Do Haitians eat cats?

Fort Myers, FL

#73 Mar 28, 2012
I'm Haitian and I'm proud, everybody always sayin that Haitians are horrible just because they eat cats, just shutup. You dont know how bad the poverty is in Haiti, and people have to eat so if that's the only thing that's there that tastes remotely good. So just shutup. Im pretty sure theere is alot of other countries where people eat cats too. So stop just hating on Haitains, like honestly we've been through enough with the earthquakes and everything, just leave us alone and let us be.

Fort Myers, FL

#74 Mar 28, 2012
youvelostit wrote:
<quoted text>
the island of hispaniola is divided into 2 countries. why is it that one thrives and the other does not ? they both are effected by the same storms etc. as you say. but haiti is always sticking their hands out. the neighboring country doesn't even want to help them, and there is a reason for that. i have worked with people from the dominican republic and 99% of them say the same about your precious haitians. nasty wastes of skin. i bet you dont have any of them in your neighborhood, let alone even know any. go ahead, slide right up and snuggle one if you are so self righteous, then let us know how long it takes for you to start itching. better long it takes for the rash to go away.
Shutup, nobody cares about what the Dominican say . And if we're such nasty wastes of skin how come co many Dominicans live in Haiti. If we're such wastes of skin how come all you damn white people come and visit our country on cruises? Unless you've lived a day as a poor Haitian you have no room to judge. I dont even have room to judge and Im haitian, seeing that Im not poor.

Jacksonville, FL

#75 Mar 29, 2012
Ashley wrote:
<quoted text>
Shutup, nobody cares about what the Dominican say . And if we're such nasty wastes of skin how come co many Dominicans live in Haiti. If we're such wastes of skin how come all you damn white people come and visit our country on cruises? Unless you've lived a day as a poor Haitian you have no room to judge. I dont even have room to judge and Im haitian, seeing that Im not poor.
And why is Haiti so impoverished, when the Dominican Republic, right next door, is healthy and wealthy and thriving?

It's a black hole and always will be, and the reasons are too obvious to bother spelling out here.

Heck, even Pat Robertson said Haiti had a pact with the devil. lol

"They were under the heel of the French, you know Napoleon the third and whatever. And they got together and swore a pact to the devil. They said 'We will serve you if you will get us free from the prince.' True story. And so the devil said,'Ok it's a deal.' And they kicked the French out. The Haitians revolted and got something themselves free. But ever since they have been cursed by one thing after another," Robertson said.

Schenectady, NY

#76 Mar 29, 2012
felicia wrote:
am haitian so 2 all of u guys say we eat cats is not true i no a lot about haition but i will tell u something true keeptalking bad about us were all humans be nice wre no different one day u guys will look back and be ashamed somethingbad will happen 2 u guysthat talks bad about us it wont be me like god peaCE WE ALL BELONGED so stop these comments about us i luv been an haitian and am proud 2 be one ill take that anyday
they dont eat cats but they demand credit for cars when they are DEAD BROKE!

United States

#77 Mar 30, 2012
A guy from a galaxy far wrote:
@youvelostit -

You're a self-centered, hate-filled racist individual. So, you open your eyes to the world one day and it happen that you were born into a good country and home where you don't have to struggle through life like some of these poor people do. You're not superior because of this. You can at any time in your life lose your job and be out in the streets and living no better off then some of these Haitians do, yes even in America. Go take a stroll on wall street and look at the faces of the homeless, who had it all 'til the economy sank. Political corruption is what did Haiti in, as well as many other 3rd world countries. America is not far off.

"i have never seen another race of people who think it is the worlds responsibility to take care of them like they do."

You must not be aware that every country that experience natural disasters on a large scale NEED help and support. We help them because it is embedded in our conscience to help those in need. Humanitarian efforts are still going on in Haiti and Japan because they need our help. So, stop being so dang close-minded.

