whats wrong with all these people bei...

Benton, IL

#24 Jun 24, 2012
This is the most retarded post i have ever seen. Who gives a crap. Gay, straight, black, white. Any way u look at it this sh¡t will be in ur face. If a situation makes u feel uncomfortable walk away. Simple. As far as it bein a new trend its not. When i was in hs almost 20 yrs ago it was an "in" thing. Trying to find urself isn't such a bad thing when ur young. Could be worse. The kids could be drugging out. Screwing their pets and so on.

Marion, IL

#25 Jun 24, 2012
or else what? you deal with ppl not liking dude on dude action or else!

Marion, IL

#26 Jun 25, 2012
I think I'm a lesbian. How should I tell my wife?

Saltville, VA

#28 Jul 2, 2012
being gay would be wrong if there was no technology to reproduce without having hetero sex..

Saltville, VA

#29 Jul 2, 2012
this guy I know who is straight and has a wife said he used to be gay ..

Marion, IL

#30 Aug 21, 2012
i am gay i had plenty of sex acts in the bathroom at high school and college. and even a teacher in high school had me blow him in the bathroom. just because i gave my fellow classmates head jobs dont make me a bad person. i would just swallow and move on to the next

Marion, IL

#31 Aug 21, 2012
so being gay use to be wrong lenkouver but now thanks to technological advances its ok? get a clue....dicks goes in vaginas...not that difficult of a concept

Sesser, IL

#32 Aug 26, 2012
hey wrote:
Its always a gay man molesting a young boy.
Dont let ur kids around gays alone.now ho
Its a recruitment thing for them.
Now hollywood will show gays in a different light.
But they also still praise the jackson after buying white kids to molest from their parents.
u are Soooooo stupid.. not true its straight men, that have a gay side.. u sound gay... come out of the closet. So your not so mad and ignorant.:)

Sesser, IL

#33 Aug 26, 2012
lenkouver wrote:
being gay would be wrong if there was no technology to reproduce without having hetero sex..
Sooo not true.. your showing your stupidity.
renee gunter

United States

#34 Aug 26, 2012
hahaha! this topic is soo gay. Literally!

Sesser, IL

#35 Aug 26, 2012
hey wrote:
Ur liberal left wing agenda teacher have been stting this up for years.
Public schools r run by gays
your a f'n nut..really I mean really!!!! Did u think gays, Would never move up in the ranks. We have them everywhere, even the Congress. And all through the government. We work everywhere just like your kind. Because, and I think this might surprise you, But we are people also. Your stupid!!!! Do we give u a hard time for being straight, or being married to someone ugly or fat. Or for being poor, or for the Color of your skin. My point is, its not right to judge people.... for any reason. And the as*holes of w.f. run the schools, trust me. And. They are not gay. Well, not to where people can see. Everyone has gay tendencies, woman or man. You've thought of it, I'm sure!!! Its probably what you think about while your getting your self off. Your kind makes me sick! How about that!!!!!! AND THIS GOES TO ALL HATERS!!!!!!!!!!

Herrin, IL

#36 Aug 27, 2012
Homophobes are f*cking ignorant. If you think gay/lesbian people are bad, take a look at yourself. Obviously you're not too great yourself. Making fun of someone or putting them down merely because their sexuality. I could put you down for being straight, simply because I do not agree with it. But I wont. Because I'm not some close minded idiot who judges someone because of the way they are. I do kind of agree with whoever said that girls are doing it to seem "Cool." I don't see how liking the same gender makes any cool, and its really ridiculous to pretend you like girls just to impress others? Like who you like. Don't worry what others think. You're you, don't change that for anyone else.

Garnett, KS

#37 Aug 27, 2012
If they r gay let em be!

Sesser, IL

#38 Aug 28, 2012
homophobe wrote:
They're too many people coming out gay! I mean there were two girls in the bathroom making out, SICK!
that is sooooo stupid!!!!! And so you know just how stupid. I'll give u a idea.( They're are to many people coming out straight.)

Los Angeles, CA

#39 Oct 1, 2012
Becuz, bein gay iz liek ttly wrng and ppl shodnt be gay!

Ya. That pretty much all I have seen here. No reasons, just what seems like uneducated people who hat gays because everyone is saying its 'wrong'

Black and white people marrying used to be wrong.
Women having rights used to be wrong.
Girls going to school used to be wrong.

Society advances. It always does. And I'm guessing that pretty damn soon gay marriage will be perfectly legal and accepted. That is if mankind is as advanced as we are led to belive.

Carthage, MO

#40 Oct 1, 2012
Colton dixons girl friend wrote:
<quoted text>nothin rong with being gay so like deal with it.or else.
or else what you gonna throw a hissy lol
the rock says

Sesser, IL

#42 Oct 9, 2012
Just because somebody knows being gay is a wrong lifestyle doesn't mean they think you are a bad person....they just don't agree with the dong on dong action....deal with it.

Saltville, VA

#43 Oct 13, 2012
I like gay women because I can stare at their boobs and they act like nothing is happening..

Saltville, VA

#44 Oct 13, 2012
cuz i'm a guy..

Saltville, VA

#45 Oct 13, 2012
is it possible to get straight sex from a gay woman .. without turning them bisexual?? or straight??

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