Ex-Waukegan school security guards ch...

Ex-Waukegan school security guards charged in theft for time-ca...

There are 36 comments on the Chicago Tribune story from Jan 15, 2009, titled Ex-Waukegan school security guards charged in theft for time-ca.... In it, Chicago Tribune reports that:

The former boss of two former Waukegan public school security guards testified in court Wednesday it was a common and acceptable practice for employees to swap hours or shifts without noting those changes on ...

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Shea Shea

Wheeling, IL

#21 Mar 11, 2010
Regarding the 1st payroll scam I heard many Lake county residents express in glowing details their critical evaluation and person attacks of Mr. Artley and Mr. Williams who were falsely accused. The two men were deemed guilty before a trail even began. Most likely, since the public depends on the school system to provide them with the information they use to make decisions, the problem is more than one of the not exercising effective oversight over the school system’s processes. The public was being mislead and fooled by the media “ A useful weapon when attempts are made to persuade the public and jury to favor its side. The School Board is ultimately responsible for spending up to $250.00 dollars$$$ on that fake so call payroll scam case. I hope this one is not a media stunt on the heads of the public/tax payers.

I think you mean $250.000 was spent!!! That's allot of $$$$$$$$ To produce nothing.

Savannah, GA

#22 May 6, 2010
I'm glad that Mr. Artley and Mr. Williams were vindicated. This is just anothet example of our '' gunn ho'' political society. It's a shame that you are guilty until proven innocent. People were praying for these men. And God revealed their innocent. But look at all the unnecesary pain & lost they suffered. Who's gonna restore all of this back to them? Let's pray that they recover all with interest!!! And that those who are responsible will not be so quick to accuse people.

Savannah, GA

#23 May 6, 2010
These men never should have been charged with this foolishness.[artley & williams] Come on get your facts straight before you go after people. Don't just assume that someone is guilty because of who they are! Save taxpayers some money next time!!!
Payback Time

Wheeling, IL

#24 Sep 29, 2010
Artley et al v. Waukegan Public Schools Dist. 60
Share | Plaintiffs: James Askew , Anthony Artley , Sylvia England , Timothy Gause , Gwendolyn Kennedy , Alphonso Rogers , Wilma Tally and Dewayne Williams
Defendant: Waukegan Public Schools Dist. 60

Case Number: 1:2010cv01840
Filed: March 23, 2010

Court: Illinois Northern District Court
Office: Chicago Office [ Court Info ]
Presiding Judge: Honorable Virginia M. Kendall

Nature of Suit: Civil Rights - Other Civil Rights
Cause: 28:1331 Federal Question: Other Civil Rights
Jury Demanded By: Plaintiff

Wheeling, IL

#25 Sep 30, 2010
Doesn’t our system of criminal justice presume a defendant is innocent until proven guilty? And doesn’t it therefore follow that he is entitled to all exculpatory or innocence-proving evidence? Can’t the judge just force the media to give up the information if it would create a more fair trial? Well, yes, yes, and kind of. The story broke as a Ghost payroll scheme out the gate and to only find a administrative blunder on the District's end is mind blowing........ Wow
Artley and Williams were never presumed innocent. Additionally, they were mangle and destroyed by the press and citizens gossip. These men were entitled under the Sixth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution to a lawyer to a speedy trial, to a public trial, to an impartial jury and to confront witnesses. This bundle of rights is sometimes referred to as the right to a “fair trial.”
On the other hand, the news media, and individual citizens acting as news gatherers and disseminators, also have certain rights. Under the First Amendment,“Congress” is banned from making laws that restrict freedom of the press. The word “Congress” has been interpreted by the U.S. Supreme Court to apply to all levels and all branches of government (with The First and Sixth Amendments are both part of what is called the Bill of Rights, collectively our first 10 amendments to the Constitution. Both became effective Dec. 15, 1791, and from the day they were enacted these two parts of the Constitution have been at war.
Well, I can only imagine what these men had to endure for over a year I understand one of the men even lost his family behind this alleged ghost-payroll charges. It’s a shame that a lawsuit has to be imposed to get the responsible parties to own their anarchy. What a waste of Tax dollars !!!!
Attorney Case

Wheeling, IL

#26 Oct 14, 2010
They just didn't do the stuff they could've done at the beginning," Artley's attorney said. "We can't be making decisions based upon such little evidence and affecting people's lives like this."

