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Get a clue

Branson, MO

#64 Mar 6, 2013
FYI wrote:
BTW, I have been "FYI," with CAPITAL letters long before noticing the "fyi" that posted just prior to my previous post.
In no way was I attempting to mock "fyi" or portray myself to be "fyi." The "FYI" following "fyi" was strictly conincidental.
You are are soooooooooooo under a mushroom... the judges gave over majority stock options to a TRUST and they are in the process of pulling all the working capitol out of the company. So when you start working in a production plant and have your work load increased 5 fold in the last three years while being told that you cannot have a raise because the shareholders want you to work harder for less money THEN I will give some consideration to your view points... WE at the West Plains plant have taken it on many challenges over the last TEN years that I have been with the plant and performed well above what was expected. Now the management has taken it to the extreme... Well long live the white collared worker and I hope the idiot enjoys their quotas when all they have is new people who can't work half the speed that an experienced employee can...Cause most of us are searching for jobs that pay a decent wage AND respect our knowledge and contribution. Without out the workers the shareholders have no dividens/the white collars are no longer needed...WE are ARMSTRONG! I use to be proud to make a quality product...Now we aren't given the opportunity to do so.... Well I am sure the Chinese will do it better anyhow....Go invest over there..
Get a clue

Branson, MO

#65 Mar 6, 2013
tfdd wrote:
Unions kill jobs
Please come and apply for a job at the plant...I would love to watch you attempt to work a full after day ....the union isn't gonna kill you but the hardwood WILL break your back...Make your shoulders scream and the dead beats who refuse to pull their load will crack your nerves...But it's all good until someone expects a Raise?
Get a clue

Branson, MO

#66 Mar 6, 2013
get real wrote:
<quoted text>
Yes if you remember we did have a pay cut 3 years ago. We went from a 3% raise to 2% that's 1% deduction in pay and haven't been able to keep our raises for the next year, meaning base pay stays the same. Armstrong has saved at least $500 a year per employee doing this.They have blinded some with these lump sum checks for your raise but really just sticking it to you. Add it up. Mabe a union is what the west plains plant needs.
They stopped listening to us a long time ago...No parts cause it isn't in the budget...Sorry your insurance is going up and well we are cutting your production bonus but NOPE no raise in the budget...IT might affect MY bonus if you people on the floor get a raise...The other day someone told me that the plant manager thinks we are over paid now...Plus NO ONE goes to bat for us when raise time comes around our HR just takes his raise and does what ever corporate wants him tooo.
Get a clue

Branson, MO

#67 Mar 6, 2013
HEY..That is a plant...If they are stupid enough to shut down a PRODUCTIVE plant for their greed...We get unemployment and 2 years of college paid for! That will show us who is boss... Yeah sounds like the ELITE have a winning game plan to me. Bring the Union in...We can always vote them out if we aren't better off...CHANGE is a good thing.

Ozark, MO

#68 Mar 6, 2013
Anon wrote:
Unions are the downfall of america. Just say no.
you must represent people that are the real problem like Walmart. Go slice your wrists, commie!
ha ha

Ozark, MO

#69 Mar 6, 2013
Get a clue wrote:
HEY..That is a plant...If they are stupid enough to shut down a PRODUCTIVE plant for their greed...We get unemployment and 2 years of college paid for! That will show us who is boss... Yeah sounds like the ELITE have a winning game plan to me. Bring the Union in...We can always vote them out if we aren't better off...CHANGE is a good thing.
Nah, Congress or Obama will decide that is an 'entitlement' and you won't get more than 6 months of unemployment and zero dollars for school. The upside is that they probably will give you food stamps and other gov't assistance that somehow hasn't been deemed an 'entitlement' by the majority like the social security dollars we paid in for the sole purpose of collecting it in retirement.

United States

#70 Mar 6, 2013
'Get a clue:'

What you have described in your diatribe is the vey essence of capitalism. If you don't like you job, or don't make enough money, or think you are not respecred, GET ANOTHER JOB!

IF there is not another job for you to get, due to your experience, skills, and/or education, you now understand the concept of supply-and-demand!

In case you are ignorant of short and mid-term economic and demographic forecasts, which are well under way, the gap between the 'haves' and the 'have-nots' is growing and will continue to do so. The will be 'rich' and there will be 'poor' with an ever-shrinking middle-class.

Unions are nothing less than extortionists of capitalism - the very foundation of U.S. economic spirit.

And keep in mind, I believe that if one goes 'on strike' as a union member, and the company closes it's doors and moves to a more economic region or country, no striking member is entitled to ANY post employment benefits, other than ones provided by your 'saviour' union, due to the fact that it was 'they, themselves' who chose to not work!


West Plains, MO

#71 Mar 9, 2013
You people are not gonna have a union. You are too afraid. We keep too many cozied up to management. Just give up already.

