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#452 Sep 17, 2007
ScrewedButNotBlue wrote:
(Continued from previous post)
On the few occasions that someone has received a check, it has bounced. When someone pays via credit card, it is supposed to be credited back, not have a check sent. He lies, he evades and he should be shut down.
This lawyer who has posted here has his work cut out for him. His client has harmed so many people that there is nothing that will stop us from continuing to get him shut down. The lawyer says he has a lot to learn: to that I would suggest he read this ENTIRE board ... the disregard for customers is pathetic. If Chris had truly been a REAL businessman instead of a crook, he would have corrected each problem with each customer as problems surfaced. There would not BE this board. What might have happened is that this board is being seen by POTENTIAL customers before they are screwed and business has dropped off. Or, and this is more probable, the Wisconsin Consumer Protection Agency has finally gotten enough ammunition to shut him down and THAT has caused the rush to the lawyer. My guess is the latter is what's the truth. And posts from this month and last month show that he is STILL doing what he has always done: lie, cheat and steal.
You said, "I'm assuming Chris is an ambitious and intelligent young man who is running a business that has outgrown his organizational structure and he simply needs to course correct quickly." ... This guy was running a "drop shipment" business out of his home or a small office space. He did have warehouse space, but the crap that I received was shipped from California (right off the boats?). California, if memory serves, is a fer piece from Wisconsin. While he was in Las Vegas during Christmas "rush", his customers were calling, emailing, fretting, and trying desperately to contact SOMEONE from his bogus company to rectify problems or cancel orders. My Christmas was disrupted and I had no presents for my nieces and nephew because Chris didn't give a damn about his customers but blasted out templated emails that said the products would arrive before Christmas.
It is the total disregard for the feelings of others that have p1ssed everyone off. There is NOTHING he can do at this point to deter me from continuing to encourage others to complain to the Wisconsin Consumer Protection Agency. A sociopath DOES NOT change into a law-abiding, caring person. And those of us who have agreed to never give up until he is shut down, will pursue him and every business he tries to open. We will post using the new business name(s). We will do this because we feel that Americans have a right to know who they're dealing with and have a right to fair business practices. There are laws on the books for consumers BECAUSE of people like Chris.
TO THE LAWYER: Read this entire board. Charge him for every second it takes you to read these pathetic stories from your fellow Americans.((Although, if past behavior is a good predictor of future behavior, you will not be paid for you work)) Tell your client he has burned every bridge he might have built in his years of screwing the public. Do the public a favor and don't defend this crook.
A lawyer is willing to build up a case against TV Marketplace. His name is Timothy D. Edwards and he left his contact information on #393. In addition, I did a search on him and he is a legal attorney at Axley Brynelson. To get in contact or read on his background, go to and click on attorneys and than on his name. If everyone responds to him, we might have a class action lawsuit.

United States

#453 Sep 17, 2007
liskip wrote:
I received the following nonsense from Tim Edwards, sent to my personal email, obviously gotten from the records of TV Marketplace:
As you probably know, I represent TV Marketplace, LLC. Over the past few weeks, I have been monitoring the Waukesha Forum, where you have regularly posted "information" about my clients. The majority of your remarks are defamatory. Many of your posts include personal information about my clients, and it is obvious that your intent is to harm them and their business.
This must stop now. If it does not, litigation will follow.
If you have a legitimate complaint, you are, as always, welcome to bring it to my attention. If you have any questions about this letter, I would strongly suggest that you contact an attorney.
Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.
Tim Edwards
Axley Brynelson, LLP
All information regarding your client posted on this web site has been obtained from readily available sources on the Internet and none of it from any "for fee" services. Your clients have left a rather wide swath of history of their own making. It is really difficult to defame people who have undertaken to conduct business the way your clients do - they defame themselves. I have not posted complaints - people who have been ripped off by your clients have, starting in 2005.
Your threats to stop first amendment speech, especially when it is factual, is, as you know, quite foolish. As a law professor, I would expect you to maintain a higher standard then that. At the point in time when your clients cease and desist from conducting business the way they have in the past, I would expect that no one will need to be posting their complaints here and it will become a non-issue. If I were you, I would spend my time straightening out your clients' business practices rather than using threats to stifle discussion. As to legitimate complaints, you have been following the posts here - pick one. I would encourage all those on this site not to give in to threats or bribes.
i truely agree with Liskip. I guess this Timothy lawyer doesn't know much about law and let his legal assistant Amy Winch do all the work. First of all Mr. Edwards, all the information provided by these unhappy consumers is public information. We have rights to post and share our stories. the only reason you posted your comment was because your client(Chris) is nervous about getting caught. i have been reading the postings since March 2007 and realized their business practice has not changed;your clients still ripping off one person at a time. I ENCOURAGE EVERYONE TO FILE COMPLAINTS TO YOUR STATE ATTORNEY GENERAL, THE FTC, and the FBI online crime watch at

