matthew johnson and his 14 year old gf
Che kit

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#41 Sep 28, 2010
With a fourteen year old girl.

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#42 Sep 28, 2010
Che Kit... well said! There would be no questions if this was a 35 and 25 year old... but I am sorely appalled at parents that not only allow, but encourage, this "little girl" to be playing house with a grown man. When my 16 year old was asked out by a 20 year old... I put my foot down. Sorry... A sophomore in high school and a sophomore in college do not really have that much in common. Kinda like these two...He's old enough to have a baby... she's old enough to be his child's babysitter!

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#43 Sep 30, 2010
HUH wrote:
<quoted text> Are you related to the dumb ass? If a person on Topix says that they make $55,000+ a year, it means they make less than $10,000. People exaggerate. But if you believe everything that you read on here than I have some wonderful property I'd like to sell you. I'm the kind of person who doesn't equate starting a thread on Topix with child molestation. Why don't you read the conversation before you comment?
the point was, if someone has knowledge of a molestation going on and they don't report it....THEY ARE CULPABLE. Jeez man. Its a fourteen year old girl, who is definetely not mature enough for a sophmore in college. That's a hell of a lot more important than defending yourself on topix because someone said they make a modest living.

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#44 Oct 5, 2010
okay I am going to go out on a limb here, but if the parents know and they dont give a damn about their kid why call DFS? Shes 14 and probably having sex anyway. I do not condone nor approve of this behavior, but I can rarely think of a situation where DFS made things better. Maybe, maybe in the MOST extreme of cases but imagine getting ripped away from your brothers sisters mother and father more than not for the rest of your life; because some person you did not know made a call. Furthermore you do not KNOW they are in a relationship, all you know is some random person (probably starting shit) posted it on topix. They don't care about her if they did they would have contacted the parents or the school or anything but put it on topix. And as for "LMAO" your right and one of the few smart business owners who come on here and make sure there business is not slandered. However your us wealthy people and the great unwashed attitude is corrosive and disgusting. It really matters how much money you make in this economy. I used to do much better however the economy took a dive and I work for someone else now instead of myself. That does not mean you are better than those who are having hard times. And your damn lucky that the people on here don't know what business you own if they did I don't think you would gain very much business from your posts here do you? and secondly do you know the person that started this thred personally. Did they discuss there intentions with you before they came on topix. You sound so sure after all there is no way. No fathomable possibility, that they were wrong or intentionally trying to make other peoples lives hard. Look if a 14 year old girl is having sex with a 24 year old yeah that's messed up but making any kind of decision based on topix is worse than irresponsible. And if the decisions and thought process of the original poster to this thred felt it necessary to put it up on here rather than going to the authority's lets take a deep breath and question the posters intent and or intelligence okay.

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#45 Oct 6, 2010
This whole thread concerns me. We're sitting here talking about a adult male dating a child. I don't care how grown up one feels at age 14, this is just wrong. I'm not saying this is the case here but I have seen parents allow this type of behavior because they either are tried of dealing with the adolescent's attitude or they cannot afford to keep raising them. I'm sure there are plenty of other reasons someone can find it justified but it is just wrong. Any adult, male or female that can find attraction to a child has a problem. Any adult, male of female that would condone this has an equal problem.
Where is lol and the pervert button when it's needed?

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#46 Oct 6, 2010
To Random:

