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#1 Apr 11, 2012
Topix Franconia NH
Maura Murray
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Jenkins wrote:
& wtf is up with this asshole beagle? It's blatantly obvious that Bart s, detective shtick and all these posts during the last 24 hrs made by beagle talking to himself.
Is this guy just insane or what? Why is je so
Obsessed with topix Franconia that he made a YouTube about everyone on here
Is it possible this guy had anything to do w maura's dissapearance? I find it unlikely
But I'm not exactly sure why it's so unlikely.
This guy is clearly unstable mentally, like seriously. He definitely has something wrong in the head, his obsession with Maura and her case is fucked up.
I find it interesting he was never on any forums until a few yrs ago, & then suddenly he's all over making crazy statements, the kind of statements that only someone who isn't all there would say.
Is it possible he actually abducted her?
He's from western Mass, same exact area Maura was living. Not entirely impossible that he had some sort of contact w maura before.
He's clearly interested in trying to torment the family, this is the kinda shit that only someone who is sick in the head would do.
Is he disappointed that he's never gotten credit for his crime? Is he possibly a serial killer? Or is he just mentally retarded and insane?
What's up with this guy?
Who's the other guy in his videos? The guy dressed as a construction worker, who's that his partner in crime? R they a kill team?
Has anybody looked into this guy for real? Anyone know if LE has? He certainly deserves a serious looking at, or at least to get the shit kicked out of him.
For the videos he's posted I've never seen anyone deserve a bigger ass-beating.
At the very least this guy is a piece of shit who likes to taunt families of missing girls, so he clearly has no conscience.
Someone like that yur not Gonna make him feel bad by anything u write so that's why I suggest multiple beatings is what he deserves. Not saying I'm gonna do that(as much as I want to), but that's clearly what he deserves. Some pain to match what he dishes out.
Anyone who comes online and talks to himself for a day, saying weird incoherent statements is just a straight weirdo.

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#2 Apr 12, 2012

Topix Franconia NH
Maura Murray thread
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Jenkins wrote:
& wtf is up with this asshole beagle?[...]
For the videos he's posted I've never seen anyone deserve a bigger ass-beating.
At the very least this guy is a piece of shit who likes to taunt families of missing girls, so he clearly has no conscience.
Someone like that yur not Gonna make him feel bad by anything u write so that's why I suggest multiple beatings is what he deserves. Not saying I'm gonna do that(as much as I want to), but that's clearly what he deserves. Some pain to match what he dishes out.
Anyone who comes online and talks to himself for a day, saying weird incoherent statements is just a straight weirdo.
Above represents the work of a vigilante group. It's been going on almost non-stop since 2005. This group aims for the Phoebe Prince effect.

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#3 Apr 15, 2012
His original post #18579 on Topix/Franconia NH, Maura Murray thread, as seen in posts above, was deleted by Topix.


BELOW POSTED (still there) BY "edove" as a comment 08 FEBRUARY 2012 21:26. Approved for posting by blog administrator James Renner.

Google "My Search for Maura Murray" or


Thanks for finally posting one of my comments! These cases really hurt me, my wife was killed in an auto accident when I was 19. I spent my 20'th birthday at her funeral :( this was 1998. I am a pro body guard & I know that you are in Ohio Mr. Renner & would glady help in any way. Virginia isnt far. I stand by what I said as sometimes "Street Justice" actually helps, there are several ways to have someone talk.. & for all the "crazies" that the normal everyday 9-5 people encounter, sometimes its nice to know that there are people like me that would love to punish people that hurt young women! I already get judged by my tattoos (full face included), so why not put my 6'2 255 frame to good use in helping the right way! Anyway, any northerners, please dont take the yankee comment to heart, as you all know the type I was talking about.. Namely these people coming out of the woodworks after 8 years! Where were they 7 yrs & 11mnths & 27 days ago?? Now they wanna run their mouth? To the guy that posted that, I seen you reading the screen.. Id aboslutely LOVE to meet you in person guy!


Above quote is another example, among many, of the work of a vigilante group that operates in western Massachusetts. Their work has included backyard vandalism and face-to-face intimidation by a Hadley MA private investigator.

