Detractors, growing debt dog local bu...

Detractors, growing debt dog local builder

There are 3487 comments on the The Times-Tribune story from Jun 24, 2007, titled Detractors, growing debt dog local builder. In it, The Times-Tribune reports that:

“He gets really obnoxious and tries to get you mad so you quit and take a loss”

Scott Binsack makes his trade as a home builder, but his best tools are his mastery of marketing and his magnetic charisma. via The Times-Tribune

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Smarter than You

Berwick, PA

#3429 Aug 14, 2012
The Lincoln is no more, she has upgraded to a cadillac SUV. Navy Blue, special made for "His Queen"
way to go june
#3430 Aug 16, 2012
JustAnotherScottRipOff wrote:
Scott, we know the "Someone Who Cares" is you... Let's be honest. So maybe these posts were from a WHILE back, but where's Scott Binsack now? He lives on Market Street in Shamokin. How do I know Scott? Because I did business with him and he gave me and someone I care about a load of crap on how he was going to help with the house we were living in and he wouldn't rip us off and would "NEVER do any business that we couldn't afford." Well, did Scott speak a load of crap or did he go through with it..........drum roll* HE SPOKE A LOAD OF CRAPP!!!!! OH WOW!! BIG SURPRISE ANYONE?! NOPE. Not at all. Scott, you are one of the most horrible men I have ever encountered. You fed us a load of crap, then forced us to pay an amount we couldn't afford for rent. I don't even make that much money that you're making us pay for two month of rent in a year. You're a cheat, a liar, a scam, a dirt bag and you belong BACK in jail. Hopefully next time though, you won't have someone to save you and get you out. One day you will reap what you sow. You are a worthless man and maybe if you were honest and truthful you wouldn't have to defend yourself in order to feel better about yourself. As for your fiancé. I hope she sees it soon and calls you in and sends you to jail because that's where you belong. You and every other guy like you belongs in the same prison cell as you. You rip people off who don't have the money to fight back. Do you know how little that makes you? That's sad and very pathetic. If you want to fight the right way, fight with the people your own size. You can't do that though because you're too scared. You mind me of the kid in High School that picks on all the little nerds because you're intimidated and too scared to face someone as big as you. You're pathetic and I can't wait to sit by Heaven's gate and watch your creator condemn you for the sins you have made. You deserve the damnation you receive from Him. I wish you the best with life and wish you peace and happiness and really hope it finds you. PS. This song is for you. Beautiful Sinner. Nicki Minaj
wow way to go JUNE WEIST.. i would have never guessed it was havent paid the previous owner of the house rent for 3 years and scott wasnt dealing with that bs so it was you either paid him or left so dont be a disgruntled renter because you couldnt afford rent for a nice house..and he was going to help you but you pretty much told him to go fuck himself and you could do it on your own which is complete bs considering the fact of how incompetent you are. so just go on your little way and stop trying to bring people who EARN their money down with you! if we want to get into why you cant see your kids or how many guys you slept with for their money?!?! lets just stop while you are ahead. give up!! if you have nothing good to say dont say it at all!!
someone with a voice
#3432 Aug 17, 2012
June .. you know nothing about Scott! We gave you all opportunities to make it work at the home you have lived in for the past 2-3 years without paying a dime for any utilities or to actually live there. Don't you dare sit there and make JUDGMENT on someone .. look in the mirror and worry about your soul and not others. When you knew how much the rent was going to be you should of said something and moved out .. oh by the way the rent included everything!!!!
someone with a voice
#3433 Aug 17, 2012
Ok .. enough of the bullshit about Scott Binsack!! This is the "Queen" that purchased the Blue Cadilac by herself but with the help of Scott who helped clear up my credit! People only see and hear the bad things about him but who are you to judge him? NO ONE!!! We all have things in our past that we wished we could do over and he has paid for his past and still is so leave him alone if you don't know the truth then SHUT YOUR MOUTH .. my whole life I was told that "children are seen and not heard" well I am still seen but now I have a voice!!! I am no longer going to sit back and let people put down a man that is caring, loving, dedicated, and would his shirt of his back to help anyone! You all are ridiculous! Oh about his spelling .. grow up I graduated high school and I still have problems with spelling!!! As for the "Queens" family .. I am ashamed to call them family for the way they have treated Scott .. he never did anything to hurt them!!!! All he wanted was acceptance but all they could see is his past and only judged him!!! ENOUGHT is ENOUGHT
Ive been binsacked

