Jewish state senator objects to visit...

Jewish state senator objects to visiting Baptist pastor's invocation

There are 134 comments on the story from Mar 15, 2011, titled Jewish state senator objects to visiting Baptist pastor's invocation. In it, reports that:

A Minnesota state senator who is Jewish said Tuesday she was "highly uncomfortable" while a visiting Baptist pastor repeatedly mentioned Jesus Christ and Christianity in a prayer on the floor of the state Senate a day earlier, and wants to require that prayers in the chamber be nondenominational.

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#32 Mar 15, 2011
The bigger problem is that they invited a demonstrated hatemonger.
Tea Party United

Minneapolis, MN

#36 Mar 15, 2011
This is udder nonsense. If the Jews hadn't abandoned the Christian church and formed they're own church, then their wouldn't be a problem to begin with. I am glad their are Christian majorities in the Senate and Hose now that can prevent this type of political corectedness.

Rice Lake, WI

#37 Mar 15, 2011
Look, nobody can throw a stone until I blow this whistle!

Stanley, WI

#39 Mar 15, 2011
Anoka County Kid wrote:
I spent a lot of time putting together concert programs in public schools. It was always amazing to me that in a Christian country, we were much more tolerant of other religions that Christianity. It was never questioned when I put a Hanukah song in a December program but anything which mentioned Christmas raised eyebrows.
BTW-I never changed my song selection.
Time for a reality orientation, Kid. The U.S. is not a Christian country. We are a country whose Founders wrote the concept of separation of church and state into our most important founding documents. Our courts continue to uphold and enforce it.

Stanley, WI

#41 Mar 15, 2011
Tea Party United wrote:
This is udder nonsense. If the Jews hadn't abandoned the Christian church and formed they're own church, then their wouldn't be a problem to begin with. I am glad their are Christian majorities in the Senate and Hose now that can prevent this type of political corectedness.
Udder nonsense? Is this article about cows? No, reading on I see it was written by an illiterate who did not appreciate the value of a free education. No surprise he's a 'bagger. They are indeed uneducated. Bachmann doesn't have enough respect for our country to learn her history.

Saint Paul, MN

#42 Mar 15, 2011

"We are a country whose Founders wrote the concept of separation of church and state into our most important founding documents. Our courts continue to uphold and enforce it." Oh my...this is truly ignorant. Neither the Declaration of Independence nor the Constitution make any mention whatsoever of "separation of church and state."

Stanley, WI

#43 Mar 15, 2011
Private rights wrote:
It makes me sad how much the ameican Jew lives in a separatist state, although for the most part they are not religious. I live in Terri Bonhoffs area near Minnetonka, and almost all Jews I know are secular. They have lost connection with their roots. They no longer practice their religion according g to their Torah, yet they are offended by Christian counterparts who are faithful to their core belief.
America would (and does) benefit from the traditional Jewish perspective. But Bonoff does not represent that perspective, and is just whining because she does not understand the value that faith brings to the human experience.
If you are going to make accusations, you must provide documented examples. Otherwise you are the one whining.
Nice Try Nice Try

Minneapolis, MN

#44 Mar 15, 2011
Nice Try wrote:
<quoted text>
Nice try, lib. No one beleives you're a Tea Party anything. Just another clueless lib trying to stir up trouble, and doing it with less brains than a bag of hammers.
Right...some Connecticut Yankee telling us dumb old Minnesotans how to think. TBU is a regular and a trusted friend of America.

He may not have a fancy New England education, but he has more of a sense of whats wrong with America than most of you East Coast liberals who got us into trouble in the first place. What don't you stick to the comment section of the Hartford Courant or the Boston Globe instead of denigrating our Minnesota neighbors. We can almost see the Lieberman bumper sticker on your Volvo.

Minneapolis, MN

#45 Mar 15, 2011
Only the brainwashed Fundamentalist Super Christians, who now control the Senate and House could be as ignorant and offensive as their spiritual leader, Michele Bachmann, who of course was caught dumbfounded when confreonted with the fact that the U.S. Constitution requires a separation of Church and State in the United States of America. Of course when one considers the so called Christian law school she attended, what else is new. Some people, such as all Constitutional scholars and Supreme Court Justices consider this to be one of the fundamental building blocks of freedom in the United States. Even though 5 members of the Supreme Court get their orders directly from the Pope, for fear of burning in "hell", they at least don't start off their deliberations by stating this publically.

Personally, it is about time the evangelicals stood up and let the voters know just how much they want to end public schools and replace them with "Christian" schools and how they want tax dollars redirected toward their mega church empires.

