fed up

Fremont, IN

#41 May 11, 2012
the sheriff of this county needs to slow his police cars down they will go by you 100 miles an hour with no lights or siren lets all of us obey the law not just a chosen few of us godbless

Fremont, IN

#42 May 13, 2012
Fed up this is my suggestion. Get behind them with your hazards on until they pull over. Then make a citizens arrest.

Waddell, AZ

#43 May 28, 2012

Fraud and Corruption can be stopped, this is a good view on how to start, or at least think about it.
Just an honest opinion

North Ridgeville, OH

#44 Jul 14, 2012
Okay... so here it goes. The town of Paoli is just like any other little ass backwards town, it's the good ole boys club, protecting each other, and looking out for their own best interests. I was around when Troy started talking about turning his property into a small business venture and adding several trailers. I was there when he went to the council to try and obtain the correct permission and do things the right way. I was around when the town council passed the ordinance and while so many say it wasn't a personal attack against Troy, it certainly does seem that way.

As far as Troy not having a good business mind, e does have some good ideas, just not the means to bring them to fruition. As far as no one twisting Troy's arm to sell his property to Quakerbake (and yes, I know that's not how it's spelled, but for me, it's spelled about as much as I care to spell it for that idiot.) As far as him buying Troy's property, I was around when he was telling his lies to Troy, about backing him up and helping him fight the Town Council, and amazing how after Troy sold it to him, he was able to put the trailers there, and obtain the correct permits.

Yes, Troy has a drinking problem, We all know it and even he knows it. But I'm here to tell you that Troy didn't exactly have the best upbringing. Troy was brought up having to fight for what little he had, having to do for himself, and through no fault of his own, but most people are a product of their environment and upbringing.

Troy, may not be a well educated man, but at least he has the balls to stand up against the corruption in the town, when so many people don't and just want to stand back and bitch. Say what you want, say he's a drunk, okay, so he is, say he's a little on the loony side, okay so he is, but then again from what I've read on these posts, it doesn't look like he's alone. Considering 1 person has posted against Troy several times and used different names, how that for a "dog in the race", which is the same phrase that different people used and not a common phrase at that.

Troy "friend" and I say that very sarcastically, James Q, is nothing more than a liar, a cheat, a thief, and a user. He uses people to gain from them and discards them like yesterdays newspapers.

I know for a fact that Troy has actually talked to the FBI in New Albany, and while most of you set back and say the town isn't corrupt, I can tell you from personal experience that it is, it's a good ole boys club.




No, I am not Troy's cheerleader, I know he has a drinking problem, and he could be a much better father, but I also know this, those who cast stones, usually don't live in glass houses. And if you don't know what that means, then you aren't very well educated either.

Muncie, IN

#45 Jul 18, 2012
Well TM just got out of jail "AGAIN" Class D Felony this time. What did he do this time? He threatened a 16 year old kid over the phone. Said he was going to "come and get him" TM believes in his right to free speech, that's cool so do I and hear goes. TM is a dumb ass low life piece of crap who belongs in prison. He has been threatening people for years about shit he makes up in his freaking head. TM are you listening. GET A LAWYER AND FILE A LAW SUIT. Stop waiting everyone's time. No body cares. You have been to the FBI, CIA, Prosecutor, State Police, Governor and who knows the hell else and the bottom line is. Your a freaking nut job and know one is listening. Again you are making yourself look like a freaking dork. Put up or shut up.... You go around talking like a dip shit and now you are threatening kids... Hell of a man you aren't.
Just an honest opinion

North Ridgeville, OH

#46 Jul 18, 2012
BILLYBOB, you need to get YOUR facts straight. Troy did NOT threaten a 16 year old boy over the phone OR in person. You talk about Troy being a freaking nut job, it's you who is the nut job. Even if Troy did threaten a 16 year old kid, it WOULDN'T Be a a class D felony. Why, don't you try using your real name this time, and admit you are part of the problem. YOU ARE PART OF THE TOWN COUNCIL..,

What Troy did was threaten the TOWN COUNCIL after his home was broken into. If you are such a MAN, quit putting other down like TM and say this shit to his face.

