Bayport man arrested in rape of 13-ye...

Bayport man arrested in rape of 13-year-old

There are 428 comments on the Newsday story from Apr 3, 2007, titled Bayport man arrested in rape of 13-year-old. In it, Newsday reports that:

A 20-year-old Bayport man was arrested and charged with the rape of a 13-year-old West Islip girl he met on the Internet, police said.

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Jeeps Stink

Carlstadt, NJ

#33 Apr 3, 2007
who else could it be wrote:
<quoted text>
I agree.. thats where mine is also. I have a 13 year old. Im not foolish as to think I can monitor his every move, but I damn sure do my best. We also only allow him to use the computer between 7-8 (and for homework) other times I also sit with him and he shows me who he is talking to and whos on his different friend lists. I also show him things like this article to try and show him how real things actually are. Its so sad that something like this was able to get this far.
If you read the article, the parents did have parental control password on the computer, they think they girl used a laptop. Lets not forget, you can figure out a way to do something - when you really want to!

Since: Mar 07

Huntington NY

#35 Apr 3, 2007
It is very obvious that most of the bloggers here have no clue about parenting. Over and over again, the parents are blamed. Try monitoring the moves of a teenager when they are determined to be absolute mindless idiots and do their own thing. The girl is to blame for what happened. Since she slithered around looking for a computer without a password, she knew what she was doing. The 20 year old guy is a slug, but he didn't kidnap her, she went willingly. I feel very sorry for her parents. They are just beginning down a long road with this little brat.

New Milford, NJ

#36 Apr 3, 2007
"Groneman described the girl as a good kid who has never had any prior disciplinary problems. He would not say what town she lives in."


“Sqaud Up”

Since: Dec 06

Long Island

#37 Apr 3, 2007
kam wrote:
When my daughter was 13 she had friends that had the hormones of a 25 year old and knew exactly what they wanted and were doing!!alot of us did things with older people when we were younger and it was not considered rape so what has changed? I do feel that a 13 year can consent just the same as a 20 year old to the same act and are smart enough to know what they are doing. Now if there was force or violence used that is rape.It does sound like both consented and she was not kidnapped and now someones life has changed forever.It kind of seems like rape comes up after the girls get caught and don't want to get in trouble. parents just need to be more involves as to what is going on!
OMG I hope your not a parent! First you say "we were doing things with alot older people..what has changed?"
The times.. yeah ill admit in the 80's I was 12-13-14 hanging out and doing things with older people. Does that make it right? Now looking back as an adult and as a parent, I would be horrified if my kid was doing things of that nature with older people. When I look back I also realize how incappable I was of consenting or making the "right" choices at that age! How can you possibly think a nieve 13 year old can consent the same as a 20 year old?!!! THEY CANT!! Thats why they are teenagers! Thats why you grow up and realize how STUPID you were!!! I think you missed that part!

Holtsville, NY

#38 Apr 3, 2007
Okay I am sorry the girl was raped, but MYSPACE?!??!?!?!?

Myspace clearly says you have to be 16 or older to have a profile. I have a myspace, and I am 25 yrs old. I dont look for people, but have cousins who are 10, 14 and 16 and all say they are 18...!!!! There parents are morons for not monitoring what the heck they are doing!!! Its not my place, cause im not there parents... but monitor your children, and know what they do on that computer!!!
Mo Mo

Brooklyn, NY

#39 Apr 3, 2007
shameless-li wrote:
same story, different players..
sorry to say this, but if a 13 years old girl meets a guy on the internet and is stupid enough to go meet him, you pretty much know whats going to happen. Unfortunately he should not be charged with rape, she should be charge with stupidity...13 years old is not that young or naive anymore. Funny how the parents of this girl knew where to find her, so why didn't they stop her before she left??? Why didn't they monitor her activities more closely???
So blame it on the girl not the moronic guy??? 18 year olds are stupid, 13 is still young

United States

#41 Apr 3, 2007
I think we are all sorta of missing what needs to be said here - WHEN did this 13 year old girl learn that it was OK to run off with anyone she met on the internet!?!?! I know the article talks about how her father did everything he thought he could do, but he didn't tell her to not go with ANYONE you meet on the internet.

Is it not hard at all to turn on the local TV and hear about another case of someone running off with someone from the internet, whether it ends in death or violence or in this case a rape. We were ALL told as children not to talk to strangers, not to go home with anyone who didn't know the secret family password to pick you up from school, all that... SO how at 13 does this CHILD think she really knows this guy and that he's really cool and everything will be SAFE...
The point is... what goes for our 5 year olds goes for our teenagers of today as well - Talk all you want to your school friends on the internet and other people that you actually KNOW in REAL LIFE... but you should NOT be talking to strangers on the internet until you are ADULT enough to handle the consequences!!!!

