Big Black Cat sightings

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#21 Jun 18, 2008
I am now 24 years old.I never knew that panthers in louisiana is a myth.As a child,we grew up on 7 acres of land,mostly woods.My father liked to take walks early in the mornings and drink his coffee.On one of these mornings he was down in the woods pretty far from the house and he heard a woman screaming.He knew that it wasn't a woman,but feared that it was a panther.Human instincts told him to go back to the house,but the fear that came over he has never experienced.I believe that my dad did hear a panther and as he says,it sounded to be in a tree.

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#22 Jun 18, 2008
I'm from west monroe la but this occurred in Eros,la,not bienville la

Carrollton, TX

#23 Jun 20, 2008
waynew wrote:
<quoted text>
Cathe: See my comment on the website, added yesterday. They exist among us and are peaceful unless threatened by other animals.
could you please email me me some pics.. I want to see if they look like the black cats I saw in oct. 07 heres my email thanks

Largo, FL

#24 Jul 10, 2008
I went out on my back deck a month or so ago and startled something on the ramp to the deck. It growled like a puma or cougar. The hair on my neck stood up. I reached inside the door and flipped the light on just in time to see a low , long ,dark colored , BIG ,cat-like body slink into the shadows . The tail was very long. Recently ,I had left some pork bones outside and tonight I heard some animal crunching them up like they were tater chips. I was too scared to look. I live in Spring Hill, Fl.

Milwaukee, WI

#25 Jul 11, 2008
Devils Lake, North Dakota January 1998. I was coming home at about 11:30 p.m. after watching Titanic at the theater, driving on the county road leading to Lakewood. I had my brights on and I was the only car on the road. As I was passing the golf course, I saw this black animal in my lane about 200-300 yards away. It was stopped and was looking at me.
Its eyes were reflective green, and my first thought was "it's a cat." I'm going about 55 mph but the thing wasn't moving as I'm getting closer, and I slow down as I approach. I start to realize how big it is and I'm thinking "that's a pretty damn big cat!" As I get even closer, I think "that's way too big for a cat, it's got to be a dog," but it's still looking at my car and its eyes are still reflective green.
Now I'm right up on it and I stop about 30 yards away. It's still sitting there looking at me, and I've got it in my brights. It was a black mountain lion or black panther. Whatever it was, it was a BIG black cat, right there in front of me staring at me. Shiny black coat. I could see that it was muscular from the way its shiny fur moved as it began to walk away from in front of my car. I remember thinking that its head was small compared to its body size. Small but, for lack of a better word, "beefy," or again very muscular. And it had a long tail, almost half again its body size, that curved up at the end. I'd say it was about the height of a labrador retriever, or maybe a bit lower to the ground. Shorter legs than a dog.
I went back the next day to see if it left prints in the snow. It did, but the snow was so powdery that I couldn't see an actual print. Its feet made big holes in the snowbank, though.

Milwaukee, WI

#26 Jul 11, 2008
Thick legs too. That's the other thing. Its legs were short and twice or even three times as thick as a dog's lower leg.

Gretna, LA

#27 Jul 27, 2008
It really doesn't matter that some show tells us we don't know what we're talking about when we say we've seen a black panther (large black cat, jaguar, cougar, puma, whatever you want to call it), because we should know what we saw. I also never thought twice about the fact that we saw this cat until I saw the show monsterquest on the history channel saying that these cats don't exist in north america. When I was younger and used to visit my grandparents in defuniak springs, florida, i sat many nights in the front window watching this huge black cat drinking milk out of a bowl. My grandma fed him milk and he would come at least a few nights a week to get it. She called him her pet panther. This wasn't my or her mind playing tricks on us. We could see him clear as day, although it was always at night, but she had a really big outside light and we could see him. He would come, drink, and then leave. We know what we saw and I say it's completely absurd for someone to say that it's not possible in nature that a jaguar, cougar, or puma couldn't have been born black in that area.

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#28 Jul 27, 2008
Today I saw the story about big cats on the History channel. I live in East TN and have heard stories from my relatives about experiences with black panthers living here years ago. The details in these stories aren't made up! Currently, these people who live in Virginia and elsewhere are having to deal with the panthers. It's been a few years but some forest rangers around Chilhowee Mountain had an experience with one...heard it's screams and tried to record it. I was a little, no...A LOT put off by the "experts" on that program who said they didn't exist in the U.S. Everyone knows that cats by nature, sleep during the day and hunt by night. Hard to catch them on camera at night. It doesn't mean they do not exist, documented or otherwise.