I'll bet you don't have the balls to say it to his face. The town council, including Mark Jones, has publicly and privately threatened Troy, and put him down every chance they get, and yet they are the innocent ones, bullshit!

Troy may not have all his ducks in a row, or a "dog in the race" as you so frequently put in when posting under various names, but at least he has the BALLS to say shit to people's faces, unlike you.

Yes, I do know what Troy's charges are, and yes, I do know they are NOT a Class D Felony for threatening a 16 year old. Stop being such a dumbass and mind your own damn business!!

Muncie, IN

#47 Jul 19, 2012
Here is the deal Troy. You stepped over the line. You want your free speech, so do I. SO don't be such a pussy when I
exercise my rights. You threaten me and now my 16 year old son. I want to make myself perfectly clear you waste of air. I will take ALL measures to protect family and myself. This was humorous at first now it is serious. I don't know what your dumb ass is even bitching about all these years. I bought the property next door to me after the real estate salesperson called me. This happens every damn day. You bitch about blocking an easement. The same fucking easement that has been on the books for 10 years is still in place. Nothing has changed dumb ass. Look it up. I was not on the council when the ordinance was made. I went to the council as the entire neighborhood did asking for something to be done. Again I WAS NOT ON THE COUNCIL. So you ingrate, nothing illegal. I told you this long ago and I say it again. Get a damn lawyer and sue if you think you where done wrong. That is the normal thing to do. But we all know normal and Troy Mitchell can't be used in the same sentence. I have said this before to, get a damn job. But remember this I will protect my family and myself from harm and I think you know that.
Been Thru It-I Know

Canton, OH

#48 Jul 19, 2012
Okay, I was also there when all this first started, so yes, I do know. And Mark Jones, or whatever name you are using now,YOU STARTED THIS WHOLE THING! I know that for a FACT! You made your brags to TM that no matter what it took, you were going to put a stop to his business venture, and bragged to him that you were going to run for City Council just so you could do that, or whatever it took to get it done. You counted on TM being a coward and turning tale and running, but he didn't do that, did he? And you are also THE ONE who started the threatening. Need I remind you of the day that you stood across the street from TM's property, brandishing YOUR GUN and trying to goad TM into coming across the road so you could shoot him! And you did this in full view of TM's little boy and scared him half to death! Don't deny it either Mark, because that same little boy told me about it!!!
So you threw out the first threat, not TM! And if you say you didn't do it, then that makes you a liar!!! That child had no reason for telling me that unless he had seen it. Otherwise, the child would have had no reason for being afraid of you, now would he? Well, you get a little power under your belt and you automatically think your some kind of God! Well, your are just as much trash as you claim TM is!!! I have been watching for all these years without saying too much, but let me assure you, I'm not the only one watching how all this unfolds! Others are also watching with much interest on the outcome. And although there has already been an attempt of TM' life, or do I need to remind you of that little incident, there are more watching than just me. So you'd better hope that nothing happens to TM or his son. Besides, you really should shut up a while and remember something here. What you have written online is a permanent record. And you could be in danger of a lawsuit on charges of harassment as well as what they now call cyberbullying! They have passed laws on cyberbullying now. And all your nasty little comments and tyrants on TM are out there for everyone to see! No matter how hard you and your parteners in crime try to sway public opinion about TM, he does have some very valid pionts that he is making. Others may not say so much of what they know, but they can be forced to be a witness for the prosecution against you and you cohorts. And don't tell me you haven't broken the law. I know better! I don't care who you are, you put your britches on one leg at a time mister, just like I do. And don't make the mistake of thinking just because I don't say too much that I'm afraid of you and your little cronies, I am too old to be afraid of any of you, you got that! So don't threaten me either. You don't worry me in the least! I've fought these battles before, so one more battle means nothing to me. I've got more battle scars than you'll ever see.


