Does Anyone Know Donna Jackson AKA Do...

Does Anyone Know Donna Jackson AKA Donna Brewer?

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OW Guy

United States

#1 Oct 28, 2008
Just wondering if anyone knows her and what they think about her? If so please comment back.
wayne countian

Princeton, WV

#2 Oct 28, 2008
lady from wayne


#3 Oct 29, 2008
OW Guy wrote:
Just wondering if anyone knows her and what they think about her? If so please comment back.
i know her and i think she is the most nice person in the world i love her to death
OPW Lady

Oakvale, WV

#4 Oct 29, 2008
She is awesome, and I love her very much!!
someone from Lavalette

Rupert, WV

#5 Oct 29, 2008
OPW Lady wrote:
She is awesome, and I love her very much!!
she is a ho and i know for a fact now

Rupert, WV

#6 Oct 29, 2008
yell but she is good at what she does
OW Guy

United States

#7 Oct 29, 2008
wayne countian wrote:
We've been talking for a few weeks now, she seems pretty cool, I think I'd like to get to know her a little better. She’s raising 2 boys on her own the youngest one is only 6 weeks old! She has a 40+-hour job, plus a full time job at home!! I think she's a GREAT mother of what I've seen so far, she works really hard to support her kids,(Considering she doesn't have any help from the father's) I just needed advise about her. Does anyone think I'm wasting my time or is she really the woman I've been waiting for??
Her ex

Pikeville, KY

#8 Oct 30, 2008
I use to date her. Let me tell you you are wasting your time..... The whole family is crazy... Dont do it get away while you can

Bluefield, WV

#9 Oct 30, 2008
Yes get way from them ..That whole bunch is Crazy..
They will be your friend to your face and take about u like a dog behind your back...The whole damn bunch is like a walking mad person and don;t know a damn thing they talk about or do..

Ashburn, VA

#10 Oct 30, 2008
She likes it in the butt for sure....
The Sister

United States

#11 Oct 30, 2008
OWWW wrote:
She likes it in the butt for sure....
If you think she likes it in the butt well hell I'll let you stick it in any hole
you want to even the ear if you can get it in that hole as well lmao!!and you think our whole family is crazy damn straight we all went crazy that day my brother was murderer and were only crazy to the ones who f*cks us over!!
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MomOfWalkingCraz yFamily

Quantico, VA

#15 Oct 31, 2008
Don't get on here talking sh*t about my daughter, because 19 months ago when my only son, my first born child was murdered and the wayne cops let the son-of-b*tch get away with murder yeah I went crazy that day. And our family will never be the same again. As for talking about people behind their backs after they leave that's a lie. I'd welcome anyone into home, feed them the last food I had if they asked for it. I have always treated people good and treating people that way cost me my only son's life. For his own friends that sit in my home a many days, ate at my table, treated like family. That he thought of as brothers sit him up and got him killed, leaving 3 babies and a step-daughter behind without a dad that was raising them on his own, with my help of course. After their mother walked off and left him when the baby was just 3 days old, then came back and he took her back only to have her take off again. signing the step-daughter over to her parents and his 3 over to him. And even after she left he still got the little girl every weekend, bought her stuff she needed. As well we did bought her stuff, and we still do because she might not have been family by blood but she was my son's child by heart. And our family by heart as well. So don't talk shit about my daughter or my family that has been through h*ll, and still going through hell every day, or this one big walking mad crazy person will go the f*ck off on someone and snap their neck without any regrets if I find out who you are talking shit about my kid after losing my son only 19 months ago. When my daughter told me about this trash on here at first I got mad, then as I sit here reading this I started laughing wondering which one in my family wrote this, or which so called friend, or which ex-boy friend that got kicked out over lies, cheating, and mistreating my grandson. Then I realized whoever wrote was the true crazy one because they don't know who they are messing around with.. THE WALKING ONE BIG MAD CRAZY MOTHER!!!! Now whoever you are ask yourself this,, "How would you feel if someone murdered your child, brother, or father?" Bet you'd be one big walking crazy person too!!!
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#17 Nov 1, 2008
Who is your son? I am sorry for your loss I would not know how to act if one of mine were killed probably go crazy to.

