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#59 Jan 16, 2012
West Helena is sick of the Helena-West Helena School District as a whole Im sure this Tammy person is just one of the slappers in that office. I know, go ahead, Google "slapper".
Ashamed Roots

West Helena, AR

#62 Feb 16, 2012
Wow! I was born and grew up in West Helena, although I haven't lived there for many years. I do have family there and visit home on holidays, etc. But my point is, it was shocking to read these postings! I can't believe people would make such degrading, profane and disgusting remarks in a public forum for the world to see. All of this may be true about Ms. Martin, I don't know, but there is a more mature and decent way to communicate your concerns. I'm ashamed to say I'm from HWH. I've read a great deal about the corruptness, debauchery and immorality, and general ugliness of the people's attitude there in HWH-- and it has been confirmed by first hand accounts from people who still live there. I have even experienced the bad attitude and seeming hatred that we have against one another just in the attitude of service workers like those at fast food chains there. They treat customers so poorly and get angry at the patron beacuse they have not done the job they need to do just to make sure that menu items are available for purchase. It has become an ugly, hateful town overrun by ignorance and miseduaction. What an unfortunate happenstance and one that has resulted in the downfall of a once wholesome little city. Residents there like to say that what is going on in HWH is happening every where. They continuall deefend wrong doing as if it's right-- so apathetic, when in fact, HWH is out of control. In relationship to its small population and the large metropolitan cities, the terrible things that are going on in HWH are disproportionate to its small size. So, in other words, stop kidding yourselves, while there are problems all over this country, Helena is more out of control than many larger cities. There are many places in larger cities where people are living civilized lives of quality. They are not plagued with all of the idiocy and problems that plague HWH. Yet, but
in HWH there are few places where one can find peace, quality living, and decency among the people. All I can say is many of you need to get out and see real life, it might cause you do want to do better in your lives in HWH. I am saddened by the actions and attitudes of people there. I am ashamed of the folks there-- from preachers who are corrupt, child molesters, and other immoral characteristics (most of them) to men and women who make babies all over the town only to the detriment of the children and their estranged siblings. And mothers who then turn around and place the child on public assistance reporting that they are developmentally disabled when the child is not. This is just so they can get the check with no care for how they are harming the child's achievement. They choose to label their child and retard their educational success by limiting their educational access only to a level of special education. It's sad. It's pitiful. We all should be ashamed! You all who posted the nastiness that you posted have only displayed your ignorance and let everyone else see how poor, uneducated, and lost the folks of HWH really are.

--Ashamed Roots

West Helena, AR

#64 Feb 16, 2012
Fat Butt Tammy wrote:
Tammy always be bout Tammy. Don't matter bout how much monies cus that not be tha issues. Tammy tha issue. Tammy throws away applications for anyone that she don't like no matter how kwalfied they is. Tammy was too stupid to pass that Teacher test. She should have paid Jewell Hamilton to take it for her like Loistyne Burrell did.
Sounds like you need to go back to school or go get a "GED". You sure can't spell worth a damn, sounds like you might be jealous of Tammy. I'm sure she is more educated than you ever thought to be. Be sure when you go get your ged take an extra course of english you sure need it.

Houston, TX

#68 Feb 23, 2012
To Julia

Sorry you feel that way. I have no idea who Tammy Knowlton is. If you had really understood my comments, you would have understood that my comments had nothing to do with Tammy Knowlton but was instead, about the pettiness and ignorance of small minded people in a small town. People who through their ignorance and desperation have practically destroyed what used to be a wonderful little town.

Now it is racked with corruption, drugs and illegitimate children many of whom will add to the problems because of the absence of caring fathers and the desperation of poverty. Did it sound like I think I know every thing? Or that I was being judgmental. I think not. Basically what I was saying is shut the ignorance up and do something that will change the direction of a lost town as demonstrated by your response to my comments. You can't see the forest for the trees can you?

