Big Black Cat sightings

Lansing, IL

#309 Dec 8, 2012
I live in south central Indiana, and I saw one at the edge of the woods behind our house. My dogs were barking at it and it ran away.

Evansville, IN

#310 Dec 8, 2012
bworley1970 wrote:
I live in south central Indiana, and I saw one at the edge of the woods behind our house. My dogs were barking at it and it ran away.
Thank you for posting this! I know my late husband & I weren't crazy....I have two other responses to my FB request for sightings. Both were in the Sugar Ridge Wildlife Area of Pike Co., IN.

Vestal, NY

#311 Dec 8, 2012
so we have been watching this tree get smaller and smaller over the last month. I walked my lazy butt up there and took pictures of the tree - which looks like it could have been damaged by a cat OR woodpecker? There IS supposed to be a giant woodpecker up here - but I am a stay at home mom with hypervigilance and I have NOT heard any woodpecker noises that would make this happen. Its like every day it is getting smaller, half of the the tree is knocked down now - and when this started the first spot to have clawed bark was about 10 ft off the ground. I took pics of the tree, shredded/hanging bark, and also the pile on the ground (of bark) but I dont know where to put them - where people will look at them... My blogger blog, facebook, OR?
prattdanayahooco m

Arroyo Grande, CA

#312 Jan 16, 2013
Dave7637550234 wrote:
Hello all-
I'm beginning production of a television program on Big Cats for a national cable network.
I'm interested in hearing about any recent big black cat sightings in your area.
An acquaintance recommended I might have some luck among the many hunters in the Eros area.
I am especially intersted in physical evidence of big black cats: Video, photos or hair.
Post here or call me at the number attached to my name at left.
I live in Arroyo Grande California and yesterday I saw a LARGE black cat cross my front yard and attributed it to just a very big cat in the neighborhood and because I saw it only for a moment, thought I misjudged the size. This morning I was in our backyard which borders about 34 acres of open space when a large black animal jumped out of some brush and ran back behind a fence.It was jet black with glossy black fur and a thick long tail. My cat is big, 22lbs and this cat was ar least two to three times as big. The sound it made as it crashed through the brush was the same as when our Lab who is 92lbs makes when runs through the brush. I came inside and checked the internet to see if there was anything on big black cats and was suprised to see that many other people have see cats like this. We are putting in an alarm system with cameras for home security and if anything pops up I will post it here.
Jessica NJ

River Edge, NJ

#313 Jan 17, 2013
Yesterday I saw what I can only describe as a large black cat. It had none of the mannerisms of a dog. It had a long black tail and, as mentioned in the original post, the head seemed to be an extension of the body with very short neck rather than upright. Also, the head seemed smaller than a dog's would be. It was slinking back and forth beyond my fence line. I have seen wild turkey's and foxes in the exact same spot and this was bigger than both. Probably the size of 2 turkeys or foxes put together... This was in Central New Jersey. I am not an expert by I do observe a lot of wildlife; deer, dogs, foxes, turkeys in the same spot where I saw the "black cat". It was amazing an I couldn't believe my eyes!
Jean Jefferson Hills PA

Pittsburgh, PA

#314 Feb 11, 2013
Yesterday morning I was pulling up the blinds in the back of my house and looking over the valley behind me, I saw a large black cat with a long tail. It was just walking through the valley in a clearing with homes on both sides of the valley and some trees on the opposite side from me.
This was no house cat. It was long with long legs and a long tail. I have no idea what kind of wild cat it could be, the only wild cats I know of in western PA is the bob cat.
Anyone have any ideas.

Northwood, NH

#315 Feb 12, 2013
I call it the long legged cat. I believe it's an unknown species. It has a very tiny, skinny waist. It's tail curves at the end, right? The males have huge heads of hair like a chow, but not the females. The eyes are slanted and the ears are usually pointed with ear tufts. To me, it looks like a black cheetah. Is that what you saw?
I've seen it twice in NH.
Shaquita Lashonda

Beech Bluff, TN

#316 Feb 18, 2013
I gots a big black cat yall can see

Woodstown, NJ

#317 Apr 8, 2013
We live in north east phila pa my neighbor seen one on his wall out side of his house me and the wife seen the big black cat run in front of our mini van easter Sunday night we have a small wooded area across the street with deer and other wildlife the thing had a long tail and was running fast not a house cat

Wadley, AL

#318 Apr 9, 2013
I think that if there are as many as people claim some one wouldve done shot one, or someone wouldve done ran over one by now and many hunters wouldve done seen many...

Washington, DC

#319 Apr 15, 2013
Almost exactly one year ago,I saw a black exotic cat cross Route 12 in NC, the thin strip of sand going through the outer banks of North Carolina. I was traveling 55 mph and saw it hit the road, By the time I got to it I was within 50 yards and studied it carefully even though I only had 8-10 seconds.
Two weeks of serious study using the internet told me 100% I saw a young 65 lb estimated black Jaguar. It had a tail about 2/3 of the cats length, he was closer to the ground than a mountain lion of the same size would have been, he has rounded ears, and his face and neck was patterned.
He was what they call the Melanistic (black) phase which covers maybe 10% of those in South America. I have spoken with many people in the area and find sightings are not unheard of, and they are black.
The area is govt owned and looks a lot live the Savannahs of Africa, with the ocean on one side and the sound on the other.
Those of us that have spoken to others so blessed to see one will not either forget it, or pass it off as a bear, beaver, deer, bigfoot, etc.
I am an outdoorsman and a competent observer.

