Mitchell, IN

#162 Nov 21, 2013
what gets me is there is so much corruption in this one little town and nobody seems to care enough to put an end to all the illegal activities from our city officials! why is the prosecutor not doing his job, there is no way that these men can keep getting by with the things they do if Kelley Minton was doing his job! It is his job to protect the citizens and there property! Is it because back in 2007 when the towns assistant prosecutor was married to the towns attorney that helped start this mess in the first place, or the fact that the towns attorney in 2008 became deputy prosecutor when he mapped out on how to get the zoning ordinance passed which illegal in the first place! I believe that would put the prosecutors office in this so called racketeering enterprise! I am a firm believer that the facts speak for them selves and the truth is the truth ! I think it is the states attorney generals office that the responsibility is now in there jurisdiction! If there are these type of e-mails out there that's where I'd be sending them! Just a thought!
hey now

Troy, MI

#163 Nov 22, 2013
Even when they caught red handed like when the towns heavy equipment was used to help out a friend when the council wasnt even notified prior to use what did they do? Retroactively approve it! A council members son is hired to be the architect for a public project nobody said this is a conflict of interest? Scratch my back and ill scratch yours. The good ole boy, its all who you know system is alive and well in Paoli.

Louisville, KY

#164 Dec 2, 2013
Maybe you should bring these issues up to the US Attorney's office in Indianapolis. Look up Joseph Hogsett and notify him of this crap going on and see what he has to say about it. He seems to be on the hunt for dirty politicians and putting people behind bars and Paoli, IN, Salem, IN, etc would be a good place to start.

Medora, IN

#165 Dec 6, 2013
LOL. Its all a personal thing between TM and the town. I did some research on the ordinance he talks about. Jones was not on the council when the ordinance passed. In fact In 2009 when he was on the council Jones voted to repeal the ordinance. What does big T- Roy have to say about that. He doesn't talk about that. He spends his days doing research instead of working so go to the news paper office and look it up. The T boy just wants something for nothing cause he made a bad business deal with someone and now he wants to blame anyone but himself. You can also research arrest records at the news paper. Just for fun lets see how many we can find on little T boy. Take a pen and paper it will take awhile. But he wants to call others criminals. Still a freaking joke.

Medora, IN

#166 Dec 8, 2013
Thought all of his box of crap got stolen. That's what he told the police when he was arrested for making threats over the phone, threatening to shoot people. When he was being arrested he told the officers that someone broke into his house and stole his evidence. Hm what an imagination. Maybe it was Jimmy Hofa or the boys from the Men in Black. Every town has on of these guys that complains about everything and blames someone else for bad decisions he or she has made. It's always someone else s fault.

It is my understanding TM tried to extort money from the town. He went in to the office and told the clerk and other workers that he would go away for $275,000. That was caught on the security cameras and I heard it is being instigated as an extortion case. Just what I am hearing.

Shelbyville, IN

#167 Dec 12, 2013
I see whats going on, sounds, like jones has alot problems with honesty. All this talk about jones not being on the council is true but i have done some looking into this whole thing, jones was appointed as treasurer of the new park in 2006 and 2007 which infact was the town of paoli. In the news paper he did say that it was him that ask the council for the ordinance to protect his property. He was campaining for council which is a conflict of interest. I have seen whats went on here, unlawful buisness influence, which is illegal, so these are infact public trust violations. Tm is right , this is what is called spot zoning. So jones did receive a kickback, which is bribery under indiana code

United States

#168 Dec 15, 2013
This is all corrupt buisness influence, favoritism is kick backs, also the spot zoning against this guy . These guys think they can sabotage and threaten people is all unlawful buisness practices. Corruption in this case has involved the how do i stop this guy approach. From my understanding the council brought in the pubic policy think tank political strategist to map out how to restrict the use of this man property, this was a blatant disregard of this mans buisness and property rights yes this was all illegal public policy and illegally terrorizing this private property owner. No wonder this man keeps speaking out against these corrupt buisness practices of every property owners federal and state property rights maybe these e mails will get to the right people . Keep on fighting that my advice.
Come on OC

Bloomington, IN

#169 Dec 23, 2013
Joe on the look out for corrupt politicians lol, I suggest a mirror.

Fort Wayne, IN

#170 Jan 1, 2014
What a dumb ass. OK you dumb ass if your going to talk smack be man enough and have the balls enough to tell the entire story. The entire neighborhood went to a council meeting back in 2007. Get the newspaper article and post the entire thing you freaking punk. Not just one guy but about 12 people asked for an ordinance. Keep chasing your tale dumb ass. As for the Park building Corp. This may be tough for you to understand so I will go slow. When the town did a bond issue for the new park by law it had to form a building corporation. Jones was appointed by the council at that time. He was not on it and did not appoint himself. The members of that board are not paid, do not handle a budget but are only in place by state law. So, dip shit you are talking apples and oranges again. No conspiracy but it gives your dumb ass something to do since you wont work. So tell the entire truth ass hole. Lots of people in town came to that meeting asking for an ordinance. Get the article and read it post it here if you have the rocks to do it.

Better yet get a job.. Why hanvnt you filled a law suit after 6 years instead of crying about this shit all the time. Its getting real boring you going around proving you don't know what your talking about. You make accusations and point fingers but its all in your head.

