McKinney charged after striking fello...

McKinney charged after striking fellow Bremer County inmate

There are 22 comments on the Waterloo Courier story from Apr 4, 2006, titled McKinney charged after striking fellow Bremer County inmate. In it, Waterloo Courier reports that:

A Sumner man held in the Bremer County Jail allegedly attacked another inmate in a dispute over a television.

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#1 Apr 23, 2006
well the the little b**** shouldn't have ran his mouth to nathan and call him a punk bitch. people these days need to learn a little something called respect. nathan could have cared less about the stupid tv. get your story straight people.

Pella, IA

#2 May 5, 2006
Respect???????Maybe Nathan should have had respect for his father and then he wouldn't be in the situation he's in now.


#4 May 20, 2006
maybe if his family actually gave a shit bout him he would have respect for them. you respect those who show you respect back. it don't matter no more though cuz he belongs to my family now. he knows damn well that he is loved n cared for here. besides u don't even know him so who are u to say shit anyways.
To Jessica from Sumner

Los Angeles, CA

#5 Apr 9, 2007
You apparently haven't done your homework on Nathan.. Trouble from day one.. The Citizens of Sumner will celebrate the day they throw the book at that little punk and he rots in prison. He is nothing but a vulgar mouth, thief, punk and gives a new name to the word loser.. playing PS2 over your fathers dead body is SICK and this is a proven fact that he did this.. its in his police statement.
To the ungodly of Sumner

United States

#6 Apr 13, 2007
I have done my homework on Nathan thank you so very much. I have known the boy for 6 years now. Much longer than any of you people have. Let me tell you the only losers here are you people of sumner. You people have no clue what that boy has been through. I bet you losers didn't know his dad was an abuser, drunk, and a drug dealer. who more then likely pissed the wrong person off. Bet your stupid cops over there didn't tell you guys that they now know that nathan had nothing to do with his fathers murder. Hell, how would you even know what is in the police report, it is not for public view unless done illegally. You people over there think you are so godly n sh**, but didn't god say don't judge until you have walked in their footsteps. You guys don't know what that boy has been through, so all you sinners over there need to get off his back and look at your own lives. Boy bet you people feel real smart right now. Personally, I don't give a care what you people think because I love that boy and I will always be there at his side no matter what.

Atlanta, IN

#7 Apr 13, 2007
this is nathan mckinney's stepmom and i am here to tell anyone who wants to keep running their mouths about my son and let them know that if they don't stop slandering my son and running his name down to the ground that I will personally see to it that they be brought to justice and see what it feels like to have their name drug into the mud. Unless you were there personnaly the night that paul mckinney was murdered and can prove that my son is the killer of his father I strongly suggest that you keep your opinions to yourself and not make accusations that you can not back up. If the slandering of my son's name does not stop immediately further action will take place and you can be assured that justice will be served.

Christiansburg, VA

#8 Apr 14, 2007
well im here to say Jessica that Nathan is a loser and if u know whats best for you better find someone else because he will never amount to nothing.

Atlanta, IN

#9 Apr 14, 2007
Mandy, this is Nathan's stepmom and i just want you to know that you have no right judging my son let alone anyone unless you know him personally and can back up what you say about him. My son has made alot of mistatakes in his lifetime and yes he has done things that have been wrong but one thing is for sure and that is this he is not a murderer. I know that he did not kill his father.

Atlanta, IN

#10 Apr 14, 2007
Mandy, all I have to say is that unless you have any solid proof to back up your alligations I strongly suggest that you keep your comments to yourself. If someone that you really loved and cared about was being blamed for a crime that they did not commit then you would do whatever it took to protect them and help them. So please, leave my son alone and let him move on with his life the best he knows how and keep your opinions to yourself.

United States

#11 Apr 18, 2007
Damn, you losers got told... Lmao

Since: Apr 07

United States

#12 Apr 18, 2007
Published April 17. 2007 7:05PM
Sumner man charged in 2006 murder
The Gazette

SUMNER - Lawrence Hamby, 25, of Sumner, was charged Tuesday with first-degree murder in the Jan. 18, 2006, death of Paul McKinney, 52,
also of Sumner.

The Bremer County Sheriff's Office said Hamby was taken into custody at the Iowa State Penitentiary in Fort Madison where he was being held on another matter. He was being held last night in the County Jail.

McKinney's body was found in his home by a relative. The State Medical Examiner's Office determined McKinney died of head, neck and chest injuries.

This is Jessica again. Lol, boy you assholes got some apolozing to do.

Los Angeles, CA

#13 Apr 18, 2007
OH, so the friend is the only one involved, yeah right... Nathan will be charged very shortly in the murder of Frank. and yes we know that Frank drank but with a kid like that and the "woman" he had to deal with well I would drink as well. As for a drug dealer NOT did he do them well yes he did.. If everyone loved this little boy then why did nobody want him. Why did he get pawned off every chance you people got.. You are wrong I do know him. HE IS A LOSER CAN'T WAIT TIL THE CHARGES COME THROUGH PUBLICLY and I can laugh at you.. when those charges come through you will see what the City of Sumner is all about we will CELEBRATE.