I believe you took my posts wrong. Let me clarify: When I first saw this post I believed it was someone trying to start BS. I only even looked at the thread to make sure someone wasn't actually putting a 14 yr old girl's name on a sick thread like that. I actually did not believe this story to be true (don't know anyone involved). I agree with everyone else who was saying if the OP KNOWS this to be true then it is their duty to do something about it other than start a thread about it. One of the posters felt it was their job to attack me and others who felt like the cops/DFS should be called. Basically calling us inbreds, welfare losers etc. I was actually completely shocked when I saw that the dad came on here and admitted that they were boyfriend and girlfriend and even explained his rationale for it. You must have missed his posts, he had several so we do now know that this is true and not someone trying to start crap. I agree that on one level it isn't anyone's business. But then again it is our business because this girl is a child, if she gets pregnant tax payers will be footing her bills, but mostly I am worried about how she is/will be treated by her peers and the effects of being a teen mom.
As far as the money I make...I would never have posted that if this same argumentative poster hadn't yet again accused someone of being an inbred liar because they said they made decent money. I was trying to point out that not every single person who comes on here is someone sitting around collecting welfare or only making minimum wage. If I were trying to brag I would have said how much my home is worth, what kind of car I drive, blah blah blah. I grew up with NOTHING...I mean a couple outfits from yardsales, no heat or air, spider infested houses, very obvious in school I was poor..I could go on and on. My husband and I were also broke for years and didn't have luxuries that people now believe are essentials. No cellphone, usually couldn't even afford a landline. No satellite, no decent vehicles, living in crummy rent houses, no money for kids. We didn't even have a computer or the internet at home until 2007 because we were working to pay off old bills and save money for a house. I get being broke and I know that every single one of us no matter how much money a person has are just one illness, job loss, or accident away from having nothing. I am self employed and my husband owns a business ..believe me I worry every single day about money or the things that could go wrong. I do not think that I am any better than anyone. I also do not consider myself "wealthy" because money isn't wealth to me. It may also interest you to know that I donate about 20% of our income to major charities as well as Christos House and various Christmas programs every year. I also have never nor will ever use that as a "write off" on my taxes. I do it because I know what it is like to have nothing to look forward to on Christmas. You have completely misjudged me if you think I have an "us wealthy people" attitude.

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#47 Oct 6, 2010
Thats all fine but you know how easy it is to repost under a different name are you sure the "father" is not in fact the first poster on this thread I have been the subject of attack on topix before and it did take some time and also confrontation of the person who harassed me for me to rebuild my reputation so I know how easy it is for someone to act like they are anyone else again I want to reiterate if this behavior is in fact going on I do not support nor condone it but the fact is unless I saw it with my own eyes I take anything said on here with a grain of salt and yes I did see the "fathers" posts
Che kit

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#48 Oct 6, 2010
I can believe that that was actually her father. No one would defend his actions like that, know that much about his daughter's whereabouts and the magnitude of the relationship. i've no doubt in my mind.

Branson, MO

#49 Oct 6, 2010
LMAO wrote:
<quoted text>
I read the conversation. Don't you believe that if a person KNEW FOR A FACT that a child was being molested and they do nothing at all about it that they are just as wrong? Just as sick of an individual? As a mother I would think the person who knew but did nothing was just as responsible. Is there a bit of a difference? Yes, but not much. The person who started this thread was stating it as fact, that they knew and the parents knew but were doing nothing. All this person has to do is anonymously call DFS and they have to look into the situation. It shouldn't be that hard, they did start an anonymous thread about it.
And of course I don't believe most of what I read on Topix. Especially when it is about a specific person. However, believe it or not there are lots of people in WP that have an education, work their butts off, and know the right people or have the right skill that make alot of money. I happen to have a marketable skill and I make $35 an hour (self employed, work from home majority of time) Not everyone in this town is poor. Not everyone who comes on this site is a loser, an inbred, unemployed, on welfare, a liar, etc. As a matter of fact I and most other business owners and wealthy people I know come on here on a regular basis. Wanna know why? To make sure OUR names or businesses aren't the new topic of conversation.
I see that is all your doing, keeping your "wealthy" name clean. lmFao

“Roller Cart Buffet”

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#50 Oct 6, 2010
heh wrote:
<quoted text>
the point was, if someone has knowledge of a molestation going on and they don't report it....THEY ARE CULPABLE. Jeez man. Its a fourteen year old girl, who is definetely not mature enough for a sophmore in college. That's a hell of a lot more important than defending yourself on topix because someone said they make a modest living.
damn you make me look up word culpable it mean they in trouble to yes

