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Audubon hasnít justified its proposed bird slicer
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Call it a green source of energy or a bird-slicing machine. Either way, a wildlife sanctuary must not condone something that poses a risk to the very creatures that it seeks to protect.

It is well-known that wind turbine blades kill birds and bats. Can Mass Audubon Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary guarantee that the proposed 142-foot industrial machine will not add to bird and bat kills, or otherwise disturb wildlife?

What about energy savings? Unfortunately, even Britainís biggest wind plants are at times producing only enough electricity to make a few cups of tea, according to data released by one of the largest green energy companies.

What about carbon dioxide reduction? There has been no scientific empirical proof provided to support any claim of consequential CO2 reduction.

Wildlife deserves better ó put the money into further energy conservation and efficiency projects and call it money well spent.

Louise M. Grabowski


Source: Cape Cod Times | September 09, 2013 |/