Hartsdale, NY

#454 Sep 18, 2007
Elaine wrote:
<quoted text>
A lawyer is willing to build up a case against TV Marketplace. His name is Timothy D. Edwards and he left his contact information on #393. In addition, I did a search on him and he is a legal attorney at Axley Brynelson. To get in contact or read on his background, go to and click on attorneys and than on his name. If everyone responds to him, we might have a class action lawsuit.
Tiomthy Edwards is NOT building a case against TV Marketplace and the Reoch Brothers - he is working FOR THEM. If he led you believe otherwise, that is grounds for disbarment. REPEAT - DO NOT SPEAK TO HIM - HE REPRESENTS TV MARKETPLACE.
If you want action, or at least want to file a valid complaint, go to the following:
Better Business Bureau:
Wisconsin Consumer Complaint:
Federal Internet Fraud/Complaints:
Federal Trade Commission Complaints:
The Brookfield Wisconsin Police Department
Most of the above have a file open on these crooks. You may also want to speak to your own attorney and file a criminal or civil suit.
You can also post your complaint at:
Reseller Ratings:
Just so that you know that you are not alone, the following are the latest statistics regarding TV Marketplace from the Better Business Bureau:
"The BBB processed a total of 687 complaints about this company in the last 36 months, our standard reporting period.Of the total of 687 complaints closed in 36 months, 455 were closed in the last year."
Good luck. Do not fall for phony come-ons from an attorney trying to defend these guys. Post all correspondence you get from him here for all to see and be forewarned.
Tim Edwards

United States

#455 Sep 18, 2007

I again would invite any of you with complaints to contact me directly. We have been to resolve a number of misunderstanding and help many of our customers through simple communication.

To the extent anyone has suggested that I am building a case against TV Marketplace, this is incorrect. I am their attorney.

Thank you.

Tim Edwards

Hartsdale, NY

#456 Sep 18, 2007
Beware - TV Marketplace has reinvented itself as

Stamford, CT

#457 Sep 19, 2007
LISKIP and ScrewedButNotBlue, there have been hardly any postings lately..... does this mean fewer people are getting ripped off? Is TVmarketplace out of biz yet??

Melville, NY

#458 Sep 20, 2007
Oh...... yourstoreonline. I guess maybe victims are now posting complaints under this new business name.

Hartsdale, NY

#459 Sep 21, 2007
Leslie wrote:
LISKIP and ScrewedButNotBlue, there have been hardly any postings lately..... does this mean fewer people are getting ripped off? Is TVmarketplace out of biz yet??
The last new complaint was posted here on Sept 17, but the hit parade just keeps on growing at the BBB, so maybe folks are posting there becuase they don't know about this place. The BBB includes their newsest venture, yourstoreonline.
ScrewedButNotBlu e


#460 Sep 22, 2007
Hi folks ... been out of town for several weeks! Incredibly, I received a cashier's check in the mail from TVM ... which I will NOT cash since I already had my credit card company credit the amount a long time ago. I'm wondering whether they're trying to get us to cash these and then come after us for getting double credit??? Not in this lifetime!
And Leslie ... a leopard doesn't change his spots. Once a crook, always a crook. The lawyer is only a response to try to intimidate us from speaking the truth. This forum is here for people to tell of their experiences and get help in what to do once they've been ripped off.

Cedar Hill, TX

#462 Oct 16, 2007
same situation happen to me...bought something, returned it and never got my refund--all i got are st**d email(s) saying to be patient...its not about the money but the principle .; its been a year already and i have sent 6 email of threats and nothing.... i wish i could do more, hiring an attorney is not worth it. any suggestions maybe starting a website.( ).

