I have it posted on my property no trespassing. I expect all that come up to my door to know that. I will not tolerate it and have informed the police of your activity ms bitch! They are patrolling my neighborhood more. So leave me and my family alone and stop posting what i post and then you threaten to kill me. Wow right on this gossip site. You can remove threads so others don't see it but its in the database. Don't threaten people cause its illegal dumb$hit! I cam post on here what I want as long as its true and i am not harrassing anyone. You have broken the law and I have proof. I will visit the local good cop and let him see the evidence. If one thing happens to my family or me, you are the only suspect. I have no enemies except you. I didn't do anything to you for you to threaten my life. God will judge you. You are a sorry excuse for human flesh!