MORE animal shelter embarrassment.

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ThingsThatMakeYo uGoHmmm

United States

#1 Jul 19, 2012

So, what does the general public think about this current shelter embarrassment??

A 8-9yr old, senior, female, pet Rottweiler goes "missing" from the care, custody & control of the Weatherford/Parker County Animal Shelter. They can't/won't confirm if she was lost, stolen or killed. This could happen to ANYBODY who is unfortunate enough to have their pet picked up by animal control.(Sadie was supposedly in her own driveway when they took her in to custody!) When are the enept employees of WPCAS going to start getting FIRED for their careless mistakes?!?! What IF this dog was under a rabies quarantine?? This kind of careless behavior is tolerated and shoved under Jerry Blaisdell's rug. People need to start holding the shelter accountable-- and it starts at the top. Right at Blaisdells doorstep.

I hope the owners get closure. Whatever that is.:(

Since: Jul 12

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#2 Jul 19, 2012
The city is starting to look like they don't care how the shelter is ran or what happens to the animals.
aminal person

Lewisville, TX

#3 Jul 20, 2012
TPKP8808 wrote:
The city is starting to look like they don't care how the shelter is ran or what happens to the animals.
What gave you a your first clue?
Yes the city council takes their "No Kill" signs and post on their face book page thier interest is a "No kill" aminal shelter. Good talk. Now lets see this city council walk the walk. That right Waymond Hamilton can bearly walk he eats so many donuts. LOL

Lewisville, TX

#4 Jul 21, 2012
Did anyone read the posting on the Parker County Blog this A M about the treatment of visitors at the animal shelter?
Any one who is a frequent visitor can be at the discrestion of the animal shelter staff have to bcome a volenteer who MUST sign a contract that that thier freedom to talk about what going on the the Weatherford Parcker County Animal Shelter. The will NOT put up with anyone bring up problems.
Sounds like the Weatherford City Council rule of conduct at council meeting.
Well, The Weatherford City Council walks like a duck, quacks like a duck. It is a duck!!!!!!
Unlearned, uneducated bobbleheads can only understand paper will drive away the residents and taxpayers.
ThingsThatMakeYo uGoHmmm

United States

#5 Jul 21, 2012
I see nothing new on the site. Was it removed?
Animal rescuer

Weatherford, TX

#6 Jul 21, 2012
If the shelter was aware of animals "disappearing
mysteriously" did they think to call Scooby Doo and Shaggy too? Maybe they should have looked in the logical place, the dumpster where all the animals they kill are tossed. This shelter and it's stories are getting pretty thick folks. What else has to happen for taxpayers to call for an outside audit? I suppose they will run to the county for more money to bail them out. Is that why they need donations from Hope the abused Pug mix? Will all that donated money really reach abused pets or will it go to neglected animals at the high kill dog pound? Let's be honest, this isn't a "shelter".
Old Timer

United States

#7 Jul 21, 2012
Yes, let us be honest. Your attitude is killing this shelter. All you do is complain and talk trash. Your not saving any lives here. This is the kind of attitude that will destroy this place. Then for sure no lives will be saved.
ThingsThatMakeYo uGoHmmm

