Work at McDonalds for $15 an hour?

Work at McDonalds for $15 an hour?

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Willow Springs, MO

#1 Aug 29, 2013
Protesters are showing up at McDonald's across the country demanding pay increases to $15.00 an hour. Can they get fries with that?

Chicago, IL

#2 Aug 29, 2013
Would make a great career change for some of the useless State of Missouri employees.

Sparta, MO

#7 Aug 30, 2013
HELLO you are something you sit on your parents computer and say that crap. go get a job. then you can improve yourself instead of living off your parents money. I love people who think they know about life . but do not pay their own bills
just me

United States

#9 Aug 30, 2013
Idiots wrote:
<quoted text>
They were probably paid less than min. wage to go picketing.
HELLO -- flipping burgers are 'right out of high school' jobs, NOT supposed to be a lifetime career.
I love the people who want raises, yet do nothing to improve themselves to justify getting higher pay.
you should get off your self induced high horse, and stop insulting these workers as idiots! People of every age needs jobs,income. Where ever they work does not make them any better nor any less than the next person! Nobody in this town is better than the rest of the town majority. There's many low life, big money making "people" that are not near as good of a person that has a low paying job. How dare you insult anyone for working at McDonalds or anywhere else! If you can't support, and respect others keep your damn mouth shut!

Ozark, MO

#10 Aug 31, 2013
When will you idiots understand that when minimum wage goes up so do all of our goods and services. All you are doing is giving the government more money! Why don't you idiots open your eyes. So in the end you aren't making anymore damn money but the gov is! Why don't you people understand this concept!?
Juan Valdez

Ozark, MO

#11 Aug 31, 2013
BlahBlah wrote:
When will you idiots understand that when minimum wage goes up so do all of our goods and services. All you are doing is giving the government more money! Why don't you idiots open your eyes. So in the end you aren't making anymore damn money but the gov is! Why don't you people understand this concept!?
BULLSHIT! If minimum wages would have kept up with the cost of living increases over the last fourty years, the minimum wage would now be $10.74 per hour. Look who's the idiot.

Willow Springs, MO

#12 Aug 31, 2013
Watch some YouTube and you will see that the inner city folks who go out on these protest marches are under the impression that American poverty is primarily McDonald's fault because they don't pay their employees enough. So now they look to Obama to raise the national minimum wage thinking that's going to magically solve their problems.
Our elected officials (both sides of the aisle) love these dupes because that keeps them eating out of the government's hands and they want the government to make all their decisions for them.
Juan Valdez

Ozark, MO

#13 Aug 31, 2013
I would love to own a McDonalds in a land where people made a minimum wage of $10.74 per hour. Just think how many more people could afford to buy my burgers AND get fries with them. If everyone made a decent living and wasn't fighting to survive, business would be booming. Too bad corporate America has raped the American worker by sending jobs overseas and hoarding their money in offshore accounts. All the while asking for tax breaks at the expence of the workers they screwed. I really hope that they burn in hell.

Ozark, MO

#15 Aug 31, 2013
IT DOES NOT MATTER IF THEY MAKE MORE!!!!! Since when was there an increase in minimum wage that the general cost of living did not increase as well????? Please tell me I would LOVE to know! EXACTLY you CANT tell me!! Why do you think milk now costs almost $5 a gallon?? You gonna tell me it costs more to milk a damn cow!? You can move to the city and make $9 an hour at mcdonalds but hey guess what the cost of living is higher!!!!

Mascoutah, IL

#16 Aug 31, 2013
The majority of McDonalds are franchises. McDonalds corp. gets a percentage. Most franchise owners own multiple stores, and not all of them are profitable. Raising the pay too much, will cause the owners to close their stores that do not do as well. So, less workers, meaning less jobs. Fast food jobs are not meant to be a career choice. If you choose McDonalds to be the place you retire from, you must not have any ambition to try and better yourself.

I worked fast food all through high school. I went to college, and while enrolled, I cooked at a Hooters. I had to drop out of college when my oldest son was born. I didn't go back to fast food. I learned to drive a truck. After a year of driving, I joined the Navy Reserves to get more education, and benefits. 25 years later, I'm ready to retire. I found a way to better myself. No welfare, I just played the hand I was dealt. The American Way!

Fast food, stocking shelves, working a cash register, etc. are known as UNSKILLED LABOR. Yes, you can teach a monkey to do some unskilled labor jobs. They are meant to be a learning experience, not a career. It taught me that there is No Fu@%Ing way I'm going to do this job for the rest of my life. Ok, Hooters was tempting. Pretty good times working there.

If you only want a job that requires no skill, move to Las Vegas. Valets average $160K a year on the strip.$16/hr.+ tips. Waiting tables can bring in $2-4K per week in tips. Just live an hour away, and commute. There is a 60% high school dropout rate in Clark county, Nv. If McDonalds paid $15/ hr. You would have that same dropout rate or higher nationwide. That will really help the US grow. Having over 1/2 the country without a high school diploma.
give em a raise

Tampa, FL

#17 Aug 31, 2013
Robotics are coming online, and more would be cost effective with $15 wages. When that technology arrives and is affordable to replace a worker at the present rate of $7, labor laws and unions will be the only thing stopping their installation.

Some seniors work at McDonalds. Everyone has a different story, they didn't have an adequate retirement and need supplemental income to get by. I have respect for old body doesn't move like it did in younger days. Some skilled labor isn't so skilled, it only requires a degree as a barrier to entry. I've met plenty of dumbasses with degrees that aren't smart enough to multitask a milkshake machine, cash register, fries, a headset microphone, coupons, bitching customer...a monkey can't do that either.$15 is a little too much for rural areas. Obama's plan for a federal minimum wage of $9 should be implemented at the very least, that is 25% more, similar to working another 8 hour day in a week. There are tax refunds for children and food stamp programs, so the taxpayers are subsidizing the local franchisees too. The local franchise owner isn't hurting, but $15 would be too much.
Juan Valdez

Rogersville, MO

#18 Sep 3, 2013
BlahBlah wrote:
Why do you think milk now costs almost $5 a gallon?? You gonna tell me it costs more to milk a damn cow!?
Uhhhhhh, Cows are demanding higher wages????

Or could it be that fuel costs for farmers to plant the corn and fertilize it for silage have gone up? Or fuel to transport the milk from the farm to the dairy to the store. Or the fact that millions upon millions of bushels of corn are now used in ethanol and the prices for feed has skyrocketed. Not to mention the cost of electricity to keep the milk cold. Nooooo it's because of a minimum wage increase right?
By the way, the cost of living has by far outpaced the increases to minimum wage.

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