Perkasie, PA

#3434 Aug 17, 2012
YOU shut your mouth "queen". Aka girlfriend of a moron. He stoke money from people and ruined lives. He's been arrested for stealing money you moron. He's told so many lies he can't keep them straight. So YOU shut your mouth. And yeah, he spouts legalities and can even spell the word "legalities"..baha. There is an entire site dedicated to grievances against your con-artist boyfriend. That is NOT normal dum dum. And to whomever stuck you guys for rent.... Score one for the people. Hes only with you because he needed a home plan for his green sheet when he was getting out of jail. You act like he made some "casual" mistakes in the past. NO DUM DUM. He is a life-long criminal. Maybe you can take the caddy and drive him to a book store... I think they have storytelling on Sundays at 3:00 pm. When he goes blind from the terminal cancer (another lie).... He could get a job here.
Ive been binsacked

Perkasie, PA

#3435 Aug 17, 2012
Can he even spell the word "Cadillac"? Baha hah. "queen"? You mean queen of buying a moron Newports? Queen of depositing money in his commissary? Queen of fake doctors appointments? Queen, why don't you guys move to one of his many "owned islands"? Bahahaha. Why stay in Shamokin? Oh, right.... Small pond, big fish. After your white trash living..... You finally got that king you've been looking your whole life for.....shiny car with FOUR cup holders.....oh my. You're livin now sister. Haha. Morons
someone with a voice

Philadelphia, PA

#3436 Aug 17, 2012
I am far from a MORON!!! I have read every legal document on Scott's past .. and up to the age of 30 he had never been arrested and he has an impectable reputation in New York. Before you open your mouth do your homework. People need to stop reading false articles from Dave Falchek of the Scranton Times who has an vendebt against Scott. He is not guility of any crimes if anything it would be for all the hard work he has done. Proper due diligence needs to be done by all and you will find the truth thus looking at Scotts record and past achievements, etc. I had nothing when Scott came into my life and if it wasn't for him I don't know where I would be today. Scott helped me legally to remove my ex-husband from screwing me over. So again before you open your mouth get the facts straight.
Ive been binsacked

Bethlehem, PA

#3437 Aug 18, 2012
You are a moron and I'll open my mouth every chance I get. You had nothing before Scott came into your life? Haha, why do think he chose you off of a dating website??? You were ripe for the picking!! He is a predator in every way. Is he still suing the hospital because they conspired to hide his medical records???? Moron! Liar!! Does he say on Facebook that he lives in Southampton NY because he doesn't want his fake real estate mogul friends to know the only property he owns is worth a pack of Newports?? In Shamokin PA? Bahahaha. YOU shut your mouth!! He really screwed a lot of people out of life changing money. He's a terrible person and you should be ashamed of yourself. He is a scumbag criminal and are you that obtuse to think a writer for a legit paper has a vendetta against that moron???? He needs you because he cant get a cup of water in his own name. Get off the kool-aid weirdo.
Ive been binsacked

Bethlehem, PA

#3438 Aug 18, 2012
P.s. you sound just like him..."proper due diligence"....hahaha shut your mouth. You don't even know what it means....
someone with a voice

Philadelphia, PA

#3439 Aug 19, 2012
PS hahahha you should be ashamed because Scott already approved on record that the writers stories are out right false and the same writer has yet to produce factual documentation to back up his wanted lies. I do know what "due diligence" means - get your facts straight before you say something. Scott didn't need my name and hasn't used my name to do anything he has done everything on his own. And if Scott is such a career criminal how come his NCIS record doesn't show the same! How come he has an impecable reputation on Long Island and New York for over 15 years for building homes. How come there are no official criminal complaints or civial complaints on record to any major agency or other by Scott's former clients? HHow come there are no better business bureau complaints on file anywhere against Scott? How come the writer you talk about never printed that all of Scott's alleged charges in Lackawana County were thrown out or that Scott's employees by the dozens came and testified on his behalf? How come Scott personally has signed to back up all of his co-operate credit actions in lieu of having someone else be subjected to personal credit exposure. How come the writer in question after contacting the publisher/editors that Scott and his projects have been pubished in and was told out right by said editors that these article are a result of good business practices and quaility workmanship, and not that of as said writer reported paid advertising thus making it look like these articles were not true to fact. These editors are now ready to put in writting and stand by their publication as to the validity of said articles in question. Why? Because they are true, Scott was a top builder in the Hamiltons in Long Island. I am not a moron! Not one of the writers articles has come true because if that was the case Scott would of been convidicted of all the false charges against him.
someone with a voice

Philadelphia, PA

#3440 Aug 19, 2012
Oh by the way in regards to meeting on the internet it was my choice to get on the "dating" sites and chose to talk with Scott and he was upfront about what was going on in his life .. he hide nothing!!! I don't judge people for their past and I think all deserve a second chance .. God wants it that way!! So get off your high horse for you know nothing. After personally reviewing all the legal documents myself I chose to make the decision I did. These documents are filed in the court and transcripts of hearings clearly controdict what you and others keep saying about Scott and this situation.
Ive been binsacked

United States

#3441 Aug 19, 2012
Shut your mouth... I'll hammer you tomorrow... Get ready coal cracking girl
Ive been binsacked

Stafford, VA

#3442 Aug 19, 2012
Scott was a "top builder in the Hamiltons"???? Bahahahahaha... Not the "Hamptons". Bahaha. Shut your dumb white trash mouth. You wouldn't know the ocean if jaws took a bite out of your white trash Shamokin ass.

