13, 2013
Yes, Absolutley and for sure. The Pentecostal church is a cult

West Plains, MO

#33 Jul 13, 2013
empty pockets wrote:
ok.....i can tell you have never looked up the defination of the word cult. so i so politly did it for you........
- religion: a system of religious or spiritual beliefs, especially an informal and transient belief system regarded by …
- religious group: a group of people who share religious or spiritual beliefs, especially beliefs regarded by others as…
- idolization of somebody or something: an extreme or excessive admiration for a person, philosophy of life, or activity
so therefore to answer your question.......yes they are a cult. any religion or group that believes in any certain thing or group of things is a cult. now there are good cults and bad cults. but for sure you will never find a bad may find one that is bad and claims to be a christian...but the proof is in the puddn and if they are bad....they arnt a christian!
Get a clue. There are religions that are based on facts and founded rituals. A cult is one of luring people in so the head person can be worshiped and take the young girls like in the Jim Jones suicide pact. Find the spirit of God inside yourself, then you find spirituality! Worship God not man!

West Plains, MO

#34 Jul 13, 2013
Bad to Question wrote:
<quoted text>
I am sure one of the main reason's TV is is forbidden is due to the content of todays programs. However, have you ever thought that one the reasons they do not allow TV is due to the money? Makes sense that since cable or Dish costs money,
if they dont allow it, leaves more money that can be given to the church when the offering plate is passed around!
Hmmmm, give that some thought!
These religions have their own customs and rituals! TV content is not their issue. They don't think God wanted us to waste time doing this. They rather play music and dance outside the church. No dancing in the church or In public. Only when they have their evening meal and want some entertainment.

West Plains, MO

#35 Jul 13, 2013
drawerlegs wrote:
<quoted text>
Very well said. My church is where ever I happen to be.
I was raised in a penicostal church when I was younger. We had to wear the dresses, no make up, and no jewerly. I was always scared to death with all the jumping, hollering and chairs flying across the room. I was always glad when my mom got mad at the preacher and we could go back to being "normal".
I've been to other churchs and have seen lots of things. Some people who had been in a bar the night before drunk and with a man "not " there husband. I figured if people could raise hell all week and get religest on Sunday ,they were'nt any better off that I was.
I belive in God and I pray everyday. I dont need a church with a bunch of hypercrites to has peace in my heart.
Exactly! We all have a personal relationship with God and will be judged and given what you give when we all bow before him! Jesus said that two in his name is a Church. I believe it can be me and Jesus makes two. I am worshiping the Father and Christ is his son and our Saviour!

West Plains, MO

#36 Jul 13, 2013
forgiven wrote:
hey, like you i have had to wonder about some things. but the good Lord forgave me and i will tell you what i think about churches in general. the Ten Commandments tell you a lot. but when it comes to dressing in long sleeves only dresses etc. you need to dress modestly but if you are living for the Lord He will definately let you know if you are in the right or wrong in the way you dress if you will listen for his voice. it's what's inside the persons heart that God looks at. of course, he doesn't want a woman to run down the street half naked. i think we all agree on that. but, the experience i've had with the long hair, long dresses, etc. i very seldom heard any good stuff come out of their mouths about other people. i came to the conclusion that these people needed a tv in stead of looking out the window. but i have had a terrible time getting that out of my system. i don't have to try to look like that. or anything else. i ask God daily what he wants me to do and say and to help me. no, i don't think the pentecostal churches are a cult. but, i do think that there are a lot of man made laws floating around to make others feel quitly because they were made to feel quilty about it. oh, i know i will be condemned for this. but, follow the Lords leading and don't let man make you feel unworthy.
I've not heard of our government calling the Pentecostal religion a cult. They did however declared the Mormons a cult years ago.