Sparta, MO

#72 Mar 12, 2013
We have had Onions at armstrong for long time. Smell them right after lunchtime.
concerned worker

Ozark, MO

#73 Mar 20, 2013
If we're talking about a union. Why are we not having meetings? If there are meetings happening someone needs to get pass the word around. Everyone I have talked to are ready for a change but have questions.

Ozark, MO

#74 Mar 21, 2013
concerned worker wrote:
If we're talking about a union. Why are we not having meetings? If there are meetings happening someone needs to get pass the word around. Everyone I have talked to are ready for a change but have questions.
yea alot of the workers are waiting for this union rep to show up

Desoto, TX

#75 Mar 22, 2013
wtf- wrote:
Don't let all these people discourage you. All the unions that you hear about hurting companies are at the companies that pay $25 an hour. It wouldn't break the bank for Armstrong to meet to union demands. People at Baxter in Mountain Home have been talking about it heavily recently and their workers on the floor make $16+
The $16+ is not correct. Some make that, but not all. They are always laying off too. That is one place that will close if it becomes union. Just ask around.

Walnut Shade, MO

#76 Mar 22, 2013
Beckley West Virgina is a union plant. Why did Armstrong not move it somewhere else? Because hardwood flooring plants need to be close to the source of lumber. Everything involves risk, there is a small chance the plant could be moved if it goes union, but it is small. As long as Amstrong has all the employees divided then the employees will be company lackeys at the mercy of upper management. If the employees band together then they can have some say in the pay and conditions. The question is- Do you want to work in poor conditions with less pay than other Armstrong plants or do you want to take a small risk and stand up for yourself? Employees will have to decide for themselves.
a Ha

Ozark, MO

#77 Mar 23, 2013
I can tell you that Armstrong is not gonna move the plant if it goes union. They need the production ... now is the time! WP will always be to most productive plant. So all u gotta do is remain the most productive and it is a win/win for the employees and company!

Ozark, MO

#78 Mar 24, 2013
I think Some people at Armstrog think that keeping the union out wins them points with management.

Ozark, MO

#79 Mar 24, 2013
Maybe the WV plant doesnt want you to become union. That way they get to keep the goods all to themselves.
The fact

Brighton, MO

#80 Mar 29, 2013
FYI your seriously disturbed on your views of a union. Sure some aren't any good but not all. Like the earlier poster I agree you must be a manager somewhere and possibly at this plant. So of course you don't want a union cause you have what these people want a contract that says this is your gauranteed salary for this year and a severence if you get dismissed. Well I'm sure if these hard workers had a contract that gauranteed a set wage for an amount of time and the same on there insurance they wouldnt want a union but they know that's the only way to stop this half way through a year oh well let's cut there pay give them a sad sob story about we have to stay competitive speech but the very men saying it didn't take a cut. To tell them to get another job if not happy wow I'm sure some of these hard workers have many years here why should they have to leave there still working hard as ever if not harder so they just want representation a person like the earlier one asked for someone to defend when HR announces cuts then says get back to work. I work for a plant that went union after I hired on and it has been definitely an improvement. But I remember this to the above asked. To find your union man or meetings you need to ASK other EMPLOYEES because they might know but are scared to talk about it. A smart union won't stand outside trying to sign you up cause they know your company will start the b.s meetings of scare tactics of what they do if. So ask around and go to your meetings if you don't like what you hear then don't vote for it but if you do then do. Let it be your choice not mine not FYIs or your company only you all will know what's best when you go and hear the union. Good luck guys
just wondering

Ozark, MO

#81 Mar 30, 2013
Do you think the reason they is trying to get us to take pay cuts is because they have paid to much for the lumber?

Springfield, MO

#82 Apr 2, 2013
Yes actually your right they have and your other plant has a gaurantee a contract to where they can't cut them a union. Trust me I know many high ups in your company as a friend that you don't know I'm telling you many of the downers of the union on here are them and will deny it on here to protect there great jobs. Ask around your piers and you find your union and definitely go to the meetings or else you and your piers will never have a union or better conditions you have to attend them to learn and support your cause for better conditions. The people organizing can't just announce it cause there would be payback indirectly towards them. So ask fellow employees I'm sure a manager from there will chime in on this post to down a union just watch and learn
joe 4729

Springfield, MO

#83 Apr 2, 2013
How do we know who to ask? Ive work in the mill and have talk to a lot of people and they all say the same thing there all ready to hear what they can offer us. We are tired of this. I've worked 23 years and seen a lot and was happy up till a few years ago. I've always said we don't need a union but now I think we do. I'm willing to lose my job for it but we ve had no count unions try I just wonder if its that again if its a big union I know I will and others will definitely vote yes. I know what your saying about other people who post against it on here that aren't even employees or yeah so they say its like why would they care so much . You can pick them out or at least I can

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