Red Light Cameras Are Not A Part Of M...

Red Light Cameras Are Not A Part Of Middletown's Near Future

There are 15 comments on the story from Jul 26, 2012, titled Red Light Cameras Are Not A Part Of Middletown's Near Future. In it, reports that:

Middletown drivers can breathe a sigh of relief, for now. While Shrewsbury is exploring options to install two red light cameras , Middletown will not follow suit any time soon.

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Brick, NJ

#1 Jul 27, 2012
Finally, a smart town!
RT 35 Red Light Please

Irvington, NJ

#2 Jul 28, 2012
If any town in New Jersey needed Red Light camera's Rt 35 Rt 36 it should be Middletown NJ...
Barbara Moras

Hillsdale, NJ

#3 Aug 18, 2012
I just noticed the camera's on the lights today. It gave me a creepy feeling and then I got angry!
What next camers's on every block in town?
Little by little our freedom's are being taken away in the name of safety or protection, or national security. I think the people who are making these inane decisions are the one's we need protection from!
Barbara Moras

Hillsdale, NJ

#4 Aug 18, 2012
I just noticed the red light cameras's on Kenilworth Blvd. today.
After I got over the creepy feeling, I got angry. What's next camera's on every block. Little by little are freedoms are being tsken away under the guise of security, protection,safety,and the biggest one national security. I think what we need protection from are the people making these inane decisions.
Turd Ferguson

Trenton, NJ

#5 Aug 21, 2012
Does this mean The Fuzz will take down the camera at Thompson Ave and Route 36, in Middletown, which has been up for a couple of years?

Hewitt, NJ

#6 Sep 15, 2012
That may be because rt 36 is a state highway. They may not be Middletown's cameras.

What do you call someone named "Turd" for short?



Just wonderin'

Indianapolis, IN

#7 Oct 6, 2012
Any red light ticket from a camera can be thrown out in a court...

first, you need to appear as the registered owner of the vehicle
second, you need to represent the anonymous party who admits to being the driver.
third, now here it comes....... it is a constitutional right to meet your accuser, since the "accuser" is not human and can not therefore be represented by anyone it automatically defaults to "dismissal"
if it doesn't, you have a right to appeal in which case the court will discontinue pursing the case and back to a dismissal again...

takes nerve to pull this.. but I have personally done this twice in brooklyn and once in manhattan and once in long branch..
no, i don'r run red lights.. the yellows change way too fast in new york.. as for long branch, yes, i was wrong. but i still won!!

Hewitt, NJ

#8 Oct 7, 2012
You will only get a ticket for running a red light if you enter the intersection after the light has turned red.

You have gotten four tickets for running red lights and you don't think you are doing anything wrong?

I have been driving since Grover Cleveland was President and I have never gotten a ticket for running a red light. Okay, so I am an old man wearing a hat. Listen up sonny.

You might have beaten the system but it appears to me that you have had to spend a fair amount of time in court to do so. It sounds like the 30 seconds you saved by making the light cost you a day in court. And you think you "Won "something?

If I were the judge I would make sure that anyone fighting a ticket for running a light had to sit in court until the janitor came in to empty the garbage cans.

Here is my suggestion. Stop driving like a jerk and slow down before you cause an accident. When the light turns yellow, stop if you can. Realize that it is better to sit at a light texting your BFF than it is sitting in court defending your right to break the law.

Now pull your pants up, turn down your 2,000 watt stereo, turn your baseball cap around, stop tailgating and running red lights while you throw your cigarette butt out the window and show a little respect for the people you share the road with.

I'm glad we had this little talk. What is that? An Ozzie tat? Were you drunk or what?