Hartsdale, NY

#463 Nov 1, 2007
FYI, the BBB has redone their website. The new BBB address to check out TV Marketplace is:
The latest stats: The BBB processed a total of 685 complaints about this company in the last 36 months, 414 in the last year (better than 1 per calendar day, or about 2 per business day).
ongoing investigation

Newport, RI

#464 Dec 16, 2007
I received an e mail from the attorney generals office, from Susan, ( who I have been conversing with for over a year now) she stated that the attorney generals office still is investigating all the complaints, etc re TV Marketplace. She referred to it as an ongoing investigation. She asked me to be patient. I just wanted to post what she said.

Frederick, MD

#465 Dec 17, 2007 is not a valid business. Their phone number no longer exists, the address is not correct and they do not even respond to emails. I just ordered something from them and became suspicious when no confirmation was sent...I have blocked their access to my credit card. I sure thank all those of you who took the time to post your experiences. I am also going to the poice and filing a report against them at consumer fraud report for businesses. I asked the company 6 times to verify and confirm my order or to at least contact me. neither happened 12/17/07 They continue to be very very very poor!
Price to Good

Woodbury, CT

#466 Dec 19, 2007
The Price seemed to good to be true.
So I did a search and found the above comments. Thanks to everyone for taking the time. I will not but from YourStoreonLine.
Steve From IL

United States

#467 Dec 20, 2007
Same as most of the posts here. it has "only" been a month for my merchandise but am still waiting. I kept getting a message in my email saying my merchandise has shipped. Even has tracking numbers through UPS and still nothing. I have asked for refund and been denied due to the "fact" my stuff shipped. A few days till christmas we shall see.
State sues Wauk marketer

United States

#468 Jan 2, 2008
The Wisconsin Department of Justice has filed a consumer protection enforcement lawsuit against the owners of a Waukesha County Internet marketing business for allegedly unfair and deceptive business practices.
Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen said Wednesday that his office is taking action against TV Marketplace LLC, its owners Chris and Paul Reoch, and its affiliates for its practices involving marketing "As Seen On TV" products online.
Over the past three years, Van Hollen's offices alleges, several hundred complaints were filed with the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP), the Better Business Bureau, and the Consumer Sentinel against the Wisconsin companies. The complaints alleged, among other things, that the companies failed to deliver goods for which payments have been made; misrepresented the delivery time; and failed to provide refunds when requested by the consumers.
In 2006, DATCP investigated the companies. At that time, the Reoches, on behalf of themselves and their companies, consented to a cease-and-desist order ending unfair trade practices and to implement a series of measures to prevent future violations. Since then, however, hundreds of additional consumer complaints have been filed.
The state is seeking restitution for injured consumers, as well as forfeitures for violations of Wisconsin consumer protection laws.
"Unfortunately, individuals and businesses do not always abide by administrative orders and it becomes necessary to enforce those orders through court proceedings brought by the Department of Justice," Van Hollen said in a statement. "We will continue to work with DATCP to ensure that the State's laws are followed."
VERY UPSET in Chicago

North Chicago, IL

#469 Jan 3, 2008
I am so mad I did not do research on this company prior to ordering. I too have been scammed by this stupid company, I've tried to dispute the charges with my CC company, however, I did not keep all the countless emails I sent tvmarket, so I'm not sure if they can do anything. I will try anyways though.
Tim Edwards

United States

#470 Jan 3, 2008
Hello. My name is Tim Edwards. I am an attorney and I represent TV . If you have a complaint, please contact me. I will work with you to resolve the matter. My e-mail address is

Thank you.
sick of this worm

Granby, CT

#471 Jan 9, 2008

Stop with your BS!! Its over for TV Marketplace and you know it!! It is time for PROSECUTION and RESTITUTION from our judicial system . THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO TO STOP IT! GET LOST!!!! PLEASE PEOPLE>>>>> DONT ANYONE ANSWER OR ACKNOWLEDGE THIS SLUMLORD ATTORNEY! I cant emphasize it enough. Send all of your questions, etc. to the Wisconsind attorney generals office.
sick of this worm

Granby, CT

#472 Jan 9, 2008
Also, I spoke to the Wisconsin Attorney generals office yesterday morning, and in fact TV Marketplace is in the process of being prosecuted. It is TOO LATE for this Tim Edwards. Also I was told that he is NOT the attorney representing them. DO NOT ENTERTAIN TIM EDWARDS....he is OUT OF THE PICTURE> dont believe me? Call the Wisconsin Attorneys office now.

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