2 teens accused of rape, forcing mom ...

2 teens accused of rape, forcing mom to have sex with son in We...

There are 137 comments on the South Florida Sun-Sentinel story from Jul 6, 2007, titled 2 teens accused of rape, forcing mom to have sex with son in We.... In it, South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports that:

Two teenagers were accused of gang raping a woman and forcing her to have sex with her 12-year-old son, who was then beaten and had cleaning solution poured into his eyes, police said Friday.

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mom has sex with son

Hanoi, Vietnam

#161 Nov 8, 2008
youtube of the scene
richard cranium

Clermont, FL

#162 Nov 8, 2008
I ain't nothin' but a simple man
They call me a redneck I reckon that I am
But there's things going on
That make me mad down to the core.

I have to work like a dog to make ends meet
There's crooked politicians and crime in the street
And I'm madder'n hell and I ain't gonna take it no more.

We tell our kids to just say no
Then some panty waist judge lets a drug dealer go
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Now if I had my way with people sellin' dope
I'd take a big tall tree and a short piece of rope
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Well, you know what's wrong with the world today
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The good book says it so I know it's the truth
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You better watch where you go and remember where you been
That's the way I see it I'm a Simple Man.

Now I'm the kinda man that'd not harm a mouse
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So don't go pushing me against my will
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As far as I'm concerned there ain't no excuse
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Just take them rascals out in the swamp
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Let the rattlers and the bugs and the alligators do the rest

You know what's wrong with the world today
People done gone and put their Bible's away
They're living by the law of the jungle not the law of the land
The Good Book says it so I know it's the truth
An eye for and eye and a tooth for a tooth
You better watch where you go and remember where you been
That's the way I see it I'm a Simple Man

lyrics from simple man by charlie daniels band. very appropriate for this situation
Vivian Casseus

Dallas, TX

#163 Dec 13, 2009
The world is all messed up. The boys needed to let the same happen to them when they get in prsion. They were so dam wronge for what they did.


#164 Dec 15, 2009
were the victims white?

Cumming, GA

#165 Jul 26, 2011
lucky wrote:
were the victims white?
NO THEY WERE NOT you fucking racist. They were black and so were the perpetrators. I cant beleivethat thats all you care about. This woman was black too...but does it matter? HELL NO. NO WAY. These mothereffers comitted the worst crime i have ever seen. They are a pair of supersick pervs. If they were white--and beleive me white people rape others just as mcuh as blacks--it would make no difference. It would be just as bad. Wat i dont gt is WHY THE HELL would a black person do this???? Those two teens have jsut downgraded the rep. of blacks everywhere in America. People like you stereotyoe us because of the things they see. If everyone realized this we could rub it in your racist faces. We dont progress because of this even tho we can. Its horriying and shameful the way so many of us act,wasting their forefathers walk for independence. I was born in America but my parents are Jamaican and they have absolutely no ties to the usa and neither do i but it STILL makes them feel just as ashamed at the way we are falling down the tubes! LOOK AT THE JEWS!!! JUST LOOK AT THEM!!! did they sit down and mope and say oh hitler screwed us all and now its over for us? NO! The jumped up and made sure it never happened again! AND IT HASNT!!! What they did worked and now its time for all ofus to shape up. I mean ALL OF US!!!!!!!!!! STOP BRINGING THE HUMAN RACE TO SHAME!!!!!!!!! GOD PROBABLY REGRETS EVER PROMISING NOAH TO NEVA FLOOD THE EARTH AGAIN!!!!!!!!MAKE HIM FEEL HAPPY TO HAVE MADE US!!!!!!! AND POISON THESE VILE DOGS AND TORTURE THEM AND MAKE THEIR DEATH VER VERY SLOW AND PAINFUL!!!!!!!!!! p.s. i am black and i am eleven years old. dont mess with me.

Brooklyn, NY

#166 Jul 26, 2011
let me guess, were these young men black?

United States

#167 Jul 26, 2011
You are very smart for an eleven year old. I'm very proud at how u understand this. I am white and had never been around African Americans before. I went to work for a company as the executive director and worked with all African Americans. I was the only white person. I had never been racist and my family had never even talked about black people in my whole life. In my town there are 40,000 people and not one black. I had never known racism. While working for this company I promoted one of the black women to assistant executive director. She was low on the totem pole before this but was exceptional at what she did. I loved her. She was a wonderful person and all the other black women respected her. After the promotion everyone was very mean to her. I asked her one day " I thought all u black women and men stuck together and had this special bond; why do these women find it necessary to bring u down when ur up so high in life, shouldn't they be proud of u?" She answered " black people do not like seeing other black people succeed" I couldn't understand this. I never will. When i would fire someone they would come back that I was racist. They were all black and I kept all but 2. I didn't fire them because they were black. I just don't understand why black people don't realize what reputation they have and stand together to change it. When I meet strong, independent, educated, motivated African Americans I do not see color. But after working where I worked I notice the difference in their attitudes on life. It's almost as if they believe the white race owes them something. But we weren't the ones who enslaved them. Yes it was our great great grandparents, but obviously we do not have a problem or they would still be treated unfairly. On the other hand, these children who committed this crime should die. I don't give a damn what color they are. I can not believe that they would make her son have sex with her. That's so awful. Color of skin did not make them do that! That was some twisted sickness inside of them. No melanin played a role in that.
By the way, does anyone know what ever came of this?