Brooklyn, NY

#38 Jan 22, 2016
Pentecostal-ThruThru wrote:
Hello, I just happened upon your posting. I have to tell you that I am a PENTECOSTAL and proud to be. I have been since I was born. I was brought up in a Pentecostal Pastors home and my whole family was Pentecostal Ministers also. Everyone has their own oppinions but while looking thru this posting I almost felt sick to my stomach. Are the Catholic, Babtist, Nazarine, Church of Christ, Or any other religions also considered cults? Im not sure what church that you are talking about because there is quite a few here in town but I can say that our church does have certain beliefs but as far as Im conserned we are all striving to make it to the same place. HEAVEN, we may go at it different ways but we are all trying to get there and I think there will be lots of people from all different places there that we would be suprised at. Just because Im a Pentecost dosent mean that I think We are the only ones that get to heaven and I also think that there are some Pentecost that wont get to heaven. A title dosent get you to heaven, its whats in your heart that counts.
I was brought up withOUT a tv in my home. Not because the bible says not to watch it but because the bible says "put no evil thing before you" I have a tv in my home today but try to control what is watched in my home. There are still some that will not have one but I agree with you whats the difference between me having one or watching it at someone elses house? I think alot of that is that its something that was brought down from Generation to generation. There are Hypocrits in every religon In my personal oppinion. I havent met a perfect person yet.
I will say as far as the dress, WE ARE NOT MADE TO DRESS THAT WAY. Its a choice, something we do because we feel its just a modest thing. I think you can be stylish and modest at the same time. We are NOT asked to dress like the people on little house on the praire. As a matter of fact my Pastors wife is one of the Classiest dressing ladies that I know. I will tell you that religion shouldnt make you who you are, you can tell a christian by their apperiance and their actions not a name tag that is placed above their church heading. My husband who was not brought up pentecost says that "Pentecost is an Experiance, not a religion". To be a christian simply means to be Christ like. Please check it out dont just go by what is told to you because things somehow have a way of being blown out of preportion. I just happened upon a posting on facebook here a while back and seen that supposably we also handle snakes. I wouldnt come within 100 yards of a church that handeled snakes. Just be sure to know by experiance not just what is told to you. Sorry for such a long posting but it is something that is very deep inside me from a child up and dont like some of the things that I read on here.
first of all your spelling is not correct, from experiences you need to recheck your spelling, and secondly I really think that the majority of pentecostal are so full of shit! & with that note, I'll leave you, your religion is phony,,

Fairview Heights, IL

#39 Jan 23, 2016
By definition a cult (a system of religious beliefs and rituals) pretty well fits all religions.

So to answer your question Yes. But so is Every Other Non Evidence Based Faith's.

Study religion, how it came to be ad the numerous changes, additions and Incorporations of other existing pagan practices and if it doesn't wreck you faith altogether it will at least give you pause to think next time you hear some self proclaimed messenger of God's word spewing there dogma to the sheeple.
True beleiver

Fordland, MO

#40 Jan 27, 2016
First , I would like to invite you to attend a penecostal church of your choice, we are penecostal because we believie in the father the son and the holy ghost.(THe trinity).If you read the kings james bilbe at all you will read that a spirit enter into a attic thru a window and those their began to speak in a forgein tongue what we today say as speaking in tongues. you sound like a very angry person and whom is lost your welcome and do not have to afraid. There are many differnt variations of penecostal some are more modern others use snakes which lead back to moses when wanted his people freed and those that practice penecostal in their lifestyle by choosing to go without tv, radio and jeans is that realy so bad really.AMish do it even the differnt variations of baptist. yes God is not just with us in church he with us at all times, we don't have to use pot or alchohol to feel free because we reach down and grab what is build into each and everyone of us love. To walk around with all that angry does it not get heavy don't you wish you could lay your burden down and let someone else take them, you can his name is Jesus, jevoah, ali, yeawah to some. he does not seek an eye for eye or seek revenage because he was wronged some call him father other son. Penecostal doctrine and that is not what your understanding it doctrine that your having a problem with so try a differnt one it ok. we go to church to fellowship with those of the same faith is that any differnt than you getting together with your buddies and getting high on sat. except we don't have to be parnoid or look over shoulder.The christens everywhere are being attack those attacking don't stop and ask hey are you penecostal before beheading them.I am a child of the living GOD and proud of it yes even the devil comes to church on sunday, didn't think about that religon is a personal choice what religon you choose is doctrine. you say the world is your church, tell me what that means because I hear all the time and generally from those that sitting around smoking weed, and drinking because their lives are so bad but yet they do not make the steps or plain out do not want to follow any rules weather it be from a church or government entity, but tell me something don't you get tried of all that wandering? I did and thats why I am going back to church and God said all men are sinners we made in his image and no one is perfect but the father it is that we strive to live a goddly life whats wrong with that?
That one guy

