Connections: Neighbors, relatives and...

Connections: Neighbors, relatives and politicians land DMR jobs in South Mississippi

There are 97 comments on the story from Dec 23, 2012, titled Connections: Neighbors, relatives and politicians land DMR jobs in South Mississippi. In it, reports that:

The Department of Marine Resources has given jobs to Executive Director Bill Walker's neighbors, his daughter-in-law, local politicians and relatives of other employees, state records show.

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Mcnary, AZ

#82 Jan 27, 2013
Tidbits wrote:
Connections to the contracts -- yes it is likely that an elected official on several councils "ran interference" to line up the votes for Scottie's clients. Check out the county jail engineering/architect contract which was changed after ten years; look at the contract awarded to Thompson Engineering for the drainage project on Ocean Springs Front Beach, who beat out the engineering company who did the initial conceptual design (this was also funded by CIAP funds through DMR). Also the links to BKI Engineering that the county wanted to use for the Government Street Improvement project for construction oversight (project still under design, and BKI fired W/M later). And don't forget the BP fencing project in front of the marshes in Harrison and Jackson counties. And other contractor "hopefuls" for BP work that were highly "encouraged" to sign on Maxwell/Walker for the $5000/month retainer to improve their chances for work through DMR. What's the connection to Cotton Fore and his $74 million contract to haul in dirt for the Port of Gulfport? And who was conducting these projects and payoffs/rewards at the state level with the federal and private Katrina funds? The Big Kahuna himself. Glad the current Guv isn't putting up with it.
See that's the good ol' boy system for you though. The Fed can only get the most prominent ones to set an example. Everybody knows the whole thing is rotten & stinks to high heaven.

That's just the way things have been done in this region & state & in the more broad south in general for much of the last 50 or more years. One good old boy plays golf with this guy who scratches another's back with this contract & so forth.

Then they give contracts to "people they know and trust" even though they may not be the best choice...

It'll take more than a token crackdown to break up the good ol' boy oligarchy that rules this part of the Deep South...

Mcnary, AZ

#83 Jan 27, 2013
Got the Shaft wrote:
Yes you could also go to the various utility authorities in each county and ask why they were forced to use a certain company to do engineering for new water and sewer. Came from Jackson as a "You Will Use" or no money will be sent.This is why you have infrastructure like a new sewage treatment facility on Old Hyway 49 north of Hyway 53 in Harrison County that has only 1 customer,the bathroom at the operations office on site.This was built to accomadate a development called Riverhills which has never been built.The property is owned by an Islamic Bank in Switzerland controlled by the royal family of an oil rich nation in the Middle East who happened to be represented by a certain lobbyist in Washington.Almost $50 million spent on that one project that has no customers.This is real not fiction all at the taxpayers expense.Then you could ask why was one company put in place to control everything from skimmer boats to manpower for the oil spill cleanup.This also came down from Jackson along with the company.Many small concerns like myself could not get even a small part of it while people/companies came from all over the country to make money and it all went thru one company.And now this same company has the right connections in place with the current people in power to do the same thing with Restore Act money.Something must change.
By a "certain lobbyist in Washington" you couldn't mean Boss Hog Barbour could you lololololol.

Sorry man but you know how it goes -- he's got federal connections. When you hooked up with Washington & have semi-federal can pretty much do whatever you damn well please.
Got the Shaft

Ocean Springs, MS

#84 Jan 27, 2013
And they did as they damn well pleased.