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#51 Oct 8, 2010
jhines86 wrote:
So bootz, you live in Chicago and are commenting on something that is WAY far away from you? You may have snuck around, but that doesn't mean my daughter is. You are just making the supposition that ALL teenagers sneak around. Really?
Dudewow in Branson: I may be a bit crazy and yes, they are with my wife and I when they are together, so why do you care? And if I can go to jail, why are you typing and not doing something about that? Surely that would spawn yet another trash typing forum about the father in jail. Please, give me a break. Go somewhere and do something meaningful instead of pooping in someone's yard.
OK, I'm done with this. Just know that while you might find this topic of some value, think on this: how would you feel if the tables were turned on you family for something that wasn't anyone's business, but the public felt like they needed to have their voice heard at your expense. My daughter isn't pleased about this and it made her cry, was it worth it to you to know that?
Last thought: How did the first white girl feel when she brought home her black boyfriend. That was illegal too and I'm sure she was the talk of the town for generations. My daughter will see this and know just what kind of people are out in the real world: back-biting, two faced cowards who have nothing better to do than gripe about petty things just because they can.
Good grief, get a life!
If you are in fact the father, you need to wake up. There is something very wrong with a 24 year old man wanting a 14 year old girl. Quit making excuses for it. Your daughter is not in a healthy relationship. You're sick for allowing this to or no sex. May daughter is 17 and I would NEVER allow that. I can't believe this. If you're not the father, you're still a sicko for defending this sort of relationship by pretending to be the father. I hope someone gives that girl the wake-up call she needs before something really bad happens to her. Shame on you!
hey daddy

Branson, MO

#52 Oct 9, 2010
jhines86 wrote:
Ok, I goofed. Reposted. Ah, it happens. Well, I've had some time to digest comments made by Geez. Reply to said comments:
My a$$ is ignorant because it's a muscle used for walking and sitting. However, my brain is a muscle too, used for reasonable thinking and comprehension of ideas and thoughts. It also controls the fingers that are writing this post. Are you stalking me and my family? Do you really know that about us, or just making heinous comments for the sake of seeing your words in print? I'm a taxpayer, not on welfare and again, well-educated. Have your Master's Degree yet? Are you working on it?
The two you mentioned spend their time together in my front room watching tv with the family and having dinner together and watching volleyball games and generally living like families are supposed to.
We really don't like videogames, even though I did purchase Star Trek Online. Have my own ship now. Cool....
So, while you are now more educated about my life, let's leave this topic of ignorance (both from my a$$es point of view and your's as well) and discuss better things:
Tomorrows post will be concerning what the hybrid car means to the average consumer; does it create a method in which we can create change in our environment and economy and how long might it be before the change becomes apparent.
Good day!
Pedophilia is pedophilia, whether you approve of it or not. Before you trot out that happy crap that society has been marrying off young children ages ago, well only a few hundred years ago women were the PROPERTY of their spouse or father. We don't do that anymore do we? You want to talk about a significant subject? How about the parent who allows and encourages a twenty four year old adult to diddle around with a fourteen year old child just out of her Hannah Montana phase? How about we talk about child abuse? You wanted to talk seriously right? How about the kind of scumsucking piece of dirt and manure father who lets an adult "hang out" with his child? It's called putting your foot down and being a man. I quite frankly don't care about your education and I don't care about anything else about you. The world knows what it needs to. Your posts are quite possibly the most simultaneously pathetic and cowardly things I have seen on this site. Heck you are worse than that guy who told his friend to "suck off a shotgun" over some chick who had a kid by a totally different guy. At least the adult you are allowing and encouraging to fondle your daughter is a pedophile. You don't have that excuse. Please man, post your full name on here so I can forward it and this entire conversation to the division of family services. You have nothing to hide sicko? PROVE IT

Ava, MO

#53 Oct 9, 2010
Yes, I am the father. Now whether you chose to believe me or not (while I'm not hiding behind a fictious place or name) I know exactly the extent of the relationship.

I never said I liked it, but I trust my daughter and the person she is "seeing". They don't go anywhere and have a date.

