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whispers softly

Morocco, IN

#23 Jun 24, 2012
RocksQuarry wrote:
<quoted text>
Hiding out in Illinois and posting crap about people in Dora, MO makes for a whole lot of nonsense.
I doubt the way people conduct their own personal business across state lines isn't going to affect your life one way or the other. The owners of the store could sell porno magazines and movies, treat every customer that walks into their store worse than dog-crap if they wanted to and it would still be nobody's business but their own. The simple fact that you feel the need to come here and trash someones reputations (probably based on rumor) is much worse than someone shopping at Aldi.
Ain't no rumors involved in my previous, If it ain't so, I don't say it. And I figure that's what has you all disarrayed. It's much easier to attack me than it is to deal with the truth.
Yo Quero

Branson, MO

#24 Jun 25, 2012
You bunch of jealous gringos. Senor Mike have bery good contractor who hire me , Juan and Pedro. You lazy bastards no like work. Sit on computer all day and badmouth. Senora Sheila work like damn dog all time. You know nothing about these good people.Most crackers like Roy's Store. Only game in town. You loco. Maybe you like come for burrito and cervesa, por favor?
once again

Lincoln, NE

#25 Jun 27, 2012
Yo Quero wrote:
You bunch of jealous gringos. Senor Mike have bery good contractor who hire me , Juan and Pedro. You lazy bastards no like work. Sit on computer all day and badmouth. Senora Sheila work like damn dog all time. You know nothing about these good people.Most crackers like Roy's Store. Only game in town. You loco. Maybe you like come for burrito and cervesa, por favor?
isnt it

Cedar Rapids, IA

#26 Jun 29, 2012

United States

#27 Jul 6, 2012
the employees that work here are all very hard workers, I have always seen them treat people very well,locals along with non locals

Since: Sep 12


#28 Sep 8, 2012
But some of the women that work at Roy's store are HOT,HOT,HOT

Ozark, MO

#29 Sep 8, 2012
I had a burger from there once. It tasted like crap. The pie is outstanding so I had just naturally assued they would have fresh burgers and not frozen.
In charge

Cameron, MO

#30 Sep 9, 2012
whispers softly wrote:
Sheila is the man, she makes the decisions and Mike jumps when prodded. Make no mistake, that's how it is.
Why is it that when a man orders a woman around it's acceptable...but when a woman orders a man around(especially his wife) somehow that's unacceptable?

Maybe it's HER business. Maybe he's an employee. Or, maybe as we all know, the woman knows what to do, and how to do it, so it is just simpler that she give the orders. Wake up, we now live in a fast paced world, and really don't have time for the drama of going through the exercise of making 'the man' think it was his idea, and maybe someday he will get around to doing it -- just to make 'the man' think he is in charge.

Since: Sep 12


#31 Sep 12, 2012
# 23
Are you one of the hot women that workd there?
Not Impressed

United States

#32 Jan 25, 2013
Best B&G around!! I am an outsider, and have never been treated bad ever!
Big Nasty

Chesapeake, OH

#33 Jan 28, 2013
I like Roy's. We hit it up every summer we go to the river. The cooking is good too.
Someone who knows

United States

#34 Feb 2, 2013
They have great food and great service.

Calvin, OK

#35 Mar 17, 2013
They are all drunks and/or druggers.


Don't like it?

Feeling insulted?


Sue me.

I'd love to get you in court.

Now, pass me that joint and pour me a shot of gin.

I'm feelin' churchy too.

Hollister, MO

#37 Apr 21, 2013
This info on here is old but still you are trashing someone and I am not sure what you are trying to say but if you really knew what you were talking about then I wouldn't be responding to you. I know Mike and Sheila personally. They are who they are and you are who you are and that makes you equal in the sight of the Lord! you know not their hearts.

Ozark, MO

#38 May 15, 2013
knows it wrote:
Its a SMALL country community, and they know the minute you walk through the door if your an 'outsider'. Stand back, and watch the way they call everyone else that comes through the door by name, and all smiles. I'm sure its like that in every 'backwoods' community, always has been that way in Dora. They get a lot of floaters/canoers from big cities that come in there making comments, and looking down at them, so they look at everyone they don't know as stuck up outsiders. Sometimes you have to go out of your way to be overly nice to people in little towns like this, to prove to them your a nice person. They can't help it,,just how they were raised! My guess is, you wasn't overly friendly yourself? My question is,,,why did Mike and Shelia Newton buy Roy's store?? I see them in Dollar General/Dollar Stores, buying baskets full of stuff to go resell at a HIGHER price to the people who have no choice to but to buy from Roy's store. Now there's two stuck up, hateful people!!!
Jealous! They work hard and no law against making money. You know Mike and Sheila doesn't even care about your pettiness. Lol!
I worked for them

Nixa, MO

#39 Jun 14, 2013
I worked for them for almost 3 years they are GREAT people an they do Alot to help the Dora community to survive if it where not for them people would have to drive 30 miles or more for a gallon of milk an eggs for breakfast..they have brought the community together more than any other owner of that ing from someone that lived their 15 + years. The people who work their ik personally an are amazing people! every person has bad days.or days they don't feel well so take that into consideration. If they "treat u badly" witch I highly highly dought. I my self memorized locals an what they normally ate.because they r LOCALS. They have been their there hole life or most of. Think before u speak an get to know people before u judge..
Smart ass 2

Ozark, MO

#41 Jul 27, 2015
username23 wrote:
hey dumbass, do you really think they would be seen in a Dollar General buying crap to mark up & sell in their store....could it be that they have 10 grandkids, 5 children, several group homes with clients that they are stocking up on items for???? Now who's the stuck up hateful person? Think before you bad mouth ppl. Idiot
I know they do that . I have seen them in Aldis. Then they put the shit on their store shelves
Smart ass 2

Ozark, MO

#42 Jul 27, 2015
Mike Newton has got rich off of the government. On the backs of less fortunate people that may be retarded or severely handicapped. I would like to sit back on my ass and just watch the money roll in. Yes they think they are above everyone else. I have seen them buy things at Aldis. Then it appears on Roys store shelf at double the price. They do nothing to help the community. And , the food there sucks. Oh yea, they may favor a few local yocals but, it is just the ones that they are distantly kin to.
Sheila's son Sam has had everything handed to him . How lucky for him that his mother married into money.
Neibour TGR

Ballwin, MO

#43 Jul 14, 2016
mia wrote:
well his mom might not like him or his wife!
You talk about backwards Peogle in dora rude.How many of you city people leave tips for these workers.I know I go in the city and people there are to busy swearing shooting at you or stealing.we treat people with respect,not look down our noses like we are better,that's how u treat us.respect us and we in return will respect you.and Please try to respect our way of living.STOP GOING Full speed on our dirt rds.AND STOP THROWING BEER CANS AND TRASH ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD.NOW WHO IS BACKWARDS.LOL. TGR

Ozark, MO

#45 Oct 8, 2016
Great store. Love the lunches, Love the convenience to Flying R and rivers, Love the locals and hard workers. I'm selfish. I judge the business and people based on "what's in it for me" and how they treat me. When i go in any store i say HI and most people respond with the same greeting. I don't care who owns it or how rich they are.

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