If the body found is Tina Davis? Who ...

If the body found is Tina Davis? Who will be really responsible???

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Wondering Why

Willacoochee, GA

#1 Nov 1, 2009
I hope for her family it isn't true. Because at least if she's in jail her people could at least visit her. If you were in her kids place, who would you blame? The Sheriff-the man with the last say. or The County Transporter who has to be told by someone else what to do? If I was Leon Goff I wouldn't go out easy and lose my retirement for some other idiot that mess up like his superiors have. I've alway heard every dog has his day I sure hope I get to see that happen. If anyone knows anything I hope God gets them and maybe they can help catch whoever is at blame.

Kittanning, PA

#2 Nov 1, 2009
IF it is Tina and I were her family, I'd sue the PANTS OFF the CCSO and COFFEE COUNTY. Go ahead and say it: some of you may say that wouldn't bring her back. But IT MAY PROVIDE THE FAMILY WITH SOME ANSWERS that, apparently, no one is giving them. AND, while ultimately, a HUGE LAWSUIT would cost the taxpayers of this County, it could help REFORM the COUNTY GOVERNMENT and the CCSO. I'd also sue the GBI if they couldn't or wouldn't share with me the facts of my loved one's death.

Personally, I'd rather my taxes increase and have decent leadership and a CCSO who protect the public, than continue this downhill slide into COMPLETE DISORDER. I think MOST citizens would rather NOT be scared to take their children out trick-or-treating, not fear people who are incarcerated for their mistakes could easily end up DEAD, and not have to wonder if the criminal justice system in this county is completely BROKEN!

NO-that's what we SHOULD HAVE HAD TO BEGIN WITH, without anyone having to SUE to get it! WHEN IS THE NEXT COFFEE COUNTY COMMISSIONERS MEETING? I SAY WE ALL TURN UP WITH PITCHFORKS! THE BUCK HAS TO STOP SOMEWHERE! ALSO-next time a voting booth is open: if there is a candidate with (I) after their name for INCUMBANT....DO NOT VOTE FOR THEM!!! I WON'T BE, no matter WHO it is. At least give a NEW batch of would-be crooks and incompetents the chance to do a little less harm!
big bell 111

United States

#3 Nov 1, 2009
There has been NO identification yet, because the body is in a morbid state of decomposition. The Coroner's office sent the body that was found in the field to the GBI Crime Lab in Macon Ga for positive identification. This will take a matter of time with both Dental Analysis and DNA testing.

This is not CSI or any other TV show, this analysis takes a lot of time especially DNA testing.

The manner and cause of death may take even longer as toxicology tests will be conducted to determine the manner and cause of death along with investigative criteria to see if the death was a wrongful death . These again are not easy and simple tests to produce and secure acurate information due to the state of decomposition of the body. The case will be investigated very thoroughly due to the fact the body was found, the body was decomposed, and the body was not identied at the scene.
only me

Flowery Branch, GA

#4 Nov 1, 2009
well...i know someone who passed away suddenly, and was sent to the crime lab for toxicology and it took 8 weeks to come back, the coroner in another town assured it wasnt the person who died organs, so they sent it for tocicology, after 8 weeks with the children in agony, mourning and crying the toxicology came back as enlarged heart..how you see it?? i thought toxicology was blood?? why didnt they see enlarged heart here in coffee hospital, if it was indeed his organs im sure the coroner would have just pronounced him dead, not wait 8 weeks for a report that makes no sense at all, i pray for the persons kids daily for inner peace

Flowery Branch, GA

#5 Nov 1, 2009
i think most of us knew this. took about 2 weeks on my brother when his body went to the crime lab.

big bell, do you work at ccso or married to some one who is ?

Perry, GA

#7 Nov 1, 2009
Well, iffin she did run away, how could the family sue the law?
No one told her to run away.

But if she didn't run on her own we need to know what the hell happened and why.

WHY would ANT prisoner be taken out of jail?
Thought they could only go to court or hospital if real bad sick.

No way should a prisoner get to go feed their damn animals.
If family couldn't feed them then call the animal control to pick them up.
only me

Flowery Branch, GA

#8 Nov 1, 2009
well...the story was she went to feed the animals but the paper said she was being transported to another facility, in my wildest thoughts and analyzing i cant undertand how she got away from LG, got in her care who was later found in Broxton, it just dont add up i think she had her car parked by someone in Broxton, the escape was probably planned by someone, mabe not even her, and she never made it to her car....the dogs couldnt pick up her scent so apparently she wasnt at her car with "her" clothes...who put the car there, were they indeed her clothes, something just aint right, and maybe that wasnt her body, who knows in coffee co.

Edison, GA

#9 Nov 1, 2009
No Big Bell dosen't work for the CCSO, but you would be surprised to know who he is. I'll leave it at that.

What people need to realize with CCSO is the common denominator(employees)that has been there through the last 3 Sheriff's. Think about it! How with all the corruption, some behind the scenes some not so behind the scenes, how can there be just a couple that has made it through 3 Sheriff's without any dirt on their hands? Is it possible?

Why with Tina is there so many different stories coming straight out of the mouths of the CCSO employees? Does anyone know exactly what happened the day she "escaped"? Probably not, Only God and Tina knows and that may be something no one will ever find out. Should the CCSO be held responsible as a whole? YOU DAMN RIGHT!
big bell 111

United States

#10 Nov 1, 2009
The toxicology is a long list of different test of tissue, blood, hair, and the differnt chemicals found in the system. This is a very long process. It takes weeks to find the right determination of cause of death with a tox screen.