Mountainside, NJ

#41 Aug 5, 2016
I am also a pound Pentecostal, and i found those page cause i was witnessing to this SDA friend of mine, and i ended up telling her that her religion was basically a cult. Ants them i thought to myself that there were bound to be people out there saying that Pentacost beliefs was a religious cult. There would have to be at least one person, and i was both shocked, and intrigued when i saw this, and a few other pages saying that it was a cult.
Anyways, some of the things i wanted to say was that I'm glad for that one guy above who said that Pentacost was more of an experience rather than a religion. I genuinely thank him for saying that because i hate to say religion. It's more of a belief or a way of life. I grew up with no tv, not cause it's bad or anything, but because i can't control it. That dosent mean that i don't watch shows tho. I use the internet for that. But tv is unpredictable. I have more control with a computer. Also with basic Pentacost lifestyle, girls tend to wear dresses, and guys tend to wear pants, and not shorts. I'm not saying out you don't wear pants, or girls if you don't wear dresses, then your going to Hell. That's stupid. Good dosent look on your outward appearance, he looks on the inward. From what i understand, these "rules" are there for modesty sake and to be witnesses. Also it says type be set apart from the world, and also to be a light in the darkness so that the world may see good through us. If we're walking down the street half naked, i highly HIGHLY doubt that someone would take us for a Christian. But if they see that we dress differently, the will notice. And people do notice. For example, my sister was with me while we were at a laundry mat, and we weren't witnessing our anything, just doing the laundry, and this woman walks up to my sister and compliments her and said that she dosent see girls dress nicely anymore and asked us if we were Christian. Her just starting modestly had opened up a perfect witnessing opportunity, without even trying!
We aren't a cult, seriously. And religion isn't a word i like to use to describe us. I'd rather use belief or lifestyle or something like that. Cause at the end of the day, Pentacost is just a title. We could be called anything, but we chose Pentecostal. But it's different with salvation. It's not just anything, it's a certain way. Like the but did above, titles don't get you to heaven, your relationship with God does.
Geez that was kinda liking xD sry. Also outs 2016, so idk if anyone will even be reading this xD. Good bless and i hope you find truth :3
That one guy

Mountainside, NJ

#42 Aug 5, 2016
O wait! Same guy who just left that last comment! Slipped my mind, but regarding girls and their uncut hair. A woman's hair is her glory.

Ok, here is a link if your intreated in learning more, but i cut this part out for sake of your time.

1Co 11:4-6
"Every man praying or prophesying, having his head covered, dishonors his head. But every woman who prays or prophesies with her head uncovered dishonors her head, for that is one and the same as if her head were shaved. For if a woman is not covered, let her also be shorn. But if it is shameful for a woman to be shorn or shaved, let her be covered."

d. On the same principle, for a woman who prays or prophesies with her head uncovered is saying, "I am not under authority here." And because God has established that the head of woman is man (1 Corinthians 11:3), it would be dishonoring to men (her head) for a woman to say this with the refusal to wear a head covering.

i. Under these words of Paul, women are free to pray or prophesy, but only when as they demonstrate that they are under the authority of the male leadership of the church.

e. That is one and the same as if her head was shaved: If a woman refuses to demonstrate being under authority, she may as well be shaved of her hair (let her also be shorn). In some ancient cultures, the shaving of a woman's head was the punishment given to an adulteress.

i. Having a woman's head shorn or shaved meant different things in different cultures; in Jewish law, it was the mark of adultery (Numbers 5:11-31). In the Greek world, it could be the mark of a prostitute or lesbian.

f. Among the Corinthian Christians, there were probably certain "spiritual" women who declared that since Jesus, they did need not demonstrate with a hairstyle or head covering that they were under anyone's authority. In essence, Paul says to these women: "If you are going to forsake your head covering, go all the way and shave your head, and identify yourself with the women of the world, in all their shame."

So basically, cutting your hair is a sign of nit being under authority, aka, rebellion. And also not cutting your hair shows separation from the world. For girls. And, come on, when girls shave their hair, they usually identify as lesbian. And i ignorant know that's not you're for all girls, but it is most common. Point is, citing you're hair basically identifies you with the world. Also just wondering, why do you want to cut your hair? Just a question i had, I'm a guy, so idk what the whole want to do so is. Personally, i think the hair is one of the most attractive parts of a girls is.....

Here, 1 Cor 11:13-16 says, "Judge for yourselves: Is it proper for a woman to pray to God with her head uncovered? Does not the very nature of things teach you that if a man has long hair, it is a disgrace to him, but that if a woman has long hair, it is her glory? For long hair is given to her as a covering. If anyone wants to be contentious about this, we have no other practice—nor do the churches of God."

"Long hair" also means "uncut hair" (Lol cause let's face it, black girls don't normally habe long hair. It's usually nappy xD)(also I'm black, so not being racist here or anything). But on a serious note, it's basically saying that girls with their uncut hair shows that they are separated from the world, their hair is their glory, and, in a sense, shows that they are submitted to God.

Ok, now good night xD unless i come later lol.
That one guy

Mountainside, NJ

#43 Aug 5, 2016
Gypsy wrote:
<quoted text> first of all your spelling is not correct, from experiences you need to recheck your spelling, and secondly I really think that the majority of pentecostal are so full of shit! & with that note, I'll leave you, your religion is phony,,
Bro, who cares if spelling it's bad..... But then again you might just be a troll, idk. I'll pray for you tho. Dead serious.

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