Jeffrey 4-1-1976
Hello, my name if Jeffrey. I was born on April 1, 1976, yes an April fools I was born in Hancock County, Weirton West Virginia. I have been trying to find anyone who would know anything about me or if I have any family. I was taken from my family when I was very young by the dhhr. The judge sealed my file so I have no idea who I am. My adopted family is not very family oriented, to say the least. I was born at Weirton memorial but there was a fire there in the 80's and all records where burnt. I got a copy of the newpaper the week I was born but, my mother wasn't married so they didn't publish it. I am an adult now with kids and a family of my own, but theres a void in my life. I don't know who I am! I don't know my last name! I just want to see my mothers face. My kids want to know if they have aunts or uncles or grandparents. I can't even describe the emptiness I feel inside, I just want to know who I am my birth name! I know birth name is Jeffrey and I know my middle name, but I don't know my last name if any one have any information please or any ideas how I could find my family PLEASE email me at thank you jeffrey