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#1 Mar 4, 2012
First, let me say that my leaving the Waverly Police Department was a very difficult decision that did not come easy. Now, after many months of weighing the issues that have been going on, along with the retaliation that has been directed towards me and Ptl. Goodwin, I made the decision to resign, but to continue the fight to prove what is right.

Next, I want to deeply thank all of the many supporters that have supported me in the past, and continue to stand by me for doing what is right. This only continues to solidify my thoughts and actions regarding this incident.

Also, I want to say that I do not like situations like this, confrontations or the fact that I have to be the one that causes problems for others, unless I know what I am doing is right and what they are doing is wrong.

At this time, I want to use the quote that former Mayor Reed used in the News Watchmen:“I may not always be right, but I am honest.” Let it be known that the only difference between his quote and mine is that I can prove that I’m being honest, and on the other hand prove that he is not.

What I mean by this statement is, former Mayor Reed stated and “adamantly denied” in the first story printed in the News Watchman that “He didn’t influence anybody, didn’t talk to anybody and didn’t influence anybody’s opinion.” If former Mayor Reed says that he never contacted anyone or attempted to influence anyone, why can I prove that I was contacted early the next day after the crash by him, and ordered to not issue a citation to his son’s girlfriend until he spoke with Larry (The Chief of Police)? Former Mayor Reed also made the statement in the News Watchman that he “Originally supported me until he spoke with Chief Larry Roe.”

Please allow me to explain. He could not have supported me originally. This crash took place on Sunday, October 9, 2011, which was a holiday weekend. Chief Larry Roe did not come back to work until Tuesday, October 11, 2011. Chief Roe did not even know anything about this crash or the witness statement that I did not use until he returned to work. Former Mayor Reed contacted me an entire day before he spoke with Chief Roe and “ordered me not to issue this citation.”

Now, let me speak about the witness statement. At no time did myself, or Ptl. Goodwin ever refuse to take statements from anyone at the crash scene. Statements were given out at the scene throughout the entire process. Once the injured were attended to, the photographs and measurements were taken, and traffic was flowing again I began to look at the statements. All the statements that were obtained at the scene made sense, except for one. After reading this statement and interviewing her against her statement, I determined that there were too many inconsistencies and nothing positive. This witness answered questions with answers such as “I think, wouldn’t you think and it must have been” along with changing things verbally that she had previously written.

At this time, I had 4 statements other than this one. One statement from Ms. Richter, one from Ms. Howard and two from independent witnesses that were from South Point, Ohio. Note that the people that wrote these statements were “positive” of what they had witnessed and that what was written in these statements all pointed to this crash being Ms. Richter’s fault. These statements also supported the physical evidence that myself and Ptl. Goodwin had observed and collected at the scene. I also want to point out that I, still at this time, did not issue a citation, nor did I determine fault. I kept this case under investigation allowing time to sort through and possibly locate other evidence to support my decision.

Let me point out that to my understanding and training, we, as police officers are called to an incident to “investigate” and to gather “factual data” or “evidence.”

Since: Mar 12

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#2 Mar 4, 2012
I also want to point out that if police officer’s could issue citations or arrest people just for what other people “Think” then it would make it much easier to do our jobs.

On Tuesday, October 11, 2011, at the Waverly Police Department, I attempted to speak with Chief Larry Roe and Captain South about this incident. As soon as I mentioned this incident to Chief Roe, he replied to me with an aggravated tone of voice saying “Yeah, he just called me,” meaning the Mayor.(Again remember that the Mayor stated he never talked to or attempted to influence any decisions) Chief Roe continued with his aggravated tone of voice saying “You can’t start an f**king day off around here without something.” He then began to make statement towards me, which to me implied he was taking the Reed’s side and that I did not investigate this crash correctly. I continue to stand by the way myself and Ptl. Goodwin handled this investigation.

