Haunted Midget House/Cry Baby Bridge

Cincinnati, OH

#43 Jul 12, 2012
So a few months ago me and my cousin went down the road. We didnt know that the bridge was under construction so we got about to where the migit house and stopped. We were there for probably 2or3 minutes when this guy walked out of the woods covered in blood. He stops and looks at us. My cousin turns his brights on and they guy startssprinting towards r car. My cousin thougt it would funny to wait and see how close he could get. But when we realized he a gun orsomethin we floored it in reverse. This guy was no more than 15 or 20 feet away. When we got off the road we called 911 but they didnt answer so we freaked out. We called them maybe 3 times and then they finally answered and we tild them what happened and they didnt believe us. So later we found a cop and told him the story and he looked at us like we were the dumbest people on earth. The next nigt we went back. We drove by it really slow but didnt go down it. But there was a car behind that did. He started goin really slow down the road and then went really fast and drove into the corn field and was just lookin at us. It went out of the corn field and started to follow us all the way back to where we lived. Scarriest expirience of my life

Springboro, OH

#44 Jan 21, 2013
I used to live a mile away from cry baby bridge

Georgetown, OH

#45 Feb 19, 2013
I took a drive up Fudge Road with a tramp I picked up at Hardtimes bar in CAmden!

Massillon, OH

#46 Mar 1, 2013
How do I get to fudge road??

Georgetown, OH

#47 Mar 4, 2013
Lacyyyjuneee16 wrote:
How do I get to fudge road??
Go to Hard Times in Camden and order about 5 shots of tequila with beer chasers. I'll drive you up Fudge Road after that.
Try this

United States

#48 Mar 20, 2013
The cemetery called bell cemetery, in eaton, on eaton Lexington rd if u put it in gps easy to find its over grown but u can still drive up there, I went last year, and it something u wanna check out on ur own, was chased And seen n heard the tall weeds and grass moving nothing was there!
Destiny Numberg

United States

#49 Mar 22, 2013
RoseBug61 wrote:
Just went to Fudge Rd a few weeks ago. Road is blocked off at Bridge. Went to Brubaker Bridge and was followed by a car. When we hit the city limits, was pulled over by a cop. So they're really watching out there!
I was there with you!:D

Wimberley, TX

#50 Apr 1, 2013
Hi everyone Fudge Road is now closed no tresepassing if u go there you will get arested. used to go there all the time. got chased by the old women scary but fun. got traped by her one time

United States

#51 Apr 19, 2013
i been there like 6 times and nothing happenes. Its pointless. And i heard thst old ladies mom was dead in the midget house
i know about the kids

United States

#52 Apr 20, 2013
fuge road is all bullshit lived in enterprise
for years nothing happen on fuge road the real
story belong to the grave yard at the end of
enterprise road find the grave stone with the
$ yes money mark on it . then look into the killings
that happen in the large white house by the old
school on 503 look for the face in the rock lots of strange thing happen their heard many tales about that place you might want to look into the airfield behind the school to what ever you do don't stay in the graveyard long even in daylight hours what left their is nothing but evil ill post more later

Cincinnati, OH

#53 Jun 23, 2013
I have seen the old lady once but they have since shut the bridge down and now there is two sides I can choose from and on the one side there is an old man that will either chase u in his can or car the midget house is the big white one that is bored up I took a bunch of teenagers there and that is the only thing that happens

United States

#54 Jul 9, 2013
I've been there multiple times and slept on the bridge I am a paranormal enthusiast its awesome

Germantown, OH

#55 Jul 14, 2013
So I've been down Fudge Road in the past, even got out of my car, but nothing happened. Well tonight on our way home I decided to go down it again. My friend with me was telling me her stories about it. We pulled in and the bridge is closed. So I start turning around, and my friend saw a car on the other side of the bridge. I was literally shaking. So I decided to go to the other side of the road. A car came behind us. I pulled off to the side of the road and we saw a blue light flash twice. Thought it was a cop. I turned around and went next to them and said excuse me sir what are you doing? He said what are you doing? He had a camera and was taking pics of my car and license plate. I later called police and told them. Scared me!