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#29 Jul 27, 2008
Just for reference, I don't know where that Ashland, AL came from on my post. I am in East TN.

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#30 Jul 30, 2008
Roger Everett wrote:
After watching the Big Black Cat episode on the MonsterQuest series on the History Channel, I wanted to tell someone about my sighting of a big black cat here in Northeast Arkansas on the western side of Crowley's Ridge just south of the Beech Grove community. My sighting occured in the early 1990's. I was on my way to a friend's house near the Stanford community. It was late evening but not dark because I remembered that I did not have my truck lights on as I drove from Beech Grove toward Stanford. As I came around a curve I saw on the opposite side of the road a black animal right next to the road, looking up a rise into the woods. This rise was between 10 and 15 feet tall and was almost straight up. The very first thing that popped into my head was that it was a big boxer dog. The reason for this was, at that time my mother had a female boxer that had recently had pups. The father of these pups was a very big black boxer that was owned by an equipment rental store owner that sometimes kept the dog at his store as a guard dog. I met him him while renting some equipment and got to talking about his dog and my mother's dog. Both dog's had bobbed tails. We got both dogs together for breeding. I knew that he lived somewhere in the Beech Grove community and I remember him telling me later that his dog got loose and he could not find it. So, when I saw this animal, my first thought was that it was his big black boxer. It had a square jaw, short ears and was definitely black. But as I drove closer this "boxer" stretched out from it's sitting position and leaped up the 10-plus foot rise and a long tail appeared. I realized that this was not a dog at all. It was a big black cat. When I got to my friend's house I relayed the incident to him. He told me about someone in that area that raised hogs and something came onto his property and tried unsuccessfully to kill a mother hog, but eventually lost all of her piglets to some animal because all of the piglets mostly eaten carcasses where found nearby. I can't vouch for the piglet story, but I know that I saw a big black cat.
I am from Arkansas also. In 1994, I and my two sons saw a black Panther at the intersection of the Boswell Rd and Sadieville Road near the White River just about 7 mile down river from Calico Rock, Arkansas. It was walking just inside the woods adjacent to a gravel road. It stood close to waist high (3'). It was over 40" long from nose to rear end. Its tail was another 30" to 36" long. It was big, coal black with yellow eyes. We watched it walk past us broad sided for about 40yds, then it turned left up the side of Sadieville Road walking directly away from us. The big cat never looked our way or even acted like we were there. Two weeks later my oldest son and I spotted the big black cat sitting off Jumbo Road on a little rise watching some cattle with calves. We watched it again for a while, but it never moved. We went on with our visit to Melbourne. Came back the same route and the cattle and calves were still about the same area, but the big black cat was gone. I have spent alot of time in the Ozarks hunting and fishing. The above is the only times I ever saw such a big black cat. I don't know what the proper name is, but we call it a black panther. This sighting was in Izard County, Arkansas
Tony Branton

Woodworth, LA

#31 Aug 9, 2008
I am a native of Northwest Louisiana, a little town in the woods called Haynesville. I grew up just south of town, about 5 miles south of the Arkansas state line. My father is 85 years old now and has heard many tales of what was called a "wamphus cat". Larger than a bobcat and black; they have been seen by many people. There is a large population of whitetail deer all through our area and it would stand to reason that there would be preadators other than coyotes that could prey on them. I was a gunsmith for several years and worked a lot at night. I have talked to many eyewitnesses that have seen these animals and were very scared when the unexpected encounter occurred. They have been seen in the daytime but most saw or heard them at night. Reports are unamimously like the scream of a woman. That is not exactly how I would describe the scream as I have heard it many times at home and in Webster Parish due west of Claiborne as well. A friend was at my gun shop late one night and one screamed from what we estimated to be about one or two hundred yards away. He was sitting sideways in his truck with the door open. Upon hearing the cat scream he quickly swung around and slammed the door shut. I asked him what was wrong and he told me that I knew darn well what was wrong. I told him that we had never had one be so bold as to come up in the yard to which he replied that there was always the first time. His parents had a large commercial chicken farm where they raised thousands of chickens just 13 miles east of our home and he said that they regularly hear and sometimes see the big black cats that roam the deep woods with their long black tails and big eyes that are usually what gets drivers attention first when they make a quick look in your direction when your head lights shine on them. I know of no evidence other than tracks of which no casts were made. People just seem to have gotten used to the sightings and make no attempts to collect evidence, but they're here. Just not too many because you only hear of a sighting or two in about as many years and they're are many many hunters in this part of the country. I have been taken to see tracks in the mud that were far too large to be a bobcat and the witness said that it was about 4 feet long with a tail about half that long. One thing's for sure, if you hear one scream, you probably won't sleep well if you're camping out.