Fort Wayne, IN

#171 Jan 1, 2014
Lets recap. You want something for nothing. You wont work and you blame everyone else for mistakes you made. A group of people, about 12 came to a meeting back in 2007 and asked for protection, not one guy. When Jones did get on the council he voted to repeal the ordinance. You went to the prosecutor, TV stations, the newspaper, business, state police and whoever else you could find. You told people that you are an agent with the FBI. Fact is everyone has booted you out on your ass cause your a dumb ass. You told people that the town went to your house and stole your so called evidence. That was a lie to. You decided to make a phone call and threaten the life of the 16 year old son of a councilman. You also sent text to people saying that you are going to start shooting people. So you spent time in jail, AGAIN and you had a protective order slapped against you. You go to the town office and verbally abuse the employees. You are on camera saying that if the town would pay you $275,000 you would go away. That is extortion. and you wonder why people think your a freak..

If you would have been working at a job the last 7 years at a job think of the money you would have made. Lets also repeat the fact that you sold your property to JQ, 18K I believe. So what are you bitching about. You sold your property and where out of it. You got your money and pissed it away and now you want a free ride from someone. No free rides. Get a job or continue to chase your tail and blame everyone else the rest of your life.

Fort Wayne, IN

#172 Jan 1, 2014
Dog, There is nobody else but TM talking about this crap. I repeat no one.
What is corruption in your freaked out head is not necessarily reality. You are the only one that has a police record. You are the only one that threatens people and goes to jail and you are the only one bitching and no one else cares. And before you start throwing around CONFLICT OF INTEREST accusations. Get a clue and figure out what the really means in regard to Indiana state statute. State board of accounts audits the town every 2 years on everything including conflicts. There are no conflicts. You repeat codes you read and half the time the code does not apply to what you are talking about. And again the main question still remains.

Fort Wayne, IN

#173 Jan 1, 2014
What business. This dude never had a business. WOW............

Fort Wayne, IN

#174 Jan 1, 2014
Get a lawyer and dip shit. Stop crying making dumb ass accusations, talking like a jail house lawyer and file a law suit. What are you afraid of. Maybe being laughed out of the court room. Tell you what I will pay for your attorney.
Too Funny

Paoli, IN

#175 Jan 2, 2014
The town council must be scared shitless of this Mitchell guy to hide behind law enforcement and have them stop and frisk him at a town council meeting for no reason.

Noblesville, IN

#176 Jan 3, 2014
Tm, will be at the next town council meeting ,and he will bring the emails to show what mark jones is all about, let the man speak at the meetings and he will produce the emails and lets see who the lier is , that is unless jones is scared of the back door deals that was done ,then he will make sure that tm can speak. Let me say this mark is a lier and tm will probe it at the next council meeting. Oh by the way tm is not out of it troy is steal owed money on the property and he still has a dog in tjis fight ,and fight to the end he will. Now shut up with all the lies and lets see what really went on here in paoli.mark sent the police to tms property threatening him with fines if he didnot take down his protest signs aint that right mark,also he did call the mobile home mover saying that he would be pulled over and he better have a moving permit. There are many such sabotaging techniques that mark jones used. I challenge mark jones to make sure that tm gets to show these emails ,execept the challenge mark unless you realy are the liers tm says you are.

Elizabethtown, IN

#178 Jan 3, 2014
That was very generous of you mark to pay for my attorney to sue the town of Paoli to which I graciously excepted your offer. Its been along for all this matter to finally come to what really happened on unionville road, I never thought this this matter would go this far, especially when Cindy at the town office said that there was no legal authority to stop me from my reental buisness. Im glad that on Paoli topix ,you graciously promised to pay for my attorney to help me win this law suit. Which will be only the beginning of such matters. Sincerily, Troy Mitchell

Paoli, IN

#179 Jan 3, 2014
Well, get there early and sign the sign in sheet or you cannot speak.

United States

#180 Jan 4, 2014
All this going on is just a way to keep the real issues at bay. There is more going on in this town than any of us could know. Tell me how a first or second year city police officer can afford to buy a 250,000.00 dollar home?I have worked my ass off my whole life and can not afford shit. And county officers are fired and then rehired on the town police. Some are just transferred out of county for messing with young girls, and then its covered up. If you live here we all know whom I am speaking of. Then you have the whole jail run by one family. Some certain police officers state, county, and city have had drug problems themselves, and still have their jobs, hmmm.....I am just saying people wake up.And I have not even got to the prosecutors, and the inner offices yet.

Indianapolis, IN

#182 Jan 16, 2014
Mark jones broke in and vandalized the fire department. Todd Young says in an email its Mark Jones that done this, and the town council President at the time said it was Mark Jones, there is a letter stating it was in fact Mark Jones in a letter signed by the town council president. Mark Jones burglarized the fire department building owned by the town of Paoli, and it was swept under the rug , by police, town board members, and their town attorney , that is our ninth district congressman Todd Young. Mark Jones could not extort a 40,000 dollar paid position for heim self, so when the fire department was changed over and his buddys Dutch Parks and Joes summers ,to which Dutch became the new chief, an Joe Summers became the advisor for the new department Mark Jones broke in that night or the next morning and unleashed his vengence on the new department . If the citizens seen those emails and letters and the news paper dated Thursday December31st 2009. Mark is a criminal and a snake in the grass. Mark has always used his public office to control this town , when he cant have his way Mark usually has a little tantram ask harmon,harmon and petty ask any one that has worked under his control, oh ask Matt Anderson that filed a police report against Mark Jones. Now Mark what threaten the wrong guy and the saying goes, What we have here is failure to communicate,some people wants it some people gets it. mark when they do come for you ,dont sob,or wimper just dont what ever you do dont worry about your old life they will give you a new one. And your probably going to need bubba to protect you well good luck with that.
share it

Bloomfield Hills, MI

#183 Jan 17, 2014
Share these emails with the public. We want to see them if you have them to make our own decisions.

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