Brandon, MS

#85 Apr 8, 2014
You all are quite talented. Somehow you have cracked the case. Congratulations! You should be very proud. I mean the FBI could not even trace any of this back to George Malvaney. I guess they should have called in all the Facebook stalker and article readers. Then justice would be brought. Wow. You all should definitely apply to the FBI and most definitely include your ability to read plus draw your own comprehension and then not only draw from what you read but then tell everything between the lines. That is some talent. I must say you are either too smart for your own good or too dumb to know you aren't smart enough. I will let you mini sherlocks put you reading skills to the test and decide which I believe you fall into. Also, the show Mrs. Cleo is no longer on air but I hear ABC is making a push to have a similar show premier and is now taking resumes. You all seem to be very good fortune tellers so I would most definitely apply. I mean I am glad someone who does not know George is able to clarify everything I took as fact. I could have sworn he served his time on prison then paid his own way through college while working construction. Made very good grades while doing so. Then proceeded to work for EPA and MDEQ for many years gaining a great deal of knowledge on these kinds of spills. Then proceeded to work for a few other private firms before being hired by USES and working his way up the ladder. But now thanks to you I know it is providence and/or a rigged system. Thanks for the clarification. I mean there is no way it is because this guy could over come everything you could never even look at. You all have not accomplished a quarter of what he has done with 90% fewer restrictions. There is a reason he is in the news while you bottom feeders just comment. Congratulations. You did learn to read in third grade and apparently even right a little too bad it only got you as far as to counting on news letters.

Ocean Springs, MS

#86 Apr 8, 2014
123356sdf =George Malvaney, Glad you finally commented about your involvement with the DMR/Walkers. Here is a picture I am sure you remember with your candidate for Lt. Gov and your friend and business associate Bill Walker. Tell us more about what you did not do. As the old saying goes "A picture is worth a thousand words" in this case it was worth millions. What do the Walkers know that can be provided to the FBI to lessen the prison time?

Gulfport, MS

#87 Apr 16, 2014
With all due respect, Mr. 123356sdf, we might be smart, but you definetely need to take some grammer classes. The word "right" used in the context you used it is spelled "write". So before you go throwing stones at something that you know little about, you need to be educated.
First, most of the posters on this blog are fed up with the "troughfeeders" that are worse than public welfare ever thought of being. We "bottomfeeders" at least go to work every day and earn our pay rather than take it from the Taxpayers in a snaky manner as if they are Gods.
Anyone involved in this fiasco starting at the bottom with the Walkers, deserves any criticism and whatever else these good people want to call them. Freedom of speech is still allowed I think??? Until you have walked in most of the peoples' shoes that had to deal with the CONProfits, you need to shut up your mouth with snide remarks about the people that were robbed by these crooks.
I do not know you personally, Mr. Mulvaney, but if you were in the "clique" with the Walkers and his "dear friends", then you belong right there with them

Gulfport, MS

#88 Apr 16, 2014
Hiss-s Coil, Spit - This is really making me angry! Mr. Mulvaney, you need to stay up in Pearl where you belong. The Coast doesn't want you....stay up there and suck off of Rankin County Taxpayers awhile.
It is a shame and disgrace that monies that were sent here to aid the Katrina victims and money for oil spill restoration paid by BP was used to furnish homes, buy mansions, mercedes, wines, booze, and women. No telling what else!
How can you people sleep at night? Do you even believe in God??? How about hell fire and damnation??? You won't even get lubricant on the middle prong of the pitchfork after some of the shennagins that we down on the Coast have seen from you trash! You all like to act high and mighty, but we all have your number down here. You're all Trash with a capital T. As in Trailer Trash....only lower. You reap what you sow.

Gulfport, MS

#89 Apr 16, 2014
P. S. What do you all think about this Snake Nation????
Rattler 1699

Ocean Springs, MS

#90 Apr 16, 2014
You all know George Malvaney is a snake too. He is a KKKkingsnake. Sorry if I studdered a bit. He made his money from the BP spill and is now using those same dollars to influence politicians. He is in like flynt with the current DEQ management and has certain control over our governor. He is an ex-con who has paid his way up the political ladder. He is in control of those around him. He is now trying to get his hands on the Restore money and Trudy Fisher is helping him.