I left the Waverly Police Department after speaking with Chief Roe about this incident and went to Super Quik North to find out if there was a video camera showing the intersection and the crash. I obtained this video and returned to the Waverly Police Station. Myself, Ptl. Fyffe and Captain South then viewed this video several times coming to the “positive” conclusion that Ms. Richter was at fault. Just by chance Ms. Richter arrived at the Waverly Police Department and was requesting Ms. Howard’s insurance information. Ptl. Fyffe at this time tells me “Hey, issue her citation while she is here.” Captain South at this time makes the statement,“No, not right now. I’m going to show him the video and let him decide,” meaning the Mayor. Ptl. Fyffe then makes the comment to Captain South “You know there is going to be a day when right is right and wrong is wrong and this is wrong.” Please note that at this time I was again held off from issuing the citation to Ms. Richter.

Later this same day at the Waverly Police Department, Mayor Reed, his son, Matt, and Ms. Richter arrived, at which time they were allowed to view the video of the crash. Let me point out that this video was “evidence of an ongoing investigation.” Also note that I was told to advise Ms. Howard’s attorney that if they wanted copies of the crash report, incident report, photographs or anything pertaining to the case, that they needed to file for a “Motion of Discovery” through the court to obtain these items. But the incident report will clearly indicate that Mayor Reed was not only supplied with these items, he was also supplied with the 911 caller’s personal phone number. The Chillicothe Gazette printed that the 911 caller’s information is public record. To see for your self that it is not, go to and read the Privacy Laws regarding the 911 System.

I then spoke with Captain South approximately two days after the Reeds and Ms. Richter was allowed to view the video evidence. Captain South advised that we were going to now issue the citation to Ms. Richter. During this time, I also spoke with Captain South about putting it in my report that Mayor Reed had contacted me on Monday, October 10, 2011 and had ordered me not to issue this citation. I voiced my concern about this issue because I knew that the way things were being handled that I would more than likely be involved in a Civil Case and I did not want it to look like I was attempting to keep something out of the report. Captain South at this time stated “No, you don’t need to put that in your report.”

A short time later, Chief Larry Roe walked up to me and apologized for the way he acted towards me on Tuesday, October 11, 2011 when I was attempting to speak with him about this incident. At this time, Chief Roe and I walked back into the classroom and spoke about this incident. I, again like I did with Captain South, voiced my concern about not putting in my report that Mayor Reed had contacted me and ordered me not to issue the citation.

Since: Mar 12

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#3 Mar 4, 2012
Chief Roe also advised me “that I did not need to put in my report that Mayor Reed contacted me and ordered me not to issue the citation.”
With this being said, remember that Chief Larry Roe stated in this last article printed in the Waverly News Watchman “You don’t throw written statements away under any circumstances. You do not throw notes, statements or anything like that away.” But yet, I was asked to keep information out of this report.
Even though I was told not to, I went to my report and put this information in because it did happen and should have been in the report.
After the initial citation was issued, things around the Waverly Police Department were quite quiet. The Tuesday, October 18, 2011 Mayor’s Court Date arrived at which time this citation was transferred to Pike County Court. After being transferred to Pike County Court, I or Ptl. Goodwin never received notice of any proceedings with this case. Ptl. Goodwin at this time was using the Pike County Court’s website to keep up with future court dates for this case. Ptl. Goodwin then advised me that according to the Pike County Court website, the pre-trial for this case was set for November 23, 2011. Ptl. Goodwin later advised me that he had spoke with Maria Hoover and confirmed the November 23, 2011 pre-trial with her while in Waverly Mayor’s Court on November 8, 2011. I only then found out later from Ms. Howard’s attorney’s that the case had been dismissed on November 9, 2011, the very next morning after Ptl. Goodwin confirmed the November 23, 2011 pre-trial with Maria Hoover. I advised Ms. Howard’s attorney that it could not have been dismissed because the pre-trial had not been held yet. I then advised them that I would find out what the mix up was and get back to them.
I then went to Pike County Court and spoke with several court officials there that advised me that the case had been dismissed due to “the officers not appearing.” These same court officials also told me that Mayor Dale Reed and Chief Larry Roe were both present in Pike County Court when the citation was dismissed.
Now, this is when I would like to revert back to the latest story printed in the Pike County News Watchman where Chief Larry Roe disagreed by saying,“It is normal for a case to be dismissed when the investigating officer is not present.” I would have to disagree about this quote by Chief Larry Roe. First of all, if a pre-trial is not a “Mandatory Appearance” for the investigating officer, then it should not be a reason to dismiss the case. To my knowledge, it is not common practice to do so. Second, other officers can testify on behalf of the investigation officer if he is not present on a case, so if the Chief of Police was present in County Court then why did he not testify on my behalf or just have the pre-trial re-set for a future date.
Note, at this point, it has been approximately 40 days since the accident and nothing has been mentioned to me about being disciplined over not using the one statement.
Now, after finding out that the citation had been dismissed due to “Officers not appearing,” I did what I would have done with any other case I handle. I prepared to re-issue the citation. Before the citation was re-issued, Ptl. Goodwin spoke with Maria Hoover about this and advised her that I was going to re-issue the citation. Ptl. Goodwin advised that Mrs. Hoover said “she did not think that the Chief wanted it re-filed” and “cautioned him about me re-filing the citation stating that this was very political.”
I then re-issued the citation in the same manner that I would in any other case. I filled the citation out, placed the court copy in the County Court Basket located in the dispatch office of the Waverly Police Department and mailed Ms. Richter her copy on November 25, 2011.

