haarp caused tornado in joplin
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The geologist

North Palm Beach, FL

#25 Jul 18, 2011
The geologist | 6 min ago
what the ___ wrote:
Haarp broadcasts radio waves at the ionosphere. There is no way they can cause earthquakes with radio waves. It's an internet myth. They can make a storm cloud grow by heating the air above it, but they can't create and control tornados.
. Reply; if you believe that you are definitely wrong. Powerfully radio. Waves including wifi controlled by a most powerful remote controlled entity can make an entire continent disappear as the disappearing lakes are certain regionals the mass murder of wild life ad was done in Arkansas, Louisiana, Italy , nicaraugua and Chili. It can also cause massive earthquakes for instance Haiti,Oklahoma, Chili, Tennessee, the Dakotas,†Virginia, Alabama Shri lanka, Thailand,Pakistan to name a few. Radio waves can also cause massive massive freezes and droughts! It also creates massive sinkholes allowing large bodies of water to disappear over night! The only defense against this massive weather control is full grown healthy trees and forests and minimization of portable devices and laser controlled electronics.planting sting trees globally will stop this massive weapon especially since Atlantis will be dismantled.†Hope this educated the community today . Plant a tree today in your community.
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The geologist

North Palm Beach, FL

#26 Jul 18, 2011
Sorry folks about spelling in 1st and second posts. I got this new pc keyboard yesterday and the key are weirdly positioned because it is compact so I am just getting use to it. I recently got rid of my laptop for planet concerned reasons and switched back to my old pc. Thanks for understanding! don't hold it against me. Thanks again
country HillBilLy

Parry Sound, Canada

#27 Jul 18, 2011
This Haarp thang is fer real and you's people better start awakin up...theres alot more to it than you think.

Not jus that, the mighty hand of the Lord is brinin the hammer down, yous people are all in fer a big awakin. Now whats ya gotta do is start repentin before yer whole house and backyards er gone fer good.

North Palm Beach, FL

#28 Jul 19, 2011
I am concerned about the haarp thing but more concerned about what is about to happen in mandatory insurance and this greedy ago J&J companyís read the mandatory health care is really about green( as in ECONOMY and money) not health care. By the way I am think so I asked Google the following question is mandatory health care going to kill people with Afros for sake of green gasoline?
Google take me to some weird singing group i don't see the connection. Weird. Then I goggle something else and Afro hair showed up by Johnson Company. their planning to use Afro to make green gasoline said something tat curse hair makes more oil than strait. So then I ask it another question the retarded Google bring me to this website? Weird. I just want to know if I must die for the sake of green? Should I loose my braids out and shave my hair off.. Gosh how do you make course hair naturally strait and why the hell must i remove my tongue piecing? donít have to worry about the breast implant issue cause no breast:) but i am worried about someone killing me off to male gas out of my hair. The gov Denies it but they also denied killing people with radiation until January of 2009 so anything can happen. One report admitted they were trying to eliminate all Germans when they started cancer trend but why? Thatís weird as weird as Haarp and also the gov strange all those people after Katrina. still mind boggling??? not to mention atrocious. Any body got any ideas how to make Afro hair natural nice?
why is Johnson and Mr. Johnson so evil? I am assuming J&J mean that but donít quote me on thatÖbut I must say he must be white the THAT DUDE A BLACK DUDE on Googlebobjohnson2. jpg and that cannot be mr. Johnson cause I canít see a black man being that evil to sell his own brothers for the love of ...? I think someone just stuck that picture there ..cuz why are they killing black when they are black? That dude is doing the same t whites by developing cancer-detecting needle. How I learned on yahoo that it is actually cancer giving needle. This world is messed up why can black people ever be satisfied with what they got. That bugger is rich already what else could he want. I read this on positive vibes. in comment section it's all over the web even haarp killing birds way over in Italy just like Arkansas AND LOUISIANA. WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ONE. Plus if there is such issues with harp I agree with that dude on YouTube why the hell are shutting down Atlantis who is going to save us from weather controlÖ. One that program shuts . also wanted to know people if florescent bulbs are going to kill millions of people why the hell did they ban traditional light bulbs. Nothing makes sense anymoreÖeven them article on bbc news about Russia and Bolivia chili lake disappearing the world is in chaos. who the hell is in charge. are you sur e America runs America? everything is weird.Google weather control and see what i mean for yourself. everyone is Google it because that crap is serious crap. the lawsuit is wild too. man filing suit since 200 and you can't win them boss must have some fat @ass pockets..???

Branson, MO

#30 Dec 16, 2012
Any more news on this? Has it been proven false?

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