Suffolk, VA

#32 Aug 11, 2008
Something I wonder about from people describing what they at times the cats seem to be obliveous to the people within their range, and sight? It's like they have no interest in the people they must see; what's up with that?

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#33 Aug 27, 2008
Dave7637550234 wrote:
Hello all-
I'm beginning production of a television program on Big Cats for a national cable network.
I'm interested in hearing about any recent big black cat sightings in your area.
An acquaintance recommended I might have some luck among the many hunters in the Eros area.
I am especially intersted in physical evidence of big black cats: Video, photos or hair.
Post here or call me at the number attached to my name at left.
You might want to post this on the Jonesboro, LA blog list. Ask about the Weston area in particular.
Rene Bustamante

Studio City, CA

#34 Aug 31, 2008
I drive a truck for a well known company to San Francisco and back 5 days per week. One morning when it was just getting light while travelling on RTE. 152 from Los Banos, CA to RTE 5 in Central California I spotted a VERY large black cat sitting under a Valley Oak tree looking down the hill at the San Luis Reservoir. I had to rub my eyes in disbelief because while I have seen what look to be elk, deer and droves of wild pigs while driving on this road I have never seen anything like this.
Thomas y English

United States

#35 Sep 5, 2008
For years i have been trying to figure out what had killed our goats on our farm we have. At the time i was around eight years old. we had over 5 goats killed around the fall of 98 each one with 2 puncture marks on the neck and eating from the should to the hip . my parents both had spotted a big black looking cat on the land and even found tracks that a professional hunter and trapper in the area could not determine what they were from other than the were very big cat tracks. we have also had cats puppies and dogs go missing, and nothing found of them. we do have coyotes in the area but from research i have done i believe nothing could have done this but a cat, what makes this weird is i live in east Tennessee near the Appalachian mountains and there are no known black cats in this area, my email is please fell free to contact me for more information
Matt P

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#36 Sep 11, 2008
I live in rural NY, I have a big black panther living behind my house about a mile in the woods. I was walking my dog near some caves and stumbled across it's den. I stood in awe long enough to get a good look at it looking at me from inside it's den. That was in 2007. I have not walked in those woods since but I am sure some fur would be in the cave... Write me at
Matt P

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#37 Sep 11, 2008
This thing belongs in a zoo not in my back yard!!!
b shover south nj

Pittsburgh, PA

#38 Oct 4, 2008
Last Hunting seasion,my son and I obtained permission to hunt on my wifes boss land, she saw deer every day.
We set up on a few piles of top soil that had high grass on it.I was on the back side of the hill looking the other way, my son asked me what kind of cat that could be this size.To my supprise it was a panther, it was about 20 yards away,it saw us and started to hunt us, I told my 21 year old to keep his eyes on and kill it if it came any closer. It came with in 30 feet of me and it was big. It went back in the woods and we left and never went back.This cat was in norma Nj. It was jet black a long tail and yellow green eyes and rounded ears. I hunted for 44 years all over the east cost and never seen a cat this big.

Since: Oct 08

Grand Rapids, MI

#39 Oct 20, 2008
My wife and I were driving back from the finger lakes on Sunday October 19, 2009 on Route 15 approximatley 4 miles south of the NY/PA border at 10:30 AM, there was a large all black cat that crossed the highway at a very fast pace not a run it had to duck itís head and lower itself a little to get under the guard rail it didnít jump over it. I guess its back was 2í high itís length was about 3í not including the tail and I could not guess the weight. This is the first time I ever saw a large cat in the wild, and never thought I would see a all black large cat like that.
A Julian

Zelienople, PA

#40 Nov 6, 2008
Two years ago my sons coon dogs were going crazy about midnight. I walked up there and noticed a big black object in the tree. It came down and jumped 10 foot out from 10 foot high very elegantly. I was standing 5 feet away and the first thing which ran through my head was a big black cat. The claw marks on the tree were amazing and it climbed exactly how a cat would. A year later my son called me outside and there was something behind the barn. I heard it twice and it was crystal clear what I heard. Low and behold I recently picked up this black cat on my trail camera. Take note of the tail and length of the cat. It is posted at
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