bloodmoon eclipses 14-15
grave digger

Niangua, MO

#2 Mar 28, 2013
pastor wrote:
Things are going to get really interesting in 2014 and 2015.a event that only happened 7 times since the time of christ and will not happen again for hundreds of years. There will be 4bloodmoon eclipses. 2 in 2014 and 2 in 2015 on jewish holidays. This is called a tetrad. And if you consider the last 2times this happened is even greater importance.for the full story you can look it up on the web.
they say something will happen in 2015 that will change the way we are today like never before seen and obama is going to use this something to remain in his seat as president without term limits,,,he is starting to sound like the little chubby north korean leader,,,but anyways,,,this world is becoming scary,,,the perdictions true,,,and hope everyone rethinks their fear of GOD for their own souls sake,,,it is written by past generations to be taught to all generations for a reason,,,

Branson, MO

#4 Mar 28, 2013
I truly believe that Chuck Norris' maid will assume the number one power position in a one world government. This will most likely take place in late 2014 or early 2015.
grave digger

Niangua, MO

#5 Mar 28, 2013
mark of the beast,,,marked on the hand or forehead,,,will be placed in the thick skin between the thumb and pointer finger in the right hand,,,guess on the forehead for people without hands or if the GOD fearing people cut their own hands off if they screw up and take the mark of the beast,,,this mark will control everything you do to survive,,,now to the reality of today,,,in the phillapines the goverment are putting these chips in their people today and the people who dont take it are murdered and the the people who dont want it are running into the mountain jungles to hide,,,this is a true fact and very scary cuz it has been perdicted the end times will be this way,,,they also have many countries useing these chips for their soilders with the excuse to identify their remains if killed in war,,,is america one of these countries?,,,the grave digger doesnt know this but know about the islands of the phillipines,,,satan is real,,,GOD is real,,we all have been warned of this from generations past,,,fear GOD people or dont and take the mark,,,its your choice,,,
grave digger

Niangua, MO

#7 Mar 28, 2013
olivetree wrote:
So if we are getting close to the begining of the end ,where are the two witness of god? Soon to arrive or im sure there already here just waiting to be revealed at the appointed time. They will set the bar straight.they will bring terror to the world.and open the eyes of many.they are the true comic super heros.superman wont have nothing on takes a strong heart and sound mind to understand the good of terror they will bring.for it says they will be hated for all the hardship they bring.but i understand. Lets start a revolution.
the grave digger has a guess on this,,,thats all anyone can do cuz GOD only knows,,,but,,,the grave digger thinks maybe the two could be the two popes,,,cuz they are the leaders or as the bible says olive branches of the church,,,if this be true,,,then they are already here and we know the chip as the mark of the beast is being used today,,,so this is the grave diggers guess,,,and again,,,as GOD knows all and humans dont,,,we shall see in GODs time not mans,,,alittle extra thought,,,un-rest is in the world with threats of world war,,,riots in the streets world wide,,,earthquakes the biggest man has seen everyday in the world,,,money trouble for most the countries in the world,,,muslims waged war against the free world countries and christians and is really called a religous war,,,meteorites the biggest we have seen hitting the earth,,,weird stuff me freinds,,,

Houston, MO

#8 Mar 28, 2013
grave digger

Niangua, MO

#10 Mar 29, 2013
olivetree wrote:
<quoted text>all anyone can do is guess.but one thing for sure is that the 2 witness are not the 2 popes.the pope is more likely to be the false prophet.although there are many good people in the catholic church.the catholic church is the devils church.fact anti christ true meaning is not one who is against christ,but comes in the likeness of christ.this is how we are decieved.and the catholic church has murdered more people than anyother group .perhaps u have heard of the crusades. They murdered all in the name of christ.kinda sounds like the muslems of today.the pope is not worth the dirt on my shoe.i think the 2 witness will not hold any high office in religion before they are revealed, because they will be tought by god not by man who always gets it wrong.
see what you know,,,calling the first christain church the devils church,,,which then you called all other christain churches the devils church,,,which then you think the christians are the devils,,,so with that said,,,you dont beleive in GOD and if you dont beleive your not entitled to an opinion,,,and you are not an expert on religion,,cuz you dont beleive and if you dont beleive in something,,,how can you be an expert,,,so come to find out,,,your not worth the dirt on anyones shoe,,,
highschool2013-2 000

