Motorcycle noise prompts new laws

Motorcycle noise prompts new laws

There are 575 comments on the Asheville Citizen-Times story from Sep 12, 2007, titled Motorcycle noise prompts new laws. In it, Asheville Citizen-Times reports that:

Max Kerlin says he moved from Florida to Fairview for peace, quiet and anything but the roar of motorcycles easily heard from his mountainside home.

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Dillon, SC

#21 Sep 13, 2007
I'll never understand people who wish to ride out to a pristine area with these loud bikes to enjoy the great outdoors. They claim to be individualists but they all dress the same, ride the same brand of bike and pretend to be bad asses. I get a kick out of the ones who trailer their bikes to rallies instead of riding to them. What a bunch of wusses. I admire the Gold Wing riders who rather be seen than heard.

Bakersville, NC

#22 Sep 13, 2007
It amazes me they say they move up here to get away form all the rat race ,crime and let's not forget noise .well i live in a dry county and not to close to any shoping and not much crime .so here they come and the first thing (whine)(no beer in this store what kind of place is this) a place with not much crime duh.and you mean we have to drive 20 miles to shop (whine)then the bikes all that noise!!! well go back to (cuba) o i Mean fl.where beer crime shoping is right in your back door ,o back door you might need to check it it looks lik it's been broken into.and yes i have loud pipes and they are staying on even if i have to move to FL. HAHAHA

United States

#23 Sep 13, 2007
If loud pipes save lives, why are so many people killed by trains?

Greenville, SC

#24 Sep 13, 2007
I'm a native western North Carolinian born and raised, used to ride myself, and live on a short, dead-end street within the Asheville city limits where I've lived since the 1960's.
What I don't understand though, is why a few idiots on motorcycles want to crank it wide open for a couple of hundred feet and disturb and endanger all of the other residents of this street who've lived here peacefully for years (since before these wa-hoos were unfortunatley conceived!)
Do these testosterone-crazed fools have absolutely no consideration for their fellow beings and neighbors..they're probably Floridiots and/or Yankees themselves!

Auburn, AL

#25 Sep 13, 2007
jcreek wrote:
I'll never understand people who wish to ride out to a pristine area with these loud bikes to enjoy the great outdoors. They claim to be individualists but they all dress the same, ride the same brand of bike and pretend to be bad asses. I get a kick out of the ones who trailer their bikes to rallies instead of riding to them. What a bunch of wusses. I admire the Gold Wing riders who rather be seen than heard.
Amen, brother. Preach on. As I have said before, most Harley riders ride the noisy, leaky things to make up for the fact they are lacking in other areas, starting with IQ. Not to mention inches elsewhere. The louder the Harley, the stupider the hillbilly on it.


#26 Sep 13, 2007
Okay - I'm originally from Fairview. My problem is NOT with the Harleys ... it's with the idiot crotch rockets that choose to risk their necks and those that drive 74A. I've had to listen to incessant racing, watch as they pass on dbl yellow lines, pop wheelies and offend people to no end. I hope these idiots end up in a ditch or around a pole somewhere -- the Harleys are heaven compared to them. Law enforcement is on them though and they'll get theirs.
Other Laws

Asheville, NC

#27 Sep 13, 2007
We need laws controlling bicycles more than we need laws about noise levels.

Bicycles, when used in or onthe roads, need to be required to obey traffic laws like any motor vehicle and not dart between cars. They also need to have lights and the riders wear reflective jackets, and they need to be tagged, inspected, insured and the driver be approved by the state.

Fun is fun, but someone is going to get hurt.

Police ignore bike riders darting through traffic when they need to give them a ticket.
Rider on

Spartanburg, SC

#28 Sep 13, 2007
As the wife of a rider,a local gal, who loves that starting "vrooom" as loud as possible, the ride to Fairview and riding No. 9, it is my perception that folks move here because they come as tourists in the beginning. The Honda Hoot and it's millions it brought for these underpaid service workers in Asheville, was run out of town to Knoxville, by just a few whiners. Anyone who rides a bike, should call thier local congressman today to let them know this is not an issue and ensure your rights to ride.


#29 Sep 13, 2007
go back to florida. and take all your friends from there with you. we had the whole racetrack here in marietta shut down because of a bunch of whiners from fla. and now they built that snotty "cliffs" next door. please go back to where you came from. we'll buy you a bus ticket. people of fairview fight back!!!!!!!!!!
Joe Mama

Asheville, NC

#30 Sep 13, 2007
I-95 south should take you back where you need to be.