Minneapolis, MN

#9 Oct 8, 2012
barbara, what you are seeing may NOT be Cameras. DOT has changed from using in-ground sensors to Pole-mounted sensors to control the lights. if what you are seeing is tubular, arnour 2" in Diameter and 8" long, then it's more likely a traffic Sensor NOT a Camera. As far as the Red Light Cameras go, the intersection has to be Posted to notify the camera is there, and they have finally put a Block on the companies that install them so they do not play games with the Light timing as has happened in other states. Oh, and anyone who tries to tell you that Red Light Cameras are for Safety is lying to your face, they are purely for Revenue-Generation Fine money is split between the Contractor who own the RLC, and the Entity that contracted for the Camera, whether state or Municipality.... which is WHY they play games with the Light timing..sually by Shortening the Amber light. Safety..Pffft Especially as statistics show that Intersections with RLC's have a tendency to have MORE accidents than fewer,. since people are MORE inclined to slam on their brakes if they see an RLC notification sign, and cause a rear-end Collision Also, one little Tidbit for you Drivers out there. Municipalities ONLY receive 15% of fine monies from Traffic Summonses where a Title 39 (MV Code) statute is listed. if you see a "TO" (Town Ordinance) then the Municipality gets ALL of the fine monies. The old Fallacy of "Cops write tickets to pad the Budget" is Nonsense..Always has been....UNLESS you see them writing all TO's rather than Title 39 violations.

Summit, NJ

#10 Oct 9, 2012
What about those small towns on 95 down south, Georgia, South Carolina, Eastern Shore of Maryland....etc.?

You know, where the speed limit drops from 65 to 35 and they have cops out all the time with radar?

Don't you think they are just padding their budgets?

You say that towns have shortened the yellow in order to pad their budgets (which is true), but that they do not write tickets to pad their budgets. Which is it?

And while cops may not write tickets to pad the budgets, they do write tickets to keep their jobs.

I'm not saying that thee are hard quotas, but there are expectations and if a cop is writing far fewer tickets than the rest of the force, he will have some'splaning to do.

Do me a favor otj. You have provided some good info here. Try to stay civil.

Minneapolis, MN

#11 Oct 9, 2012
Ga, South Carolina, and Md are not NJ. Since I was not a cop in any of those states I dont know what their policy is..nor do I care. As far as RLC's go, the summonses are for a Town ordnance violation, NOT a Title 39 violation here in NJ..which is why RLC's are a revenue-enhancement move rather than a safety move.

I do find it funny how you demand that I be civil after addressing my post in your usual condescending manner, especially when I did not direct any comment towards you in the first place.

Here's a pro-tip..Ignore my posts, and i'll do the same with yours.

Summit, NJ

#12 Oct 9, 2012
Where to start?

How about here, I asked you to do me a favor and try to stay civil.

That sounds like a demand to you?

Asking for a favor is the same thing as demanding something?

I don't think so.

My usual "condescending manner"?

Read my post again OTJ and tell me what I said that was condescending.

You know what I find funny?

You addressing your post to me then telling me to ignore you when the only reason you came to this forum in the first place was to harass me and you know it.

Here's my pro tip for you, stop following me around, you never posted on this forum until I did. Go back to NJO with dive and straw and talk national politics until the cows come home. You claimed that I was the one destroying that forum when I was saying that it was straw and dive. Well I'm gone now, the forum should be just hunky dory without me there according to you. You called me a stalker. You followed me here, who's the stalker now?

You went to NJO and started insulting me from your very first post. You even said that I was the type of person that you love to give tickets to. What the hell is your problem? Do I remind you of your high school teacher that flunked you in math?

You don't like me so much that you can't have a civil discussion with me? Then why would you follow me here? I came here to try and avoid this kind of BS, take your show on the road.

I left NJO because I try to avoid people I don't like. You seek out the people you don't like.

Are you taking "how to be miserable" lessons from joebish?

Knock it off and go back to NJO.

Now that is what a demand looks like for future reference.

And take up yoga or TM or something. You are about the most dismally unpleasant person I have ever encountered.

Since: Sep 12

Location hidden

#13 Oct 9, 2012
"where do I begin,yo tell the story of how just screwed up you are "???

Seriously lad, you are are the most twisted poster in any Middletown forum. And since you have great competition, that is indeed significant!

To paraphrase Telly Savalas, "Nobody luvs ya baby"!

Since: Sep 12

Fort Wayne, IN

#14 Oct 9, 2012
wow! 7ven accusing another poster of following him around!

Me, straw, otj...all are here not for any reason but to follow the leader, 7vens!

Narcissist ahole.

"knock it off and go back to NJO" - haha...a regular dale carnegie! The more you make demands, the more people will stick around and annoy you, 7vens. And enjoy watching you get pissed at, as they say!

Summit, NJ

#15 Oct 9, 2012
The day that I have straw and Joe siding with me is the day I change sides.

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