I have attended a few Counselor work shops and retreats with Charlene Sam. I liked her immediately but we were only to be acquainted in brief encounters. I was raised in Okanogan WA in the mid-forties-fifties until 1953. I always wondered why there were not many Indian kids in my school Virginia Grainger since many Indian families lived in the area. Later I was to know the shame of my beloved area.
I want to say God bless you Charlene Sam and all Native Americans who suffered under these abusive men and probably women with sanction from the Catholic Dieoces and a deaf ear from my parents and grand parents.
I recall one Native American boy in 2nd. grade. My teacher Mrs Vaun "Adopted" him. One day in class she brought him in our room and beat him with a rubber hose over her knee in front of the whole class. I was mortified to see that my lovely teacher could be so darn cruel. In later years her adopted "slave" Billie waited on Mrs Vaun's company as though she hired him. He was 15 so I suppose I was 18 years old. It made me want to vomit but I was with my parents and none of them saw any wrong picture, so to speak. I often wonder where Billie is and if his life turned out okay. I am disgusted by biased, shallow minds.