Yonkers, NY

#3443 Aug 20, 2012
Below is a link to more info...AND OF COURSE all these people were just out to get Scott too, even those who put him in jail in so many different places. Why would that be????Why would so many people be out to hurt someone doing great things???? Why would he be in jail over and over in different areas????? Only reason I can think of that makes more sense is because he has hurt a lot of people, and will continue to as long as there is someone who thinks "everyone was out to get him" But there HAS come a day for each and every person who did believe him that they were ultimately hurt. One can only attempt to make others aware of his past They themselves will choose to believe it or not,take caution or not. We don't need to be mean, all we need to do is just get the word out and this way each and every person who has dealings with him must take responsibility when something happens. Better Business Bureau only keeps stuff for 3 years and they are a paid service not a real take on a person or company....And if nothing happened in NY then why isn't he still in the Hampton s, making millions in the place where the rich and famous live. Oh, I remember the mob was after him.....Wonder why??????????
Good luck to everyone!
voice is on crack


#3444 Aug 20, 2012
Binsack is a career criminal. Long Island, Poconos,Clarks Summit and now Shamokin. Convicted criminal!!!!
voice is on crack


#3445 Aug 20, 2012
Plan to revitalize Shamokin may flout law!

Keep going Mr. Falcheck!

In Northeast Pennsylvania, Scott Binsack promised to build mansions.

Now, two years out of prison, he's promising to revitalize the city of Shamokin.LMAO!!
someone with a voice

Philadelphia, PA

#3446 Aug 20, 2012
Hahahahahaha ... looks like jaws bite you in the ass local white trash reporter, thought you were going to smash Scott today you just turned him into a local star. Citizens all morning have been railing behind him and now they are forming a reality tv show and camaras are on their way was we speak to start following Scott and his partner around the community. Citizens here think you are the joke for simply cutting and pasting old Scranton Times Newspaper articles written by lying and defaming reporter David Falchack .. that doesn't make you a reporter it makes you a copycat and now you are going to get sued for slander/defamation just as Falchack has except this time all the pieces are players are in place to ensure this never happens again. Stay tuned and lets see if you will have comments to the cameras for what you have done. I served in the United States Air Force for over 6+ years and held very good jobs since coming home I don't think that is considered as white trash.
Ive been binsacked

Leesport, PA

#3447 Aug 20, 2012
That moron made the Scranton times today. Love the photo of you in cuffs. Why didn't you disclose your criminal past in your proposal to council? You moron Binsack. You remodel your dum dum girlfriends house and you think you're the new mayor of Shamokin?? I'm sure you are just looking for a way to steal. How can you possibly think any city would get in bed with you when you owe hundreds of thousands in restitution? By the way, I'm going to send a link of this topic website to every member of council. They need to know who they are dealing with....
someone with a voice

Philadelphia, PA

#3448 Aug 20, 2012
FYI ... forget the BBB lets talk facts .. you can post all the links you want to fradulant newspapers articles but the bottom line still is Scott was never arrested before the age of 29 yrs old, has an impectable reputation in Long Island NY and if anyone would take the time to simple run his criminal record via NCIC they would all see that he is not this alliged criminal or all these ported crimes, enough is enough. Don't throw stones because I know for a fact Scott and others are going to throw boulders back national and the truth will finally be told.
someone with a voice

Philadelphia, PA

#3449 Aug 20, 2012
LMAO .. hahahhaha Scott has built dozen and dozens of mansion in Long Island and other places and in Northeast PA complete hundreds of projects raising millions of dollars a year for Mansions and Estates and created hundreds of jobs in doing so. You people act as if Scott went out and killed people!!!! Hell there are people in Shamokin that are drug attics and selling it to our children every day and you want to pick on a man who wants to make our town better .. thats funny. Prioities are really wrong here .. geez Martha Stewert is a convicted felon for securities and exchange fraud and look at her now!! I bet you still watch her show. Why is Scott being targeted by this newspaper reporter? Why cause he is personally obessed with destroying Scott after Scott blew him up publicly to thousands as a lier and a fraud writer on his Sunday talk radio .. this is all personal.

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