Fabick Cat closing

Windsor, Canada

#81 Aug 7, 2009
If Jim needs it bad enough to steal it, then I would give it.


People make out like I am a terrible person because I understand how the free market system works - but those people have no clue.

Taking care of your brother or your neighbor starts at home.

United States

#82 Aug 7, 2009
Lol you sound like one of the inbreed local methheads. That all about self and doesnt have a clue about what the topic we were even talking about was .


#83 Aug 7, 2009
Most, have a good night.

Someone told Jim to steal my stuff, and I merely said if he was that down and out, and needed to steal, that I would give it instead.

If someone is truly without the basic necesities in life, and is about to take their own life, I would gladly give whatever I could to help. Perhaps you don't feel that way, and if that is true, I feel sorry for you.

Would I extend that to the local methhead that needs to steal in order to get their next fix? Of course not.

You have a good night.

United States

#84 Aug 8, 2009
Lol its ashame you dont have a clue what this entire discussion is talking about. YOu just want to be argumentative for the sake of being a know it all . You should have to spend half a day chasing parts for a machine or two or be down for a day at a time waiting on parts thats all I have ever been talking about and most of the rest of us. Only you are the brainack that is so insecure with his iq and his penis that you have to have the last word about everything and beat it to death. Cat machines are more expensive and we have paid more for cat to have parts and service and resale value thats all any of most of us were talking about.


#85 Aug 8, 2009
Why, you know you are right. What was I thinking.

In an area where the vast majority of people forsake local companies in the pursuit of saving a buck on a new car, or they mail order so they don't have to pay sales tax.

In an area where the local Sheriff is in the newspaper telling people to shop local because their tax revenue is down, while his chief deputy trys to spend as much as possible via mail order.

In an area that has seen a lot of local businesses go under,

You will save the day by posting on here about how evil Fabick is because they decided to close a shop.

How right you are! Posting here has changed everything. Congratulations!

United States

#86 Aug 8, 2009
YOU are just a bluming idiot plain and simple .I bet you cant even keep a relationship going because your such a frigin know it all.


#87 Aug 9, 2009
Most, it seems you have the biggest issue here. Lol maybe should put some things better but he is right. you cant seem to let it all go.

or is most and Lol the same person just trying to stir sh*t?
Mike Martin

United States

#88 Aug 9, 2009
"Lol" Sounds a lot like Just the Girl.
Maybe it's just me but, they both make it their mission of inform people of how smart they are and well educated, while criticizing everyone else.

I really think it's either the same person or, Just the Girl has a husband.
formerfabickempl oyee

Lake Saint Louis, MO

#89 Aug 9, 2009
let me tell you a little bit about fabick and cat. they closed a total of 3 stores on the 24th of july. 2 of the 3 were money making stores. one of the stores was a parts only store that put over 200k on the bottom line so far this year (not west plains). cat is not happy with fabick at all. i am absolutely convinced that doug fabick is stripping down the company to sell.
a cat dealer cant just be put up for sale. cat tells you when to sell and who you are are going to sell it to. when ea martin sold out to fabick it was because cat made them sell to fabick. i think that doug fabick is putting the ball in cats court by pissing off everyone. fabick has a huge labor strike in their main location and from what i have been told, cat has made it clear that they need to settle it asap, and that was 2months ago.
what im getting at is fabick doesnt care about their customers anymore, doesnt care about their employees anymore, and doesnt care about the business as a whole anymore. i believe doug is the 4th generation and all he wants to do is play. fabick is a privately owned company but its really not a family owned company anymore. fabick for generations was owned by several differant branches of the family. now in the last couple of years doug has slowly but surely bought out every last family member but his cousin john and his dad harry (who owns a whopping 1%).
so in all of these tough economic times doug just recently purchased a 4million dollar boat, a 3.5 mil addition to his house and just loves being everywhere but in his office. on the night the mechanics went on strike he was in the bahamas on his island. when they closed the stores he was in europe with his wife. all while using the corporate jet to hop from spot to spot. from what i understand the company is really being operated by the accountants instructed by doug to acheive a certain "goal" by any means while he runs off to play
everyone please make your voices heard on cat.com because caterpillar does get them and does take every complaint seriously. cat understands who you are and what you mean to them even if fabick doesnt.


#90 Aug 9, 2009
Not just a girl, nor her husband.

Have a great night.

United States

#91 Aug 10, 2009
would it do any good to complain more that once ?? This is a pain in the rear just to let Douggy play. What is bad even the new store at Columbia had 6 pieces on the lot yesterday and the spent mega bucks building that one. And Dean has a full lot in Sedellia right now. Now what does that tell you.

United States

#92 Aug 10, 2009
Oh yea by the way Mr. Bill I do have an issue . I have alot of Cat equipment and alot of friends that mister spoiled rich boy Douggy has screwed over and Im fighting for them. What would you think if you had worked somewhere for 29 years and they just fired you less than a year before retirement.

Ozark, MO

#93 Aug 10, 2009
Most, yes complain often, at www.cat.com
"the squeaky wheel gets the grease" CATERPILLAR does care, and will reply to you, and CATERPILLAR will send your comments to Fabick.

United States

#94 Aug 10, 2009
amazing I did hear from cat today

Ozark, MO

#95 Aug 10, 2009
I told you so.....

Ozark, MO

#96 Aug 10, 2009
p.s. and thank you

United States

#97 Aug 11, 2009
I believed you d . The fat lady hasnt sang yet.!! Even if lol thinks so ..
formerfabickempl oyee

Lake Saint Louis, MO

#98 Aug 11, 2009
most...what did cat tell you?

United States

#99 Aug 11, 2009
they have and investigation going . Thats about it for now.Or all I can say you can text me for more .

Joplin, MO

#100 Aug 13, 2009
I Got an e-mail today from a teps manager and it said that there parts dept. would be closing saturdays starting on aug 29th, (springfield location) but they still will come out for a callout fee. very interesting

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