Since: Mar 10

Location hidden

#168 Jul 27, 2011
Florida Police Arrest Two Teens in Gang-Rape of Woman, Forcing Son to Participate

Friday, July 06, 2007


WEST PALM BEACH, Fla.— Two teenagers were accused of gang raping a woman and forcing her 12-year-old son to join in the attack, then beating him and pouring cleaning solution into his eyes.

Authorities allege Avion Lawson, 14, and Nathan Walker, 16, were among a group of about 10 masked suspects who forced their way into the woman's apartment in a crime-ridden housing project the night of June 18.

The two were being held without bail Friday on suspicion of armed sexual battery by multiple perpetrators, sexual performance by a child, armed home invasion and aggravated battery. Both were arrested this week, but formal charges had not been filed.

"Any rape case is horrible but this takes it to another level, something you can't think of even in your worst dreams," police spokesman Ted White said.

According to the police report, a man knocked on the woman's door at about 9 p.m. and told her he had a flat tire. The mother and son, whom police have not identified, went outside and were ambushed by a group of gun-wielding suspects.

The victims told police they were forced back into their home and beaten and sexually assaulted. According to authorities, the men raped, sodomized and beat the woman, then forced her son to participate in the assault at gunpoint, making him have sex with his mother in front of them.

The boy was then beaten and had numerous household cleaning liquids poured into his eyes, according to the police report.

The suspects also stole a few hundred dollars worth of cash and jewelry, White said.

White said more arrests were pending, but he would not say if authorities had identified additional suspects. The teens in custody were not cooperating, but Lawson confessed to taking part in the attack, White said. Walker has denied involvement, White said.

DNA evidence in a condom found in the victims' home linked Lawson to the crime, police said. Investigators also say they found a palm print belonging to Walker at the scene.

The victims did not suffer life-threatening injuries and have been released from the hospital, White said.

"They're going through the county victim services for counseling," he said.

Lawson lived in Dunbar Village, the hardscrabble project where the attack occurred. Walker was apparently visiting a friend there, White said.

Authorities believe the suspects all knew each other from the neighborhood, but they don't think they knew the victims directly.

Prosecutors have 21 days from the time a suspect is arrested to formally file charges. Lawson was arrested Tuesday. Walker was arrested Thursday.

A call to Lawson's public defender was not immediately returned. It was not known if Walker has an attorney.


Since: Mar 10

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#169 Jul 27, 2011
Men Accused Of Forcing Mom To Have Sex With Son Go To Trial

August 17, 2009

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla.– Unspeakable acts happened to a woman and her young son one balmy June night in the projects. On that, everyone can agree.

As many as 10 masked teenagers terrorized the then 35-year-old Haitian immigrant and her 12-year-old son in their home. It will be up to a jury being selected this week to determine whether the assailants included two suspects whose trial begins Tuesday.

Police say Nathan Walker, now 18, and Tommy Lee Poindexter, now 20, were among the group that sexually assaulted and beat the woman and her son after barging into their apartment in a public housing complex minutes from downtown West Palm Beach.

Even defense attorneys agree this will be a tough case to win — solid evidence, DNA, fingerprints and a co-defendant set to testify against the others.

Walker and Poindexter have pleaded not guilty to all charges, including sexual battery, kidnapping and burglary. Others are still being sought, and the investigation remains open.

Details of the crime itself are enough to make a jury emotional.

It was June 18, 2007, when police say the teens burst into the woman’s apartment. Nothing but sheer terror can describe what happened next.

For three hours, the victims say, they endured horror as the mother was gang-raped and sodomized and her son beaten in another room.

Then, the mother was forced to perform oral sex on her son at gunpoint.

Afterward, they were doused with household cleansers, perhaps in a haphazard attempt to scrub the crime scene. The solutions burned the boy’s eyes.

The woman would later describe how she and her son sobbed in the bathroom, too shocked to move. Then, in the dark of night, they walked a mile to the hospital because the attackers stole their phones.

Authorities say DNA evidence found on condoms inside the apartment and fingerprints identified the defendants as the culprits.