Cardington, OH

#56 Jul 22, 2013
If the bitch wants to carty a gun ill bring one too and shoot back. I bet my shots are better than hers (;
Be scared to death

Taylor, MI

#57 Aug 11, 2013
me and some friends wheat their the other night and I swear to god we whent up and down the road a couple times then we found people who wanted to be crazy and have fun so we did but we whent up and down fudge rode again then we turned around and their was a care and he whent really slow and it was 11:30 right on the nose then both of us cars turned around and we look and he is hiding his car but we saw it and he was a old man and he had a camera and took pictures of us and we were having fun and was like asking him questions and I look back and see a lady I think it was the daughter and she came around a barn with a sheet over her head and a recorder so we sate their for a little bit then whent to the other side of th bridge where theirs just corn and that one really big house and we sate their and were talking about should we go up their or not and we were jut talking and so we saw a car the same car who took pics of us and he turned on fudge road where it begins and he blocked us off where we couldn't get out and my friend got out if the car and said hey man can u let us out where getting scared and he said no the cops are coming and he was like why and the old man said because the burgerler alarm whent off in that really big house we were talking right in from of and would not let us out so the other car we were with got stuck in mud and some guy got out and tried to push the car out of mud and I look out the window and their was the daughter still with the sheet over her head and a guy with all Blake on running after the cars and I was like look behind you hurry get in the car get in the car and they were like I'm getting out of her and whent in a ditch and whent around the car and finally got out and we did the same...but I think they are hiding something in those abanded houses cause nobody lives in those houses and what's really creepy is the old man always comes every night at 11:30 right on the nose and takes pics of people who passes by I swear this all happend ...!? Fudge road is not haunted its just really really Erie and we also whent on the bridge and yelled we got your baby and nothing happend

Leburn, KY

#58 Dec 27, 2013
I've been there multiple times and nothing happened. We broke into the house with the barbed wire fence and i have to say it's creepy af inside but still...nothing happened. I've been on the bridge, under the bridge, in the house, in the creek, down the "original" fudge road... still nothing. It's creepy, but the power of suggestion is amazing. We were chased by what i believe was an 80s model cadillac with an unknown driver. The old woman? Couldn't be sure. If you have an over active imagination, it has the potential to be a good time. Just be careful because local law enforcement is still easily amused..

Union City, OH

#59 Dec 29, 2013
We went last night, me and my friends. We got a really nervous feeling when we got there and we couldn't get out of the car due to fear. It's not worth it because the bridge is all blocked off. It's scary and uncomfortable. The stories of the crazy woman is true, because it happened to our friend. It's private property. Just don't go.

Three Rivers, MI

#60 Dec 29, 2013
tell me more. What is this place all about? is there something you are supposed to do or look for? what happened to your friends,Adreanna, or anyone else? how does anyone know when to go, is there a better or worse time.
nick m

Dayton, OH

#61 Jan 1, 2014
Let me tell you. We used to hang out there and basically party there alot when we were in high school. Never a thing. THEN- one nite while parked on the bridge with three other people in my car- we were actually pretty bored with nothin going on-we were just talkin and during a break in conversation - we all heard a baby cry! Even typing this 17 yrs later brings tears to my eyes. I am a god fearing christian and do not make things up. I cannot explain how it is we heard this baby.i do know we all did hear it.i am literaly wiping my eyes right now. I have never been back. This is the only thing that has ever struck me as " something else" in my life. My advice-dont go. Be glad if you never experience anything like this. It wasnt a " cool" thing like we woud have expected as teenagers. Idc who believes me- i know what we all heard.
bunch of crap

Cincinnati, OH

#62 Jan 21, 2014
I think my log on says it all. There's no dam midgets house, haunted bridge, spooks, ghost or any thing else to the like down that road. The area around the bridge on fudge road is loaded with raccoon's. When raccoons come in heat the males will make a sound that resembles that of a whining child. Not unlike human male's. Never the less, this is to all the city slickers and people whom were raised deprived of the sounds of nature as youth; THE SOUND OF THE CHILD CRYING YOU ARE HEARING IN REAILITY IS THAT OF RACCOONS FUCKING. Don't you feel like a dumbass now. Here's a hint though, when the moon is full, you and your significant other have nothing better to do and your looking for a little excitement STAY HOME AND GOOGLE BEASTIEAILTY. If animal sounds turn on, you'll love this. FREEKS

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