Woodville, MA

#4 Apr 15, 2012
Beagle wrote:
His original post #18579 on Topix/Franconia NH, Maura Murray thread, as seen in posts above, was deleted by Topix.
Sorry, post 3 above should read "Original post #18579 by Jenkins on Topix/Franconia NH..."

Woodville, MA

#5 Apr 15, 2012
A COMMENT BY “edove” ON JAMES RENNER’S BLOG Friday, Feb. 10, 2012; post title: "Third Video."

POSTED ON 11 FEBRUARY 2012; 7:26 AM.




In this day & age, this is "not cool" at all. You should stop & get help before you recieve the wrong kind. You honestly dont think there are some of us that are getting tired of this junk? Thursday, we trimmed the bamboo which gives me several stalks, which when cut & put under the finger nails of a human being causes severe pain. It is just one method that I learned to make people talk in my years of bringing Justice to families from people like you. You ever seen Deliverance, guy? There are plenty of people I know like that, that sometimes we call in to help.
Bottom Line - Put Up, Shut Up, or Be Roughed Up!
It would be so easy to go camping way up north & turn you into a scene from Deliverance. If we were honestly asked, and it needed to be done, you would talk. I promise you that. I would like this young lady found & this mystery over, so that family, friends, & people like me & the thousands of others that reads & post the last 8 years can finally have piece of mind about knowing what happened. This is not a safe world, there are those that "prey on regular normal people, god fearing people, innocent people, etc;" but there are also people that put people like you in their place! Rather really legal or not..


Since: Apr 12

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#6 Apr 16, 2012
More from Topix/Franconia NH, Maura Murray thread, around posts 19046 and 19059.
Jenkins wrote:
<quoted text>

Can somebody please tell me what damage has EVER been caused to anybody by posts on this forum? This is a fantasy conjured up by a few people who obviously have some sort of delusion that topix is more important than it really is. Notice it's the same people saying this as the people who feel the need to try to belittle people just to make themselves feel better.

The sbd clearly got it the worst and nobody ha ever been able to show even the slightest bit of legitimate damage to him in the real world. Seriously, did he lose his job or something? Was he shunned from the community? What possible damage was caused? I'm talking real damage, not just a few people talkin about him in an Internet forum.

Besides for the fact that everything said about him was clealy his fault. He lied multiple times to multiple people about all sorts of things, I think some people talking about it on a forum was warranted.
Its not like everyone just randomly chose locals to badmouth..nobody has ever said anything about the westmans, bc their story never changed.

Just another fantasy by some posters
Jenkins, congratulations, excellent job. Much appreciated that you trashed a poster who's been gone 2 months in order to lure him back into the discussion so he could be trashed some more and hopefully go over the line.

Don't worry, if he didn't flip out and cross the line this time we'll keep on trying. At least by cross-forum posting, we connected his real name with his creepy personality. It's on the internet forever. Totally forever. He deserves it. Thanks to people like you and "findmauramurray," real people in the real world hate him and won't have anything to do with him.

After he applies for a job, HR does an internet search and connects his name with trash talk and he doesn't ever get hired. Which is wicked funny because he never knows why he can't get a job. He can't even make new friends because after they meet him for the first time they go home and just Google him and then want nothing to do with him.

Eventually he'll be totally isolated and succumb to having no friends and no money and then that'll be the end of him. We'll get justice one way or the other, sooner or later, by his hand or ours, but sometimes it's fun to really drag it out.

Good work, Jenkins.

Oh, about SBD. Same deal. He couldn't get a promotion or a second job because of the rumors about him. He didn't lose his job but some parents got nervous, which bothered him a lot. And he was the butt of a busload of jokes in Woodsville for years. Still is. Too thin skinned. Hey, trash get what they deserve. SBD never looked like a model citizen anyway, if you know what I mean. PI John Healy even called him a shithead to the media. Healy's good, one of us, really makes a guy look like dirt, you know? Even after he's dead.