Everyone who has a teenager with any sort of access to the internet/myspace should SIT DOWN and watch an episode of DATELINE: to catch a pedator.. and show them how these strangers show up and think that they are going to have sex with a teenager... it really is an eye-opener!

to every parent out there... PLEASE password protect EVERY COMPUTER in your home and monitor your child's activity on a DAILY basis - SO WHAT if they bitch and moan that they have NO SPACE when online... tell them you LOVE THEM and you are watching them to PRETECT THEM!!!


#42 Apr 3, 2007
You obviously have no kids of your own, they find a way, they are sneaky. And parents have to work, and unless you keep your child under lock and key they get on line at school at other friends houses, where ever- heck even the library. You have to give them tools and pray they have common sence to stay away from these jerks. Funny you had all things to say about the parents, but not the low life who she is so attached to. she will run back to him after he is released unless her parents imprision her.
mmmeeeeeeee wrote:
Thats disgusting. Where were this 13 year olds parents when she was on the internet? Where were the parents that she left the house and met this predator? Where were they that she was able to get on a train with him? This guy is a low life. Figures he cant get someone his own age. I know alot of kids sneak around the parents, but I dont understand how it can get this far out of hand without the parent or guardian realizing anything at all.

Thousand Oaks, CA

#43 Apr 3, 2007
I could have sworn had a different version of this up earlier today which stated the girl was from West Islip.

Durham, NC

#44 Apr 3, 2007
They are ALL doing it, these 13 year old girls. It is a medal of honor to have had sex with a 20 year old. Wake up people, I love the Moms - "No not my little Becky". Well Newsflash!!! Your little Becky is getting plowed by some dumb jock who graduated High School last year and she is just out of grade school

Colnbrook, UK

#45 Apr 3, 2007
The only way to stop child predators is public torture. As crue as it sounds...they must think twice. They are harming kids for life.
Unless, of course, she LURED him! then what?

Bronx, NY

#46 Apr 3, 2007
I'm picturing this "good girl" crawling out the bathroom window...


#47 Apr 3, 2007
These girls are fast and they THINK they want to get involved in these things, and then they get caught and get scared. I think the poor father-who i do feel for sounds like a single dad- pressed the charges. Sounds like a date on her end. They had sex then went out for the day. She got caught, so now its rape. he should have ran the other way, but maybe she LOOKS older and lied about her age. she will run back to him after this is done.
opinion wrote:
<quoted text>

The girl (far from innocent) does not have to press charges, or "cry rape". Having sex with a person of this age is against the law (statutory rape). Even if she did consent, it is still illegal. She gets grounded, he gets sent away. What's wrong with this picture?
jonny john

New York, NY

#49 Apr 3, 2007
pooor littl girl lost her virginity

i feel so sorry for her and her touched body

so many girls with nothing to do

United States

#50 Apr 3, 2007
was the sex consentual? because now a days you never know with young girls. I BET IT WAS
Another opinion

Lenni, PA

#51 Apr 3, 2007
I think the person asking the age was asking if this guy looked 20 or 27 years old.

Some girls are just fast. The father was at work the girl was home for spring break and supposedly old enough to stay home alone. Why didnt the relative follow the girl or stop her instead of calling the father? This girl could have just have easily skipped school and did this.

Brooklyn, NY

#52 Apr 3, 2007
The girl snuck out of her house to meet him. She knew what she wanted. I am a woman who dated a lot before I got married and I knew exactly how to play. She got caught and then called it rape. End-of-story.

“Sqaud Up”

Since: Dec 06

Long Island

#54 Apr 3, 2007
Jeeps Stink wrote:
<quoted text>

If you read the article, the parents did have parental control password on the computer, they think they girl used a laptop. Lets not forget, you can figure out a way to do something - when you really want to!
the first article I read was what I commented on
the updated second article is what you are refering to and is where they found out the girl got the password and the father or parents had rules and the girl snuck out.
If you notice from my comment One of the first things I said is that im not foolish to think I can watch him 24-7 Im not one of those "not my kid" kind of people. It can very well be my kid. So.. i just do my best to supervise him, and keep him active and busy and my husband and I stay very involved and interested in his life. Im very aware that although my son is good young man.. he is a teenager and doesnt always make the brightest of choices. And yes its even scarier to me because I was one of those teenagers that just "knew it all" and if I had my mind set to do something.. there was nothing you could do to stop me. Thank G_d I never found myself in a situation like this girl. To think back and see how stupid and lucky I was
No comment

Uniondale, NY

#55 Apr 3, 2007
Isn't it against the law to leave a 13 year old home alone without supervision?

United States

#56 Apr 3, 2007
manny wrote:
anyone with just one picture in myspace is a loser, they should cut'im some slack based on that alone.
he def has more then one picture but def true about all the little girls...check him out he still has a profile...i just did..hes gross

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