Does anyone know about Richard petticrew
far away

United States

#41 Jun 25, 2009
Richard Petticrew wrote:
Far Away, I am fine and my two oldest kids are great, my son is a marine and my daughter is a lifeguard at the Y in charleston. I just work a lot, i am really not sure who you are but you seem to know a lot about me. I hope you as well are doing good! As for the rest of you ppl on here bashing me, im sorry you are so bored and have nothing else in life to do but bash ppl, a person can change. And i'm sorry i am not as good as half you fine upstading citizens that are on here bashing me, but you know I wouldnt trade my life for your at all, for you see i have made mistakes, fortunately i have learned from mine and am a better person, you on the other hand think you can do no wrong, one day though a rock will shatter your glass house!
well thanks for reading im glad to here everyone is doing good i would tell you to tell them hello but ya no i cant let you no who i am right now it would start alot of shit. but maybe one of these days i will run into you and let you no it was me. I do no alot about you you used to come to my house all the time. I had a really good friend we were never apart always together and we new everything about each other i mean everything does this ring a bell cant say no more only you no and for the readers no we were not gay only Richard noes what im talking about hopefully.

Lerona, WV

#42 Jun 25, 2009
i'd about bet you are dean's first wife!
Richard Petticrew

Saint Albans, WV

#43 Jun 26, 2009
Far away, email me
far away

United States

#44 Jun 26, 2009
Richard Petticrew wrote:
Far away, email me
far away

United States

#45 Jun 26, 2009
nop not deans ex wife but i no her she is my cusin. I didnt even no she had anything to do with Richard she was usually all the time home getting things done for Dean didnt no she had time for all of this crap. I'll give her a call latter and get the scoop on whats up you still never answered my question on how you was doing even though i dont no who ya are have a good day

Ashland, KY

#46 Jun 26, 2009
I have always thought Richard was a pretty nice guy. I know he and Teresa worked very hard and many long hours at the baseball field years ago. He was a good umpire who always called a fair game, not like the ones who are over it now. Its a shame to see what goes on for the sake of winning a game.
Miss Mj

Rupert, WV

#47 Jul 10, 2009
I have known Richard for years, and I know he is a great father, and a hard worker.
This man has dedicated his life to helping this community and in case you dont realize part of that is "volunteer". For the hilljacks that dont understand such a big word it means......
HE DOSE THIS OUT OF THE KINDNESS OF HIS HEART WITHOUT GETTING PAID! How many of you writing this garbage can say you give your time up for this community?
And as for the rest of this crap wrote on here about him.........
Richard, I know you are a great person,a good father and a caring idividual and after Taking those boys to games , working at both fire departments, and all the community and volunteer work that you do........If you still have time to screw a girl on a car hood(as stated above by cowgirl 69) Then I would say thumbs up to you! At least you keep it exciting! YOU ARE ONE HELL OF A MAN! Muwahhhhhh!
Richards Friend

Bluefield, WV

#48 Jul 11, 2009
He knocked my sperm out of my wife. That was the reason we got a divorce.

Hurricane, WV

#49 Jul 21, 2009
Why are you doggin Lavalette and Maynard? Richard and Maynard are very good friends. Maynard is also a EMT. EMT's are very limited, by the state on what they are alotted to do in the field. A MEDIC can do a whole lot more. This by the state of West Virginia's guide lines. Yes, Lavalette would respond, because they are mutual aide to Wayne and surrounding areas. By the way....Richard is over EMS at LAVALTTE in which MAYANRD appointed him. So, here we have drama on things of which you know nothing about. And for all you others look in mirror and recall your past. Mistakes there, yes I'm sure there are.
The ex wrote:
Richard is a good dad leave him alone. He didnt pay for computers with fire dept money, thats just Julie Maynard way of getting him back because she could never be as good of a medic or medical examiner, and after everything was said and done she is still no where as good as he is, he has forgotten more than she will ever know, so for all the haters grow up and when you need a medic call maynard fire dept, oh yea thats right lavalette will have to respond, so I guess you will be at his mercy and when that happens I bet you will be singing his praise you bunch of dumb asses

Since: May 09

Charleston, WV

#50 Jul 21, 2009
ok,he works on an ambulence,u guys needa leave him alone,if u dont like them then i hope he kills u on tht ambulence..tht wud be all i got to say.