New York, NY

#7 Apr 19, 2012
This thread is hilarious! I was literally laughing my ass off when I read it.
Come on, obviously I wasn't threatening you!! Saying someone deserves something and threatening them are two completely different things.
& why choose me? Those other 2 posts looked a lot more like threats than what I said.
Besides for the fact that r these the best posts you can come up with to support your made up fantasy about a vigilante group operating in western mass? Posts from someone from Nh, oh, and wv??
I got to w mass all the time, was there on tiesday and I'm going back later today. I was in Holyoke and noho and trust me, you were in mo danger. I lived in Amherst for 2 years and never saw any evidence of a vigilante group, I suspect you have made this up in your head.
Just like when you said a UMass got got angry bc you asked about parking. Parking at UMass is no secret, you park on lots corresponding with the color of your sticker. I've had to ask a Cop this before because my gf is a UMass student and I had to park her car, & it is confusing. The cop was more than happy to answer my question. Did you mention Maura or something? Honestly most UMass cops don't even know who maira Murray is. I know 3 UMass cops and they never heard of her at all.
So why just you? Why is it that anybody else in the world can ask about Parkin except for you??
I suspect you made up the vandalism as well. What happened the UMass cops called Jorge vigilante group and told them to go mess with you?
Come on, yor just making shit up.

Did you make the videos or not is the question..if not then I apologize wholeheartedly or saying anything at all, if u did I still apologize for making you feel threatened.

But whoever is making those videos is an epic pussy, someone hiding behind their keyboard taunting the family of a missing girl. Whoever made those videos should be ashamed of themselves and if the family agrees they probably do deserve an ass beating. They don't deserve to be really hurt, or anything crazy, but maybe a black eye? Again I would never do that, nobody is being threatened. It sounds like an ass Beating
Would be just about right.

Can you agree with me on that much?

New York, NY

#8 Apr 19, 2012
Northwestern- when did I ever use anyone real name? I won't even use someone initials for an acronym.
I have no idea what beagles real name is or do I want to know. I hope LE does and they have looked Into him but I don't use people real names at all.

Are you from the havehill area? Where did you hear that stiff about the sbd? I've never heard anyone say a bad word about him. Everyone who's from there always said he's a respected member of the community trusted with driving their children to school.
I suspect that if the public up there even slightly suspected him of any wrong doing they wouldn't let him drive their kids at all.
What promotion was he unable to get? Theres promotions for bus drivers?

Since: Apr 12

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#9 Apr 20, 2012
Good job, Jenkins. The more you can discredit Beagle, the better. You're great at making it seem like everything either takes place online or is a lie. Like when you ask him if these are the best posts he can come up with. That's hilarious. Makes Beagle look like a real nut case and liar if he claims that events in the real world really do happen.(Just try to skip the part where Beagle was asked to speak with a Hadley MA PI. And don't specifically let anyone know that Beagle's real name and face are known by a bunch of other posters on the internet who share your feelings about him needing to be beaten. You're an inspiration to them. After all, Beagle's real name was posted as a comment on Renner's blog, which Renner approved for a little while before deleting Beagle's name. And Beagle's real name still exists online if you look for it. Topix poster "jwb" told everyone more than once where his real name could be found.) But the important point is that you say that you, Jenkins, didn't use his real name. That's the best way to confuse the public. Good work.

Good thinking too when you said you actually lived in Amherst for two years and never saw a vigilante group. If you didn't see one after two years, everyone knows you would be blind, so that was very effective against Beagle. Everyone knows that if there is a vigilante group in a town like Amherst, it can never remain secret, especially if it has more than 3 members. Good work too when you made it seem like Beagle was saying that the vigilante group was located in Amherst. Even though he never said that, it makes Beagle look bad when you make it look like he said something stupid like that.

Also it was great you discredit Beagle for claiming a UMass cop got angry at him. ROFLMAO. The cop never even got angry with Beagle, but you're good at making it sound like he did. Skinner and his group got a little annoyed, but not really angry. Skinner just jumped on his bike, memorized Beagle's plate number as he rode past his vehicle parked between SW dorms and University Drive, cell phoned HQ, and showed up a few days later at Beagle's house with a no-trespass order. When you attack his credibility again on this point, however, don't get too specific. Make it seem like if it's not provable ONLINE then it's a lie. After all, Beagle still does have the order and a video tape of Skinner serving him the order at his house.)