Euless, TX

#8 Jul 22, 2012
Old Timer wrote:
Yes, let us be honest. Your attitude is killing this shelter. All you do is complain and talk trash. Your not saving any lives here. This is the kind of attitude that will destroy this place. Then for sure no lives will be saved.
Ha!@Old Timer-- how many animals have YOU saved from the shelter????? I personally, took part in placing 7 this past week. If exposing TRUTHS are "trash talking" you need to reevaluate some things in your life. My attitude- and the attitude of the people who are SICK AND TIRED of letting this "shelter" become a SLAUGHTERHOUSE are the only thing that is forcing changes at that place. Did you know that the LIVE release rate for animals at the shelter for the month of June was a mere 35%....? The "shelter" isnt updating their adoptapet/petfinder websites-- despite numerous nudges to get that accomplished. The "shelter" isn't doing much proactively to stop the spread of diseases such as distemper. There have been 5 confirmed cases that I have been following over the past month. Only 1 of the 5 has survived. We have asked/begged/pleaded with the "shelter" to revamp its procedures on sanitation. We've suggested passing out little samples of Purell to use in between EACH interaction with EACH pet to reduce the spread of disease. We've suggested handing out informative fliers to all of the "shelter" visitors explaining what communicable diseases are present at shelters and how to avoid spreading them from pet to pet. We suggested security cameras A LONG TIME AGO to avoid the situation like what has happened with Sadie, the Rottweiler. If cameras had been installed- we would know for certain IF someone had stolen her, IF she had escaped or IF she had been killed. I think it's pretty clear that if the "shelter" wanted to be able to prove what happens to their "missing" dogs that they would have put a security system in a long time ago. I would suggest that any curious taxpayers do a records request for the documents that clearly show mismanagement. I know we have.

Things that make you go hmmm....
Old Timer

United States

#9 Jul 22, 2012
Put your money where your mouth is. You care so much buy the cameras and donate them to the shelter. You only saved 7. Before you got involved with your trash talk a lot more were being saved. Your the reason the shelter can not get donations and get those cameras. Your the reason other shelters have stopped working with our community to get pets out the door. The numbers were a lot higher before you and your group got involved. Those are the facts. YOU are costing lives.
Lion King

Los Angeles, CA

#13 Jul 22, 2012
This is what happens with volunteers. While they have very good intentions, they just don't understand all the details.

Unfortunately, they are just dogs. And at times, they will have up be put down.

I just WISH that those who claim to be conservative republicans made HALF the attempt to save human life as they did dogs.
Old Timer

United States

#14 Jul 23, 2012
No the unfortunate thing is they can not see they are more of a road block than anything else. They have caused more problems then they have resolved. The reform group is the reason the shelter is like it is today. The fact is fewer dogs and cats are being adopted because of the bad publicity they have caused. I know people going to FTW to adopt instead of Weatherford. They need to take a look at the past 6 months and see that nothing positive has happened since the reform group started. Those are the facts. Less animals being adopted. Those are the facts. Fewer donations. That is a fact. Name me a positive since the group has been in existence?
Animal Rescuer

Weatherford, TX

#15 Jul 23, 2012
Old Timer wrote:
Put your money where your mouth is. You care so much buy the cameras and donate them to the shelter. You only saved 7. Before you got involved with your trash talk a lot more were being saved. Your the reason the shelter can not get donations and get those cameras. Your the reason other shelters have stopped working with our community to get pets out the door. The numbers were a lot higher before you and your group got involved. Those are the facts. YOU are costing lives.
Put your money where your mouth is? REALLY? These folks DO! They take up food, donations, take in dogs, foster, transport, pay adoption fees out of their own pockets, support local non profits and so MUCH MORE.

How many have you saved this week? Month? Year? How much have you donated?

When your index finger points at someone there are more fingers pointing back at you. Perhaps you ought to see what YOU can do to help the situation. The only way things will change is to expose what the shelter and city officials are keeping hidden in darkness. Even the county commissioners agreed on PUBLIC RECORD that the shelter was a mismanaged mess. They said it RIGHT to City manager's face! GO check Feb 13 audio file on that meeting. This could have been solved MONTHS ago. Mr. Mayor said on public record he holds Jerry Blaisdell, City Mgr responsible for this. Jerry's response, "well it all trickles downhill from there." Wow. What a way to fix this. Instead of being accountable and being a real man and saying you will fix it, instead you say some cliche' and plan to throw others under you under the bus? I lost all respect for that man after that one.

In time the WHOLE truth will come out. No doubt, God will see to that those who are responsible for these NUMEROUS wrongs will be judged one day by a High Priest who is just.

