Who thinks Waupaca County is corrupt?

Who thinks Waupaca County is corrupt?

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New York, NY

#3 Jun 13, 2007
stop the system wrote:
Whoever thinks Waupca County is corrupt post it. Don't be scared. People need to speak up. I got chased out of Clintonville because I was going to picket the courthouse and the Sheriff department. I was called a derogatory name by Waupaca sheriff deputy Ben Barrington. Since I'm not living in scumbag Waupaca County or anywhere in Wisconsin I'm not close enough to picket but I can post what happened to me online. Now it's time for everybody eles to tell there stories about any haressment or injustice done by the county.
Soooo, tell us more about yourself. It sounds like you came from ND (?) to picket the Waupaca County courthouse and Sheriff's Dept? That makes sense. NOT! You went to Clintonville to do this? That makes even more sense. NOT! And so you think anyone here cares? Again... oh well, I hope you get the point, but probably not.
ha ha

Kaukauna, WI

#4 Jun 19, 2007
I have filed with the FBI now there maybe results. that is all I will say. those idiot pigs in waupaca got their nose a liltte too dirty. the barrington spat at me as he was leaving a bar. he could not be there because i was there. ha ha. that little bitch. I am with you 100%

United States

#5 Aug 25, 2007
If the flag "don't mean shit" to you and you hate this country so bad leave. You can sell your web cam, drugs, and your childrens birth certificates and buy an airplane ticket. I'm sure any airline in the country would love to push you (parachute free of course)out over Afganistan, or Iraq and watch the not so real terrorists ass rape you. You truly are a waste of perfectly good oxygen!
I See Dumb People

El Paso, TX

#6 Nov 13, 2007
stop the system wrote:
http://youtube.com/watch?v=zSk TKQltXx0
Wow, what are you smoking? Did ya get a few too many DUIs? Grow up.

BTW, picketing in public areas is allowable if you are not infringing on anyone else's rights, not being disorderly, and actually have a purpose other than wanting to be annoying. My guess is you're probably with some nutty group like PETA or anti-abortion and you're making a nuisance of yourself. Get a jog, hobby, or volunteer somewhere. Make a difference, not an annoyance.

And leave the cops alone. They're just doing their jobs....

Markesan, WI

#7 Nov 19, 2007
why do you think not to many{cops or sheriffs} actually end up staying around, they see whats going on and are afraid they will get in trouble themself if they say anything, thinking it might hurt there career in law enforcement.so they just apply someplace else and leave it be and the problems just get shuffled under the rug .

Oshkosh, WI

#9 Nov 22, 2007
OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!
Please people of the world please oh please don't think that this idiot is representitive of the fine people of Wisconsin. This man is quite obviously DERANGED and needs some serious clinical help. Along with a speech therapist.I hope that the good people of the WEB will forgive his parents for not abort him when it was possible. By his accent (barely distinguishable thru his muttered words) he doesn't sound like a true cheesehead anyway. Again I beg you when viewing or reading any of his posts video or otherwise to remember that there are "SPECIAL" people everywhere and not all of them can get the help they truly need. If you do decide to comment on any of his ravings please type very slowly as I am pretty sure he can't read very fast. I'm out!!!

New London, WI

#11 Nov 30, 2007
all of u are fudge packing jews who need to grow up and move out of ur moms basement before u turn 45 yrs old
picketing? wtf is that? w/e it is it sounds like sumthing some dumnb middle school kid would do, or sum animal marrying PETA person would do, FAG!!!

United States

#12 Jan 19, 2008
arbe32 wrote:
If the flag "don't mean shit" to you and you hate this country so bad leave. You can sell your web cam, drugs, and your childrens birth certificates and buy an airplane ticket. I'm sure any airline in the country would love to push you (parachute free of course)out over Afganistan, or Iraq and watch the not so real terrorists ass rape you. You truly are a waste of perfectly good oxygen!
I could not agree more.... Mexico is straight south... Just a short drive away... Till he can raise the funds to go to Iran and be a test subject for their nuclear projects...

Plover, WI

#14 Apr 26, 2008
Please move to Canada. With idiots like you who "cannt rite" why would we want you to stay here.

Since: Apr 08

United States

#15 May 8, 2008
Get a life...Don't come back here if you don't like it...

Appleton, WI

#17 May 27, 2008
Ok I dont agree with this guy and I dont think the police department is corrupt although I do think that Waupaca county police can be rude. I got pulled over for speeding and I admit that it was my fault. I was driving for 9 hours back from MN and got clocked at 81 in a 65 zone. Prior to this I never even got pulled over and my record is very clean. Im majoring in criminal justice and want to become a police officer one day so I understand that he was doing his job and I was being very polight and so were my two passengers. For some reason this police officer was rude made us put our hands in the air, used high tone of voice and made me feel like a complete idiot. Ok so I know he might of had a bad day but when he returned he gave me a 250 dollar ticket(little harsh for a first offense)and continued with his rude tone of voice. Im still not terribly upset over the incident but I think that being a good officer means treating people with respect and courtesy especially when they are respectful towards you.