Since: Mar 12

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#4 Mar 4, 2012
Then, according to witnesses, on Monday, November 28, 2011 former Mayor Reed stormed into the Waverly Police Department with the re-issued copy of the citation that was mailed to Ms. Richter and he appeared very furious. To my understanding, a Waverly Police Officer was then sent to Pike County Court to either obtain copies of or the original re-issued citation. It was also said that the atmosphere around the department this day was not good and comments were made such as,“how the f**k could this have gotten past us.”

On approximately Monday, December 5, 2011, I was taken into Captain South’s office along with Chief Roe behind closed doors, at which time I was questioned as to why I re-issued this citation and no one knew about it. I answered Chief Roe’s question with a question by stating “Have we had to ask you or the Captain if we can re-issue a citation in the past?” Chief Roe’s answer to that was “You will from now on.” This “closed door meeting” went on for some time at which time I was asked “Can you tell me why Ptl. Goodwin is talking about this case to Maria?” I advised him that to my knowledge he was confirming the pre-trial dates for this case and also asked him if there was a reason he shouldn’t be talking to Maria about this particular case. During this meeting it was mentioned that “The way to keep Ptl. Goodwin from talking to anyone about the case was to just not schedule him.”

On December 6, 2011, I was again called into the Captain’s office and given a written notice of Chief Larry Roe’s intention to suspend me from work for three days without pay. This write up stated that I had cast an unfavorable light on the Village and that I had broken some “Work Rule or Policy.” Do I need mention now that this has only happened since the second citation was filed and it had been approximately 60 days since the crash happened with no talk of me being disciplined for not using the one statement?

Also, note that in this last story printed in the Waverly News Watchman Chief Larry Roe “danced around” the question regarding Policy or Procedure Books. Chief Larry Roe stated “That new policy and procedure manuals are in the process of being made, until that time old ones are being used.”

What I am trying to point out is that I have not, nor has anyone else seen a policy and procedure book or a work rule book at the Waverly Police Department, NEW or OLD. We DO NOT have either available to us nor have we seen one.

I advised Captain South that I wanted a hearing held on this matter. The Pre-Disciplinary Hearing was held on December 13, 2011 at the Waverly Police Department. Present during this hearing was myself, Captain South, Chief Roe, Bob Cross, Mayor Reed and Sheriff Henderson. At the start of this hearing, Mr. Cross asked if I understood the violation against me, at which time I asked him if he could read it to me. Mr. Cross began to read the write up to me and stopped, looked at Chief Roe and stated “This isn’t right,” meaning the section number and other parts were wrong on the write up. I questioned them about this and Mr. Cross stated “No, it’s not right, it would probably work but what we really intend to write you up for is” and stated another section number from the elusive “Work Rule Book.” The hearing continued until its conclusion at which time Mr. Cross advised Sheriff Henderson that,“He had 5 days from the date of this hearing to provide me and Mayor Reed with a copy of his findings, but since Mayor Reed had a conflict of interest in this matter that his copy would be given to the Chief.”