United States

#51 Jul 22, 2009
-youwishyouknew wrote:
ok,he works on an ambulence,u guys needa leave him alone,if u dont like them then i hope he kills u on tht ambulence..tht wud be all i got to say.
LMAO....even if richard knew who it was making these comments about him i KNOW that if they needed medical help that he would do all he could to save thier that alone says alot about him and most people that dont like him just dont really know him....hes a good guy!
miss kitty

Salyersville, KY

#52 Jul 28, 2009
hiya richard how ya been long time no see
Baseball Fan

Huntington, WV

#53 Jul 29, 2009
All I know about him is that he's the absolute worst baseball umpire ever. I had to suffer through a game this year where he was behind the plate. He couldn't call balls and strikes correctly if one hit him in the mouth.

Saint Albans, WV

#54 Jul 29, 2009
Maybe your kid can't pitch, lol

Mount Vernon, OH

#55 Jul 24, 2012
All I can say is GrOsS if u think he is hot.. Puke ... Vomit in my mouth yuck!! U would have to be a trashy whore to consider him as hot much less to sleep with someone so gross!! Richard pettifuck is nasty and so is any woman that would sleep with him
jus sayin

Hurricane, WV

#56 Oct 5, 2012
Yea pretty sure a pedophile isnt a good person. Has raped numerous amounts of women, hahahaha, GREAAAAATTT guy! Makes me sick to my stomach to even look at him or even thin that other people for mistaken that monster for a good person. There are women who were raped and have to relive those terrible memories.

Hurricane, WV

#57 Oct 5, 2012
jus sayin wrote:
Yea pretty sure a pedophile isnt a good person. Has raped numerous amounts of women, hahahaha, GREAAAAATTT guy! Makes me sick to my stomach to even look at him or even thin that other people for mistaken that monster for a good person. There are women who were raped and have to relive those terrible memories.
Let's get one thing straight. He is anything but a pedophile. I can't believe you went way back in topix to pull this thread up. And that you would have the nerve to get on here and say something like that. I haven't spoken to him in years. And the last I heard he was married. But I do know that he is one of the nicest people I have ever met. And that he would go out of his way to help anyone, even you. I hope he could get you for slander because you are calling him a rapist. If you or someone you knew had truly been raped a public slander place is not the place for this kind of stuff take it to the courthouse. I hate this site so bad and I have been slandered on it too with lies and people just wanting to hurt people. But I truly feel you have taken this to far. And you should be in trouble. As for Richard if he reads this, lol you and I had are drama moments. But I think you are a great person and hope you are well and don't worry about this topic because people are just plain crazy.,I have known tis man for many years even when he was a cop and I know that this is the biggest lie I have heard on here.

Medina, OH

#58 Oct 6, 2012
Biggest lie on here? The biggest lie on here is him being one of the nicest people. He is arrogant, self serving and leecherous. He has sexually harrassed more women than one could count. I know rape is not beyond him. I would be afraid to let him treat my dog let alone a member of my family. He works at Lavalette because no other agency wants him or the aggravation he brings. If you are his ex then there is a reason for it. How many women was he with while you were together? More than you know or he would ever admit.

Hurricane, WV

#59 Oct 6, 2012
Richard is self centered and cocky but a rapist I think not. I hope you know that you are slandetring his name and this is more than just telling a little white lie you called a man a rapist and that is something that by law is slander. if he had raped someone then why didn't they go to the police? and some women never do out of fear and stuff but why would you be putting on on this site unless you are just wanting to slander his name. that is a very serious crime and just because he may be self centered does not make him a rapist. sounds like you are a jealous one or you wouldn't be maKING UP SUCH LIES

Medina, OH

#60 Oct 6, 2012
It is not a crime to put your opinion of someone on a forum such as this. It would be a civil matter anyhow. And since it is in print it is called libel not slander. And the woman I know he harrassed and tried to force himself on was to afraid to go to the law over it. It does happen.

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