Muncie, IN

#49 Jul 19, 2012
He did threaten a 16 year old kid because the kid answered the phone and Troy thought it was Jones and Troy started threatening thinking it was Mark Jones but it was his 16 year old son. He told him he was coming to get him. Din't know that part did you but it is all documented including the phone records. Troy said "Arm yourself" and knowing Jones he did but Troy must have forgot where Jones lives because much to Jones disappointment know one showed up. Maybe you can go to court with him to hear the evidence. He was charged with intimidation a D felony, read the paper. and don't forget 1st amendment rights. Troy is always talking about his. He doesn't like it much when someone else exercises there's. Records being stolen is another fantasy of Troy's another story he has made up in his head to blame everyone else for his mistakes.
You seem to live in the same dream world as Troy. If he thinks he has been wronged then he needs to shut up and file a damn law suit and stop crying. File a law suit against the town or against who ever he wants and shut up. All Jones did was answer the phone one day when a real estate agent called. Trinkle group, They said property was for sale and do you want to buy it. Like anyone in America he said yes laid down the money and purchased the property. Troy could have bought it to but he didn't. What the hell is corrupt about that and again if you think it is file a damn law suit and get it over with. What is he waiting for. Don't care about your battle scars I got plenty to and don't lay down for anyone. Including someone who threatens kids. If someone came on my property drunk as troy did threatening me and my kids I would have pulled a gun to. That is what happened, you forgot that part. So you get your facts straight.....

Muncie, IN

#50 Jul 19, 2012
Public opinion does not have to be swayed when it comes to TM. He sways it himself. How many times has TM been in Jail? How many businesses in Paoli have tossed him out for being an idiot? Too many I can't count. You said his so called evidence was stolen and then it miraculously re appears? What an imagination. Everyone in Paoli must be involved in this great conspirousy against TM. what reasonable human being believes that? And not only did he call Jones's house and threaten when his son answered but he text someone and said he was going to kill people and that person turned him in. TM called the sheriff's department to report his so called evidence stolen but when the deputies showed up to investigate he would not come to the door. So what is the reason for that? He had his chance to make a report of stolen property but he would not answer the door. Maybe because he knew he would be making a false report because no body broke into his freaking house. Who would want to cause no body cares. Take your evidence get a lawyer and file a law suit like normal people do. He has been to the prosecutor and thrown out of his office to. If there was a crime why doesn't he do something. Cause there is no crime in buying property on the free and open market, tell me where is the crime. enough with the blah blah blah and the open ended crap, what is the freaking crime? Again I repeat. Jones WAS NOT ON THE COUNCIL WHEN THE ORDINANCE IN QUESTION WAS PASSED. IT WAS A YEAR BEFORE HE CAME ON. SO AGAIN WHERE IS THE CRIME. ON THE COUNCIL THEN WAS SIBBITT, BARNETT, GILLIATT, BROWN AND NEWLIN. BESIDES TM HAD ALREADY SOLD HIS LAND TO QUALKENBUSH BY THEN. I KNOW I AM REPEATING MYSELF BUT WHAT THE HELL CAN'T YOU UNDERSTAND ABOUT ALL OF THAT OR DO U JUST NOT WANT TO UNDERSTAND. TM wants everyone to believe there is this long thought out scandalous conspiricy against him. He thinks way to much of himself to think that is the case.

Muncie, IN

#51 Jul 19, 2012
TM could have kept his property and did what you said, make a small business or what ever but he CHOOSE NOT TO. Yes he sold it to JQ remember. He didn't buy the property Jones did so whats the problem. Why didn't TM buy it??????? He evidently was not interested because he DIDN'T FREAKING BUY IT SO SORRY. He could have but in America you have choices and he CHOOSE FREAKING NOT TO. Ah but Jones did buy it because why. Because again it is AMERICA and he made a freaking offer and BOUGHT it. And again no one up to this point can give me an intelligent answer as to how that is corruption.

Muncie, IN

#52 Jul 19, 2012
To me standing up to so called corruption and having BALLS, as you say, would be getting a lawyer and suing the town for the so called transgressions. Standing on the sidewalk and babbling or going into businesses and going on and on and on until you are thrown out, telling people you are going to go kill people, calling people's houses to threaten them and there 16 year old kid, making signs, calling news stations etc................. does not show any balls at all. It is not standing up to anyone. It only shows incompetence, a degree of loonisie and a lack of good judgement. It also makes the average person think you have a screw loose Standing up would mean getting an attorney and suing the town or some freaking one for whatever you think they have done. Anyone can stand around talking about things that no one cares about. This shows no balls it shows lack of grace and good decision making. I would be impressed if he would get some real balls and file a lawsuit.... that would be standing up to these evil tyrants who control the world according to TM. So Get on with it. Take your little box full of evidence and get on with it. Unless it has been stolen again. Lots of people have had bad upbringings, bad parents and hard knock. This is not an excuse to act like an idiot. It just means you had some hard knocks and you have to pull yourself up by the big boy pants and grow up and make a better life for yourself. Complaining about others and using them for an excuse gets one no where.