Nine days passed at which time I had not received my copy of the findings. I contacted Sheriff Henderson and he stated that he had given his copy to Chief Roe on Friday, December 16, 2011 and that I should ask him about it.

Time continued to pass until Wednesday, January 11, 2012 upon my arrival to work I found a copy of the findings hanging in my cabinet door.

Since: Mar 12

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#5 Mar 4, 2012
Note this was 29 days after the Pre-Disciplinary Hearing, not 5.

On Sunday, January 15, 2012 upon my arrival to work, I was handed an envelope by Sgt. Crabtree and advised that I needed to sign one copy and put it in Chief Roe’s mailbox. This letter stated that I would now serve my three-day suspension on dates January 18, 19, and 20 and that if I had any further questions to contact Sgt. Crabtree.

On January 25, 2012 I went to the Waverly Police Department to give Chief Larry Roe a letter stating my intentions of appealing the three-day suspension. As soon as I told Chief Roe that the letter was to appeal my suspension, he stated with his normal aggressive manner “and you can expect more write ups to come soon, after this mess you have caused.” Note this was no surprise that he would threaten more retaliation against me.

It was no surprise to me that even though there are actual “Guidelines for Conducting Employee Hearing through the Civil Service Commissions,” that Chief Roe would make his own rules up as he went along. You can find the Civil Service Commissions: Guidelines for Conducting Employee Hearings at, and reference Page 5 Section 5 “Burden of Proof.” Keep in mind, no one has been shown or has seen a Policy and Procedure Manual or a Work Rule Book while you are reading this.

I also want to point out that another employee was told that he was to “record any conversation that he had with me” because I had been proven to be a liar and untrustworthy.” I do want to add that I was singled out and that he was not asked to or told to record conversations with any other employee.

To end this, I just want to point out that because of the continuing retaliation and the comments that have been made towards me to myself and other people regarding them finding a way to get rid of me, I felt that it was best to leave my employment there. My thoughts have been if they have gone this far for a minor misdemeanor citation, how far would they go?

I also want to point out that Ptl. Goodwin has not been scheduled to work since October 9, 2011 the date of the crash investigation, even though Chief Roe continues to pay overtime during a “Budget Crisis” rather than work Ptl. Goodwin.

Also let me add, if you are going to hide behind your computer and run your mouth and not be man or woman enough to post your picture and real name (Like I have) your comments will be ignored and deemed insignificant.

My final say is that everything that I have mentioned above, I can back up and prove 110%.

Thank you for your time. Aaron Mowery

proud mother

Ashland, KY

#6 Mar 4, 2012
for gods sake, does anyone EVER want to know the truth, or do they pick and chose what they WANT to hear?
god knows, there are so many "crooked" cops and politicians, it's not funny, and w hen u finally get one that wants to do what's right, they want to crucify them. we're all brought up to think, if we're ever in trouble , or need help, contact a policeman, or woman, and this is the results u get????? it all boils down to, who u know, and who u blow. sure, we have all had a break one time or another in our lives, but to blantonly sweep things under the rug just because, "we are who we are" is the wrong thing to do. i stand by officer mowery, a wonderful officer, and proud to say, my son, ALL THE WAY!!!! just because you have money, or stature in your life, DOESN'T make u right. suck it up, and know what it feels like to be and "every day joe". we all have feelings, and want to know there is SOMEONE out there that will fight for our rights. keep up the good work, aaron, u know i'm there for u!!!!
Giving it time

Chillicothe, OH

#7 Mar 4, 2012
Getcha some of that! Damn :)
proud mother

Ashland, KY

#8 Mar 4, 2012
i am so proud of you, let that be the first thing i say. for once in a long time, a law enforcement officer has spoken up, and said what he thought was right. that's the first step, second step, is to keep standing by what u think is right, and i know u will. things like this should be brought up more times than anyone knows, but people are trusting, and god knows, STUPID, at times, i wish u all the luck in the world, and hope this opens a LOT of eyes. you're a good man, a good son, and a wonderful officer. hang in there, it will all work out for the best, no matter how negative it looks at times.