My grandfather was a Christian minister, but unfortunately for his soul, he studied at Harvard and not at some southern baptist quack school in Mississippi or South Carolina. The incredibly low capabilities of our current legislative body says a lot about the state of education in Minnesota. Utter failure and the idiots in the Senate and House are too ignorant to know it.

Minneapolis, MN

#46 Mar 15, 2011
Labratt wrote:
What the heck IS a nondenominational prayer? Is that like jumbo shrimp, or original copy?
A non-demoninational prayer, for anyone capable of thinking or at least reading, is one that shares ideas and concepts that are universal to all major religions. That covers a lot of ground, but excludes the fundamentalist muslims, christians, jews, etc. Some christians, evangelicals excluded, are aware that Jesus and the disciples went to Temple and never entered a christian church. They were taught by "rabbis", also known as "teachers".

And although I am a liberated christian, I would point out that among other interesting points in the 10 Commandments (Jewish of course, but accepted by most Christians) is the line: "You will not put any other gods before me." So just how many gods do Christians believe in? Yahweh may be accepted as the No. 1 God, but who is the #2 god and the #3 god. Or did Moses get it screwed up? So much for Christianity being a monotheistic religion !!

Those prayers are an embarrassment to Christians and Jews and all others. They do not belong in any governmental meeting.

Minneapolis, MN

#47 Mar 15, 2011
Tax n Spend wrote:
<quoted text>
It's very clear in the Magna Carta that there is supposed to be a separation of church and state. I think it is also in "The Communist Manifesto" and "Mein Kampf".
If this is correct, how come England was a Roman Catholic State until Henry V created the "Church of England" which is funded by the State?

The parishes in Louisiana are church parishes. I was born in what was originally "Canaan Parish", in Connecticut. In 1803, the Episcopalians complained that they should not have to pay taxes to the Congregational Church. Resorting to the Constitution, the tax was eliminated. The Minnesota Senate and House would probably invoke a tax for the Council of Evangelical Churches if they could get away with it.

Minneapolis, MN

#48 Mar 15, 2011
les wrote:
I think the senators should grow the eff up. How can an adult educated person be 'offended' by someones prayer? I dont believe them for a second just like I dont believe Betty McCollum accidentally coughed during the Pledge a couple yrs ago.
These people fear the whole concept of a God. You know, answering to a moral power.
Ever heard of the prayers of a radical Muslim or a Hasitic Jew in Israel, or a misogynist catholic priest? Writer is a brainwashed dolt, but as my dad said, "life must be comfortable for people so stupid as to believe the "Bible Belt" form of Christianity."

Dublin, CA

#50 Mar 15, 2011
"non-denominational" prayers are PC claptrap.

Reader - Christians believe in 1 God, in three forms.

It's the same God as the Jewish God, Yahweh.

It is thus mono theistic.

I can point you to some rudimentary grammar school level materials if you'd care to review.
luke the drifter

Cold Spring, MN

#52 Mar 15, 2011
I'd love to read the responses if a Muslim was invited to lead the opening prayer. The same people criticizing Bonoff would have their heads exploding all over this page.
Oh brother

United States

#53 Mar 15, 2011
Truth always offends.

Saint Paul, MN

#54 Mar 15, 2011
Sen Bonoff is right. Keep church and state separate.

Eden Prairie, MN

#57 Mar 15, 2011
The Minnesota Legislature's invocation tradition should be terminated. Legislators for whom religion matters can ask their god's blessing in the privacy of their own homes. Terri Bonoff is commended for speaking up about this obsolete and divisive tradition, but her generous suggestion to invite nondenominational prayers should be rejected in favor of a firm "no invocation" policy.
Religion is Retarded

Saint Paul, MN

#58 Mar 15, 2011
How about all religion be removed from politics, period? Anyone who actually believes in some magical moronic "god" is a moron anyway.
Sorry, as a planet full of people, that we don't have all the answers about the universe, etc.. That's doesn't mean you need to start believing in ridiculous ancient fairy tales, though. That includes ALL religions. How sad that most people that actually get into politics are also some of the most delusional, religious people in this country. No wonder nothing ever gets done at the local, state, or federal level when everyone involved is too busy "praying", aka wishfully thinking, when they're supposed to be trying to solve the immediate problems at hand.
It's just creepy how politics brings all the wackos out of the woodwork. "gawd" help us all, indeed.

Minneapolis, MN

#59 Mar 15, 2011
How about they don't pray at all? Problem solved. Nobody has a company prayer before work. Schools don't have a campus prayer before classes. Why do the Senators and Legislators need a prayer before they start? Are the House and Senate chambers particularly holy? If they feel the need to hit their knees before they start the day, fine, do it at home or in their office. It doesn't really offend me if they pray, I just think it's a stupid custom.

United States

#61 Mar 15, 2011
All you can do is vote her out in Minnetonka, simple as that.

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