Dallas, TX

#18 Jul 23, 2012
may8een wrote:
<quoted text>
Shut down the animal shelter. What a waste of money.
If some do-gooders think unwanted animals should live then keep them 48 hours then give them a needle.
No. Changed my mind. Drugs are too expensive. Use a machete. One whack. Problem solved.
do-gooders-------since when are caring warm hearted people who work their butts off with out getting paid a dime considerd a problem? if you want a cheap way to kill those unwanted animals ask the shelter about a needle to the heart-they could probably demonstrate that for you------personally i
dont trust anyone or want anyone in my life that is as cold hearted as you----in my opinion we dont need to shut down the shelter but FIRE everyone that currently works there and hire people that give a @@@@---just my 2 cents!

Fort Worth, TX

#19 Jul 23, 2012
The reason things are not "resolved" at the shelter is because of the roadblocks thrown up by the city's leaders. Old Timer seems to think volunteers have free run of the place and can do anything they want. Ha! We have asked over and over to have procedures changed and over and over we have been denied. We are not asking for anything that will cost more money or time from the staff. Nothing to impede their enjoyment of surfing Facebook or watching Direct TV in the breakroom. Volunteers have offered to do all for free. But the shelter staff would prefer to put down dogs then file for "Compassion fatigue" than to implement proven techniques to save as many animals as possible. Old Timer seems to forget that before volunteers brought attention to what was happening at the shelter, then manager was putting down healthy vetted puppies right before christmas so she could "assert her authority" over the volunteers. So I guess the shelter ills were just going to fix themselves? But now that the volunteers are bringing all out into the open it's worse. No it's not worse. It's just more public. And Old Tiimer you just proved our point. When Parker Paws was there with many of the same volunteers that are trying to make things better there were more adoptions and more donations. BECAUSE THE VOLUNTEERS MADE IT HAPPEN. VOLUNTEERS WOULD PHOTOGRAPH, NETWORK AND ATTEND ADOPTIONS. All for free on their own time. Volunteers would also go and beg and do fundraisers to bring attention to the shelter and their needs. All that money went to the shelter and adopting out pets. Does Old Timer really think the staff had anything to do with this other than complain because adoptions and rescue cause them more work. What a JOKE. So yeah adoptions and donations are down. You can thank your beloved staff and city leaders for that.
SickOftheShelter BS

Azle, TX

#20 Jul 23, 2012
I saw on the news where the ACO showed where the fencing was loose on the bottom of the kennel runs..if they knew it was loose why didn't they go ahead and repair long has it been that way? Is is to "help" certain dogs get loose so someone can get them? There are dogs running loose all over the place,,I find it very interesting that one in a persons driveway area was picked up when it was obvious it lived maybe they are patrolling for a certain breed of dog to collect and then loose..hmmmm..makes me wonder...perhaps some one has a little doggy business going on on the side..or the back of the shelter where the public can walk on the beautiful trails and suck in the smell of dead rotting dogs and cats from the dumpster...and snatch up certain loose dogs that fit the needed description for science labs that use these poor animals for experiments. It's common knowledge for certain experimental procedures certain size dog heads are needed for them to use to try out new technology in helmets, drugs, chemicals etc... these labs are generally good underground friends with animal shelters that are less popular.

Do they really want cameras there to show the world what really goes on..are the things recorded on those cameras public record? Putting dead animals in the dumpster when its 106* really...why not invest in a large deep freeze like other shelters do..I am surprised this is legal..our trash company firmly states NO DEAD animals..there are so many things wrong with that shelter but then it is a government tax paid entity isn't it so why is anyone surprised? Teresa Parker I pray you find your dog but knowing what goes on in that horrible place and in that parking lot itself, well sweet girl I hate to tell you but it's not looking good...

Euless, TX

#21 Jul 23, 2012
This is not the first time that this has happened I can assure you.

