Walking Path Etiquette

Ozark, MO

#1 Jun 21, 2013
Walking Path Etiquette
For the Spitters, Twitters, and Pet Sitters
Now I know most of us understand the basics of walking path etiquette; stay to the right or left and offer up a "hello" when passing by, but I want to bring to light some other walking path etiquette know how.
Twosomes and Threesomes
We've all have to deal with the dreaded twosome or threesome walking down the path. They walk side by side and have to stay connected to the pack because they feel like they are going to miss some of the conversation. It's not always easy to deal with the Twosomes, but with a little training and the tips below we can all have a better walk.
Etiquette Tip for the Twosomes or more
If you are in a group of two or more and you approach someone the person in the center should move behind the person on the outside. This leaves plenty of room for everyone to walk by while staying grounded to the path. Nothing worse than pushing someone off of the path and into the shrubs or grass or whatever else might be there. Be courteous and walk single file.

Ozark, MO

#2 Jun 21, 2013
Baby Carriage Walkers

The baby carriage walkers don't generally cause a problem. At times they might be slow or even stop to pick up that binky for the millionth time, but they are generally not a problem. You might run into the "in the middle" carriage walkers, but they will generally move over. It's the dual carriages that cause problems at times, but even these walkers are generally harmless.

Etiquette Tip for the Baby Carriage Walkers

The only tip I can offer up is to try and stay to the sides so others can pass by. If two are walking together, it's the same as always, one should move behind the other to make room. If you get stopped by a crowd cooing to your baby, just move to the side so we can take a peek too. Everyone loves a happy baby enjoying a carriage ride.


Now I will admit that I am a spitter at times. There are times a bug flies in your mouth or you get the dreaded cottonmouth and just need to let an oyster fly. It's normal and we all do it from time to time, but there is a correct way and a wrong way.

Etiquette Tip for the Spitters

The number one tip for the spitter is SPIT TO THE SIDES! Do NOT spit on the path. There is nothing worse than having to avoid those "splats" all over the path that you bombers leave for us. Turn your head to the sides and spit off the path. It's as simple as that. I think we should have tags and if we see a spitter hock one in the middle we should tag him. If you obtain five tags or more off the path, you have to go.

The Non-Waver/Non-Hello Person

I sometimes hate that awkward moment when I raise my hand up and say hello only to have the person look the other way and say nothing back. Talk about feeling like an igit. I understand that some people just enjoy their walk and don't want to be bothered. Others might just not have the breath to say anything because they are running, tired or just out of shape. However, we can all make this an easier transaction by following the tips below.
Etiquette Tips for Non-Wavers/Hello People

If you are the type that doesn't want to be bothered with a wave or hello there are some simple things you can do. When approaching someone just look down or off to the side away from the person approaching. This will be an instant flag that you do not want to be bothered. One can also wear some shades, stare straight ahead and show no signs of movement.

Another thing one can do is continue talking if you are in a Twosome. This will let others know you are not interested in a wave or hello.(Just make sure to move over)
If you are jogging most of us know you are struggling for breath so a simple hand wag is sufficient. If you can't even muster that up we all understand.

Ozark, MO

#3 Jun 21, 2013
Skaters, Joggers and Bikers.

Walking paths are made for walking, but we enjoying sharing this pleasure with our faster friends as long as you use common sense and the following tips SO YOU DON'T KILL US.

Etiquette Tips for our Faster Friends

Since you are moving much faster than us walkers there are some common sense things you need to be aware of. Make sure to let us know way in advance which side you plan to pass on and say it loud. Even if you go off the path let us know which side you are on so we don't accidentally turn and hock one your way.

Also, try to keep your speed reasonable for a walking path. Make sure you can maintain your balance when passing others. Again, if you are not one to say hello are wave we completely understand when one is biking or skating. Keep moving and stay in balance is all we ask.

Twitters, Texters, Facers and Cell Phones in General

Call me old fashion, but I don't understand why one would need to text while walking on a path. I completely understand using a call phone to keep in touch with family, but the texting and twitting and all I don't get. I've had numerous times where I've had to avoid someone looking down while texting. Maybe I need to get with the times and learn how to walk while looking down at a tiny screen filled with tiny text.

Etiquette Tips for our Social Friends

Just like most of the tips here, it's all about common sense. If you have to reply to that text message or view the latest Michael Jackson Twitter news, just be polite and move off to the side. We all want to remain social and check out the news of the minute, but make sure you do it without interfering with others. One can even share the latest news with us folk that enjoy waving and saying hello.

As for cell phones we just ask that you give us that small hand wave or if your not into waving just look off to the side. That way there is no awkward moment as we are passing you by.