Placing people in jail and putting them thru court proceedings for over a year, for nothing with out facts.

"You can't make the problem, clean it up and then act like a hero," Artley's attorney saids. "They charged him and knew the evidence was not there. Now District's Admin are acting like they are trying to save the world. The District can't have it both ways."

Artley's attorney indicated he has pursued a lawsuit.

"The problem is really with the District /Police's department relying on made up eyewitness and testimony, it's a step above a jailhouse informant." Schedule hours reports are not safe guards to determine theft. The entire security staff is following the same protocol.

The District/Police's spokesman denied that their offices has a problem with high-profile cases.

"It happens all over the country, people get arrested and released but it may not have the media attention (it does here),

Wheeling, IL

#27 Dec 6, 2010
Suing District 60

Regarding Artley's & Williams lawsuit against the School District: Why should the taxpayers have to pay for the School Administrators screw-up with respect to Artley & Williams?

Whatever amount they will get should come out of the School Administrators officials’ pension and wages. Now let’s equate the tons of dollars the District is spending to defend against the lawsuit which again the taxpayer is footing the bill right now!!!! Enough is enough stop spending money that doesn’t belong to you. The School board and its failed Administrators’ are the owners of this expensive mess.

Chicago, IL

#28 Dec 9, 2010
State laws prevent people held on false charges on suing state prosecutors. In other words, the prosecutors walk away. It is a law that was passed to protect them from losing everything they have in life. So prosecutors can go on being reckless with other people's lives. What you can do? Vote them out! And the judges who let this injustice go on.
Who can be held liable for a lawsuit? The police dept. and the District were involved. There is a max. amount for damages, but in past people have written books or sell the movie rights to their story. Then again, there are states that blocks innocent people of making money on false criminal charges. Again, it is lawyers who make these laws up at state congressional meetings.
It's fascinating to see the support oppose in earlier posts that were based on plaguing the men guilty before the facts were presented in the trial. I guess innocent until proven guilty don’t existed anymore huh? Someday those same people maybe wrongly accused of a crime and have to spend months, if not years in jail before you are released by the prosecutors who ignored clear evidence that you could not have committed the crime. Let's see they get through brutal police interrogations, evidence tampering and all that goes into the state proving their case. Trust me!!!! You wouldn’t believe the lines the State Attorney is willing to cross to get a conviction!!!!!
There's something seriously wrong with Lake County, Illinois, law enforcement when they are more concerned with putting somebody in jail than putting the right person in jail. Why don't they seem to care that their errors leave the real culprits at large?
Williams and Artley should sue the bastards -- I strongly suspect it is close to an open and shut case and they will win, and win big. And the voters of Lake County should vote out their State's Attorney who clearly has no sense of justice nor decency. How many other innocent people has he put behind bars while the real culprits continue to walk our streets?
In Yoface News