Moscow, ID

#19 Jul 27, 2008
I live in Appleton was driving to Waupaca. I stopped at a wayside on Hwy 54 west of New London to make a phone call. There were about 4 other veicles there. I was only there for about a minute and I was on the phone. There was a very loud tap on my window. I was startled. This guy hit my window with his keys to get my attention. I was scared shirtless. It was a plainclothese Waupaca Cty cop. He told me to either leave or he was arresting me for loitering. He saw I was on the phone and I never even turned my car off. This guy was very rude and a real jerk. Last name was something like Aranz or something like that. This is my experience with Wauapca Cty cops--not good....


#20 Jul 29, 2008
I have to laugh and be worried at the same time. I believe it is a cops job to be respectful and and treat people with dignity, as they are actually protecting us, are they not? What A joke.

I have had things stolen and call the Waupaca County Sheriffs Dept, they say its not a crime unless you told the person who stole it not to steal it first.

I have had people threaten my life and have the cops tell you this is not a crime unless they kill you, but god forbid you tell the person that threatened your life anything, because the cops will be there in two seconds.

And i find it so hard to fathom how people tolerate, look the other way when there citizens are being screwed over.

I found a bunch of pot plants growing on our land, I reported this and the dispatcher says, are you trying to get someone in trouble. When the Police finaly showed up, they sent 5 officers, and 4 left as they were to lazy to remove the plants. I had to help one very overworked officer dig the plants for 3 hours, we had 20 plus planters, nd when officer called in to get a vehicle to haul them away, no one came out, as they were to busy. Then and then, it took 5 months to apprehend the guy as when they were arresting him he took off on foot. Maybe the officers should eat less and work more and start protecting.

sure im not a english major and if you think that something isnt strange in this County, just turn a blind eye and pretend it all peachy. Ya, thats the ticket.

Enid, OK

#21 Jul 29, 2008
I know waushara county is corrupt because Dawn,the owner of Dawn's Dollar store, attacked my 5 year old daughter, my 8 year old niece, my 16 year old son and myself and got away with it because she is old friends with the sheriff in that town. I guess because she used to be a jailer it gives her a free pass to abuse children and disorderly in the town of Wild Rose, WI. I called social services to report the abuse, I called the police. The district attorney did even talk to the witness. Just refused to press charges against her. Dawn is off her rocker and the police protect her. She abuses her own kid and no-one does anything about it. I know that area is corrupt. I even went as far as calling on senators for help. What a joke. I guess if you grow up there it gives you the right to be a bad person without any consequences for it. Tell me how would you feel if you were the parent or aunt of these children when the town refused to protect your kids. Plus it is not like she did it once she had verbally attacked my kid the night before. She should have two charges on her. Not to mention all the false police reports she filed or all the others she has attacked.
To the people in that area good job of protecting criminals who assault little children.
Thanks for letting me know a crazy woman gets more protection than a child deserves.

Enid, OK

#22 Jul 29, 2008
sorry misspelled a word I ment they didn't even talk to the witness in the case who were children and no reason to lie on the lady


#23 Jul 29, 2008
Tina, If it helps any, I believe you and the when I read this the angrier I got. The only thing is in this area people have a kindergarten mindset, the follow the bully around and that includes the very people who are to be protecting us.

This reminds me of a crime I committed and was interogated and restrained from doing, sending out christmas cards. A judge viwed a hallmark card offensive..
Medic Pickle

Cedarburg, WI

#24 Aug 1, 2008
I'm a medic in the city of Waupaca, I work closely with the city police and the county police,,, I've also worked in other counties in WI and MN. Let me tell you that the Waupaca county s/o is one of the best I've ever dealt with!


#25 Aug 4, 2008
Yes Medic pickle that may be the case and i do not disagree with you however everyone is entitled to fair and equal treatment no matter who you know or who you are. Lets not forget that we also have 2 unsolved murders. I have heard many conpiracy theories in regards to both as to why they have not been solved.

Regards of peoples social standings and there ability to write or communicate should not be counted against them when they need assistance.

I am aware of a older gentlemen that is harrassed by the police. They will follow this man just because they know the man gets nervous, Then after they do this they will laugh about it and discuss it. I know this because I was friends with a Police man that did this as well as talk about others who harrassed him as well.

Appleton, WI

#26 Aug 17, 2008
I agree that even if a police officer is having a bad day he/she should still show respect. I think that most police officers forget that they are public servants and they are basically here to serve us and protect us, not too rule over us. We after all pay there damb salary!!

United States

#27 Aug 22, 2008
That wayside was probably a gay hangout/pickup place. The cop probably thought you were dialing up and 'nearby' for a good time. You can't help it
you stopped at a place the cops can't get a grip on.

Small town cops are more like Barney than Sheriff Taylor.

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