Los Angeles, CA

#14 Apr 18, 2007
OH YEAH and don't think Hamby won't rat Nathans ass out cause he won't go down alone. Hamby is just as much of a loser as Nathan. Walking down our streets picking on little kids, smoking and drinking there bottles in the brown bag.. LOSERS the whole mess of you.. Frank RIP we will make sure the bastards pay for it..

Atlanta, IN

#15 Apr 19, 2007
listen west union bitch you better watch who you are talking too. I am going to tell you right now that if you don't knock your shit off there is going to be problems. You know nothing about what is going on and you don't know anything abought me or my son, I have never pawned off my son to someone else and you also don't realize that frank was a drug dealer and that is why he is where he is today. I don't mean any disrespect to Frank but when you hang around the wrong bunch you usually end up getting burned. I should know, I was one that got burned pretty badly. SO before you go shooting off at the mouth you better be providing some hard evidence because as of right now you have absoluteley NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!

Los Angeles, CA

#16 Apr 20, 2007
DENIAL thats what you are in. They charged Hamby first because he was scheduled to be released. Now in a few weeks or so the next charge will come against Nathan. Yes you people pawned him off back and forth from mom to dad to whoever. So when he is in prison for life its because of the disfunctional family and crazy environment he was raised in. Frank was NOT a drug dealer a user yes a dealer no. If he was a dealer he wouldn't have been living in a shit hole house. Get a clue.. Nathan is going down and its because of YOU
TO nathans step mom

United States

#17 Apr 20, 2007
lol, I think I finally figured dis B**** out. She is either one frank's bitches or hamby's bitches. i'll talk to u later. sierra gettin fussy on me.
to West Union Person

Atlanta, IN

#18 Apr 20, 2007
I just want you to know that you obviously do not know what you are talking about because if you did you would know that I am not Nathan's real mother I am his step-mother who has been trying to straiten Nathan out for a very log time.I am not the one who was passing Nathan back and forth between his parents. Yes, Nathan has had a very disfucntional life and yes he was tossed back and forth between the two parents and yes it was not ever a pretty sight.However, you must need to understand that I am the only one the the family that still cares what happens to him and I always will because of the fact that I know what the boy has been through and I have watched him go through hell with both of his parents. I in way shape or form condone anything that my son has done wrong and you can rest assure that he has gotten an earful from me on several different ocasiions about his behavior and I have even had to punish him personally for things that he has done wrong but until I see that he has actually done something wrong and is lying about it I am going to stand up for him until I am proven wrong. Right now Nathan cannot defend himself in any accusations that you or anyone else are saying so I feel that unless I am proven wrong and he is guilty I am not going to sit here and let you bash him just because you think that he had something to do with his father's death. That is for the courts to decide not you. So please, unless you have solid proof that he had something to do with it I am telling you to back off and leave him alone and let the courts decide on who is lying and telling the truth. You have no right to accuse him of this crime unless there is something that you know that no one else does and that you had better have some good hard evidence and be able to prove it in court. Also, I am not a loser because I donot believe in doing drugs or even drinking for that matter so where do you get off calling me a loser. You know nothing about me so you don't need to be calling me a loser. I am the only person in this family(if you want to call it a family} that really cares about Nathan and is trying to help get his life straitened out. It has only been since his mother passed away that Nathan and I have been able to develope a mother-son relationship. I wlll have to say that it has not been easy but I feel the only person in the family that he feels that he can rely on and talk to that can understand him. So, I guess that what I am saying is, you need to find out all the facts before you go and past judgement on anyone because you never know whether or not it will come back and bite you in the ass or not. Think about this before you start running your mouth again.Ps. The only thing that i regret is the fact that I could not have more of a mother to him when he was younger its just a shame that his own parents had to do what they did and there was nothing that I could do at the time to stop all of it.
to West Union Person

Atlanta, IN

#19 Apr 20, 2007
pss. I feel like this, that the only way that you would know what really happened the night that frank died is you would have had to been there and so my question to you would be is "where were you at the night Frank died" and how do you know so much about what happened if you were not there and did not wittness the crime?Even I don't know all the facts because I was not there but even I know not to pass judgement unless I can back it up with proof. You need to do the same.
JenniferMeanaDau ghter

Fredericksburg, IA

#20 Jun 5, 2007
lawrence was my stepdad-a wierdo.i hated him cuz he was on drugs. thats all i have to say about that.

Houston, TX

#21 Feb 21, 2013
all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God...praise be to the God for his grace! all of us are sinners in God's eye, if not for JEsus Christ we are in chains rather in prison or out here in the free world. today is the day for salvation because tomorrow is not guaranteed and then judgement comes! trust in the lord Jesus today and allow him to free your soul from the chains or sin and give you everlasting life after this temporary life is over! i pray for all prisoners and their loved ones who stand by them with the love of God. i also pray for the innocent that are locked up, i pray for the victims of the guilty, i pray for all!!!! my husband is locked up in Texas and has been behind those walls for many years....i am still so blessed in life thought because he is the most wonderful man God could have given to me!!!!!!!let us not judge, but rather let God judge, let us spread the good news of Jesus Christ to all.....tomorrow is not guaranteed and we all have sin that needs to be cleansed by the blood of Jesus!!!!

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