Wheeling, IL

#30 Apr 8, 2011
Ex- security guards acquitted of theft files suit

March, 23, 2010 (In Yoface News,lol.)-- Anthony Artley and DeWayne Williams who both were acquitted of theft charges have filed a Federal law suit against Waukegan Public Schools, naming all then board members in the suit, accusing them of malicious prosecution, extreme defamation, failing to conduct a reasonable investigation and violation of their Civil Rights. Artley and Williams were security officers at Waukegan Public Schools High School. In 2008, both men were charged with six Class 3 felony thefts. Following their arrests, Artley and Williams were released on $35,000 personal recognizance bonds. Officials also said they were placed on un-paid administrative leave by the school district. Artley and Williams were found not guilty, and the judge suggested the District and authorities overreacted to the situation.
The arrests were the result of an investigation launched back in July of 2008, after school officials asked police to look into allegations of payroll and accounting irregularities. Asked how much money the men are accused of taking, then Waukegan Police Chief Biang said, "It's all still under investigation. We're not done counting it, and there are more things that might come out." Biang added that the amounts "will be substantial." Prosecutors alleged that the men worked other jobs during hours when they were supposed to be on duty in Waukegan. They were cleared on six counts of theft each.
That the men were found not guilty came as no surprise to Artley's attorney, Douglas Roberts, who questioned why the men were ever charged."I don't think that the judge had any choice," Roberts said. "The state was woefully short in the evidence that they needed (for a guilty verdict)." During the bench trials, many witnesses -- including the security officers' former supervisor, Al Rogers -- testified that the time sheets turned in by staff only represent hours they are scheduled to work, and not necessarily their actual hours. Roberts and Williams' attorney, Elliot Pinsel, argued from the beginning of the case that their clients were simply following a protocol that had been in place for years. Roberts said he thought Rogers' testimony was the most helpful, because he explained that security guards were often allowed to work different hours than what they were scheduled as long as Rogers verbally approved it.
"(Rogers's testimony) had all the weight in the world," Roberts said. "He is a department head, and he is authorized to set shifts and make changes."Pinsel said he thinks the trial could have been avoided if school officials spoke with Artley and Williams before going to police, Pinsel said. "Where do the guys go to get their reputation back?" he asked. The Districts officials were not available for comments regarding the suit.

Wheeling, IL

#31 May 20, 2011
Waukegan police Officer Domenic Cappelluti has made extra money sharing his expertise with police in departments across the country, teaching them how to interrogate suspects, investigate homicides and fight street gangs, according to the Web site that promotes his classes.
His online biography portrays him as a seasoned police officer and a one-time ranking member of an elite investigative unit.
What isn't advertised is his involvement with the interrogations of suspects who confessed to murders for which they are no longer charged. Within four years, Cappelluti was involved in many cases in which he’s accused of forcing false confessions.
Cappelluti interrogated Jerry Hobbs shortly before he confessed to stabbing his young daughter and her friend to death in May 2005. Though Hobbs recanted, the confession sent him to jail for five years before DNA evidence linked the crime to another man and the charges were dropped. In 2008 Anthony Artley, and Dewayne Williams, were found not guilty of for allegedly stealing thousands of dollars each from Waukegan schools by ghost pay rolling. It was determined that Cappelluti attempted to coerce Artley into a false confession demanding the signing of a blank statement.
Cappelluti also was involved in a 2009 case in which a suspect confessed, only to be cleared of the charges. These former suspects are now suing the police officer, Waukegan schools and the city of Waukegan, a result of Cappelluti poor interrogation investigation tactics and coerced confessions.
"Obviously, he's good at getting confessions," said Steven Drizin, legal director of Northwestern Law's Center on Wrongful Convictions. "But he's not good at being able to tell a true confession from a false confession."
Along with his main job — for which he was paid more than $100,000 in 2009, according to city records — Cappelluti and other officers affiliated with the same company have traveled the state and country, training police and holding community meetings about street gangs, according to online ads and news clips.
Topics in a class in which Cappelluti and another officer are listed as instructors include "getting confessions from hard-core gang-bangers," according to an online ad.
Cappelluti "teaches homicide investigation and interviewing and interrogation to law enforcement officers and federal agents across the country," the company Web site says.
The classes are held under the title Gang Combat Dynamics, and payments go to a Lake County-based company, Public Grants & Training Initiatives. The woman who owns that company declined to comment.
Since the start of 2009, the company has been paid almost $30,000 for Gang Combat Dynamics classes by North East Multi-Regional Training, a publicly funded group that organizes Chicago-area police training, according to agency records.