The best is when you repeat over and over that Beagle is making stuff up. That way the public thinks whatever he says is a lie. Because if it can't be proven ONLINE, then it didn't happen, right? Even if he does have photos of the vandalism. Make it look like he totally made up the story; that Beagle himself picked up those big 16 inch thick (not diameter or circumference) cross sections of a large maple tree trunk (that Jeff Koshinsky of Green Tree Service and Chris Doleva cut down a couple of years before) and that Beagle himself threw them onto his own new lawnmower and into the back of his garage and pulled the cables off his own lawnmower. Keep saying online that Beagle is a liar. Sooner or later everyone will believe you and never care about your reasons for saying so.

Reston, VA

#10 Apr 21, 2012
Northwestern if everything your saying is true then I do apologize to beagle about making any post that may inspire nuts to do crazy things.
IMO nobody deserves to have their name revealed unless they are convicted of a crime.

I still don't iderstand the UMass thing. What did he ask these UMass cops to make them act like that? I Asked the unass cop about parking and he was happy to help me, super nice.
Why would beagle be the only person in the world this happened to? Unless he was specifically asking about maura. I asked the unass cops I know and they never heard of it, so what's up with that? Did he like go try to interrogate se certain cop or something? & why would he try to do that?
Why the no trespass? If he simply asked about parking what could possibly be the motivation of putting in a no trespass? Seems like a lot of work for someone asking a simple question that happens every day.

Northwestern do you know beagle or something? Are you from western mass? How do you know all of this info? Has beagle shown you the pictures?
So there's a secret vigilante group operating in western mass? That shocks me, how do you know they exist? is it only 3 guys? What did beagle do? He just released those videos recently, what did he do before that pissed this group off so bad? I actually never heard of him in my life until those videos came our.
How do you know any of this is related to MM?
Are you certain it's related to MM & topix?
How come ive never heard of anything like this? Everyone out western mass is so nice I can't imagine a vigilante group.
I just don't get it, I would love for you to explain it to me & I will wholeheartedly apologize to beagle for making a post that could possibly insight nutjobs to mess with him. I was merely commenting.

I really don't understand and I would love if you could explain it to me. If everything your saying is true then I feel bad if I helped insight these guys at all.

But If this so called vigilante group exists, and beagle is so scared, why the hell did he post those videos? You obviously know him so well so do you know if he made them or not?
It just makes no sense that he would post those videos to like seriously insight some hatred towards him. Think about it, why is He taunting people even more?
Why were people pissed at him before?
Are you sure that this isn't just 3 guys from beagles hometown that just don't like him?
Whole thing is just weird.

Oh ya, how the hell does me not using his real name confuse things even more? What does that even mean? I don't even know his real name and never saw any posts by jwb about beagles real name, I don't think I'd be able to find em if I tried. So what the hell else am I supposed to call this guy instead of beagle? Are you saying it's betre to use his real name? How could that be? I'm sorry but when he chose the moniker beagle that's the name I should address him by, or should I use "stingraypi" or detective schtick or Phoebe prince? Or maybe "northwesternDA"??

Reston, VA

#11 Apr 25, 2012
There is obviously no vigilante group operating out of western mass, that is simply laughable.
It sounds like there's a couple of guys who just don't like beagle, which is understandable, but it looks like it has absolutely nothing to do with anything online.
The question is: what the hell did beagle do to piss these guys off? Must've been something, had to have been.
How come ive never seen one post by any of this so called "vigilante group", ever? Nothin even resembling it, at best he has one mean post by someone from the deep south, who's never even been to w mass & probably never will be. The closest thing he had even resembling what he's saying is my post, where I clearly never threatened him or said anyone should kick his ass, simply that he deserves it, which is a huge difference. Any time a heinous crime gets committed there's people all over talking about how someone deserves te death penalty, or worse. I'm sure everybody heard things like that about the 2 guys that did the home invasion in Ct. That doesn't mean these people are gonna go out & kill the guys, far from it. That doesn't mean that there is gonna b some vigilante group w pitchforks chasing these guys around, people are just stating what they believe. It's the same thing that I did..beagle posted those videos, which is not ok. He definitely doesnt deserve the death penalty obviously, probably not even jail, I suggest a good old fashioned ass beating is prob just about right...nobody going to the hospital, no real injuries, maybe a black eye or something...& that's only if maura's family agrees. I'm not gonna do it, nobody out there reading this should do's more like the families of victims should be able to do it If they r so inclined.