I pity people like you. I, honestly, do.
Well said. I'm not Haitian (not even close), but I have lived in the Haitian community and have even learned a little Creole. I see tons of stray cats in Haitian neighborhoods, and many lived on my property and came and went and nobody ate them. What I have observed is that Haitians are kind, hard-working when they can get a break, fun-loving, talented, hospitable, and generous. They take care of themselves and each other. I don't smell them any more than I smell anybody else (in fact, they smell less than people who come from MY country of origin). I never saw one eat a cat, but I have observed them to eat foods that many others from all over the world eat. I honestly don't see a difference anyway between eating one animal versus another- just saying. My own observation is that gluttonous self-centered people never look at THEIR behaviors in the spotlight of world opinion, or you'd gasp at how Americans are viewed worldwide. Speaking as one (born and raised in the US, but well-traveled), I'd rather be seen as a Haitian (not that I'd pass for one) than an American overseas. I am so disgusted at the amount of racism that I find on these boards in this day and age. I find the pink slime in beef disgusting, the antibiotics and hormones in chicken as well: disgusting. At least the foods people eat overseas are less processed and genetically modified, and more organic than here. I love America, but many Americans make me feel ashamed of my own country. They work for corporations that indirectly kill people and think nothing of it. After all, they have to pay their mortgage and buy their gadgets. Get your heads out of your a$$es (those particularly ignorant out there) and learn about what real humans do and how they live and care for each other. In this dog-eat-dog ray race of a culture, soon people will eat each other!!! Metaphorically, they already do here in America :(
These dumb posts are a perfect example.

Morganton, NC

#78 Mar 31, 2012
Any of these boat people, local nixxers etc are nasty with no morals! Nothing would shock me with these so called people!!!!
James phillips

Toronto, Canada

#79 Jul 5, 2012
You are an arrogant fuck seeing as how Americans slaughter the shit out of innocent COWS PIGS CHICKENS for a source of food so should there be a big natural disaster in America. So what if Haitians Eat Cat that's what the practice or Eat It doesn't make it wrong because you eat COW. THey are animals like any other! And equally as innocent!

Loxahatchee, FL

#80 Jul 27, 2012
OhhhhhWELL wrote:
Screw the Haitian
Go jump off a cliff or something

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#81 Aug 4, 2012
OhhhhhWELL wrote:
Glad to hear there's another major quake coming soon, since they kill innocent cats. They deserve it.
only a person who has the devil living inside them would say something like that
grahukah tabukah

Melbourne, FL

#82 Oct 26, 2012
cat's good stuff!
haitians rule

West Palm Beach, FL

#83 Nov 12, 2012
haitians do indeed eat cats its a delicacy so.

Lake Worth, FL

#84 Nov 12, 2012
AmericanBoer wrote:
Hey, Haitians eat each OTHER, you think anything with meat on it is safe on that island full of kaffirs? HA
You f*****g piece of s**t people in Africa do that shit don't be stereotyping my country!!!!!!!!!!

Lake Worth, FL

#85 Nov 12, 2012
OhhhhhWELL wrote:
Glad to hear there's another major quake coming soon, since they kill innocent cats. They deserve it.
That's messed what if some of the really poor Haitians eat cats to survive that dose not mean they deserve a major earthquake you racist b*****d I'm gonna f**k your ugly face up with my machette

Lake Worth, FL

#86 Nov 16, 2012
I know haitian Americans....and some have told me in their country they do eat cats...I hired 2 Haitians at work cause they are good hard workers and probably much better workers then a lot of the Spanish I have hired! I am a white American and to the people that are saying they are dirty a load of shit... All races have dirty people..that does not mean their all dirty...and to top it off....I have never f**ked anybody from another race but just recently I have met a few Haitian girls that are so hot I would F**k the shit out of their P*ssy!! So fuck these people hating on Haitian people...get a life!

Lake Worth, FL

#87 Nov 29, 2012
I don't know about other Haitians but I can only speak for myself I DO NOT EAT CATS!!!!...that is disgusting, I own a cat, I would never eat a cat..when I go to restaurants or my mom cooks I have to know Wht's on my plate, I will not eat mystery meat! Neither does my fam eat cat!!!...American Haitians do not eat cat!!..Now quit insulting us damn!

Lake Worth, FL

#88 Nov 29, 2012
Every country has something weird they eat..go to china, India,jamaica,Mexico,etc..wher ever! Y put Haiti as the minority when the majority of our races eat odd things! really wake the hell up!! It's hypocritical!

Lake Worth, FL

#89 Nov 29, 2012
And people can look@ us and say OMG u eat Chicken?!!!...gasp* ewww gross!

West Palm Beach, FL

#91 Nov 30, 2012
only if there is hot sauce

West Palm Beach, FL

#92 Nov 30, 2012
What do you call a haitian with more than 2 cats? A doomsday prepper

West Palm Beach, FL

#93 Nov 30, 2012
What is the difference between a haitian and a puerto rican? Puerto Ricans can swim...

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