The main thing is that someone is researching, and investigating the incident. It is true that sometimes a cause of death cannot be determined, especially with the decomposition factor. This is very rare however.

the three main things that the crime lab will try and answer is 1. Identify the person 2. Identify the cause and manner of death. 3. if in the case of wrongful death, who the perpetrator is (if the case if wrongful death).

Since: Nov 09

Perry, GA

#11 Nov 1, 2009
I honestly don't believe that the body found was tina davis'. For the simple fact that they said the body they found was so badly decomposed that they could only tell that it was female. That would mean that the body has been out there at least about a month or more, and tina has only been missing for about 2 weeks. Now the weather has been really cool here lately, so that body has been out there a while.
who me

Kathleen, GA

#12 Nov 1, 2009
could it be tara grinstead?

Since: Nov 09

Perry, GA

#13 Nov 1, 2009
But if it is her, you dang right the ccso should be held responsible. I think the ccso is the most corrupt in south ga and the state should step in and clean house up there. you never hear about any other sheriff's office being as corrupt as coffee county. and i'm not saying anything bad about Pope, because every sheriff that has been up there has been in the news for something negative. we just need to start choosing our candadates a lil more carefully!
i care

Manchester, KY

#14 Nov 1, 2009
the body was tina davis cause i no the family very well and they have called the mother and step father in the offce on friday and told them everything. so yes it is tina davis so less pray for the mother this is the 2 child the mother has had to bury.

Perry, GA

#15 Nov 1, 2009
You have to look at the evidence.
Her car was found not too far away from the field.

Did she walk away from her car on her own or was she marched out there?

Where is this field ocated?
Is it off of a major road or farther back?
No Nonsense

United States

#16 Nov 1, 2009
I think personal that the CCSO should be held responsible if it is Tina Davis's body that was found because like someone else said why in the world would a employee of CCSO take anyone to there home to feed there animals is beside me. Then to top it off find her vechicle and then a body but weeks after her accused escape here is the big question how could she escape when the officer who was in her care let her feed her dogs I mean really have you ever heard of such bull sounds like from what I have read and heard CCSO needs to be held responsible and if it is Tina Davis's body that was found they owe her family and the public an explanation as to what happen.As far as a toxicology report to find the cause of death why don't they put the family first and tell them if this is her body then if it is her body determinethe cause of death.I am praying for the family of Tina Davis may God be with each and everyone of you.
Wondering Why

Willacoochee, GA

#17 Nov 1, 2009
i care wrote:
the body was tina davis cause i no the family very well and they have called the mother and step father in the offce on friday and told them everything. so yes it is tina davis so less pray for the mother this is the 2 child the mother has had to bury.
I just hope and pray that someone will feel they need to help this family. Those people know who I'm talking about.May God Bless this family.
only me

Flowery Branch, GA

#18 Nov 1, 2009

Kittanning, PA

#19 Nov 1, 2009
If you don't think a body could obtain a "high state of decomposition" over the last two weeks, shoot a deer and stake it out in a cotton field for the next 2 wks and see what happens. No, unless Tara G. has been held captive for a VERY LONG TIME, then killed & left in that field, there wouldn't be any organs to do any toxicology on except maybe some hair. There'd only be a few bones, maybe a little hair--if that, & it was Tara after all this time. Besides, unless Tara was held somewhere until recently, don't you think they'd have seen her when the cotton was planted or tended? Think cotton grows itself?

I think the odds that Tina's SUV (or one she had used) was found within a stone's throw of this body and it's NOT her are about equal to my chances of winning the lotto tomorrow, sad to say. Wouldn't that have to be one hell of a coincidence?

Bigbell 111- I know this "ain't" CSI or TV....not by a long shot. Crimes are actually SOLVED on tv and corruption is sometimes exposed. But this County has a story that keeps writing itself.

Douglas, GA

#20 Nov 1, 2009
The SO should be held responsible. There's no reason an inmate should ever be taken to a bank to sign papers. If bank papers needed to be signed and the bank wanted her business a person from the bank could have delivered the papers for her to sign. Family members should have fed her pets. If the handcuffs or shackles were removed, the SO employee or supervisor who OK'd this should be held accountable. They screwed up on all levels. There's no excuse for a LE veteran to make these stupid mistakes. It looks very bad on this person and the Sheriffs office. The Cover-Your-Ass story that ran in Douglas Enterprise was hilarious. IMO more proof that the department has something to hide.
Coffee RN

Moultrie, GA

#21 Nov 1, 2009
i care wrote:
the body was tina davis cause i no the family very well and they have called the mother and step father in the offce on friday and told them everything. so yes it is tina davis so less pray for the mother this is the 2 child the mother has had to bury.
You do not know what you're talking about! Yes they called her mother in to the SO...for a DNA swab. It is NOT true that they have told the family that it was Tina. You need to get your facts straight before you post things on topix. I am a member of her family ...and it's hard to read the posts that are being posted here. Maybe some knew her, most did not, and yet they judge her. Yes she was in jail on drug-related charges...she was NOT doing drugs. She was in a program to get her straight and Tina had straightened her life up after being on drugs...she was incarcerated because the MORON she lived with continued to do drugs and (1) marijuana butt was found in the house on a routine search. She was paying the price. Now...when you have info that is accurate ...post that. But please...don't post lies.

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