St. Brendanís Church in New Haven will celebrate its 100th anniversary this year with several events beginning April 7, for the parish community, past parishioners, St. Brendan School alumnae, neighbors, former resident clergy and nuns.

April 7, 2013- Anniversary mass at 12 noon celebrated by Archbishop Mansell.
(100 years to the day of the creation of St. Brendanís Church on April 7, 1913)

St. Brendanís has been a spiritual home away from home to thousands of New Haven area residents who were baptized, received first communion, attended mass, were married, or attended St. Brendan school. The church continues to serve as social hub for many in the Whalley-Edgewood-Beaver Hills community and the attractive buildings and grounds anchor the mid-point of Whalley Avenue between Broadway and Westville.

We encourage attendance at all of the 100th anniversary events and reach out to those who have moved away to join in celebrating this milestone in the history of St. Brendanís Church and the City of New Haven!