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Plymouth, MI

#163 Mar 30, 2011
Get all repuglycons out of office now, they are fascist rats.

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#164 Mar 30, 2011
lol at whiners wrote:
Well if the liberals and Jenny hadn't sacrificed Michigan for the "agenda" these cuts would not be necessary.
even while the liberals were spending our last dime and pilfering our coffers, we warned them they would eventually run out of other peoples money.
just like we warned the liberals they were destroying the housing market.
now the freeloaders are spewing hate because the gravy train ride is over.
Don't bring me in the conversation like that. I'm a union-voting fool. Fool me once shame on you. Feel me twice, I make nice.

Gwinn, MI

#165 Mar 31, 2011
Howard wrote:
I'm backin RJ. Benson is a crook and supports vote fraud.
They are all crooks If the powers that be don,t want someone found, they will not be found http://www.youtube.com/watch ... http://www.youtube.com/watch ... http://www.youtube.com/watch ... http://www.youtube.com/watch ... http://www.youtube.com/watch ...

Gwinn, MI

#166 Mar 31, 2011
What bound all so-called “America First” movements prior to World War II was their common hatred for labor unions, Communists and Socialists, Jews, and most definitely, the administration of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Vereide’s Prayer Breakfast Movement, pro-Nazi German groups like the Bund, and a resurgent Ku Klux Klan had more than propaganda in common – they had an interlocking leadership and a coordinated political agenda.
Not only was Vereide pro-Hitler, he was the only Norwegian of note, who was not officially a Nazi, who never condemned Norwegian Nazi leader Vidkun Quisling, a man whose name has become synonymous with traitor and who was executed in 1945. Vereide and Quisling were almost the same age, Vereide was born in 1886, Quisling in 1887. They both shared a link with the clergy, Vereide was a Methodist minister and Quisling was the son of a Lutheran minister. The Norwegian link to the Fellowship continues to this day but more on that later.
Another pro-Nazi Christian fundamentalist group that arose in the pre-Second World War years was the Moral Rearmament Movement. Its leader was Frank Buchman, a Lutheran minister from Philadelphia. Buchman was a pacifist, but not just any pacifist. He and his colleagues in the United States, Britain, Norway, and South Africa reasoned that war could be avoided if the world would just accept the rise of Hitler and National Socialism and concentrate on stamping out Communism and Socialism. Buchman coordinated his activities with Vereide and his Prayer Breakfast Movement, which, by 1940, had spread its anti-left manifesto and agenda throughout the Pacific Northwest.
Buchman was effusive in his praise for Hitler. He was quoted by William A. H. Birnie of the New York World Telegram,“I thank Heaven for a man like Adolf Hitler, who built a front line of defense against the anti-Christ of Communism.”[1]http://www.insid er-magazine.com/christianmafia .htm Representative Donald Fraser (D-MN) launched a House investigation of the Korean political influence peddler. Fraser’s committee concluded that Moon was a central to an “international network of organizations engaged in economic and political activities” and that Moon’s organization “had systematically violated U.S. tax, immigration, banking, currency, and Foreign Agents Registration Act laws.” The New York Daily News’ Lars Erik Nelson called for the Justice Department to investigate the Washington Times for violation of the Foreign Agents’ Registration Act. The Fraser Report also proved the connection between Moon and the Korean CIA. For his efforts, Moon’s propaganda machine branded Fraser an “agent of Moscow” and began a vicious character assassination campaign against him. Undaunted, Fraser went on to become Mayor of Minneapolis. But for the Christian Right, Moon’s personal attack template would serve as a blueprint for future Christian fundamentalist candidates. One recommendation of the Fraser Committee went unheeded by the incoming Reagan administration: a White House Task Force to investigate Moon and his operations. George H. W. Bush’s hat trick with the Iranian hostage takers ensured that Moon would not have to worry about White House interference.
Nor did it matter that U.S. counter-narcotics investigators were uncovering evidence that Moon supplemented his various enterprises around the world with money from drugs from Latin America and Asia – proceeds that partially wound up in the coffers of Jerry Falwell. The Fascist thread that Moon inherited from Buchman’s Moral Rearmament was evident in one of Moon’s richest supporters, Ryoichi Sasakawa, one of Japan’s richest businessmen and a self-described “fascist.” http://www.exminister.org/Madsen-Christian-ma...

Gwinn, MI

#167 Mar 31, 2011
http://www.insider-magazine.com/christianmafi... EXPOSÉ: THE “CHRISTIAN” MAFIA

Where Those Who Now Run the U.S. Government Came From and Where They Are Taking Us

By Wayne Madsen

Junior Bush’s time in San Diego at a Christian drug and alcohol rehabilitation center is where the future President of the United States would first be given large doses of Jesus indoctrination. With Nixon’s resignation in disgrace and the Republicans taking a beating in the 1974 elections, little did the Fellowship realize what a huge catch they had made in George W. Bush. Gerald Ford’s administration vainly tried to salvage the Republican cause – but Ford would be defeated in the 1976 race against a born-again Christian, nuclear submarine commander, and former peanut farmer from Georgia named Jimmy Carter. True, Carter was an evangelical Christian but he was not the type favored by the Fellowship and their big business allies, especially two key members of the Ford administration, Chief of Staff Dick Cheney and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. And Ford’s CIA Director, George H. W. Bush, was miffed when Carter did not invite him top stay on as spy chief. Bush would have his revenge against the upstart former Governor of Georgia and peanut farmer soon enough.