Camp Creek, WV

#18 Nov 2, 2008
Sorry about your loss..i normally don't post on here but had to say this cause you seem pretty upset...i think i have this whole topix thing figured one really knows stuff about anyone on here they just post stuff to get people frustrated...if you look at any of the topix that say, "do you know XXXXX" most of the comments and nicknames are about the same....just someone trying to get under someones skin that they probably don't even know...
Sorry about your loss...what goes around will come around and someone will pay for what happen... try to keep your head up....
MomOfWalkingCraz yFamily

United States

#19 Nov 2, 2008
I totally agree with you that all these are being posted pretty much from the same person that doesn't have a life, or hasn't ever lost someone they love. Yeah I was very upset over the trash someone posted about my child and even said the whole bunch of us was like a mad walking person. I agree I'm pretty much a mad crazy person walking around in a world that doesn't even seem real anymore. Having your child murdered and the son-of-b*tch still out there to kill some else's child makes it 100% worse. 20 months ago I was one of the people that thought (That'll never happen to one of my kids they are great kids) Then in an blink of an eye my son was there saying "By mom I love you." Then 5 mins later he was fighting for his life and died 18 hours later without evening knowing I was there holding his hand as he took his last breath. Ronnie was a great son that we was so very proud of, he worked hard, almost 7 days aweek, 10 to 12 hour days to support his 3 children and a step-daughter that the mother walked off and left without taking one look back toward her 4 babies. AND I DARE ANY SON-OF-B*TCH TO GET ON HERE AND SAY ONE BAD THING ABOUT MY SON (RONNIE). Leave my family out of this trash on here, and let us cry in peace for the loss of a very loving person that left his smile embedded in very heart of the people he met in his short life. For 25 years isn't even a start on living. Anon you asked what was my son's name (Ronnie Brewer) GOD HOW I MISS HIM SO MUCH AND WOULD GIVE MY HEART, SOUL, LIFE, AND EVERY THING I OWNED FOR ONE MORE DAY WITH HIM, BUT ONE DAY WOULDN'T BE ENOUGH TIME.


#20 Nov 2, 2008
I did not know your son but agian I am sorry for your loss it has to be unbearable and the stupid sh*t that most of these people are just jealous or have nothing better to do try not to let them get to you.

Rupert, WV

#21 Nov 3, 2008
i dont know donna but i've heard things both good and bad. but if you really like her, it shouldnt matter if her family is crazy or not and it doesnt matter if she is a whore. if she likes you too, she'll change. people can always change. but honestly, i know david brewer, not sure what relation is there but i know its close, and if she is anything like david she has to be a great person. i say to go for it and hope for the best, the worst that can happen is it doesnt work out, and if thats the case you can always find someone else. thats the good thing about it, there is ALWAYS someone else out there. so live for today like there is no tomorrow and take the risk, you might be glad in the long run. and if you want solid advice on someone, forums on topix is not the place to get it. people lie on here and talk smack just because they can. you cant believe anyone on here most of the time.

Huntsville, TX

#22 Jan 8, 2012
OW Guy wrote:
Just wondering if anyone knows her and what they think about her? If so please comment back.
I was born Donna Ann Brewer, and my married name is Donna Brewer Jackson. However, because I was adopted, I took back my original birthname of Starla Jane.(Long story) I'm on FB as /astrosdiva. But I'm sure you can't be talking about me!!??

Hurricane, WV

#23 Jan 9, 2012
hey Donna what you doing girl?
Harry Balls

Cornell, WI

#24 Jan 10, 2012
Worse thing Donna did was get with that peice of trach Jackson.Hope U r doing great Donna.U do look good girl.

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