Walker and Poindexter will stand trial together, though each will have separate juries.

Two others — now 16-year-old Avion Lawson and now 17-year-old Jakaris Taylor — were set to stand trial in September.

However, Lawson pleaded guilty last week to all 14 charges, including sexual battery, burglary, kidnapping, grand theft and promoting sexual performance of a child.

“He’s very sorry for what he did,” Lawson’s attorney, Bert Winkler, told a judge last week as the guilty plea was entered.“He’s taking responsibility for everything he did and is going to cooperate fully with the state and testify if called.”

Lawson, like the others, faces a maximum 11 life sentences plus 50 years, according to sentencing guidelines. While the judge has broad discretion, he still faces up to 50 years in prison at the least.

Winkler did not return telephone messages or e-mails from The Associated Press. Taylor’s attorney also did not return messages seeking comment. Poindexter’s lawyer and prosecutors declined to talk about the case.

Walker’s attorney, Robert Gershman, acknowledged all the evidence makes the trial tough to win.

“And it will be difficult to seat a jury of fair people in this case because the allegations are such that they’ll hear them, and there is automatically going to be a presumption against my client, no question,” Gershman said.


Since: Mar 10

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#170 Jul 27, 2011

August 12, 2009

Even for the crime-infested Dunbar Village public housing community, it was an unspeakable attack.

A week before trial was set to begin for two of the four teens charged in the 2007 crime -- that made international headlines for its brutality -- the youngest of the defendants pleaded guilty as charged today to all 14 counts against him.

The incident shined a spotlight on West Palm Beach's oldest public housing complex.

With no promises of leniency, Avion Lawson, 14 at the time and 16 now, agreed to cooperate fully and testify against co-defendants Nathan Walker, now 18; Jakaris Taylor, now 17; and Tommy Poindexter, now 20. Authorities say at least six other suspects remain at large.

Ten armed, masked men had forced their way into an apartment and over three hours raped and sodomized a woman while beating her 12-year-old son and forcing him to watch the savagery perpetrated on his mother. It ended with the mother and son being forced to have sex, then having household chemicals doused on them in an attempt to cover up the physical evidence.

Their truck and phone stolen, the victims walked a mile to Good Samaritan Medical Center for help.

Lawson's voice was barely audible as he stood beside his attorney, Bert Winkler, and his mother, Cathy Lawson, to accept responsibility for his crimes: eight counts of sexual battery by multiple perpetrators with a firearm while wearing a mask; burglary with assault with a firearm while wearing a mask; kidnapping and kidnapping a victim under 13, both with a firearm while wearing a mask; promoting sexual performance of a child with a firearm while wearing a mask; grand theft auto with a firearm while wearing a mask; and impairing or impeding a telephone.

Circuit Judge Krista Marx set Lawson's sentencing for Oct. 13, after Walker, Poindexter and Taylor's cases have gone to trial.

State sentencing guidelines vary greatly, anywhere from 49 years to 11 life sentences, according to the judge, who ultimately will decide whether Lawson deserves a break.

"Avion wants very much to do the right thing," Winkler said afterward. "He's taking responsibility for everything he did and is going to cooperate fully with the state and testify, if called."


Since: Mar 10

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#171 Jul 27, 2011

Walker's attorney, Robert Gershman questioned Lawson's decision.

"I was surprised he would plead straight up with no promises as to punishment and expose himself to multiple life sentences," Gershman said, adding that he doesn't think Lawson's testimony will affect his case. "I think that his testimony will be the weakest evidence for the state. He's not to be believed. The statements he's made in the past and the issues he has discussed, I believe, are not congruent with the evidence."

Walker and Poindexter are set for trial Tuesday. Taylor is to follow Sept. 15. Public Defender Carey Haughwout, who represents Poindexter, declined to comment today. Taylor's attorney, Chris Haddad, was unavailable because of a death in the family.

Lawson is to be deposed by his co-defendants' lawyers on Monday morning. The first of the four arrested, Lawson initially confessed his involvement to West Palm Beach police after learning his DNA had been found on a condom left at the scene. The attackers wore masks and had hoped to steal money and jewelry that night, according to prosecutors. By the time Lawson was inside the two-bedroom apartment, he encountered the woman in bed with three other masked men around her, he said.

Lawson told police he participated in the sexual assault and then stole two video games and a truck. Police recovered the video games inside the Dunbar Village apartment of Lawson's grandmother, Johnnie Mae Wilkerson, with whom Lawson often stayed.

At the time of his arrest, Lawson was as seventh-grader at an alternative middle school. His mother, Cathy Lawson, sobbed after deputies led her son from the courtroom. To avoid the throng of media, Cathy Lawson left through a side door.