Pet Walkers and Pet Sitters

You know the drill if you have a dog and you are walking along the path; pick up the dogs mess. This goes for the messes on the path and to the side of the path. We don't want to smell that or step in it so make sure to clean it up. There is nothing worse than a pleasant walk spoiled by the smell of a dog's bottom.

Etiquette Tips for Dog Walkers

I love dogs and I enjoy watching them walk on the path, but I don't enjoy the bombs they leave and the constant territory marking they do. So if you have a dog that loves to mark his territory every five feet make sure to stay off of the path and out of others way. I know this isn't always easy, but it will help keep things flowing.

Also, make sure you bring a bag in case your dog makes a mess. This shouldn't even be listed here, but some people still don't get it. That stuff that comes out of your dog stinks.

For those of you with loud and nasty dogs, go to the woods and stay off the walking paths. We're not going to say hello to your dog or give it a treat. Well I guess if you have to bring them on the walking path just be sure to hold on tight and move WAY off to the side when approaching. The rest of us will truly appreciate it.

Ozark, MO

#4 Jun 21, 2013
Night Time Walkers

Last tip is for the night time walkers. Sometimes life gets busy and we can't get out until later in the evening to get a nice walk in. Some of us enjoy walking later to get out of the sun and heat. For those that walk in the dark below are a few tips to make this more pleasurable.

Etiquette Tips for Night Walkers

The first tip is make sure to bring a light. It can be a handheld flashlight or headlight, but it should be bright enough to see about ten feet in front of you. When walking with your flashlight be sure to keep it low and scan it from side to side. No one wants to be blinded by someone pointing a flashlight up in the air or straight ahead of them.

Also, when walking at night make sure to walk with a friend. It's good to be aware of your surroundings and have someone there to help out with this. Nighttime seems to bring out some crazy folk and we all need to be aware of this.


So there you have it, some tips to keep our walking paths more enjoyable and safe. I could talk about small kids on paths, the farters, the eaters, the mess makers, gum, etc., but I will save that for another article.

So get out there, walk those paths, and enjoy the scenery. One of the best exercises anyone can do for themselves is to walk at least 30 minutes a day. Enjoy!

Ozark, MO

#5 Jun 21, 2013
Dog Walker

Ozark, MO

#6 Jun 21, 2013
I wish people on Carmichael Field would follow these guidelines especially the Twosomes/Threesomes part.
Tomato Head

Sparta, MO

#7 Jun 21, 2013
And this is why I never leave the house to go for a walk...too many RULES (looks down at keyboard to avoid eye contact with the computer screen).
grave digger

Ozark, MO

#8 Jun 21, 2013
Tomato Head wrote:
And this is why I never leave the house to go for a walk...too many RULES (looks down at keyboard to avoid eye contact with the computer screen).
just put on old dirty cloths and put on a head band and carry a boom box radio blasting rap music,,,all these polite walkers move,,,your right,,,a walk is a walk and when the grave digger is walking around here is only worried about dogs,,,snakes,,,and drunk drivers,,,ha haa haaa,,,try walking against the crowd on this walk path and see how nice etiquette responses you get from everyone yelling,,,your going the wrong way,,,ha haa haaa,,,

Ozark, MO

#9 Jun 21, 2013
What about the Farters. The trail urinaters. Those people can make life on the track or trail unbearable at times. Then there's the Hoppers. OMG!

Lenexa, KS

#10 Jun 22, 2013
When I walk on the trail you all better get the hell out of my way........DAMN STRAIGHT
grave digger

Ozark, MO

#11 Jun 22, 2013
JBS wrote:
When I walk on the trail you all better get the hell out of my way........DAMN STRAIGHT
why? you a fat person,,,ha haa haaa,,,this aint no airport seating for fat people where you get two seats,,,ha haa haaa,,,a walking path aint made for wide loads,,,ha haa haaa,,,,the grave digger was walking on the trail just yesterday and a fat person was bent over sucking in so much air like a super sucker on a pump truck,,,and when the grave digger asked,,,you ok fat person,,,the hippo tried to pour a-1 steak sauce on my arm and take a bite,,,ha haa haaa,,,freaks,,,you know you cant lose weight when walking while eating a subway sandwich,,,or trying to eat skinny people,,,ha haa haaa,,,just cuz fat ass jared lost weight eating subway sandwiches doesnt mean everything you see on tv is true,,,that fat bastard was horney and wanted a girlfreind,,,so really dug in and lost the weight like most do,,,started snorting cocain for a couple of months,,,,ha haa haaa,,,,here is walking path etiquette rule number 20 for fat men,,,follow a good looking women when walking and keep thinking how one day that sweet mama could be yours,,,ha haa haaa,,,for fat women,,,just remeber,,,there is only 8 super models in this world and you aint ever gunna be one so be happy with yourselves the way you are,,,ha haa haaa,,,

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