Reston, VA

#12 Apr 25, 2012
The fact of the matter is this guy has absolutely no right to complain..after he put out videos like that what did he expect? I'm honestly surprised he hasnt gotten mich worse comments than the ones made, think about that "happy anniversary" video here he's laughing like a mental patient..that's fucked. He's laughing at the family of a missing girl, how cruel can someone be? & then he has the nerve to complain?!? What did he think was gonna happen?
Now I see why he made those get reactions from people to try to prove this vigilante group exists.
He says I am aiming for the Phoebe prince effect, that's ridiculous. I made one post about him. Phoebe prince was jarrassed online and at school for an extended period of time & really bad too. He is the only one who thinks anything like that..
Now check out Franconia topix. He's been posting under the name Phoebe prince and making truly disgusting posts."you wanna dance with the dead" "I'm covered in slime u don't wanna dance with me"...gross shit like that. He's trying to elicit a response, like the ultimate troll. The whole thing is just ridiculous, & disgusting & he should be ashamed of himself, truly ashamed. To make fun of 2 different dead girls is just wrong, its evil, hideous behavior. Seems like this might just be the kind of guy who would kill a beautiful young girl & I really hope someone really looked into him, more than just some made up Hadley PI who supposedly asked him if he killed Maura.
Honestly it scares me that this guy lives in the same general area as my gf who looks similar to Maura(same hair & body type& kinda the same age but she looks like she's about 21)..I'm just glad that I post from an iPhone Thats not even registered in my real name or the same state I live in. It's fucked up that people this cruel and heartless even exist
& he's bitching about people talking a little shit? Sorry dude but the second you posted those videos you opened yourself up for this shit, which I'm sure was your intention all along.
& the whole umass thing, I'm not doubting what he's saying about the no tresspass order, but I know for a fact he didn't just ask about parking. I've asked about parking at umass personally and the cops were happy to help. So what the hell did he do or ask these guys to make them give a no trespass order? There is absolutely no way he simply asked about parking, no fkn way.
A western mass vigilante group, lol literally..that's laughable. I garauntee that there will never b a legitimate poster(one that clearly isn't one of beagle's many many names) that will support the theory of a vigilante group operating in w mass.

Reston, VA

#13 Apr 25, 2012
Oh & btw, why the hell is this posted on topix Oregon?
Don't wanna post this in the western mass forum bc you know everyone is gonna call bullshit on u!

Herndon, VA

#14 Apr 30, 2012
Jenkins is right, there is no vigilante group working in w mass. I made the whole thing up. When I went to UMass I asked skinner about Maura and why they didn't investigate better.
They gave me the no trespass because I'm a creepy old man and I was scaring the girls on campus.
im just a loser old man who's half retarded and should be in an asylum.

I enjoy scaring girls and think it's fun to make fun of families of missing girls.
That's why I made the 112dirtbag videos.

I'm just a lose who was making things up

Herndon, VA

#15 Apr 30, 2012
Maura had tay-sachs disease so I believe it was a mercy killing

Herndon, VA

#16 Apr 30, 2012
A little proof beagle is a straight up liar and making this bullshit up.

On page 104(i think) of topix Franconia,Nh beagle says his backyard was damaged hours after posting something about a Toyota corrola.
Now he says it happened after asking umass cops about parking.

I'm starting to doubt this vandalism ever even took place but one thing is for sure, i it did happen it has nothing to do with posts on Maura.

This guy is clearly a fkn weirdo, he mist have done something to make these people that live near him vandalize his yard.
He probably scared someone's gf, in which case he's lucky it was just vandalism.

Honestly is scares me that this guy lives in the same area as my girl who looks similar to Maura(same hair, body type, almost the same age)
I'm just glad I post from my iPhone that not even registered under my name so it's literally impossible for him to figure out who I am trough these posts.

Beagle you should really be careful who you fuck with. This is NOT a threat, this is honest advice. You can't taunt people and then cry when they start talkin shit about you.
Wtf did u think was gonna happen??

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