IS The Fenton Freedom Center a danger...

IS The Fenton Freedom Center a dangerous cult?

Created by KOSHARE on Nov 9, 2007

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#82 Mar 18, 2012

Flint, MI

#83 Aug 1, 2012
I attended one time and the pastor discussed how he wanted to shoot a cop who pulled him over for speeding. The youth leader discussed prostitutes. The pastor belittled his wife. The service was 2 hours long in a pitch black auditorium. The sermon didn't start until after a hour of the rock band playing. The drummer played behind a chain linked fenced enclosure. The pastor kept talking about women getting into cat fights and then he would pump his fists in the air and shout, "Jerry, Jerry, Jerry" (from the Jerry Springer show). There were a lot of other offensive things that the pastor said. I never went back.

“My latest victim”

Since: Jul 10

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#84 Aug 1, 2012
Do you ever visit Brighton?
good to know

Dallas, TX

#85 Oct 6, 2012
a church is known by its works not the numbers of members.

Fenton, MI

#86 Nov 5, 2012
I agree with Faithful Servant! And whoever said a church filled with imperfect people makes for an imperfect church is spot on. That's just common sense.
If you are going to take a poll you need to have options for both sides, duh! My vote is NO!! It's NOT an a cult.

Durand, MI

#87 Jun 2, 2013
koshare wrote:
<quoted text>
DON'T Use the word "think" when discussing the Fenton Freedom Center, they discourage thinking.
Not a place for devil worshipers. Who are by definition Anti Christs who go around bashing Gods people & the Church for which IN Christ it stands. What is a cult? NOT those who follow after the teachings & life of Jesus Christ...but followers of anyone bashing God & His Son Jesus Christ OR His followers. The Freedom Center is only guilty of teaching the TRUTH about Jesus Christ & how to be a follower of His & apply Gods matchless Word to our lives. Anyone who has a problem with this in insane!
Robbie R

Center Line, MI

#88 Jun 27, 2013
I should not be stunned, but I am. The Freedom Center is an awesome church. Pastor Jim is a true follower of God and HIS message to the world. I have attended (not faithfully)the church several times. I was baptized there, and always blessed when I attend. I'm in my late sixty's and can determine right from wrong. This poll is one sided and useless.

Flint, MI

#90 Sep 24, 2013
The Bible teaches in 2 Timothy 2:23 Amplified:
"But refuse (shut your mind against, have nothing to do with) trifling (ill-informed, unedifying, stupid) controversies over ignorant questionings, for you know that they foster strife and breed quarrels."
I think the Bible is clear as to how we should look at this non-Christian question...

Since: Oct 13

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#91 Oct 30, 2013
Only the lost would say the teaching of God's word is a cult. That's it in a nutshell.

Fenton, MI

#92 Jan 26, 2014
Theatrical blasphemy at its finest.

Lansing, MI

#93 Feb 10, 2014
I think it's funny when people choose to "impose" their opinions on others. I could say that the Catholics are a cult. I could say the Baptists are a cult. For that matter, any religion that claims that "their" way is the best. Who are we to judge? We are judged by one - and that is NOT by each other. What matters most is that you have a relationship with God. However, wherever and whenever. The denomination you choose matters far less than the choice to believe. I have attended numerous Catholic churches and have also attended the Freedom Center. To me, the Freedom Center is just a better fit. Not saying it is better, it is simply better for me. I think it is wrong for others to condemn any house of God that nutures the belief in a healthy relationship with God. A better use of you time and energy would be to focus on your chosen path and let others chose theirs.
9th Warder

Lafayette, LA

#94 Jun 29, 2014
What an idiotic question... in fact it's not even a question, but a statement by its author... the question should be re-worded as follows:
Progressive left winger, with no real life to speak of and filled with hate, especially those who profess any faith in God, would like to know if other people hate this Christian organization as much as I do. If you do please let me know just how much by selecting from the possible answers I have provided. Then we can look for other politically correct methods, that do not require any courage, to mock those of whom we cannot understand due to our willingness to take the easiest path.Please note that We only do this under the cloak of progressive thinking.

Westland, MI

#95 Sep 14, 2014
this survey is very much one sided. what if I want to say no? considering the fact that it is absolutely the opposit of a cult- it's called the Freedom Center- not the religion center.

Ashburn, VA

#96 Oct 19, 2014
Obviously you want to discredit this church. I pray God opens your eyes to the truth. This church is of God and the gates of hell will not prevail against it!
Matt Spilker

Auburn Hills, MI

#97 Dec 15, 2014
This is a awesome Church , I love Pastor Jim.. If you spend time in prayer before service and go to meat with the Holy Spirit of God then you will feel Gods presents and He will minister to your heart and soul.. Its called discernment. Pastor Jim is in my opinion is a teacher of The Word Of God more than a preacher...

Livonia, MI

#98 Jan 12, 2015
What happened to call the Center a "Dangerous Cult"????? I don't know anything about this Center and this story doesn't give any information at all as to what is so horrible about the place. This is a useless vote. This story isn't telling us anything about the Center. Poor reporting. Just sharing my thoughts. Lol

Livonia, MI

#99 Jan 12, 2015
Vote. NO

Toledo, OH

#100 May 3, 2015
Absolutely nothing about this implies progressive or left wing thinking. You just pulled that out of nowhere.

Tampa, FL

#101 Aug 1, 2015
They are recruiting a family member of mine for communal living. They said he/she can only see family on Fridays, they must have full access to his/her bank account, must work at a church approved job, and they will inspect his/her room weekly. Sounds cultish.

Frankenmuth, MI

#102 Jan 16, 2016
current member wrote:
Let me say that I've been attending there for the last few years. I was starting to feel a sense of frustration, however - and I am not sure why, so I've backed off.
I haven't gone much this summer, and to my dismay, not one person outside of one close friend has even called to see how I am doing/where I've been, if I am ok, nothing. Just slipped right through the cracks. Kind of like high-school when you dont fit into a clique.
Also, since I've not been going, my walk with God has actually strengthened. Now I am not claiming that my NOT going has caused this - it is just a fact. My absence forced me to do some studying of God's Word on my own and it has been amazing. There was a time when I would become very defensive about this topic of 'cult', but now - I just don't know.
I am more interested in REAL LIFE. You know - being a blessing EVERYWHERE YOU GO, helping others, being kind, doing whats right, loving God, giving Him all the glory...
I agree with 'friend of a member' who said "And in this day and age, where false prophets shall rise...'worshipping with abandon' pales in importance to having on our spiritual armor on and ready. Above all, we should be learning God's word. Save the orgasmic, emotionally-charged, delusional, stupor-fying worship for when we have "heaven on earth"---when there are no more wolves in sheeps clothing."
In addition, it is my belief that church should happen wherever we Christians, the home, school, the grocery store...
The bible says to go into all the world, it doesn't say "stay together and sing and twirl in the church". Maybe we should just go out into the world and be the christians we say we are...Humility, not pride, is the key.
That was probably satan not wanting you to go. Being a part of the local church is biblical. But problem is, just like you didn't read your Bible, many people don't while going to church. They expect everything to be done by the pastor and that one day a week. We are to hunger and thirst for Righteousness and that's found in Jesus (the Word made flesh ;). Glad you are reading, now if you attend while reading,,wow, you'll be blessed ;)

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