It appears those of us who are opposed to the Historic Committee have "embarrassed" those who are in support of the overlay! I would like to make it perfectly clear, I certainly didn't mean to embarrass or shame anyone, however so far no one has enlightened me through their "research" just how this overlay is going to benefit me or anyone else whose home is already in the Historic District that was established many years ago under the US Department of Interior! The only reason this committee would exist would be to levy fees on those of us who would be forced to repair, renovate, restore our home in the way this committee would have us to do and I am adamanty opposed to this type of government, ie., sticking it to the public without a vote. If this passes then I can assure you I will not support ANY of those persons who vote for it! The homes I am familiar with in this district have been taken care of by the owners to show their love for the structure and they have done an admirable job and I fully support their efforts, but to my knowledge only one or two homes has been restored in the original status. Too much government in my life already and I don't need this at my front door!!