Nikki Bentz

Cincinnati, OH

#1 Dec 6, 2012
Got caught with b/f Gary Liles operating active meth lab in trailor with her two babies there.

Jackson, OH

#2 Dec 7, 2012
wow this isnt any new news there both dope heads she shouldnt even have her kids t state should take them away ! as for gary he isnt nothin but a snitch who steals and lies all the time . let me guess nethier of them went to jail right ????? WHY BECAUSE THERE SNITCHES !
carma bitches

Napoleon, OH

#3 Dec 7, 2012
i told them Carma is a bitches so sad they had them babies there and no she don't need them and they all need to go sit in jail instead of snitching you do someone wrong and it always comes back even harder

Hamilton, OH

#4 Dec 7, 2012
evidently you don't know what your talking about lol

Hamilton, OH

#5 Dec 7, 2012
you need to get your FACTS straight

Cincinnati, OH

#7 Dec 8, 2012
she is an awful mother and doesn't give a dam* about her kids. she would rather get high and get laid. heard she had hep c and got it from gary.

Cincinnati, OH

#8 Dec 9, 2012
She is one of the biggest wh*res I have ever met. She has screwed so many guys her p*ssy is like a five gallon bucket. She is a meth head and is always tweakin. She should rot in hell for puting her little girls in that situation but honestly I can't say I am surprised. Those little girls are innocent they deserve better. She told me she even let her 3 year old smoke marijuana and that she always blows it in her face to get her high. Piece of crap mom who needs her kids taken away from her. she's completely WORTHLESS.

Van Wert, OH

#9 Dec 10, 2012
yall sure can talk alot of shit on here hideing behind the screen .. this is garry liles. now let me here u say shit like this to my face ..

Cincinnati, OH

#10 Dec 10, 2012
I would willingly say it to both of your faces. Everytime I confront Nikki she backs down and acts like she is my best friend. She is an awful mother and person and all she is is jealous of me. she gets with anybody she possibly can. okay mr. garry since you guys are such a perfect couple why was she trying to get with your friend? not sure of his name but he drives a big truck. not sure if he lives there but i know he hangs out in the stockdale area around nikki's dads house. she wants to try and ruin my life. i can ruin hers.

Van Wert, OH

#11 Dec 10, 2012
like ur any better .. u fucking me and nikki with ur man in the other room... some woman u are , ur such a good girl.. who is it the girls are always wanting there mommy and there garry. unless yalls names are spokeing of then they want yall for a few mins.. and i dont even have to be around and they want to see me . couse i show them love i dont try to buy it.. neither one of u guys are perfect. just tought u should here that from someone who isnt aswell.. do we really want to keep this going .. unlike nikki i will say something and will do it as well....
ha ha
#12 Dec 10, 2012
wooah ha ha

Cincinnati, OH

#13 Dec 10, 2012
fuck*ng you and nikki while my ol' man was in the other room?? you have me confused with someone else buddy. nikki has done me wrong and i want all of her dirty secrets to be exposed. and her mother is so blind by thinking she does no wrong LMAO. she's looks so hilarious when she's tweakin. she gets that jaw goin. she's ugly enough already i mean dam*!!! and this definitely isn't who you think it is. but i am very close to her. AND AGAIN, ya'll should be ashamed by putting those babies in a situation like that. rot in hell!
4 angels

United States

#15 Dec 10, 2012
wow you want to run your mouth no wonder you won't let me see my kid doing meth around her all the time

Cincinnati, OH

#18 Dec 14, 2012
Hangout with her a couple time and she just wanted to use me to buy sudafed boxes to make her meth with. And for anyone who says she keeps it away from her babies are wrong! Her and her boyfriend had the whole lab set up in her three year old daughters room. Needs her babies taken from her because they are not safe in her care.

Circleville, OH

#19 Dec 16, 2012
dont run ur mouth behind a fake say it to my face.

Richmond, KY

#20 Dec 21, 2012
nikki wrote:
dont run ur mouth behind a fake say it to my face.

Anonymous Proxy

#21 Jan 4, 2013
she is a nasty wh*re who always trys to talk to my boyfriend when he cleary tell her to leave him the hell alone, she dont get it. she needs her a*s whipped for putting her babies through that..

United States

#22 Jan 5, 2013
She's a jar jumper. Garry is a snitch him and Nikki told on my dude Zach and they will get what they got coming. She tried to screw me but my girl will kill her. She don't need them kids she don't feed em she cooks dope around them and shoots up around them.

Richmond, KY

#23 Jan 7, 2013
Honey, I have no problem letting you know what I think of you. The only reason I tolerate you is for the sake of the kids. But, when you get them in situations like you do, I want to beat the living hell out of you. I don't have to hide behind a fake name. And you know your dam* self that I will tell you right to your face what I think of you and every time I do, you act like you are my best friend just so I won't kick your as*. Honestly, you don't deserve to be the mother to those sweet little girls. They are much better in your mothers care and I hope you never get them back. Couldn't even get them anything for Christmas, wow what a mom. Me, Troy, and your mom are the only reason those girls got a Christmas. You should never put your kids in a situation where you are making meth in a house. I know I am not perfect but I have been a better step mom to those girls that you have been a mom. We're supposed to get along but it's hard whenever all you want to do is f*ck up and start sh*t with me. I try my best to get along with you and all of the guys you bring in your life but by telling Savannah that I am a bitch and making her think that I am a bad person doesn't fly with me because before you started filling her head with sh*t she loved me to death. I would do anything for those babies so why would you take someone out of their life that has been so good to them? I was always there for you or the girls when you guys needed it. I have bought Abby milk and diapers and everything before. You are selfish and are so ungrateful to people who try and help you out. You would have never got moved out of that trailer if it wasn't for me. Garry just sat there on his ass and so did you when I was doing your dishes and packing everything up for you. I only did it for those girls before they didn't a better living situation but what do you do? Take them God knows where with different guys and put them in dangerous situations. All you care about is yourself and nobody else. I will always be there for the girls and Troy and I will get them whatever they need. I mean sh*t you couldn't even get their stuff and clothes out of your car, but you went there and got YOUR STUFF. You couldn't take the time to get theirs? That's ridiculous. I hope you can't have anymore kids because it will end up just like Nannah and Abby. Those sweet babies deserve better. And it will NEVER come from you. I don't care who gets mad at me for this because it is all the truth. I have just had it with you and I want better for my husbands kids.

United States

#24 Sep 29, 2013
surprised gary doest breast feed his babies with the nice rack he has they have a nice home at 210 bridge little white house by the police station and that little market and church. gary drives a nice little black junk car too.

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