Gwinn, MI

#168 Mar 31, 2011
Frank Olson was an American citizen, born in 1910 and murdered in New York City in 1953 by the CIA. Here's an outline of the case:

Fort Detrick is the U.S. Army's biowarfare facility, founded in 1943. Frank Olson was one of the first scientists to work there. From the final years of World War II through the Korean War and up to the present time scientists at Fort Detrick developed biological weapons including anthrax.

Following the end of World War II the U.S. conducted "Operation Paperclip", which scoured Germany for Nazi scientists who could be useful. It found some who had conducted experiments on prisoners in Dachau and other Nazi concentration camps, including one Kurt Blome. He was among the defendants in the Nuremberg War Trials, and would have been convicted and hanged but for American intervention. In return for agreeing to provide information to the Americans about his experiments in Dachau, and advice in the development of their own germ warfare program, an acquittal was arranged, and he escaped the gallows.

Frank Olson and Kurt Blome (who had become a protegé of the Americans) later met at Camp King in Germany in the early 1950s when Olson made several visits there to participate in "Operation Artichoke", in which the U.S. Army and the CIA experimented with the use of drugs (including LSD) in interrogation. Olson was present during brutal interrogations by the Americans of Soviet prisoners and suspected double agents, some of whom died under torture. Olson was deeply disturbed by what he had seen.

The fact that Frank Olson had died shortly after being given LSD in a CIA experiment came out in 1975 as a consequence of President Ford's Rockefeller Commission investigation into the CIA's domestic activities. Further investigation was called for, but in a White House memo advisers to President Ford stated that this would risk revealing state secrets (probably meaning, in part, the use by the U.S. of germ warfare in Korea); further investigation was suppressed and the whole matter covered up. The names of those White House advisers were Dick Cheney, current U.S. Vice-President, and Donald Rumsfeld, current Secretary of Defense. They have never been questioned as to what they knew about Olson's death.


Oxford, MI

#175 Nov 23, 2011
Sandynuts don't stuff the Potatoes either

Marquette, MI

#178 Dec 28, 2011

Phoenix, AZ

#179 Dec 28, 2011
rider wrote:
http://www.fantompowa.net/Flam e/bush_war_criminal.htm
Why did you murder Gary Caradori?

Marquette, MI

#180 Dec 28, 2011
The Last Circle - Table of Contents - bibliotecapleyades.net
The LAST CIRCLE, by Cherie Seymour aka Carol Marshall is helpful to everyone who is trying to get an understanding of where this came from and how the ...

http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopoliti... - 10k

Marquette, MI

#181 Dec 28, 2011
Zorax wrote:
<quoted text>Why did you murder Gary Caradori?
He knew too much of The Octupus/Shadow Gov't

Marquette, MI

#182 Dec 28, 2011
Music Fan

Chicago, IL

#184 May 16, 2012
Tim Bell Traverse City Mich

Arnold Swartzenager
Polish PitBull

Southfield, MI

#185 Jun 18, 2012
David Lee Roth

Alpena, MI

#186 Jun 18, 2012
[QUOTE wh="Polish PitBull"]David Lee Roth[/QUOTE]!

Dumb Polock!

Washington, MI

#187 Jun 18, 2012
Charlie wrote:
<quoted text>!
Dumb Polock!
If you're going to throw a slur at least spell it correcly...It's Pollock!!!!!Now who's the dummy????

Alpena, MI

#188 Jul 9, 2012
The governor makes $1,000,000 a year. Why does the state even need a secretary? He must be Hitler!
J Serf

Hendersonville, TN

#189 Jul 25, 2012
I spent over TWO hrs at the Michigan Secretary of States office last week. At my arrival 30 + people were standing and 50 + seated. The closed ckt TV kept running a clip at how well the Secretary of States office is run! B.S.!! They would not take credit card. They charged to use the credit card if you tried the kiosk or internet.
PEOPLE of MICHIGAN please dump the existing Secretary of State. My time is worth more than that what the. It is no way to run a State office!
Michigan resident.

Washington, MI

#190 Jul 25, 2012
J Serf wrote:
I spent over TWO hrs at the Michigan Secretary of States office last week. At my arrival 30 + people were standing and 50 + seated. The closed ckt TV kept running a clip at how well the Secretary of States office is run! B.S.!! They would not take credit card. They charged to use the credit card if you tried the kiosk or internet.
PEOPLE of MICHIGAN please dump the existing Secretary of State. My time is worth more than that what the. It is no way to run a State office!
Michigan resident.
government at it's best!!!! Wait til Obamascare is fully implemented...Your wait at the SOS will seem like a party!!!!

Southfield, MI

#191 Jul 26, 2012
Can you hear me now?

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