Sunnyvale, TX

#23 Jul 23, 2012
The shelter has known for a while that dogs can escape. How do I know this, ours did. Unfortunately, our dog is somewhat of a magician when it comes to getting out of the yard. She has managed, to dig, jump, climb, shimmy, shove and barrel her way through our fence and every obstacle we have put in place to keep her in our yard and safe. Since we live on the same block as the shelter, this means shelter staff know exactly who she is, where she belongs and that she is properly vaccinated, fixed and chipped. They also know we will pay to get her out of doggie jail. So the last time she escaped, they picked her up. It was after hours when we discovered her gone and after looking for her, we assumed the shelter had her. My son was going to go down and pay her bail to spring her first thing in the morning. Instead, first thing in morning he had two animal control officers banging on our door accusing him of breaking into the shelter and 'stealing' her. Apparently during the night she had decided to come home, broken out of her cage there and was asleep in her dog house. They demanded she be returned or he would face charges. They vehemently denied there was any way of her getting out on her own. So my son of course turned her over and then drove down, paid her $100 bail and got her back. Imagine my "amazement" when shelter officials show on local news that they are aware that "dogs can get out" because there is loose fencing and some have escaped before. Guess that accusation about my son committing a crime might be wrong, huh? We aren't holding our breath for an apology. I have supported the shelter through adoptions, donations (food, towels, money), but since that incident, NO MORE. You can't treat the public like that and turn around and expect their support.

Since: Jul 12

Location hidden

#25 Jul 23, 2012
Personally my feel on the idiot that said to go buy the cameras for the shelter... I personally WILL buy the cameras, the moment that I get my tax paying dollars back that went towards paying the MORONS that run the shelter. If Jerry wants to back them up or help them cover crap up then he can pay them out of his pocket. The shelter is a city funded facility right? Who funds the city the tax payers and we should have a say as to how things are being ran! Dogs are coming up "missing". Other dogs are being killed the same day that they are brought in! That is unexceptionable!!! If the shelter is wanting more help and donations from the community maybe they should own up to their flaws and fix them! If they do something wrong than you apologize and take action to insure that that mistake NEVER happens again! Isn't that was we teach our kids? The amount of disregard that they are showing for Sadie is quite sad!!! When you see a family hurting so back all the shelter says is "these things happen"?!? NO you fix the damn problem! Instead they sit back like nothing is wrong. They cry that they need more money and that they "care" about these animals...BS tell me what the excuse is for putting down over 50 animals in a 3 day period? There IS NOT one! Other than saves them time! How about this lower your cost to adopt pets! A little less of a profit will still be more money than your making by killing them, right? Further more get someone that loves animals and knows how to talk to people rather than keeping Diane Tawater on payroll. Has it NOT crossed your minds that she runs more people off than anyone? When you go to the shelter to adopt and she acts like the biggest "female dog" and you wonder why people go to ft worth instead?!? Get more volunteers in there, fire everyone and get people that actually cares about animals and give the community (tax payers) a little more say... Ultimately we are the ones paying for it!!!!!

Since: Jul 12

Location hidden

#26 Jul 23, 2012
@may8een: KILL THE MUTTS? When dogs are being killed the same day that they come in how the hell do you know that no one wants them. And further more 11-4 or 11:6 (on some days) is hardly hours that a person with a 8-5 job is able to make it to! And I am not a liberal BUT I am a tax payer!.... YOU WORK AT THE SHELTER DON'T YOU?!? Get to work!
Animal Rescuer

Weatherford, TX

#29 Jul 23, 2012
Old Timer from Houston, TX....who are you affiliated with here in Parker County? Who are you trying to protect and cover up for? A shelter staff? A city official? A city council member? More things that make you go hmmmmmmm are your initials JW? That person has mysteriously disappeared from the animal board when she clearly showed her true colors on the Parker County Blog. Or maybe your intials are DD whom we cant figure if she is on city taxpayer funded paid vacation in Houston or if she has been hidden in another position within the city. Maybe when they decide to release those employee payroll records we'll all know the truth. For some reason they seem to be held up by a labor specialist attorney out of Fort Worth, who then sent them to the TX attorney general for further clarification if the people have a right to know where she is and if she is was on admin leave, sick leave, vacation leave or other.

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