Laura, OH

#9 Mar 4, 2012
I would just like to say that I respect you for your courage to stand up for what is right!! I am sorry that we have now lost an honest officer because he decided to stand up for what was right, I wish you the best in whatever endeavor comes your way after this..........Kudos to Officer Mowery and Thank You for doing your job!

Chillicothe, OH

#11 Mar 4, 2012
I stand behind you 100 percent! She should have paid her ticket and not gone running to Reed.And he should have told her to pay it and move on, like other citizens have to.
proud mom

Ashland, KY

#12 Mar 4, 2012
just sayin', stick up for a 'COP' that stands by what he believes in, and not what "everyone else thinks is fair". what's fair in this life we know???? no a god damed thing, think about it, and weigh it out , for once in your lives. go mowery, go!!!!!!!!!!
Need more like you

Wilmington, OH

#13 Mar 4, 2012
Officer Mowery there has been alot of crooked cops come in to this office and still to this day, fill this office. I respect you for standing up and doing what they all should be doing. we need more like you. Hate to see you leave! Best of luck.
More Info

Van Wert, OH

#14 Mar 4, 2012
All this over a stupid traffic citation. Only in Waverly.

Since: Jun 10

Athens, OH

#15 Mar 5, 2012
I think it is awesome that you took the time to put your side of the story out there for everyone to hear. I stand behind you 100%. I have seen first hand what can happen to an officer that stands up for himself and it was not pretty. You have my support. All the way!

Van Wert, OH

#16 Mar 5, 2012
You can bet they " the cheif, the mayor andy and barney" will be gathering at the diner this morning, trying to figure out how to get this post deleted.
hooked on phonics

Clyde, OH

#17 Mar 5, 2012
It will be as soon as they try to, save all your posts, and edit out the names and titles of people and then no one will be able to flag it as inappropriate/slanderous etc. etc. :D

Chillicothe, OH

#18 Mar 5, 2012
I thank you for standing up for what is right. I have lived in Pike County for only four years, and all I see is corruption. I am a law abiding citizen, never been arrested in my life. I firmly believe that the higher powers need to step in, and remove everyone from authority in this county. They are all looking out for number one, and what benefits them.
hooked on phonics

Clyde, OH

#19 Mar 5, 2012
Ya need to edit that to say Waverly, not everyone in authority in the county are douchebags
Giving it time

Chillicothe, OH

#20 Mar 5, 2012
Supporter wrote:
I thank you for standing up for what is right. I have lived in Pike County for only four years, and all I see is corruption. I am a law abiding citizen, never been arrested in my life. I firmly believe that the higher powers need to step in, and remove everyone from authority in this county. They are all looking out for number one, and what benefits them.
I agree with "Hooked on Phonics" to some extent. I don't believe that all Waverly Officials or Pike County Officials are corrupt or bad people there are some very worthy people in powerful posisitions through out this county. But on the other hand there are some not so good people in powerful posisition in this county. Whithout something being done or even said about things nothing will ever be changed. The best that people can hope for is that someone takes serious threads on here serious news articles and begins to make changes. Unity and number speak volumes.

Van Wert, OH

#21 Mar 5, 2012
Maybe the new mayor, Mayor Kempton will take care of an old problem (Roe) since the old problem is an appointed position. Roe has been chief for 10 years now and you know there is an issue when you lose 32 employees now over a ten yr period. That is an average of 3 employees a year, not good for any business.

All of this over a traffic citation of a girfriend of the mayor's sad.

Kudos to you Aaron Mowery. Duty, Honor and Integrity are 3 hallowed words that all officers should represent. Thank you for being one of those officers!

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