I had to attend court today due to a moving violation ticket. On Parker by the TD bank the speed changes from 35mph to 25mph around a bend. Naturally the policemen are terrified of losing their jobs due to loss of funding and wait right on the bend. This is not the reason for my concern. While I was attending court, I sat in the back corner of the room right next to the police officers and attorney's who were constantly talking throughout the entire court experience. What struck me as ABSOLUTLY REDICULOUS was this: A Jewish Man (I presume because he was wearing a Yamaka) was up defending himself. The officer and attorney were both making constant comments in the back of the court room such as "Hahaa He's asking so many questions as to the cost- Cheap Jew. They all are". The man then proceded to tell the Judge that he had to commute 20 minutes to get there and did not want to come back unless he had to. I heard the officer and attorney specifically say "Cheap Jew, won't even pay for his gas money". They proceeded to laugh and disturb the court room. I found this appauling, perhaps moreso if I were Jewish. I am training to become a teacher and recently wrote a unit on the Holocaust and find these comments DISGUESTING! Police are only out to protect and serve their own budgits, if it's your word against theirs you always lose because of their "authority", but honestly, I ask any judge to evaluate most police man's moral character, intent to help, and level of corruption, and I will tell you why so many officers are now being laid off. Smell bacon anyone?