Muncie, IN

#53 Jul 19, 2012


I don't see you using your real name unless that is what is on your birth certificate. I never have had trouble talking to people face to face.

Muncie, IN

#54 Jul 19, 2012
back to the ordinance. Jones voted to repeal the ordinance. Do you know what that means. He voted to get rid of the ordinance. Did you know that. That is public record. The very ordinance against trailers you accuse him of making, AGAIN HE WAS NOT ON THE COUNCIL WHEN IT WAS PASSED, he voted to get rid of it when he did get on the council a year latter. TM or you don't talk about that do you. Well look it up get a copy and add it to your evidence.

Muncie, IN

#55 Jul 19, 2012
and before you start pointing fingers about what people say and the culpability, go back and read some of TM's posts.

The same rules don't seem to apply to you or TM.

Muncie, IN

#56 Jul 20, 2012
and no your facts are wrong again. TM threw out the first pitch in this ball game when he was drunk off his ass "what a shocker" sitting on the porch of his ex-wife, ex-wife's new husband and there new baby. He was drunk and cussing and ranting and raving as he always did. He then walks onto Jones's property and threatens to and I quote "take out the whole family and the dog" that was the first shot in this entire thing. The police where called and this is documented. So guess what genius, when someone comes on your property drunk and making threats anything goes and all bets are off. If someone came on my property threatening me and my family with harm I will do what is allowed under the law to protect myself and family and that would be more then showing a gun. If being threatened with harm I would have the right to protect myself and family AND WOULD. He talks about his rights and the constitution. Well one of those rights is to "PROTECT ONE"S SELF AND FAMILY" from Drunk insane people making death threats. That my boy is a constitutional right as you well know and it will be exercised within the law. THAT IS WHAT ESCALATED ALL OF THIS. How many times has he been in jail and what is his history in terms of what he has been arrested for in the past and tell me who is the problem here. THOSE SKIPPY ARE VALID POINTS..........

Thorntown, IN

#57 Jul 20, 2012
My name is Carl, don't take no shit, this is my opinion and I approve this message. My grand pa used to say "don't start no shit and there won't be no shit" Grand Pa was a smart man..........

Summerville, SC

#58 Jul 22, 2012
Just an honest opinion WHO IS THE DUMB ASS NOW?

Tell me what he was charged with?

When all this TM and JQ bullshit was going on the town council was fighting all the time. It was in the papers how they went at it in meetings. So how was it a good ole boys club. They where all fighting against each other. Go get some of the old papers and see for yourself. Maybe 30 years ago it was but not now. That is just an excuse for people to use when they fail. It is easier to blame someone else.

North Myrtle Beach, SC

#59 Jul 24, 2012
Well B'Bob this could all be settled if TM would just take his little box of evidence he keeps talking about and file a law suit. Why has he not done that? Any enquirering mind would ask that question. If he has so much why doesn't he? If he is so sure why not walk yourself down to the courthouse and file a law suit against the town and anyone else he wants to. He has been talking about this bullshit for 5 years I think it's time he put up or shut up. Maybe he did go to the FBI, I am sure of it. He went to everyone else and they either through him out or ignored him cause he has nothing but what is in his head. Or if he thinks it is criminal go to the prosecutor. Come on dude your going to all the wrong places. I heard he went to the town office and told the workers there if the town would just pay him 275,000 he would go away. Is that extortion?

Thorntown, IN

#60 Aug 3, 2012
Hey Billbob where the freak are they? Why n0 one talking now? Why no more dumb ass explanations or conspiracies. Or someone telling you your a dumb ass and you don't have your facts straight?

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