Gulfport, MS

#91 Apr 20, 2014
Hisss Rattler brother - Thanks for sharing the info on members of the CONProfit Gang! This beautiful Easter weather makes me want to slither out in the sunlight and enjoy! I wonder if many members of the "Gang" will be able to enjoy the sunlight next Easter??? Methinks that many will not be able to do so. And I hope that the beginning of the trials next week are able to shed a lot of light on a lot of things for the Taxpayers.
I would love to know what Mr. Malvaney has on that bunch in Jackson. He may have compromising photos???? He might begin to worry about that himself. I saw a photo of "his" cottages in Ocean Springs. I wonder if that is some of the same cottages that were stored up in Lyman at that fish hatchery? The gates up there have been locked up tighter than a drum since the DMR took it over. There were many of those cottages "stored" up there for quite a bit and then they suddenly disappeared. Wonder if Scotty boy knows anything about this? It would be nice for him if the Taxpayers purchased those cottages and then just gave them to him for his own personal benefit, wouldn it???? I wonder if that could be the case? Wonder if there are serial numbers or ways to track that down? Any ideas?? Wonder if there are any more "cottage villages" on the coast that may have benefitted that way? Surely our past Governor would not do anything like that.

Gulfport, MS

#92 Apr 20, 2014
Rattler 1699, I forgot to ask how Miss Trudy is tied in with the KKKingsnake? Do they have a relationship? I thought she only sang to Mr. Barbour's tune. She was hand picked by him. She might be two-timing him?

Gulfport, MS

#93 Apr 23, 2014
I want somebody, Gene Taylor will do, to ask Steven Palazzo what he knows about the sale/ purchase of a piece of property at 323 Front Beach, Ocean Springs owned in part by his father,Frank Palazzo, using CIAP funds at the direction of convicted felon Dr.William Walker. The inflated price of almost one million per acre was paid for a low lying drainage basin in a V zone and is equal to the robbery of a bank.This was a robbery of the taxpayers he wants to continue to represent. Did he help in any way access the federal funds used to purchase his dadís property? Then we need to ask him what he knows about the indictment of his former chief of staff, Michael Janus. Has he been involved in any way with the DíIberville-IMMS aquarium scandal or has he helped get federal dollars for this scam? This is the real reason he will not debate in my opinion.-

I have two questions:
1. Is 323 Font Beach OS where Palazzo is holding is fundraiser?
2. Will the Snake Nation be attending??

Check in Snake Nation!!
Rattler 1699

Ocean Springs, MS

#94 Apr 24, 2014
323 Front Beach is a vacant lot that once had some older apartments that were destroyed by Katrina. Where did you hear about a fundraiser? A demonstration by the snake nation would be appropriate and covered by the news for sure. Need location first I guess. Queeny if you want to know how the KKKingsnake is tied to Ms. or Mr. Trudy go to the Ms.DEQ website and read in the minutes of the monthly meeting how much money has been paid out to USES, the company that this snake heads up in Ms.
Queen Cobra 1699

Gulfport, MS

#95 Apr 24, 2014
What does USES do Mr. Rattler? Seems like all of these con-artists are just charging for people to be in their presence (arrogant ba$turds). Do they actually produce anything or do anything?
Not to butt in KS, but the information on the fundraiser was in the Sun Herald. I did not receive an invite (frown, frown) though. Please post if you all are going to meet. I will slither over too!

Gulfport, MS

#96 Apr 24, 2014
Rattler, the fund raiser is at the home of some Doctor in Ocean Springs. Here is the info from the Sun Herald:

Palazzo's will be at the home of Shirley Margaret and John Godsey, 502 Martin Ave., on Wednesday from 5:30 to 8 p.m. Special guests will be Rep. Bradley Byrne, R-Ala., Mississippi House members Manly Barton, Charles Busby, Jeffrey Guice, Hank Zuber and Doug McLeod, and Jackson County Supervisors Barry Cumbest, Mike Mangum, John McKay and Troy Ross.

Read more here:
Rattler 1699

Ocean Springs, MS

#97 Apr 25, 2014
The Godseys held a meet and greet last time around for Palazzo. Queen, USES stands for United States Environmental Services and the were the lead contractor in Ms. for the oil spill cleanup. George Malvaney is the COO I think in Ms. They now are the main company in the Ms. that does emergency hazardous waste cleanup thru Ms.DEQ. They and he seem to have the political edge to dominate and they do.

Gulfport, MS

#98 Apr 25, 2014
Great info Rattler. Thanks. Must slither for now - it's off to work I go. Maybe oher snakes can help with more information.

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