#31 Sep 13, 2007
Ok let me get this straight you moved here from Florida? Now you are also telling me you did not research the area you live in? As I rider I can say if something is ridculously loud no matter what it is Car ,Bike,Truck outroagously loud Sure complain. Now the Florida Factor. I think Law enforcement has obligation. The majority of Floridians that come here to the mountain and think you own the place. 1) you driving skills such as a turn signal. Is your arm broke? No Well use them!!
2) Drive the speed limit at least.
It is shame you move to new place and complain. Just one more thing LOUD PIPES are for people with unusual driving skills for MANY not all Floridians!
Kim Elam

Sherrills Ford, NC

#32 Sep 13, 2007
I am so tired of people moving here because they like the way of life here and the first thing that they do is try and change it. This is a land of freedom and people need to get a life. If you don't like the noise then move yourself to somewhere it is quite. We have the rights to enjoy our pleasures. I do not right a bike however, I do have lots of friends who do. I would rather hear their bike than the loud boom boom and window shaking music I have to listen to when I drive down the road.
Jim Dillon

Great Falls, MT

#33 Sep 13, 2007
I'd like to make a deal with Max Kirlin. I'll put a big muffler on my bike if he puts a cork in his fat lipped floridiot mouth. Hey, why don't you try
New Yorwk.

Since: Sep 07


#34 Sep 13, 2007
This is my 2nd comment to the whole Florida/Harley controversy ... Like I said before, I live in Fairview and I don't have a problem in the world with these Harleys ... and where I live, if anybody oughta hate these things, I should. I don't mind the occasional Harley coming thru "opening it up" and letting it rip -- it's the crotch rockets I have issues with. They race the Hickory Nut Gorge like they own it - with no regards to respecting the people that live in the area. I have listened to these things go for hours on end, when you won't catch a Harley going up and down the mountain continuously like these idiots. The Harley riders are respectful and are seemingly decent. Now for you Mr. Floridian ... I've been in Fairview ALL my life, unlike you. This place used to be quiet, not so overrun with newcomers and yes, people that knew how to drive. I resent your "holier than thou" attitude like you have always lived here and they're treading on YOUR territory ... it's because of people like you that we now have 2 redlights when we used to have none. Our mountains are disappearing, we no longer know anything about our neighbors, there's a ridiculous amount of traffic ... due to people like you. So honestly, you need to realize maybe what YOU'VE done to OUR community before you go criticizing others.

Asheville, NC

#35 Sep 13, 2007
I ride motorcycles, in fact I have 4 of them and the only one that makes a lot of noise is the bike I use on the race track.

Noisy bikes don't save lives. They just irritate non riders and also some riders.
It's not necassary to make a lot of noise to have a fun riding.

Motorcyclists need to be considerate of people around them.
County Native

West Columbia, SC

#36 Sep 13, 2007
Move back to where you came from and leave us alone!!!!!!!!!!
concerned nieghbor

Mountain City, TN

#37 Sep 13, 2007
LOUD PIPES SAVE LIVES ON BIKES!!!! I would much rather hear a loud bike then some rap or mexican rap pounding the ground. I am a female rider and i want to be heard, then at least i stand a better chance of being seen.

Since: Jun 07

Manteo, NC

#38 Sep 13, 2007
I ride a kymco super 9.. moped.. *sigh* .. with it's lil whine of noise that is quieter than most cars. Sure do miss being on a Harley with it's loud pipes - which often is the only thing some 4 wheeled drivers notice. . The sweet music of a Harley often by itself saves lives.. so hush that nonsense about wanting it quieter around your home. Instead you should get to know a few riders.. you'd be surprised at the friendship they have to offer. Many are white collar workers, paying their taxes.. driving vehicles that go many miles to the gallon beyond the vehicle you likely drive. Pay attention next time there is a Harley benefit run, in all types of weather, to help someone in need. Someday that person in need could be you, or a family member/friend of yours.

“i see dumb people”

Since: Aug 07


#39 Sep 13, 2007
Nothing wrong with a nice mello sounding set of pipes, I do hate the boom-boom-boom from the stereos.

Aurora, IL

#40 Sep 13, 2007
Just how often do you hear the roar of a motorcycle? Not everyone in Fairveiw rides a a motorcycle. Why don't count all the motorcycles that comes through your little piece of mountain in one day. I'm sure you can count them on your fingers and toes. If you don't like the noise here then take your unhappy ASS back to FL. were you came from. I would much rather live here and hear that noise than live in all the crime and drugs that goes on in FL.

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