Hinesville, GA

#320 May 24, 2013
in 2008 I was in basic training at ft. lenordwood MO. we were at the U.S. weapons range when out of the corner of my eye about 1000 meters out I saw what looked to be a large black panther running across the range. the animal was to small to be a black bear and way too fast but it was too big to be any cat that im aware of in the US. its speed was incredible. it closed 1000 meters in about 10-15 seconds which was abut the with of the range. one of my buddies who was standing beside me saw it as well as one of our drill sergeants. we all asked the same question. what the hell was that?

Alexandria, VA

#321 Jun 12, 2013
NC Randy wrote:
April 18th this year, a few weeks back, I saw a big black cat cross the road in front of me on Route 12, just above Oregon Inlet on the Outer Banks.
I had 4-6 seconds to study it with it originally at 100 yards and within 10 when it dissapeared as I closed on it.
It was all dull black with a long tail, not very tall, was 4 foot long with maybe a 30 inch or so tail.It was lean, no fat below, had rounded ears, the head was almost an extension of the neck rather than larger, and the face was what we call brindle pattern in a dog.
A week of research told me that authorities were not interested since they didn't exist. Because it was black, I determined that it was what they call melanistic phase which only happens with African Leopards and South American Jaguars.
Neither is very likely, but you have to admit, the African link is even more so. Jaguars were in the Pa and Ohio valleys in the 1500s and last recognized by the OFFICIALS in the early 1900's.
I am an avid outdoorsman and hunter and I KNOW what I saw. IT was apparantly a small one at an estimated 70 lbs of muscle.
There have been others sighted in the same area as the one I viewed. I have a good friend in Va that sighted one there within feet of him 8 years ago in the swamps off the James River.
Sooner or later one will be hit by a car and the world will see that the South American Jaguar is healthy in at least 20 states in the U.S. They grow to over 200 lbs!
Mine was sighted in broad daylight coming from the swamps on the sound to the ocean which is what foxes do to pick up remains of seafood on the beach.
I would welcome hearing from others that have sightings of big black cats themselves to contact me at randallcullinan@YAHOO.COM
We seen it on 6/10/13 as we were riding our bikes up rt. 12 between duck and corolla. Scared the crap out of me. It stopped and stared for a few seconds then walked into the brush. Like nothing ive ever seen before

Cleveland, OH

#322 Jun 27, 2013
I just saw the big black cat, I saw last year and it is bigger. Following the deer. Last year it was running in the opposite direction at night when I noticed it first. It just past by at dusk, almost night going thru the deer hole in my hedges and its big and fast. I was looking to see if it was something different, but no! It could be a big cat that was let go by? you know the police caught him and then suicide; east. believe it or not; its real!!!

June 27 2013 10pm
Parma Ohio

Denver, CO

#323 Aug 3, 2013
I am glad to see that others have seen black cats as I saw one in Minnesota circa 1976. I was in high school and we were traveling to Brainard, Minnesota where along the way there are lots of forested farm areas. I saw the unmistakable form of the large, pure black cat sleeking along the edge of the woods adjacent a field. It was a beautiful sight to see with the early evening sun shining on him. Since I was not driving, I had a fair amount of time to watch the cat as he was moving in the same direction. Mom said their weren't black cats in Minnesota & that it probably escaped from a zoo… but I'll bet this was a wild cat. The woods in Minnesota are so large and are like wilderness, and the farms in the woods are great feeding grounds for them with the farmers chickens, ducks, goats, sheep and whatever else these cats would feed on. I'd love to see one again… but is unlikely. We have plenty of mountain lion here in Colorado, and rarely does one see one unless they are living in their populated areas. Once gentleman here was attacked twice ~ two different times, and lived!

Harrisonburg, VA

#324 Aug 8, 2013
What kind of cat is it

Indianapolis, IN

#325 Aug 20, 2013
theguardian wrote:
why the hell are people so scared of these, they don't go after people.
Actually, yes they do! Panthers are VERY mean!
Donna Deffendoll

Evansville, IN

#326 Aug 20, 2013
A family member of mine is an avid outdoorsman. This past Saturday he had bagged his limit of squirrels in the Sugar Ridge Fish & Wildlife area of Pike Co., IN. As he was leaving the area, he saw something along the side of the road. As he got closer, a large black cat jumped across the road in front of him. He tried to get his camera out to take a picture, but of course the big cat was too fast. He was so excited when he called his wife that he could hardly speak. He is used to seeing bobcats on his own property in Warrick Co., IN but this was a first!!
here kitty kitty

Indianapolis, IN

#327 Aug 23, 2013
I started a thread on my hometown topix forum about the big cats sightings. Here is the link if anyone wants to check it out. These cats have been seen in KY too.

Bowling Green, KY

#328 Aug 24, 2013
welp i live in west ky and we heard one screaming for hrs..the next night my husband took the dog out and he come in white and breathless said one hissed at him and the dog. we went through youtube sounds and the hiss he eard was a mt lion hiss.he never walked the dog after dark again,we stayed in at night unless we had a bon fire. we lived way out in the middle of nowhere.i kinda miss it but was scary.

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