I'm sick of you folks who sit around judging everyone else like you really know something about it. You are making judgements because you think someone is in trouble. If I thought for even ONE second that my daughter wasn't safe or with someone safe, I would step in and be the PARENT you all say I'm not.

I'm not rich, I'm not on welfare and I'm actually a parent that sits down to eat dinner nightly with my children (yes, I have more than one) and get involved with their lives.

I shouldn't have to do this, and I stated that my last post was the last, but I still see all this crap. I don't care who you are, what your job is, how much money you make or what you drive. Why should you care? Just because you THINK it's wrong...? Mind your own damned business and honestly, I've talked with a friend at DFS and as long as the parents know there's not anything that can be done regardless of everyone's OPINION.

Opinions are like elbows, everyone has one and very few are the same.

So, now that I have alleviated your concerns and all that, find something else.

If you happen to know me personally, just come out with it to my face, this is a cowards way of dealing with issues anyway.

Additionally, if you are a business owner that I find out posted here, well, I won't be frequenting your business anytime soon for fear of your judging my choices of products or someother stupid reason.

Here I tell people that technology is great, but this is a great example of how it's not. This is what was called gossip and back-biting before the Internet.

You have a problem with me, come to my face and tell me. Otherwise, call DFS or whatever you THINK is necessary or SHUT UP!

Just for your information, I'm a court mandated reporter (you may have to look to see what that means) and due to your many posts, I've had to have this investigated and there's nothing that anyone can do, seeing how I'm one of the parents. I can't speak for the other parents, but if there was a problem, I think they would have done something on their side as well.

Ok, I'm done. Either get off of it or follow your misguided conscience. Either way I'm bored and disgusted with everyone's crap.

James S. Hines

Ava, MO

#54 Oct 16, 2010
Took all of that to make this quiet.

My daughter did the most mature thing, SHE decided she wanted to be 14 and she broke off the whatever it was/wasn't.

All that stress, all the gossip and behind her back sneers from supposed friends, she took all that. It made her cry, she sits alone in a group of her peers because she feels like she is an outcast.

All because she really liked someone that everyone else felt was wrong.

You all had no qualms about making suppositions and judgements about what you just knew was happening, because of the way you may have acted or knew someone else the same age and what they may have been doing...

You made assumptions about her future, about his intentions and after all that, SHE decided to end it.

We support her, it's a mature thing to do in this case. It's not like she just broke up with some guy at school. She thought it over, discussed with us her reasons and now it's done.

I like Matt. Out of all the people my daughter could have been with, I think they fit. It's the age difference, for me. We allowed this to happen, thinking it would run it's course one way or the other. And it did, with no help from all you in cyberland. Thanks for sticking your nose in where it didn't belong and your snide comments.

I've watched this post and I can say that I'm really disappointed in all of you. I don't know who you are and where you are from, but I would think that you all live in this area, otherwise why would you care?

Keep this little secret to yourself, don't tell me or my wife that you posted here. If we are friends, we wouldn't be after that admission.

I'm a teacher and I work hard at my job. However, instead of teaching the topic, I have to teach character education as well. Ethics, morality to some extent (honesty and integrity).

I'm the ONLY one in all these post that has been honest about who I am and where I am. You even know my last name. There aren't too many Hines in West Plains, so I'm sure you can look me up in the phone book.

I would think we teachers are wasting our time teaching character education, because there isn't a single poster here, excluding myself that was honest or had integrity.

I've checked this over the past week and no one has posted a single comment after mine.

That's good. Go find someone else to pick on, to make assumptions of or gossip about behind their back. Sneak around, give dirty looks and then come post your comments here because you are too afraid of standing up to that person or persons and saying what you feel (you know they will most likely tell you to step off...)

Here they won't and you can have your say. Quietly and hidden so now one will know it's you.

Lastly, thanks for showing me and my family that not everyone is who they are here and just supports my statements to my children they need to be careful about the Internet, people aren't always who they appear to be or say they are here. They might sound nice or look nice, but inside they are not very nice people.

