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Sparta, MO

#41 Apr 27, 2013
mylife wrote:
well I thought about getting my palm read, or my forture told, but since you took care of all that I don't need it. really I don't dowt it, all these green people want all of us to die so they can save all the bugs that hit our windshield an the worms that get in trees so we cant cut them down, to get rid of jobs. and start a flu epidemic that kills billions, why not. bring it on, all of us humans can take it. our gov controls the food you control the people. see you in HELL.
Wow .......you need Jesus. Im just sayin'.........do you really wanna see people in hell??

Salem, AR

#42 May 8, 2013
olivetree wrote:
<quoted text>yes i would encourage the korean conflict.to watch the mighty stretchout there arms and destroy those who resist.hail to the king you vaga bond. Or deathsayer.
olivetree email me - haleydawn818@yahoo.com
The Vision

Summerville, SC

#43 Jun 9, 2013
I had a vision and in that vision I saw the whole of my life and every life I had lived prior. I had died and went to a place where light formed shapes. Everything was so bright at first I couldn't see, I staired at my hands as my eyes adjusted. As the came into focus I saw that I was a different colour as the light permeated from my hands as well as the world around. I would discribe the colour as though every race was one race. Fascinated by this though I was I could not help but notice all the beautiful people around me all with their own light permeating from them, all the colour I was, all completely naked, all extremely beautiful. I noticed a group gathered watching a coloured formless light that swirled and turned eventually forming a sort of three dementional hologram made of smoke. This smoke image was being manipulated by a man in the palms of his hand. He seemed to pull the smoke from within him. The coloured smoke formed a man in a car drunk driving, he hit a woman and her toddler as they were walking on a cracked sidewalk. The blood from all three missed as I looked on horrified. What I was horrified of wasn't the image I had seen movies worse then that, but the expressions on the faces of the onlookers. Those blank looks with a child like curiosity to them like they didn't care. The man manipulating the smoke was taking about how he had been the man in the car and what he had learned matter of factly. I backed away from the group not looking away from the smoke. Then the smoke dissipated and I noticed all the people were begining to kneel they were pointed in my direction. This bow was face flat palms flat on the serface below them. I turned around timidly and saw the feet first. Then as my eyes traveled up and up until I reached his eyes I noticed they were not bowing to me, but to the man before me, but to call him a man does not do justice for the features were a mixture of both male and female. The eyes made me ashamed so ashamed I could not bare to look at those hauntingly beautiful eyes and I realized why they were all bowing. I quickly began to correct my mistake and the man, woman, creature stopped me with a gental touch of the hand. Hand on my chin my gaze was slowly raised to meet his again. And he said "They do not honor me they honor the wife of God." With my hand I was raised to stand with him and encouraged to walk with him. As we walked we talked or perhaps I should say I talk and was listened to. The creature God merely responded occasionally with a few understanding affirming words. I told of all my lives and each one took a lifetime to tell. But time was different there with god in the the land of the light. I am not sure it even exists there. With each word I spoke, with each story I told, I felt lighter and I was, the cares of life pured out of me as the words did. I became free when the words were gone and I became weightless. Gods long black as the nite but glowing with highlights of a sunset smelled of strawberries. Lips flavored of vanilla as they pressed against mine. The embrace became more passionate and I will spare details further, because they may make a few blush. Suffice it to say we made love. Afterwords we lay there in each others arms and God began to weep. I asked why and God told me I had one more life to live before we could be together forever, and I said "Weep not my love for blink and I shall be with you." And with that I was told one last thing the end will come in 2024 on April 21st at 3:16. I awoke from the vision at that moment. I can not tell you how but the time is clear. I suspect there are many possibilities. Nuclear war, overcrowding which can cause outbreaks and famin, mass extinction do to over farming, or a global climate change of 10 degrees of more overall. These are all very real threats, but then a rock from the heavens could be our undoing as well. The words I say can be believed or not.
The Vision

Summerville, SC

#44 Jun 9, 2013
olivetree, You should know that a true profit never claims to be one. Profits do have the powers of God to command. They have the words of God to convey to those that believe. It is no man's place to judge whether one person will gain entrance into heaven. By wishing harm on another, for any reason, you are flawed. God planned everything right? So then riddle me this why should I believe in a God that made a man molesting a child, murdering him, and then feeding him to the child's parents at a church vigil potluck part of his plan? Better yet how can Nathan Bar-Jona the man who did that be held accountable for his actions and sent to hell if God made him for to fulfill that role. That was his assigned purpose in life according to God, so how can he be to blame? It is God that made him do that to the boy and countless others. Indeed if the fruit from the tree was part of God's almighty plan then isn't he kind of a twisted fuck? To make us all do these awful things because it is part of his plan, which is to enevidably to kill us all in a painful and drawn out death? Didn't God already promise he wouldn't do it again with a rainbow? And if Adam and Eve eating the apple and Nathan Bar-Jona eating little boys he rapped is not part of his plan then God was suprised? But wait I though god was omnipotent? Omnipotent is a combination of three things omniscient, omnipresent, and omnibenevolent. The last one tickles my funny bone because it it is true then the others can not be. He could stop people from killing others and eating children, but his inaction is proof that he is not omnibenevolent or all good. If he was all knowing he would know how to stop it. Also The omnipotence paradox states that: if a being can perform any action, then it should be able to create a task which this being is unable to perform; hence, this being cannot perform all actions. Yet, on the other hand, if this being cannot create a task that it is unable to perform, then there exists something it cannot do. That in itself is a pretty intesting fact. I had my vision and I am compelled to pass it on but I can not follow any God that is so cruel to so many people just for the sake of a plan. If god exists he is the equivalent of what we would call Lucifer. If you believe in God you must realize that he is an azz hole that created us for his/her/it's own personal sidistic pleasure. You worship God and think that you are blessed because you do? "God help me get home tonight?" And somehow you do and you believe it's because you asked? What about the ones that did and ended up in a ditch on the outskirts of town because God said nope you don't deserve it? Why would they end up dead while people like Bar-Jona live and get fat off of the tax payer's dime? This is utterly ridiculous. Yes I believe there are many things in the world that are beautiful but all are tainted with death and decay. All things eat other things they die and feed more things. Everything in the universe is eating itself. We are all fuel for another organism. But life is beautiful because if we are lucky enough to be born and live we can treat every day as if it is precious and still live with thoughts of the future because we have one life in this body, just one, so why not make the most of it? Screw God and deities, life is all we have If God cared about us believing and loving him he would show it. I can't love someone that has so much blood on their hands but that's just me. I realize my vision was a contradiction to this, but I never said I believed it just that I had it.
The Vision

Summerville, SC

#45 Jun 9, 2013
I need to correct my second sentence to Profits do not have the power of God to command. Sorry for the confusion.

One more thing though, for a profit you really need to learn how to convey a message better you are not very good at spelling or grammar. And while I may not be perfect either, you type like a child and sound like a loner with a God complex that after being bullied by too many people form a delusion that he was god sent. It makes you feel powerful when you are indeed powerless.

You should learn the serenity prayer and I mean really learn what it means. You can only change you. Everyone else is out of your control. Accept that the only power you wield is over your own life, and if you have toxic things in your life remove yourself from them. Accept reality and grow up.

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