United States

#12 Mar 29, 2013
See what i mean about educating others? Do you know the difference in mature and immature?
grave digger

Niangua, MO

#13 Mar 29, 2013
olivetree wrote:
<quoted text>first of all the catholic church was not the first christian church.jesus was a jew. But the jews were wrong in how they worship god and displeased him.jesus did not come to destroy the prophets, but to full fill the word of god.most christians worship god in vain by celebrating pagan holidays like EASTER and CHRISTMAS.u should do your homework before giving a amature not a expert, but i know alot more than most.and i laugh at the people who get mad when i say they worship him in vain by celebrating easter and christmas.they have not read the bible or have studied .but rather let someone else tell them what to should research the history of those holidays and the catholic church before giving a answer someone else tought you. Its easy to find.all you have to do is read.
are you atheist stupid or just know it alls of nothing?,,,cuz JESUS was a jew and did have ST. Peter the Apostle,,,who by the way is the first Pope or leader of the Church Jesus said to start,,,and Christmas,,,notice Christ name in this word is celebrated to celebrate the coming/birth of our LORD which inturn did fullfill the word of GOD,,,then easter is the time of yr when Jesus life death and reserection is reflected and celebrated,,,and expert your not,,,cuz the grave digger thinks you might of done research on the wrong book,,,not the Bible but maybe the harry potter book or an old book with a circle with a star in the middle of that circle and says witchcraft wrote real big across the top,,,or maybe you read atheist opinions on some atheist web page and thinks those opinions make sense,,,or,,,maybe and could be a fact,,,you stated you know more then most,,,so your blinded by self pride and are a know it all who was a sore loser when in school growing up cuz you were a spoiled rotten kid your parents treated like a big baby,,,everybody remembers those kids when in school,,,faces turn all red and then scream before they ran off pouting like a baby,,,all cuz while playing dodge ball in gym class you got smacked in the face with the ball and everyone laughed,,,like this,,,ha haa haaa,,,just like the saying goes,,,if you think your a tough badass,,,beleive me,,,there is someone out there way tougher then you,,,so if you think your smarter then most,,,beleive me,,,there are way more smarter others out there then you,,,punk,,,ha haa haaa
grave digger

Niangua, MO

#15 Mar 29, 2013
olivetree wrote:
<quoted text>i like people like are the ones ill try to let me educate you again. There is the apostle peter i agree.but he was not the first pope of the catholic church.a myth from the catholic.u prolly believe in praying to mary or the imaculant conception also.another u also ask a father of the catholic church for forgiveness? A easy way for you to be proven wrong is to just look up when the catholic church started. Dont think the apostle peter lived for hundreds of years.christianty was not a acpted religion until the 4th century.and constatine was the one who started it.a roman emporer. People or pagans did not want to let go of all there beliefs so they mixed them together.bringing pagan traditions in christianty. And if i asked you how do you celebrate your birthday or a kids.what would you say? Buy them something.but the main thing is simply to wish them or u happy ask your self when was the last time you celebrated easter or christmas.did you adknowledge to jesus it was his birthday.did u sing him a song.did u buy him a gift? And easterto celebrate .did you adknowledge it to jesus?or did u go to a church? Or pray?.for one to be educated in religion you must learn more than just what you believe. How can u stand if that is all u know.u must learn more than just one point of view or religion.i believe in god.i pray daily do you.i talk to god all the dont be does not matter to me who you serve or say u believe.but believeing without the works is like not believing at all.people like to change religion to what makes them not here to make people happy, but to tell the truth.
save your breath,,,cuz its people like you that makes faith so hard when faith is so simple,,,we arnt living in the past times,,,we are here today and faith isnt hard,,,its your kind thinking you have to prove whatever to save me,,,the grave digger is already saved and has faith,,,the bible warns of the over proud talkers,,,so save your breath to educate a beleiver in GOD who has faith and sees faith as very simple,,,not hard,,,and for your info,,,St Peter is the first Pope and the grave digger or any other catholic ask the Pope or any Preist for forgivness,,,we ask GOD and a Preist is our guide and the Pope is the head of this Church,,,do your research,,,

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