Wheeling, IL

#32 Jul 5, 2011
7:46 AM on June 14, 2011
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Well that was quick...I found it. Here's the link

Wheeling, IL

#33 Jul 12, 2011
Train, here is the one you were looking for just copy and paste:Wow something should be done about the smelly things going on in Lakecounty

Billy Jean

Chicago, IL

#34 Dec 17, 2011
It is obvious that the evidence is bad and the courts Judge agreed, District60 and the States Attorneys office knew this evidence was bad yet they went ahead with their attempts to prosecute. Evidently they convict innocent people with bad evidence all the time and get away with it. What a piece of work, Am I the only one that sees how corrupt that is?
Monica Maylee

United States

#35 Jan 7, 2012
No your not the only one that see how corrupt Lake county is let's look at the case involving Rivera,
the case attracted national attention in part because DNA evidence found in the girl’s body after her Aug. 17, 1992, killing didn’t match that of Rivera, a former Waukegan resident who lived near the apartment where Holly was killed while babysitting two younger children.
Rivera initially was convicted of the killing in 1993, but that guilty finding later was overturned on appeal.
Rivera was re-tried in 1998 and convicted again. But a Lake County judge agreed in 2006 to allow a third trial after advances in DNA testing confirmed that evidence found in Holly’s body didn’t match Rivera.
Despite that contradictory DNA evidence, a Lake County jury again convicted Rivera in 2009 after four days of deliberations.
He was sentenced to life in prison after each conviction. Waller said Friday he won’t challenge the ruling, clearing the way for Rivera to go free.
Waller’s decision not to seek to re-try the case came in the wake of a 3-0 ruling by a panel of the Illinois Appellate Court in December that Rivera’s 2009 conviction was “unjustified and cannot stand” because of a lack of evidence tying him to Holly’s rape and murder.I don't even know what to say to that other than some people are going to believe what the want to and will never open their eyes. you have been given all the tools to put it together. Everyone else is seeing the trail of bodies lake county is leaving. Have you ever googled false allegations for se* crimes? well do it. you are guilty in the eyes of jurors from the start. if you are accused of any kind of crime false or not you are screw**d. you have lost everything and your life is over. Artley good job in taking your life back !!!! I still love you
The Fixx is in lol

Gurnee, IL

#36 Nov 1, 2012
Lake County judicial candidate Patricia Fix is under investigation on a complaint that she allegedly stole campaign signs.

Fix, a 17-year prosecutor for the Lake County State’s Attorney Office, is running as a Democrat for the county’s Second Subcircuit Judgeship against Republican Associate Judge Luis Berrones.
Lake County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Chief Wayne Hunter said the investigation was too fresh to give details.

“We expect to know more by Thursday (today),” said Hunter, who added,“Politics is a dirty business.”
Most of the 200 signs put up over the weekend by the Warren Township Republican Organization disappeared by Tuesday, according to township GOP Chairman Mike Amrozowicz, who said complaints were lodged with the Sheriff’s Office, Waukegan and Gurnee police.

The signs, paid for by the township GOP, say Fix, a Gurnee resident, is not-recommended for the judicial post, a reference to a vote by Lake County Bar Association members who overwhelmingly endorsed Berrones. We have received a verbal report that there is a citizen complaint claiming that Ms. Fix may have been involved in an incident involving campaign signs,” Jeff Pavletic, chief deputy state’s attorney, confirmed Wednesday.
Pavletic said his office is waiting for additional reports and the completion of an investigation by the Lake County Sheriff’s Office.

“We’re actively looking into this matter,” Pavletic said.“Ms. Fix was not in the office today, but I have made a request that I want to speak to her immediately regarding this matter.”
Pavletic said he gets complaints of campaign sign thievery every election cycle.

“But this is certainly different given that the complaint focuses on someone who works in the State’s Attorney’s Office. That’s something we haven’t had to deal with in the past.”
According to her Web site, Fix is a victim’s advocate and a founding member of the county’s Computer Crime Task Force. She has been a lead attorney in a number of high-profile prosecutions. Amrozowicz said an eyewitness allegedly saw Fix removing signs bought by the GOP in Gurnee on Tuesday. He said he tracked the vehicle to the public parking lot adjacent to the Lake County Court Administrative Facility in downtown Waukegan.