You tell me, why would anyone in their right mind come back to Hell West Hell, Arkansas? The oppression and degradation is murderous and you have been in it for so long you can't even see how it has murdered you and thwarted your development and opportunities for a quality life. But that is exactly what poverty, ignorance, and desperation is designed to do. No, I think I will leave the town and it's ills to your smarts. You fix it because it's people like you there who are the problem. And by the way, if it is true what you all are saying about Tammy Knowlton, I understand the anger but I don't agree with how destructive and verbally abusive people are regarding airing this on the Internet. Julia, what dont u get some balls and speak directly to Ms Knowlton instead of anonymously castrating her in public forum? Get some guts, girl. Do the right thing instead of the wrong thing as you all say Ms. Knowlton does. Your back stabbing makes u no better than her.

Hurt Daughter

Benton, AR

#71 Mar 3, 2012
My mother lost her job due to cut backs which they call RIFs but yet Tammy is being paid over $50,000 per year to hurt people, throw away job applications of people that she doesn't like and be mean to people who have done nothing to her. Even the previous incompetent superintendent was smart enough to see that Tammy has no skills. But Tammy still has a job now even though the school district will close 3 elementary schools in three more months. This ain't right. It's time for Tammy to be RIFd too like my mother was.

United States

#73 Mar 14, 2012
@sweetie. Your auntie is correct. Tammy is getting more RIF letters ready to go out by May 1st according to my cousin who still works in the Helena West Helena Schools. Tammy has her nose into everything regardless of how many times she will deny it.

West Helena, AR

#76 Apr 17, 2012
some letters start coming out tomorrow....so sad this school district has gotten so bad its about to close them all down, in few yrs will only be kipp if they dont get somebody in there and try to fix some of the screw ups that has been made in the past. Alot of money hungry thieves have gotten it to where it is today

Mayflower, AR

#81 Jun 19, 2012
Why is Tammy even employed in our school district? She does nothing and constantly stirs up mess.

Since: Sep 10

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#82 Jun 21, 2012
Ann wrote:
Why is Tammy even employed in our school district? She does nothing and constantly stirs up mess.
It may have something to do with the competence (or lack thereof) of the school district.
tammy step sister from WH

Stuttgart, AR

#83 Sep 6, 2012

West Helena, AR

#84 Sep 6, 2012
I dont really know what to say but one person cannot cause the school system to fail.maybe if they haven't paid out all those large lawsuits to one certain white superintendent.

Garden City, MI

#85 Sep 7, 2012
I use to live in helena (HOMETOWN) 20 yrs ago,my son plays football for central high..#55...he was here in KANSAS CITY all summer with me working out in the gym.. talking about they'er goin to win it all..SO I'm pump-up for him, I told him that, i would be listen to the game on the raido (KJIW) BuT the game was not. B"cast on the RADIO so I call KJIW.. they told me tht they pull the game OFF the air bcs MS.knowlton.. KJIW an HER are not on da same PAGE...SHE Is calling all the shots...that's sad someone need to step up and fix it...just a father trying to here the CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL GAME!!!!!!!!!!

West Helena, AR

#86 Sep 7, 2012
wow wrote:
I dont really know what to say but one person cannot cause the school system to fail.maybe if they haven't paid out all those large lawsuits to one certain white superintendent.
O wellthere fault they should of not done what they did to him,,,,plzzz dont forget about all the money the blacks were spending that list can go on and on and on thats reason its where its at today....

West Helena, AR

#87 Sep 7, 2012
tammy step sister from WH wrote:
And you need to learn to spell, and also hit your cap lock button plz

United States

#90 Sep 16, 2012

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#100 Nov 2, 2012
I moved my cheerun aways from west helena. nothin but mess there.

Benton, AR

#104 Nov 12, 2012
Good grief.

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#107 Jan 12, 2013

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#111 Aug 22, 2013

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#112 Aug 26, 2013
Good Lord. I sure am glad that my kids are at Kipp.

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