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Hartville, MO

#1 Mar 8, 2010
I hope someone can help me as I have a few questions. Does anyone know if Regal Beloit (Marathon) is doing any hiring? My husband has worked at the GE/Regal Beloit plant in Springfield for the past 20 years and we want to move back to the West Plains area. I was born in WP. He is about 5 years away from retirement but I am so tired of where we are living I can hardly stand it and a home where we would like to live has become available for purchase now Also, does anyone know if the company does transfers? Any info is appreciated. Thanks!
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Madison, WI

#2 Mar 8, 2010
I would suggest that you call the West Plains plant. Or better yet, have him or have him talk to his Human Resources Department in Springfield. They would have the most accurate information.

Hollister, MO

#3 Mar 8, 2010
I really dont think that hes gonna have a chance gettin a job here in west plains, there are over 200 ppl out of a job bc of that place and they are still layin off!

Ozark, MO

#4 Mar 8, 2010
Yep they are laying off....not hiring.

United States

#5 Mar 8, 2010
What planet are you living on? The economy is in the toilet, nationwide. We are in a bad recession and those Regal Beloit jobs are very desirable in this economically depressed area!

Hartville, MO

#6 Mar 9, 2010
motormouth wrote:
What planet are you living on? The economy is in the toilet, nationwide. We are in a bad recession and those Regal Beloit jobs are very desirable in this economically depressed area!
Well, I imagine that I am living on the same planet as you, Motormouth. My husband has a total of 25 years in motor manufacturing. I realize that the economy is in the toilet but an experienced (very experienced) worker is more valuable than one who has no experience. Is there any argument with that statement? Also, he is employed (and has been for over 20 years) with the same company...just a different location. Seems like that should be a different situation. There are also lots of people laid off at the Regal Beloit plant in Springfield as well.

North Vernon, IN

#7 Mar 9, 2010
i was laid off from there last jan09 and its the best thing that happened to me i am goin to school to better my self i dnt thing he can get a job there i still have family and friends there and they r geting laid off right and left the end off march is the next lay off good luck
Family of four

Sparta, MO

#8 Mar 9, 2010
It depends on the position he holds. Hourly or salary. Sadly, salary is the better deal because of education requirements. If he is just an experienced worker on the floor, best to wait out the 5 years to retirement and make the move then. He is safer where he is and 5 years is a very short time for the security. I would suggest that you sacrifice a bit and stick it out. Springfield is better than most cities. This is a time to be smart and safe.
Former Fasco Employee

Crocker, MO

#9 Mar 13, 2010
I would agree with the others who say stay where you are. Sounds like the WP plant is in 'ramp down' as many suspected.

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#10 Mar 13, 2010
My roomate works at Regal Beloit here in West Plains and from everything he's told me the plant is just barely holding it together. There have been massive layoffs and word is that they plan on laying off 30 more people from his shift. Funny enough he says that his shift only has 26 people.

Branson, MO

#11 Mar 15, 2010
They're fixing to do another BIG layoff within the next month. They are closing the plant and moving it to Mexico. Even if he really wanted a job there, it wouldn't be worth it. The benefits have gone to shit. If you're really thinking about moving to WP, you might want to re-think that. There are not many good paying jobs around here.
Current First Shift

Bronx, NY

#12 Apr 4, 2010
I currently work there. I have for 10 years now. Don't even bother. Everything is moving to Mexico. It keeps getting worse and worse. The management tells everyone what they want to hear. But when I see machinery being shipped off and departments closing, Yeah it's getting bad.
Current First Shift

Bronx, NY

#13 Apr 4, 2010
I don't know why it says I'm from Tennessee, But I am from West Plains.

Eldridge, MO

#14 Apr 8, 2010
They laid off i don't know how many more today...They'll be closed and in mexico soon.

United States

#15 Apr 9, 2010
Hell they just fired an assload of ppl and for silly things like using their phones, leaving 5 minutes early after being there for 10 hours. I also heard that they have set themselves up for some serious segregation issues as they fired ppl for things that they seen on camera and let other ppl keep their jobs for the same things? Its clearly a lawsuit waiting to happen and I believe its in the works? I do know that it was said that they caught someone doing a cartwheel, lol, during his work time and he still has his job, while they also caught someone txting on their phone and they were fired! So if they don't or didn't fire everyone that they can see using their phones then it should be an easy case of favoritism for even a poor lawyer to win? So good luck getting a job there and then keeping it working with a camera pointing directly at you for 8 or more hours a day, and then explaining where you were and what you were doing when you have a 20 minute shitpain! Not to mention not knowing when your job is being shipped to Mexico due to coporate greed!!! Have fun, and good luck.

United States

#16 Apr 9, 2010
Blasphemer, they didn't lay those people off, they fired them, and from what I have heard theres more to come, I have/had a few freinds that work there as well as a few that were fired today, and I venture to say they have really made some mistakes in how they have handled this whole firing thing? But I believe that is all to be determined in time? I heard that they fired their head maint. guy some time back for not being able to work a bunch of overtime due to a health condition and that he actually brought his lawyers in to give the place a looking over. They also have cameras pointing directly at certain workers and others have no cameras pointing at them, clearly discrimination, so I am guessing that they done those that they fired a favor, provided that they contact the right attourney, and I know of a couple that have already made the calls, so again, good luck with a job there and a life of being able to buy a car or a home and financing it, you may just lose your downpayment and then some?I really hope that the people they fired do have a case and sued the hell out of them, greedy bastards trying to save a dollar and moving all of their jobs to Mexico, they shouldn't be allowed to distribute their product in the US. So for all those that were wrongfully fired and segregated against I say give em' hell and make em' pay for what they have done!!!

Eldridge, MO

#17 Apr 9, 2010
A guarantee you that a corporation of that size has their asses covered when it comes to a potential lawsuit. fired/laid off is a matter of semantics...they no longer have a job. The bottom line is that soon (about 6 months or so is what I heard)that plant will close completely.

On the up side for this town I also heard that armstrong is gearing up to hire back second shift and should be running 3 full shifts within a couple months.

United States

#18 Apr 9, 2010
Well I hope for the sake of West Plains that is true of Armstrong? Yes I am sure that they have their asses covered, but it is obvious that if they did not fire everyone that they viewed on their cameras goofing off, txting on their phones, whatever, then it would appear as a case of discrimination? Well as I said time will tell.
This is what I heard

United States

#19 Apr 9, 2010
I work there and this is what I heard. But you know who rumors are. There were 7 people that got fired. One was taking 30 minute breaks when they were supposed to be only 10. One was fired for talking on his phone for 20 minutes standing at his machine. Another was reading the newspaper for 45 minutes. Another was doing cartwheels down one of the main isles. Another was for giving money to the one that did the cartwheels. And the other 2 were leaving 15 minutes early and putting down 10 hours on their paperwork. If you are there for 10 you get paid for 10. It's called falsifying documents when you say you are there 10, really only there for 9.75
This is what I heard

United States

#20 Apr 9, 2010
And sadly where I stand at my machine, I have a camera pointing at me. It's a bubble camera, so I can't tell where it's pointing.

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