I could be included in that, sometimes. For those who do know me, know that I'm pretty outspoken, hate injustice and really believe that you should treat people the way you want to be treated.

You all shouldn't step out of line, because you could be the topic of the next thread. I don't know that you would like that, but the treating people statement is just coming back around.


~Carpe Diem while you can.
Che kit

Chesterfield, MO

#55 Oct 16, 2010
I never hid from a false name, :) It's fitting that you're a teacher. You probably hunt down highschool girls. What you did was wrong. You're responsible for your daughter's tears. Congratulations, You're not yet a grandfather.

Ava, MO

#56 Oct 16, 2010
You leave my dad alone okay,yeah i made the choice i love my dad.Both of my parents have been there for me through everything.He is the best dad anyone could ask for.
All the people who posted something,well forget you becuase you know what you have nothing better to do but post rude comments & remarks about people you dont even know.
I chose it for myself,no one else decided for me.I decided to end it for the fatct that i want to be a kid.
But weather you thought it was wrong or disgusting,we dont care!.
My family has always been there to support me through everything.Im sorry you can't be as good as them.
Che kit

Chesterfield, MO

#57 Oct 16, 2010
Here's the thing. The topic was DEAD for several days and your father kept bringing it back to top news, miss thing. People stopped Commenting and let the thread die, i would have gotten through life just fine without updates on your relationship, but
Che kit

Chesterfield, MO

#58 Oct 16, 2010
He put it out there. The second you put information out here, expect it to be reviewed and disectted. And uhm, hell. . FORGET YOU TOO, . . . man.
Big Mama

United States

#59 Oct 16, 2010
Mr. Hines and Daughter, topix is full of trash talk and I can see why you don't want your family on here, but it seriously concerns me that an EDUCATED MAN can be okay with this situation. Even without knowing anything of anyone in this situation, I can clearly say that it is worth a lot of worry!

It is illegal for a minor to consent to having sex with anyone more than 5 years older, so this means that for the next 4 years, until Miss Hines is 18, the gentleman in question will have to remain chaste or will be committing a crime (assuming they do havea successful relationship). Is it reasonable to expect a 24 year old man to remain chaste until he's 28? No. By allowing this relationship you are encouraging the crime of statutory rape toward your daughter, Mr. Hines. Even say they waited 2 years, and she was 16, and he was 26, this is still statutory rape. I don't know of anyone who dated 2+ years and remained chaste. The number of 24+ year old men who remain chaste... the number probably involves a decimal and several zeros! You are a grown man and should know this. THe sex drive isn't a bad thing, but it is a grown up thing.

A 14 year old is in high school, cannot drive, cannot have a 'real' job, cannot get any credit, and have few legal rights, as they are under their parents or guardian's care. A 24 year old should either be in continueing education or working, drives, has a real job, has credit, housing payments, car payments, insurance, a child in this case, and is responsible for themselves and their dependants. These are two completely different points in life. Of course after 18-19, when we are out on our own, age differences are not as big a deal, but at THIS age they are completely different worlds. Why do you think a 24 year old MAN would want to date a 14 year old GIRL??? Think about it Mr. Hines, REALLY think hard about it!

Why is encouraging this relationship wrong? Because this relationship cannot survive at this point. In allowing your daughter to get closer to the gentleman in question you are strengthening the relationship and when it ends (as I see it did) it will hurt more emotionally because she has a deeper attachement. If they are a good match, maybe they can start dating when she is 17.5! She has a lot of growing up to do and young teenager things to do in the next 3 years. Encourage her to grow and develop over time, don't throw her out to the world so soon!

And Miss Hines, I truely hope you do read this, I have your best interest at heart. I remember being your age, it truely wasn't long ago! Time goes by so quickly, you need to enjoy each phase as it comes along. If you keep wishing your life away it goes even faster! You need to enjoy each day for what it is, and what point of your life it is. You are just beginning your life, you can't even drive yet!


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#60 Oct 16, 2010
Mhines96 wrote:
But weather you...
Yes, the weather is lovely today. The forecast looks pretty good too.

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