“I was shocked to find our signs in Patricia Fix’s vehicle,” he said.“Integrity is part of the job description for a judge.“For a judge candidate to steal signs shows a total disregard for the law and the ability to follow the code of ethics required to be a judge.”Amrozowicz said he was told the action will be investigated by the Illinois Attorney General’s Office, since a conflict prevents the Lake County State’s Attorney’s Office to conduct an investigation into the conduct of one of its employees.

Attempts to reach Fix were unsuccessful.


Noblesville, IN

#37 Nov 3, 2012
Updated: November 3, 2012 2:19AM
WAUKEGAN — Second Judicial Subcircuit Democratic candidate Patricia Fix said at a Friday news conference that the actions of “a misguided supporter” led to the removal of signs posted last weekend in favor of her opponent in the Nov. 6 election, Republican Associate Judge Luis Berrones.
Fix, an assistant Lake County state’s attorney who was placed on unpaid administrative leave Thursday while Lake County sheriff’s deputies investigate the incident, added that she came into possession of the signs and attempted to return them.
“I did not do this,” said Fix, who was joined by state Sen. Terry Link, D-Waukegan, at the Waukegan Township Democratic headquarters on North Avenue.“I will tell you what happened, I owe that to the voters ... But make no mistake, I did not do this.
“Early Tuesday morning, a misguided supporter of mine — who, like me, has been very upset about repeated thefts of my campaign signs and material — removed some of my opponent’s signs and brought them to me. Knowing how I feel about this kind of activity, because it’s been going on for 10 weeks with me, I put all those signs back.”
According to Fix, she put two signs back on her way to work that morning and the rest on her way home that night.
Fix added that “I know firsthand how it feels firsthand when your signs get taken, so when I received these signs, I did the right thing. I didn’t hide them. I put them back. And I’m sorry that’s why we’re here today.”
Warren Township Republican Organization Chairman Mike Amrozowicz told The News-Sun earlier this week that 200 signs were put up last weekend, and between 160 and 180 had disappeared by Tuesday. The signs feature an endorsement for Berrones from the Lake County Bar Association, and Amrozowicz estimated their value at $4.40 each.
Asked if she considered other options for returning the signs to the Warren Township GOP, Fix said,“I’ve been a member of the law-enforcement community for many, many years,(and) I have every faith and confidence in the justice system and how the investigative process can play out if everybody gets an opportunity to give their side of the story before law enforcement jumps to politically charged conclusions in an extremely short time frame.”
Link, who doubles as Lake County Democratic Party chairman, also said he feels the action taken against Fix has political roots, saying campaign signs “are stolen constantly during an election,” and accusing Fix’s opposition of targeting her situation for extra scrutiny.
“I’ve been doing this for probably 40 years in politics, and every election cycle I think we’re going to hit a new low, and I think we’ve probably hit the newest low of all in this election,” Link said.“This is a ridiculous incident. It’s politics at its worst-case scenario.”
Fix has been an assistant state’s attorney for about 18 years and is chief of the felony trial division. While she spoke about the sign incident Friday afternoon, the trial she had been prosecuting — that of accused murderer Daniel Baker — was entering the closing-arguments phase at the Lake County Courthouse.
“I was in the middle of a large murder case and it was taking up all of my time at work, and I had to be in the office at a certain point in time,” she said of the morning she received the signs, adding that “I guess I did the best I could” about attempting to put the signs back.
Chief Deputy State’s Attorney Jeff Pavletic said the office is working with sheriff’s investigators on the incident, and Fix’s leave will be for an undefined period of time.
Lake County States Attorneys office prosecutor and candidate for judge Patricia Fix hosts a press conference with Illinois State Senator 30th District Terry Link at the Democratic headquarters in Waukegan. Fix has been accused of allegedly stealing campaign signs of her opponent.| Thomas Delany Jr.~Sun-Times Media

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