Though Avion Lawson pleaded guilty to all of the offenses, he didn't actually "do each one," Winkler said, explaining that his client is guilty under something known as the principal theory, also known as being an accomplice.

"He was involved ... and he's very sorry for what he did and the role he played in this," Winkler said. "We'll put our faith in Judge Marx to make a wise decision."


Since: Mar 10

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#172 Jul 27, 2011
Taylor, Poindexter And Walker Sentenced To Life For Dunbar Village Rape


Since: Mar 10

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#173 Jul 27, 2011

Taylor guilty on all counts in Dunbar Village rape case


Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

Updated: 5:17 p.m. Monday, Nov. 9, 2009

Posted: 7:45 p.m. Monday, Sep. 28, 2009

For the second time in less than a month, the judicial system on Friday served up some solace for a woman and her son who were tortured for hours during a brutal gang rape at their Dunbar Village apartment two years ago.

"Marie, everything went really great," a court victims advocate told the woman who was reached by cell phone minutes after a verdict was returned against the last man charged in the savage attack.

After deliberating for about five hours, the jury of four men and two women found 18-year-old Jakaris Taylor guilty of all 13 charges he faced.

Sobs from his family, including two young girls, filled the courtroom as handcuffs snapped shut around Taylor's wrists and he was escorted out. Clinging to each other, they declined comment.

Although defense attorney Chris Haddad attempted to persuade the jury that Taylor's older, more violent friends forced him to join in the attack, Taylor was convicted of more crimes than they were.

Last month, a jury convicted 20-year-old Tommy Poindexter, the youth Haddad portrayed as the ringleader of the madness, of eight of the 13 charges he faced. A separate jury convicted 16-year-old Nathan Walker of 11 of 14 charges. A fourth youth, Avion Lawson, 16, pleaded guilty to 14 charges. He provided key testimony against his friends.

All four face possible life in prison when they are sentenced Oct. 13.

Prosecutors declined comment on the verdict or why Taylor, who claimed his role was minimal, was slapped with a harsher verdict. Haddad also declined comment.

Unlike last month's trial, C.J., the 12-year-old who was forced to have oral sex with his mother, testified this week about the horror of hearing his mother's screams and seeing her raped. He told how the youths kicked and punched him and poured hair gel down his throat when he couldn't stop crying.

Testifying on closed circuit television to shield him from the emotional trauma of a face-to-face encounter with his tormentor, he said Taylor held him at gunpoint. He also identified Taylor as the youth who set the grotesque chain of events in motion by knocking on the door of their apartment in the poverty-wracked neighborhood. He said he recognized Taylor when he saw his smiling picture in news accounts after his arrest.

Unlike the others, Taylor didn't wear a T-shirt or a bandana over his face. Prosecutor's described Taylor's decision not to wear a mask as "brazen." Haddad said it was because he went to the apartment to persuade Lawson to leave, not to join the depravity.

During her gripping testimony, Marie said she couldn't remember the faces of any of the roughly 10 men who raped her. But, she remembered what they did to her, sticking guns and bottles inside her, dousing her with household cleaning products and threatening to kill her.

She remembered clinging to her son in the bathtub, while the youths threw a wooden bookshelf on top of them and then jumped on it. She remembered the terror she felt as they searched her apartment for a lighter to set the bookshelf on fire.

Like her son, she said she thought Taylor was the youth who knocked on the door.


Since: Mar 10

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#174 Jul 27, 2011

"He looked like that boy," she said, pointing at Taylor. "But I'm really not sure."

Two years ago, his head was a tumble of dreadlocks. During the trial, his hair was close cropped.

But she was adamant about one thing: "They all raped me," she said.

Lawson testified that his friend forced the woman to perform oral sex. Traces of Taylor's DNA were also found on a condom discarded by the woman's bed.

Taylor hung his head after Lawson's testimony. Their roles could have been reversed. Last year, prosecutors offered him a 20-year plea deal in exchange for his cooperation. The deal was withdrawn when he refused to talk.

Despite the convictions, the case remains under investigation. The names of two additional young men were repeatedly mentioned during Taylor's four-day trial. Detectives testified that they are still searching for physical evidence to link them and possibly others to the crime.

As for Maria and her now 14-year-old son, they never moved back into their Dunbar Village apartment. While they lived in the area for a while, they have since moved to another part of the state.
Brown Bull

Hot Springs, SD

#176 Aug 11, 2011
This is really sick, why would these boys do such a thing??


Since: Mar 10

Location hidden

#177 Aug 12, 2011
I can't imagine. But... they will learn first hand how it feels to be raped. Hope they are gang raped daily for the duration of their sentences.

Fairfield, CA

#178 Jul 17, 2012
They need to go to an asylum that shit is just rtarded

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